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Avon Today Her Eau de Parfum

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6 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    6 Reviews
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      06.05.2013 12:17
      Very helpful



      May appeal to floral fans but not really to me

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*
      I few years ago I started running Avon and was a Rep for around a year, before finding it wasn't worth the hassle of trying to get money off my customers who seemed reluctant to want to pay so ended up giving up. In that time though I accrued a variety of products from the rep's catalogue which were normally priced much cheaper than in the brochures themselves and often featured forthcoming products that were not going to be available for a while, with one item I picked up being a (then) new fragrance called Today.

      'Today' was to be the first in a 'love' trilogy of fragrances entitled 'Today', 'Tomorrow' and 'Always' with the face of this new exciting campaign being the actress Salma Hayek. Launched back in 2004, I was quite surprised to see that this was still going strong and whilst it can't have made that much of an impact on me as I honestly couldn't remember the perfume from wearing it back then I was still over the moon to receive a full size bottle as a gift recently from a friend.

      Having worn this several times over the past few weeks,as well as in the past, I will now discuss my thoughts on 'Today' by Avon.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*
      Today is currently available in EDP form costing £11 for a 50ml bottle as opposed to it's usual RRP of £14. All three of the collection are available in miniature form costing £4 so if wanting a smaller version then it's worth bearing this in mind.

      Today comes packaged in fairly simplistically designed, but equally stunning looking bottle. Being made of a thick and sturdy glass the bottle is designed in the shape of a cube with the glass and is transparent enough to see the liquid contents within. The bottle is quite deceiving as it looks to hold much more than the promised 50ml, and on closer inspection it's clear to see that the thick strong glass houses a 'bubble' feature in the centre where the EDP liquid is stored. The bottle is topped off nicely with an interestingly 'squashed oval' shaped transparent lid which is made from plastic but looks more glass like. The whole appearance of the bottle is one of class and sophistication and looks far more expensive than it's Avon price tag, even whilst at full price.

      The bottle I was given is the regular Today though the one I owned previously was the limited edition 'golden' bottle. Although the fragrance is identical I must admit I much prefer the look of the 'normal' Today than the limited version.

      Availability wise this is an Avon product so can be purchased when ordering through a Rep or by looking online @www.avonshop.co.uk. If buying online the order normally incurs a P&P charge though it's best to check for yourself as I can't comment on delivery and service etc as I've always bought my Avon products via a Rep and had them delivered free to my home.

      *~*The fragrance itself*~*
      The fragrance is available in an EDP format and the composition itself is made up of the following:

      Top notes:
      Cactus Sap

      Heart notes:
      White Pepper
      Exotic Flowers

      Base notes:
      Rose Water

      *~*My experience of wearing Today*~*
      I do remember buying my own bottle of Today almost 10 years ago now when it was first launched by Avon, not because it sounded appealing as such, but more so the fact that it cost me around the £2 mark at the time from the Rep's book and I am a sucker for a bargain. Even though I owned, and used, a full bottle back then I honestly couldn't remember much about it's scent so it obviously didn't strike too much of a chord, but nevertheless I was pleased to receive a bottle from a friend recently as a thank you gift for helping her out with something.

      On removing the attractive, but bulky, lid I couldn't detect much in the way of aroma where as with some fragrances the scent is apparent almost immediately before it has even been applied, yet with Today I couldn't smell anything at all and I did wonder if it would be a weak insipid fragrance despite it supposedly being an EDP. I found though the bottle also appears bulky due to it's cube like shape it is easy enough to grip when applying though due to the thickness of the glass it feels very weighty.

      The EDP is accessible via an easy to use nozzle and once pressed it releases the fragrance quite rapidly in a very fine mist form. I found one spritz of the scent sufficed each pulse point and once it made contact with my skin the fragrance really made itself known and on first applying it was actually quite strong.

      I'm no perfume expert nor do I pretend to be, but I do own a lot of fragrances in EDT and EDP form and I do like to know which notes are used so it's become a habit now at finding out what makes up each composition. When I looked up Today I was quite surprised by the notes used as it didn't smell anything like how it was described though it is a pretty enough feminine scent I suppose, though it never fully overwhelmed me at any point.

      The first thing I noticed when applying it was a quite prominent floral aroma which I presume to be the freesia though to me reminded me more of lilies, though was pleasant all the same, if slightly strong. Once the dry down began the floral theme carried on and I could definitely detect the exotic flowers in the heart, though sadly not the white pepper at that time.

      The fragrance doesn't take long to settle, in fact after around twenty minutes it had transformed itself into a muskier version though had faded slightly so was now at a comfortable strength on my skin and wasn't as overpowering as when first applied. It was at this point that I could definitely make out a peppery scent though it was only subtle, but along with the muskier notes it helped to give the EDP a much needed warmth and detracted it slightly from it's prominent floral presence.

      There's no denying that this is a beautiful perfume and I've enjoyed wearing it again though it's certainly not a favourite and I can't see myself personally buying a bottle of it in the future, that's not to say I wouldn't wear it if it was bought as a gift again. I found that once the EDP had well and truly settled on to my skin the scent became much more likable as it transformed from being overly floral - which I am not a fan of - to being warmer, muskier and slightly fiery due to the white pepper though it did take a while for the pepper to surface but once it did it remained.

      Longevity wise this lasted each application around 3 hours on me, which for an Eau de Parfum is quite disappointing as I own EDT's with much more staying power than this so it lets itself down as far as longevity is concerned. Due to the quite compact (though bulky) bottle it can be carried around for top ups throughout the day though I never bothered as once it had worn off I just reapplied later on in the day when I was home again.

      I'm not a big fan of floral based fragrances as I find they can be cloying and overpowering and at times seem very artificial though when it comes to anything including Rose I am slightly biased as it's the one floral note I adore. I was disappointed however to find that though this fragrance apparently includes rose water I couldn't detect this at all and normally rose is something that I can normally notice probably because of my love for it's romantic scent but sadly it doesn't show itself here at all.

      I think if you are fan of musky floral fragrances then this would suit as it is quite beautiful it just simply isn't the sort of perfume I prefer to wear but there's nothing wrong with the actual scent itself. Today manages to to smell natural and not too artificial and just like it's packaging it comes across as being far more expensive than it is and not very 'Avon' if that makes sense though unfortunately it's longevity does let it down.

      I found this to be suited for general daytime wearing personally as once it had settled on to the skin it became much lighter and airy and not the sort of perfume I'd choose to wear on an evening but that's just my opinion. Out of the three EDP's launched at the time Tomorrow was always my favourite and I still have a bottle of it now which I wear occasionally as it always stood out amongst the other two, whereas Today - as pretty as it is - didn't ring any bells when I wore it again so as mentioned previously I can't have thought that much about it when I owned it in the past.

      Today is, however, a lovely fragrance which would probably appeal more to floral fans but for me it's just a mediocre scent which is the weakest link in the trilogy and it's poor staying power means I can only grant it a 3/5.


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        23.12.2012 17:36
        Very helpful



        The full 5 stars from me!

        I have 2 bottles of Avon's Today perfume from the Today, Tomorrow, Always collection.

        Today, Tomorrow and Always are the names of the three perfumes all released at the same time, back in 2004 from the same collection.
        I believe the Always perfume, which is the only one from the collection that I don't have, has now been replaced by a perfume called Forever so the collection now seems to be Today, Tomorrow, Forever!

        ~ Price and availability ~
        Today is available to order from the Avon brochure through your local Avon representative or from the website, www.avonshop.co.uk and is priced at £14.00, but is currently reduced to £9.00 on the website. The perfumes are often on offers such as 2 for 1 in the Avon brochure.

        ~ Appearance ~
        The bottle contains 50ml of perfume.
        It is a cube shaped heavy thick glass bottle. The perfume appears a yellowy colour. The bottle neck has 'today. tomorrow. always' round it, which sits under the clear plastic lid of the bottle.
        The lid is smooth and it is an odd rounded shape. It looks a bit like a rugby ball pointing upwards slightly.
        The bottle is very feminine and looks and feels like it is very good quality. It is a beautiful addition to my dressing table.

        ~ Scent ~
        Today perfume combines top notes of freesia, cactus sap and white pepper, middle notes of tuberose, orange blossom and hibiscus and base notes of sandalwood, cedar and musk.
        The perfume smells feminine. Initially it is rather strong, almost headache inducing and I think it smells expensive.
        The freesia is the first scent that I can detect in this perfume. I can then detect something floral, but more exotic.
        Although the perfume is initially very strong, it settles on your skin. I would neither describe it as light or heavy.
        It smells very floral and I have found it to be long lasting, still detectable 12 hours after application.
        I really like this fragrance. It is very feminine and I really like wearing it.
        I'd say it is more of a day time scent, rather than one I'd choose for nights out or special occasions.
        I think Today would appeal to older women as well as women in their 20's like myself. I think it is probably a bit strong and floral for teens, who I think tend to suit sweet, fruity scents.

        ~ Conclusion ~
        I really like this perfume.
        The bottle is really stunning. It is feminine, heavy and it looks expensive.
        The perfume has a very feminine floral scent, which I think smells expensive. It is very long lasting and it is very reasonably priced.
        I think this is one of Avon's better fragrances and I would definitely buy it again.


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          16.08.2012 22:43
          Very helpful



          Floral and refreshing fragrance, super quality bottle and packaging

          ===Why I Bought This===

          I always get Avon catalogues so that is where I tend to purchase most of my make up and perfumes. As Avon regularly has most items on an offer of some sort I can usually pick items up at below their normal price. Also with Avon you can get samples to try out the perfume before you buy - and they have a money back guarantee if you buy anything and then do not like it - so it is a safe place to purchase anything.

          ===The Brand===

          Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.

          ===The Product===

          'Today is the first fragrance in Avon's trilogy (ie Today, Tomorrow and Forever). The fragrance includes exotic tropical florals including strelitzia and butterfly bush. The composition starts with the refreshing notes of freesia and cactus sap, while the note of white pepper adds some drama to this melody. Exotic flowers smell like honey. Base note includes sandalwood, cedar, velvety musky notes with a splash of rose water. The perfume was launched in 2004. It also won a 2005 FiFi award.'

          Today perfume comes in a gold/bronzy colour box with the name written down the front.
          It also comes wrapped in cellophane.
          50 mls eau de parfum spray.
          Contains 70.7% ethanol (alcohol).
          Made in Poland.
          On the tab it cautions that it is flammable.
          The box is lined with cream card.
          The bottle is a very heavy square glass bottle, with a thick base.
          The base of the bottle measures 2 x 2 inches - with the cap being another 1.5 inches.
          It has a gold colour spray button and the cap is transparent plastic in an irregular oval shape.
          The cap feels good quality plastic and the perfume itself is a golden colour.


          £14 full price. When I bought mine there was a small bottle free with it.

          ===My Opinion===

          I have had this perfume before but only in smaller bottles. You can smell it before you spray and the first time I used it I put on two squirts. This was a mistake as it is quite strong and for a while it was quite overpowering - so in future only used one spray.
          This is quite strong to start with but soon mellows down to an inoffensive fragrance.
          It is floral without being too sweet or sicky and I would say it is the sort of perfume that you could wear that is noticable without being overpowering.
          It smells expensive and sort of 'classy' and refined.
          I often dislike some Avon fragrances as they all tend to smell the same and some smell - dare I say it - cheap.
          I am not very good at describing fragrances but would note the freesia that is mentioned as one of the top notes and possibly the sandalwood and rose as the base notes - I would not say it was at all musky myself.
          However I do not think people would recognise this as an Avon fragrance and I know some people who use this on a reguar basis. Both the fragrance and the bottle feel good quality and I would be happy to give this as a gift to anyone.
          The little bottle versions of these perfumes are also really cute and are just right for your handbag.
          The perfume is not so light as to be just for summer or too heavy so as to be only for winter.
          I would definitely recommend this perfume, it is long lasting (I can still smell it on myself after 8 hours) and one you could probably safely give as a gift. The packaging and feel of he bottle make a definite cut above other Avon perfumes.
          So if you have tried others and been disappointed why not give this one a go, you may actually like it - and if you don't you can always get your money back.

          ===Star Rating===

          5 stars.

          ===Would I Recommend?===





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          17.11.2010 05:03
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great smelling fragrance that doesn't smell or look cheap. 4.5 out of 5 stars

          Avon Today for Her is a fragrance which I purchased several months ago after firsting trialling out for a week from my friend. After that time, I still couldn't get enough of it so had to buy a bottle, and I've had no regrets about the purchase...

          Instead of the usual 50ml bottles that most Avon fragrances come in, Today for Her comes in a 30ml bottle, but still costs around the £12 mark. The reason it's the same price, but you get less of it will become apparent later in this review, but I still think this is a reasonable price for the bottle overall.

          The bottle is very pretty, and doesn't look cheap like some Avon fragrance bottles can. This Eau de parfum could easily be mistaken for a far more expensive brand than Avon, so they have successfully achieved their desire to create a more upmarket scent, which matches the higher price per ml. The bottle itself is quite chunky and make out of clear glass through which the pale gold perfume is visible through. The lid is an usual crystelline rough oval shape, which is unusual but I think works well on top of the pump action spray.

          According to Avon, Today for Her Eau de parfum is "A shimmering oriental blend of golden fruits and opulent florals, surrounded by decadent amber and vanilla woods." I actually have to agree with Avon's description - half of the time I don't have a clue why Avon describe their fragrances as they do, but with this one, I completely agree with them in that this perfume has a definite oriental feel to it.

          On first spray, it's very strongly floral and is almost a little overpowering, but after a very short while the scent settles and a softer, sweeter and less nose tickling array of scents come through. The notes are hard to pick out for me, but are officially fressia and cactus sap for the top notes, exotic flowers and honey in the heart (at least I picked up on the sweeter, softer aspect of the honey) and cedar, sandalwood, musk and rose water for the base notes.

          I can't smell the rose water, but the musk and woodiness to the base are very nice and quite obvious, and combined with the last bit of the flower notes, this is a very nice fragrance from start to finish, if a little strong at first.

          ~~Staying Power~~
          Less is definitely more with Today for Her, and you only need a little to be smelling sweetly all day. This is another of the Avon Eau de parfums that actually does it's job and packs more of a punch than an Eau de toilette, which is great. For an evening out, a few sprays of this and you'll be fine for the entire evening and won't need to reapply. If wearing during the day, it should last the whole working day for you, as it does for me which I'm happy about.

          I am a fan of this perfume, and think it's staying power and woody floral, oriental scent are a winning combination. You don't need to use much of it, which is why it comes in 30ml bottles instead of 50ml, as it goes such a long way, and over the months I've been using this, I'm very happy with it. I use it 3 or 4 times a week and I've hardly made a dent into the 30mls, so it goes a long way.


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            21.03.2010 01:45
            Very helpful



            Strong Floral scent, Less is more but deffinately a favourite.

            I received this as a gift from my best friend last Christmas and it's now one of my favourite perfumes, i have the Gold limited edition 30ml bottle which costs £12 from the Avon website.
            If you are buying the 30ml don't be surprised at the bottle being small, even with the lid on it's not even as tall as a mobile phone. The price is really good for the length of time this perfume last despite the size of the bottle, i use it most days and i still have half a bottle left since receiving it at Christmas.
            It comes in a small cubbed glass bottle with a kind of off oval shaped clear plastic lid and a gold box.

            I've had quite a few compliments while wearing this perfume which has led to others buying it after finding out what it is. It is quite a strong perfume and lasts most of the day.
            For example, i have a scarf i wear out most days and it smells of my perfume but because of the warmer weather i leave it in my bag and it doesn't get worn or topped with fresh perfume. It hasn't been worn for a while, yet it still smells of my perfume and now my bag faintly smells of it too. It's deffinately a less is more perfume and that's why the small bottle lasts so long.

            According to Avon:
            A shimmering oriental blend of golden fruits and opulent florals, surrounded by decadent amber and vanilla woods.

            The top notes are apparently freesia and cactus sap.
            The heart notes are 'exotic flowers' and honey.
            The base notes are cedar, sandalwood, musk and rose water.

            I'm not an expert on notes and picking all the different flowers or musky elements out but you can deffinately smell the floral and vanilla notes. I have no idea what cactus sap is supposed to smell like though and anybody i ask seems just as puzzled.
            To begin with it's quite strong and in your face, normally it makes me sneeze, but once the heart and base notes start to come through it smells very floral with a backing of vanilla and what i can only assume is the musk. It's a perfume that lingers and is deffinately one to use if you want people to notice and remember a signature scent on you.
            It would be a lovely floral perfume for women ranging from young adults to the mature woman, considering i wear it and my mother was one of the people to ask what it was.

            If you're not sure about buying before you smell it, you can buy the little vials on ebay from Avon Reps for a small price or I'm sure you can ask your Avon representative to bring samples to you house.
            Deffinately one I'll be buying again.


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              29.09.2009 22:37
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              OK, but not my taste

              Every birthday and Christmas I get an Avon perfume from my mam, and Today was a fragrance I was given a couple of years back. I recently had a bit of a clearout and found a barely-used bottle of this perfume, so have been using it up.

              The bottle this comes in is a heavy glass cube, with a sort of angled round lid. Personally I think the lid spoils the look of the perfume a little bit, and I think I would have preferred a squarer lid to match the shape of the bottle.

              This fragrance was launched back in 2004 and was part of a trilogy of fragrances. This is the first of the trilogy, the second was called 'Tomorrow' and the third 'Always'.

              The top notes (the notes of the fragrance you can smell when the perfume is first sprayed) are supposedly freesia and cactus sap. I've a fair idea of what freesia smells like, but cactus sap? That's a new one on me!

              To me, when first sprayed the freesia scent is quite overwhelming. It's a very strong floral and although pleasant, I think it's a little overpowering, and far too old-fashioned for my liking. I've very mixed feelings about the scent actually, because on the one hand I like it, but on the other hand I think it would be more suited to something like a scented candle rather than being something I want to wear!

              Once settled on the skin for a while, the middle or heart notes begin to emerge. They are 'exotic flowers' and honey. I wouldn't necessarily say the smell is like honey myself, but I can see why they say that as it's a very sweet, rich scent. The floral smell is still very prominent and seems to become fresher and crisper at this point.

              The base notes are cedar, sandalwood, musk and rose water. Although I can detect some woody tones, the floral scent remains fairly strong and dominates until the scent completely fades.

              Overall this is quite a heady floral scent. It's an alright fragrance - not totally horrible and I'm still happy enough to wear it - it's just quite strong, and its not something I think I'd want to wear every day.

              Being so strong it does last extremely well and will last pretty much eight hours which is fairly good.

              It's hard to say whether this is more a daytime or a night time fragrance. I think ultimately that would have to be the wearers choice, but as it's a little bit heady I'd suggest perhaps night time would be more suitable.

              I also think this may appeal to an older age range. The scent is quite strong and as I said the rich floral makes it smell a little old fashioned, as well as the fact it's quite heavy so I don't think it would appeal to younger girls.

              A 50ml bottle of this costs £12 from Avon which is very reasonable considering it's an Eau de Parfum, rather than Eau de Toilette.

              Overall, I'd have to say that I wasn't overly keen on this perfume. Like I say the scent is nice, but I feel it would have been better suited to something other than a perfume. Either that or they should have watered it down a little bit because the floral is far too strong for my tastes.


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