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Avon Timeless Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews
  • long lasting
  • old fashioned
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    4 Reviews
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      07.08.2014 14:17
      Very helpful


      • "long lasting"


      • "old fashioned"

      A very old fashioned scent by AVON

      AVON Timeless was launched way back in 1974 and although it s not regularly sold through the AVON Catalog anymore it does seem to be brought back every few years as a limited edition. I got mine about 2 years ago as part of a 'classics relaunched special offer' and I paid £5 for it. At the time they relaunched 3 discontinued perfumes for a limited time at £5 each. It can currently be purchased on eBay for between £7-£10 and from Amazon for around £10.

      The bottle pictured on CIAO I am assuming is the original design as it does look a bit 70s. Each time this scent is brought back around it seems to have a different bottle. The last time I bought it and the ones you see on eBay ect have a circular base which curved in and out along the length so it look similar to a very tall woman's body with no arms. It then has a straight cylindrical silver plastic lid and has a sticker on the front which states that is it 'Timeless' in plain script. All the other limited edition scents which were brought out the same time had the same bottle, with different coloured perfume and a different sticker on, they didn't really put much effort in here.
      This is a very old fashioned scent in my opinion which makes sense seeing as it was launched in the 70, it is a a strong floral scent which reminds me a lot of talc and old ladies.I am not saying it's an unpleasant smell just not the most modern scent out there and one I wouldn't recommend for a teenager for example.
      Top Notes: Aldehydes, Gardenia, Peach, Bergamot, Lemon
      Heart Notes: Rose, Cedar, Jasmine, Patchouli, Iris
      Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Oponax, Amber, Tonka Bean

      Strength and Longevity:
      This is a really heavy scent and will almost fill a room with fragrance, if you spray to much it will burn your eyes and everyone around you so less is definitely more with this one. It is also long lasting and will see you through a long days work lasting up to 12 hours without losing much strength.
      If this fragrance was one I likes the smell of it would have been a solid 5* as it is long lasting and strong, doesn't fade or start smelling musty, and you only need to spray a tiny amount so the bottle will last ages to, but I just really don't like the smell, but it is not a bad enough smell to warrant less than 3* . It is a good quality perfume and for those that like the scent it would be a great buy.

      This review will also be on my CIAO account under shellyjaneo


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      31.12.2012 09:20
      Very helpful




      I had always seen this Perfume for sale in the Avon books. I never bothered about it as I tended to judge the appearance of this without smelling it and I thought it looked like an old person's kind of scent. Then again I may have came to this conclusion after my gran said she liked this scent so perhaps that is where that idea came into my head. I tended to buy her this to put in with her Christmas and I only discovered a bottle of this around June time this year when I was tidying though a lot of bags which had been stacked in 1 of my spare rooms. I had meant to give it to her the previous year but no doubt misplaced it and instead of tucking it away safe for this year I thought I would use it.

      The bottle and box this comes in is quite simple. The box is slim and just a gold-y colour with the lettering on the front. The bottle is just a simple slim glass bottle. The glass is thick enough and clear glass with a simple lid on the top. I know I keep advising that this is simple but it is! To look at this it looks pretty cheap but it is cheap enough.

      This comes in a 50ml bottle. I have seen this for sale for £4 and £5 most times. I can't think of how much this costs on the right price from Avon but I am going to assume that this is around the £11 mark.

      So how does this smell? Well the notes in here according to the website are Patchouli, Cedar, Rose, Bergamot, Amber, Iris, Musk and Vanilla. So mostly heavier scents in here with a little sweetness from the Vanilla. I can't say that I can smell the Vanilla to be fair and it is more the Musky scent I can smell. It is a strong scent and only 2 squirts is enough I would say. I was surprised at how long the scent lasted as it lingered a little fainter for a good few hours. Buying it on an offer price I wouldn't mind to reapply anyway.

      After the 1st go of this I decided I wasn't a fan. It is too much a strong, heavy scent and I think a scent that is more suited to more mature ladies in my opion (this is only my opinion remember!) but my gran loves this and I think she perhaps fits the age group fine.

      Not for me i'm afraid but at least Gran got another bottle :)


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      18.12.2012 08:59
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not a favourite for me

      Timeless is a fragrance by Avon. It was launched way back in 1974 and is still one of their most popular fragrances so 'Timeless' perhaps was the right name.
      It is an eau de toilette spray and it comes in a 50ml bottle.

      ~ The bottle ~
      The bottle is very tall and thin. It is almost a cylinder shape which pulls in slightly near the bottom of the bottle. It also has a flat edge at the front of the bottle and there is a clear sticker with 'Timeless' written on it's side.
      The lid of the bottle is about an inch tall and is a silver cylinder shape which nicely sits over the the spray button.

      ~ Scent ~
      The scent is very strong.
      The top notes are aldehydes, gardenia, peach, bergamot and lemon.
      The middle notes are iris, patchouli, jasmine, cedar and rose.
      The base notes are Tonka bean, amber, opoponax, musk and vanilla.
      I think it is a warming scent. It is a rather old-fashioned, mature fragrance. I remember once in high school about 10 years ago, I gave this perfume to a friend as a birthday gift and months later during a disagreement she said in a far less polite way, "That perfume you got me for my birthday smelled like urine and went in the bin". Not one for a teenager then!
      It is heavy and floral although I find it does settle down to a slightly more subtle powdery scent. I think it is more of a scent I would expect to find on a more mature woman due to it's heaviness and strength.

      It is described by Avon as a classic, elegant, unforgettable scent, which I would agree with.
      I have been impressed at how long this scent lasts, still detectable after a full day at work.
      I don't wear the scent very often as it is a bit strong for my liking and prefer a lighter, fresher scent, but I don't dislike this perfume and I will still wear it occasionally.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      Timeless was a fragrance I received as a gift (but would never dream of saying something as ungrateful as my friend said to me no matter how bad a fall out I'd had). Upon looking up the price I have found that this is available for £9.00 for 50ml, but you can buy two Avon perfumes for £13.00 so this is probably worth doing.
      Avon also often do half price offers on their fragrances so I would be reluctant to pay full price.
      It is available online at avonshop.co.uk or you can order it from your local Avon representative.

      ~ Overall ~
      Overall I like this fragrance. It has a warming floral scent which is very strong, but it lasts all day. To be honest, I don't really like the tall thin bottle - I am not keen on the DKNY tall thin bottles either favouring chunky little bottles, which in my opinion look better on the dressing table.
      I don't think I would buy this fragrance again, but wouldn't turn my nose up at it if I received it again as a gift.


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        31.10.2012 13:26
        Very helpful



        Inexpensive, has stood the test of time, floral and feminine

        ===Why I Bought This===

        This fragrance has been sold by Avon in the UK for over 38 years so it must be very popular or it would have been discontinued ages ago.
        I can remember this fragrance from way back in the 1970s when we could also buy it in funny little pots of cream perfume. Most of the old Avon fragrances have long since disappeared and I believe this is one of the longest running fragrances Avon now sells, if not the oldest.

        ===The Brand===

        Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
        Avon has 18 different brochures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

        ===The Product===

        Fragrantica.com state - 'Timeless by Avon is a Chypre Floral fragrance for women. Timeless was launched in 1974. Top notes are aldehydes, gardenia, peach, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are iris, patchouli, jasmine, cedar and rose; base notes are tonka bean, amber, opoponax, musk and vanilla'.
        50 mls of eau de toilette.
        Comes in a tall slim box which is in white with shades of brown and yellowy orange.
        Made in Poland and contains 60.2% alcohol denat.
        The bottle is very tall, slim, smooth and curvy.
        The glass bottle is clear and the perfume itself is a bright ambery gold.
        There is one small flat piece on the side of the bottle where a transparent sticker is placed with the name 'TIMELESS'.
        The spray bottle has a silver coloured straight sided cap over the spray nozzle.


        £9 each or two for £13.

        ===My Opinion===

        Avon state - 'a classic elegant, unforgettable scent. A forever fragrance of classic florals enriched with luxurious notes of amber and musk'.
        This aroma definitely says'Avon' to me as it brings back so many memories of perfume from the 70s, Back then Avon did not have such a wide range of fragrances so we tended to know them all quite well - both because we used them, because we bought them as gifts, or other people bought them for us.
        As this fragrance has been going for so long I had not actually used it for many years. I tended to think of it now as being a bit old fashioned and not really one for me any more.
        however I am retrying all their fragrances so thought I would give this one a try anyway - though i did not really expect to want to wear it much.
        However I was pleasantly surprised with this perfume. The aroma was very much as I remembered it but I actually quite liked it now once again - and did not feel it was old fashioned or more aimed for the older generation.
        It certainly has a distinctive aroma which, because I know it so well, is funnily enough harder to describe. It has a reasonably strong smell which lasts for a good few hours. I would say the main notes of this perfume would be floral with a powdery note and probably the musk gives it a deeper quality - but it does not actually smell too musky in my opinion.
        Light enough to wear throughout the day and it could even be worn at night-time, though personally I think I would confine it to daytime myself.
        The price is quite reasonable but is even better when on offer, often for almost half price.
        Worth a try if you have never used it before, and Avon do have a money-back guarantee so you can easily return it if the fragrance is not for you.

        ===Star Rating===

        5 stars - this has definitely stood the test of time.

        ===Would I Recommend?===





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