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Avon Scentini Rose Fizz Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    4 Reviews
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      20.03.2013 21:13
      Very helpful



      Not very rosy, but lovely all the same!

      I got Scentini Plum Twist as a gift a while ago and had always fancied trying the other two in the range, Scentini Rose Fizz and Scentini Citrus Chill.
      The fragrances are made by Avon.
      I ended up leaving my purchase of Scentini Rose Fizz rather late. By the time I ordered it a month or so back, it was discontinued from the regular brochure and only available in Avon's sale brochure.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This fragrance is an eau de toilette, which is available in a 30ml bottle.
      It usually costs £8.00, but in the sale brochure I got this for just £3.50!
      It is still available on ebay and Amazon.co.uk and it does sometimes come up in Avon's sale brochure.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The box for the fragrance is bright pink with splashes of bright green and blue! Otherwise, it is fairly plain.
      The bottle itself is quite small holding just 30ml. The bottle is a nice shape - widening at the neck and it has bubble shapes in the back of the bottle and the word 'SCENTINI' on the front of the bottle. The lid is made from translucent pink plastic, as is the vaporiser button. The perfume itself is 2 different colours. There is a clear liquid which sits on the bottom of the bottle and a pink coloured liquid which sits on top of this in the bottle and there is a clear border of where one colour ends and the other begins.

      ~ Scent ~
      This fragrance is really sweet and uplifting.
      It offers notes of pineapple, mango, peach, rose, violet and white trees. The fragrance should be shaken before use, because it is designed as a cocktail of different fragrant layers.
      It is really greasy on your skin if you do not shake it before spraying it.
      This fragrance smells amazing. It is fruity, floral, light and fresh.
      It really reminds me of Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola Sunsheer edition, which I recently paid £47.00 for. To me, it smells really similar.
      It has fruity and floral elements as well as fresh watery green notes that I can detect in this, as well as Oh, Lola Sunsheer.
      To be honest, I cannot detect the rose note in this fragrance even though I think rose is quite a distinctive scent and I'd expect that I would be able to detect it if it was present.
      The fruitier notes seem to dominate this scent, but I can also detect woodiness in the dry down.
      It is a very pleasant fragrance and I can't imagine that anyone would find it offensive.
      I think this fragrance is aimed at a younger target audience judging by the design of the box and the bottle, but I am in my mid-twenties and I love it!
      The fragrance lasts around 5 hours on my skin so as far as longevity goes it is not great, but not the worst either.
      I think it is definitely more of a day time scent, rather than one I would wear on a night out.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I love this fragrance. It smells so nice. It is sweet, fruity and floral and smells exactly like Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! Sunsheer edition, but is about £40 cheaper.
      The bottle is nice enough, but nothing special.
      It lasts around 5 hours on my skin, which is not as long as most of my fragrances stick around, but for the price I paid I can hardly grumble and I won't be knocking a star off.
      Overall I have been very impressed with this fragrance and I would recommend it and I will definitely buy it again if my bottle runs out.


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      16.07.2012 13:35
      Very helpful




      The Scentini range has probably been out for at least 6 months in Avon. This original range launched with 3 Perfumes - this is 1 of them, and now Scentini nights has came out with another 3 Perfumes. It seems as if Avon is always bringing out new Perfumes and I keep buying them as I like Perfumes - I currently have 15 Perfumes that I have yet to start using so I can afford to take a break from buying scents, but then a new one comes out on a special offer and I tend up buying it!!

      This comes in a 30ml bottle and the right price of this is £8. I bought this when it was on a half price offer not that long ago so paid £4 for it which I think was a good enough price.

      The bottle for this is quite pretty. It is shaped like a Cocktail glass in a way. It is narrower at the bottle and gets wider as it gets nearer the top. The bottle is quite flat as well. The glass is clear so you can see the liquid through the glass and you will see the 2 different seperate layers of the Perfume - Seperate layers? Yes, There is the clear layer and then a pink layer. You shake the bottle which mixes the layers and then you spray it. I have never sprayed this without shaking it up, perhaps I should and I can see what the different scent is like.

      The notes in here are Pineapple, Peach and Mango along with Rose Petals and Violet Leaves. Now I was very nearly put off buying this scent as I don't really go for overly Floral scents and I thought this would just be all rose scents, so if they had openly put that there was lots of Fruits in here then I would have probably bought this quicker.

      The scent of this is nice enough. It doesn't smell expensive in any way and just is a nice light Summertime kind of scent. The scent seems to be strong when it first comes out but after this has dried then it gets a lot weaker smelling. I definitely had to spray my usual 3 squirts with this one. I can't say I can detect the different fruity notes in here and the Rose scent is a nice sparking and light scent so it is nicer than what I was expecting this to be.

      The downside to this is that the scent doesn't last all that long and I would say it has worn off within a couple of hours. For the price of this I thought it would last just a little bit longer.

      A nice light scent to try but best bought on a special offer price.


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      14.03.2012 14:24
      Very helpful



      Cheap looking perfume that hardly smells at all.

      ---Why I Buy This---

      I thought the bottle looked good from the picture and I liked the way the fragrance was divided in two - I often use Avon products so decided to get this when it was on offer. I did not like the Plum version much but had heard good reports of the Rose Fizz.

      ---The Brand---

      Avon launched Scentini summer cocktails fragrance collection in 2011.
      Scentini Rose Fizz is said by Avon to be 'A splash of watery pineapple and a sprinkling of mango and peach combine with pink rose petals and dewy violet leaves for a sunny, playful scent'
      The fragrance should be shaken before use, because it is designed as a cocktail of different fragrant layers.

      ---The Product---

      30 ml bottle comes in a bright pink/cerise shiney box with a splash of green.
      Eau De Toilette spray - you must shake well before use as the contents comes in two well defined layers.
      Made in Poland.
      Contains ethanol.
      Clear glass bottle has a pink pull off lid.
      Said to be 'a sparkly fragrance cocktail of tropical fruits muddled with fresh rose petals and sexy woods'.
      The bottle shape is thin at the bottle and wider at the top - a bit like someone with a tight thin waist and wide shoulders - but presumable meant to be a cocktail shape.
      'Scentini' is embossed across the glass front and the back of the bottle has 6 dimples in the glass - probably to represent bubbles.
      The perfume comes in two distinct layers - a clear bottom half which has a pink layer floating on its surface.


      The Scentini range comes in three fragrances:
      * Citrus Chill: Juicy mandarin and blood orange muddle with guava leaves, passion flower petals and apple blossom.
      * Rose Fizz: A splash of watery pineapple and a sprinkling of mango and peach combine with pink rose petals and dewy violet leaves.
      * Plum Twist: A lively mix of crisp cranberries, tangy pink grapefruit and juicy pomegranate mingled with red velvet rose rich plum and a touch of cinnamon.

      Avon will also shortly be bringing out three new versions in brochure 9 -Scentini Nights:
      * Midnight Glow - blue colour - fruity and woody
      * Purple Pulse - purple colour - fruity and oriental
      * Emerald Sparkle - vivid green - fruity and green fragrance.


      £8.00 but was buy one get one half price.

      ---My Opinion---

      This was a bit of a disappointment even before I got it out of the box.
      It came in cheap looking bright pink/cerise box - this did not give a good first impression and it did not get any better when I opened the box and took out the bottle.
      The bottle itself is not too bad but it is let down by a very cheap plastic cap and aerersol.
      Really disappointed with this one - after shaking the fragrance to mix the two layers together I put one spray on my wrist - apart from it leaving an oily residue which was not too pleasant, it hardly had any fragrance at all. I tried it both last night and this morning and have had the same result both times.
      It was vaguely rose smelingl but so faint as to be almost non-existent.
      Did not particularly like the smell but it was not unpleasant - just not there at all. You would hardly know you had put a perfume on -and that is only about 20 minutes after applying the scent.
      A great disappointment and definitely not worth £8.
      I have had Avon body sprays for £1.50 that had stonger smells and more lasting power.
      I have tried the plum version, which I was not too keen on but perhaps the citrus one will be more to my liking. However at least the plum version had some staying power - which this one does not.
      This will be returned to Avon under their guarantee.

      ---Star Rating---

      1 star - only because I have to give it soemthing - might be ok if it was stronger.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      No - Avon has much better fragrances than this one and also less expensive.




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      28.01.2012 17:43
      Very helpful



      Smells gorgeous - a real shame it doesn't have better staying power

      Every birthday and Christmas my mother buys me a perfume from Avon. She usually chooses them herself but this time she asked me to pick my own. I chose the Scentini perfume in Rose Fizz, firstly because there was a scented page and I thought it smelled quite nice and secondly because it was on special offer and I didn't want to seem like I was being cheeky by choosing an expensive one!

      ==About Rose Fizz==

      Rose Fizz is one of three scents in Avon's Scentini range. The other two available are Plum Twist and Citrus Chilli. I quite fancy trying Plum Twist, but I'm definitely not convinced by Citrus Chilli on the name alone and would have to smell it before making my mind up on that one!

      The official description of this perfume is 'A splash of watery pineapple and a sprinkling of mango and peach combine with pink rose petals and dewy violet leaves for a sunny, playful scent.'


      The perfume comes in a shocking pink coloured box. Inside the perfume is in a very sweet little glass bottle. At just 30ml it does look very dinky compared to the other Avon perfumes I own - nearly all of which are a more generous 50ml size.

      I think the main thing you will notice is that the fragrance is in two different layers. There is a sort of oil on water effect and there's a clear liquid on the base of the bottle with pink oil resting on the top. I really like this effect and think it looks very pretty and quite unusual too for a perfume, it's more the sort of thing you would expect from a bath oil.

      The lid of the bottle is a cheap looking pink plastic as is the spray button and I do think these detract from the overall look of the perfume.

      ==My experience of using it==

      Before spraying you have to shake the bottle to mix both layers, creating a pink coloured fizz, which is perhaps where Rose Fizz got its name.

      When I first spray this, rather than the smell, the first thing I notice is the way it feels on my skin. Not surprisingly, it feels quite oily and I must admit this is one thing I really don't like about it, as it feels more like I have applied light body oil to my skin, than a fragrance. I hate the feel of this on my neck, so now only apply to my wrists, where at least I can rub them together to minimise the feel of the oil.

      The smell of the perfume is absolutely stunning. I love it and could breathe it in all day! Avon aren't usually forthcoming with the notes of their perfumes, but I'll try my best to describe how I think it smells...

      The initial scent to me is a very sharp rose, perhaps with another floral mixed in. This only seems to last seconds before giving way to the most beautiful fruity/floral mix you could imagine. I do think I can detect the hint of pineapple in there that Avon mention in their description, but it is mixed with a soft rose and a really fruity fragrance. It's possibly peach, but it also reminds me slightly of pear. Perhaps it's both, I'm not sure, but whatever it is, the overall fragrance left on the skin is absolutely divine - summery, uplifting and very much a happy scent to me. Actually talking of happy, if you're a fan of Clinique Happy I would suggest giving this a try, as I definitely think there are similarities between the two.

      The longer this has been on the skin the more floral it seems to become. It's as though the fruit notes eventually wear off, leaving behind a deeper, dusky rose fragrance.

      The intensity of the fragrance seems quite good while it lasts and I often catch a whiff of it as I'm wearing it, a plus point for me as I often apply a perfume and then find I can't smell it for the rest of the day. The biggest problem with Rose Fizz for me is simply that it doesn't stick around for very long. No matter how liberally I spray it, I find that I can get a maximum of about three hours from this before the scent disappears. This is hugely disappointing and really limits how often I use this otherwise beautiful scent.

      When I do wear this, I find that it is more suited to wearing during the day, due to its light, fresh feel. I only ever really apply it if we're going out for a couple of hours, or even sometimes if I'm just in the house. The longevity issue doesn't make it suitable for work or for nights out in my opinion.

      ==Price and Availability==

      A 30ml bottle costs £8 from Avon but it is often on special offer so there's a good chance you will be able to pick it up for less than the RRP. Buy from your local Avon rep or online at www.avonshop.co.uk


      I love this scent it's just such a shame that it doesn't last longer. I'd love it if Avon brought out matching products so that I could layer the scent to make it last longer, because it really is a divine fragrance. If you can get it at the reduced price then I would recommend it, but if you need something with decent staying power, then unfortunately this is one product to avoid.


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