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Avon Tomorrow Eau de Parfum

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6 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    6 Reviews
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      24.12.2012 12:00
      Very helpful



      My favourite Avon perfume!

      Tomorrow is a perfume from a collection by Avon called 'today. tomorrow. always'.

      Today, Tomorrow and Always are the names of the three perfumes all released at the same time, back in 2004 from the same collection.
      I believe the Always perfume, which is the only one from the collection that I don't have, has now been replaced by a perfume called Forever so the collection now seems to be Today, Tomorrow, Forever!

      ~ Price and availability ~
      Tomorrow perfume is available to order from the Avon brochure through your local Avon representative or from the website, www.avonshop.co.uk and is priced at £14.00, but is currently reduced to £9.00 on the website. The perfumes are often on offers such as 2 for 1 in the Avon brochure.

      ~ Appearance ~
      The bottle for the Tomorrow perfume is a flat oval shape and it is made from a thick and heavy glass. The perfume itself is an orange colour. The bottle contains 50ml of perfume.
      The bottle neck has 'today. tomorrow. always' round it, which sits under the clear plastic lid of the bottle.
      The lid is smooth and it is an odd rounded shape. It looks a bit like a rugby ball pointing upwards slightly. It is the same as the lid from the Today perfume, which I previously reviewed.
      The bottle is very feminine and looks and feels like it is very good quality. It is a lovely addition to my dressing table. I really like the shape of the bottle. The bottle is really wide as well at just over an inch making it a mega cute oval shaped bottle.

      ~ Scent ~
      The scent of this perfume is divine.
      I think it smells really expensive and elegant.
      It combines top notes of raspberry, peach, pepper and patchouli, heart notes of Indian jasmine, African violet and orange blossom and base notes of sandalwood, amber, musk and rosewood.
      I would say it is quite a woody scent. It is very feminine and it reminds me of nights out.
      It is definitely a fragrance I would choose to wear on a night out and even on special occasions, but at the same time I would not think twice about wearing this perfume as a day time scent.
      It has a sweet floral element to it, as well as having a woody scent and I think it would be suited to women of all ages. It is a warming fragrance.
      I find that Avon can be quite hit and miss, but for me, this scent is undoubtedly a 5 star fragrance.
      I really love it.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I think this perfume is really versatile. I think it is suitable for both day time and night time wear and it would suit women of all ages. It has a sweetness to it that would appeal to younger women, but I can also see its elegance appealing to more mature women.
      The scent is truly beautiful. It is woody and floral and I find it really appealing.
      I previously reviewed the Today perfume from the same collection giving it 5 stars (which I still think it is), but I think Tomorrow is a lot nicer. The scent is really nice!
      The bottle is a beautiful shape and I love the thick glass and how wide the bottle is. It looks and feels like it is really good quality.
      It looks and smells expensive and I have been very impressed with this offering from Avon.
      I would definitely recommend this perfume for yourself or as a gift. I would definitely buy this perfume again. It gets the full 5 stars from me.


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        03.11.2010 14:10
        Very helpful




        I got this Perfume to put in with my Mum's Christmas. I have used it myself, but only when I got a free sample of this. It isn't the kind and smell of Perfume that I would use, and I think that this is more an older person's Perfume, but I guess it's what you like. I mostly like light, fresh, airy, fruity scents, so that's why this doesn't appeal to me.

        This comes in a 50ml bottle and costs £12. It can usually be found on offer, which is the usual with Avon. Currently this is on offer for £8.

        The box is quite simple. It is a kind of gold-y colour. The lettering is simple but looks nice enough. I wouldn't say this looks overly expensive, but it looks nice in a classic and perhaps more classy way.

        The bottle looks nice enough. It is like the Dooyoo picture. It is a clear glass and quite a thick glass as well. the liquid doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the bottle, but what I mean by that is that it seems to have an inner glass surround inside it, which is nice and that bit unusual. The lid is a bit nicer than the usual kind of lid. It's kind of like a bubble shape.

        So how does this smell? It is a heavier kind of scent. The notes in here are a mixture of heavy notes and a few fruity ones mixed in. The notes in here are Indian jasmine, Patchouli, Amber, Peach and Raspberry. Perhaps an odd mix of notes, but it all works. At least the fruity bits lighten up the heaviness of this.

        I used about half the vial I had and this left the scent on me for a good while. I could still smell it about 8 hours later, although it was a good bit fainter.

        This is a nice Perfume if you like heavier scented Perfumes. i still feel it is not perhaps suited for teenagers, but it is hard to put an age on this. I may be wrong, but I know a couple of people in their early 40's who like this scent, so perhaps this is the target market.


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        18.02.2010 14:58
        Very helpful



        see review


        I became an Avon rep a few years ago to earn a few extra pennies. One of the great things about being a rep was the fact that you could purchase new products at next to nothing prices to try normally several months in advance of them being available in the brochures.
        One of the things I do remember trying out was this perfume..

        About the scent~
        Tomorrow was introduced back in 2005 and is the second in the trilogy of perfumes; 'Today,' Tomorrow' and 'Always.'

        It is hard to describe the scent exactly but is a mixture of woody, oriental and sweet consisting of:

        Top notes~

        Heart notes~
        Indian jasmine
        African violet
        Orange blossom

        Base notes~

        Price and packaging~
        Without sounding derogatory to Avon, when you think of their perfumes they are not on a par with designer labels - though that does seem to be changing with the introduction of their exclusive collaborations with the likes of Christian Lacroix. However, generally you tend to think of them being cheap 'stick in your bag' everyday wear perfumes - well I do anyway.

        This Tomorrow scent seems to have changed all that as the appearance of the bottle alone has an expensive, designer look.
        The bottle is a thick glass oval shape which is clear and has a clear plastic lid which is slightly at an angle on top of the push down spray dispenser.
        The perfume is clearly visible and is a warm looking peachy colour which goes well the description of the scent.

        The bottle is simple with no fancy patterns or colours/words but oozes class and has a luxurious look about it.

        This is an Eau De Parfum spray meaning it's a stronger scent than an Eau De Toilette and the normal selling price is a very cheap £12. This is very reasonable for something on a par with more expensive, designer perfumes and the good news is, as with most Avon products, it's often on offer at half the price.

        My experience~
        As stated above I first tried this back in 2005 before it hit the brochures and liked it immediately. I haven't been an Avon rep myself for quite some time but I still buy their products via a local rep and recently this particular perfume was indeed on offer at a mere £6 for a 50ml bottle so I treated myself as I do enjoy self gifting!

        On removing the lid I can instantly detect a spicy peppery scent and that's before even spraying any on to my skin.
        On actually spraying the scent my initial thoughts are it's very strong and quite overpowering to the point where it took my breath away!

        The strong essence soon disintegrates and you are left with a subtle, warm, oriental smelling perfume on your skin. I've read other reviews describing it as too sweet but that isn't something I'd use to describe this as the woody overtones outweigh the sweet raspberry/peach notes.

        On first spraying onto my skin, I could detect the pepper straight away and a hint of jasmine. Once it settled onto my skin the pepper was still slightly present but nothing else particularly stood out as all the notes seem to combine well together and leave a distinguished aroma.

        Even though I've been gushing about how fantastic this is, this isn't my favourite perfume in the world at all. Having said that though for the price it's superior to others around the same RRP, and not only smells lovely but the bottle looks classy enough to have at the forefront of your dressing table.

        It does have a strong scent on initially applying to the skin but I found it soon settles down making it perfect for more daytime wear than evening usage.

        If you are a fan of woody, oriental scents then you can do worse than check this out. If bought on offer at £6 then you are not exactly out of pocket if you are not overly keen either.

        Can be bought via your local Avon Rep or;

        Order online at avonshop.co.uk or;

        call 0845 6014040

        Try it, you may be surprised.


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          24.08.2009 12:09
          Very helpful



          A good value perfume if you like the fragrance.

          I received this perfume as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law to be and to be honest when I realised she had bought me a perfume from Avon I was not impressed. I'm a Chanel girl through and through. I like the reliability of a good quality (expensive!) fragrance that I know will stand the test of time and, most importantly, will last all day without me having to carry around a heavy bottle.

          I also remember Avon from my youth, fond memories of surprises my Mum would present me with, often kids perfumes, and one in particularly, a bottle emblazoned with Daisies, stands out in my memory. I definitely associate Avon with little girls and old ladies.

          This perfume was packaged in a large bronze coloured box and sited on a silky cloth within the box. Quite luxurious looking considering it is from Avon. My Eau De Perfume came with a body oil in the same fragrance. I haven't used the oil yet so this review is of the eau de perfume only.

          The perfume comes in a heavy bottomed thick oval glass bottle with a non-descript globule shaped plastic lid. Considering my Chanel bottles are fairly plain this bottle is fine by me but I appreciate that other women may prefer something pretty. It's not a bottle to bother keeping, although once I have finished it I will shift it to my undies drawer minus lid to perfume my smalls for a little longer.

          The fragrance itself smells strongly of alcohol when it is first applied but this is quickly replaced by a heavy vanilla scent. I do not like vanilla fragrance so am not desperately keen on this perfume, however it is not distasteful enough for me to throw away (I just wish the bottle would hurry up and run out!). The Avon website sells this as oriental and woody but I simply find it sweet smelling and a little like cheap icecream. This perfume is both too young and too old for me as I associate the sickly sweet smell with young girls and old ladies.

          Thankfully the perfume does not last very long at its full fragrance. It settles down after about 2 hours to a light scent. I use this as my work perfume, keeping my Chanel for best, and by the time I have arrived at work the scent of vanilla is no longer choking me (I only us a squirt on each wrist to begin with). I will be glad when this bottle runs out. The 50ml bottle I have has lasted almost 6 months but there are only a couple of millimetres at the bottom now.


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            31.05.2009 01:09
            Very helpful



            I see why this is so popular.

            Tomorrow Eau de Parfum has been around for a while now, and it is popular with a few of my more mature customers. It comes in a very attractive gold box that opens up to reveal a stylish, curved glass bottle with a rounded lid over the bronze spray nozzle. This perfume retails at £12 though it is available on offer every now and again. At present it is not featuring in the brochures but do not worry if you are a fan, it will be back very soon!

            What I like about this perfume is that it is extremely strong and long lasting, without being too overwhelming. The brochure describes it as a fresh and oriental scent, which I do not think is entirely accurate. I would say that it is definetely oriental, but I would feel that floral and musky are much more appropriate descriptions of this scent than fresh.

            As this is an EDP rather than an EDT, it is a very concentrated scent and only a small amount of the product is required. Once applied, this is a perfume that holds fast for most of the day. In fact I myself even find it a little on the overwhelming side at first, but I do find that it settles evenly after a few minutes and is not too strong once given the chance to do so.

            This is one of Avon's more mature perfumes that I would recommend to mature women (over thirty) who are looking for something punchy and distinct. I myself prefer something a little lighter and a little fruitier for everyday wear, but I would wear this on a night out and I can see why some women are so keen on it for everyday use.


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            20.02.2009 18:03
            Very helpful



            i wouldnt buy it again

            ****Avon: Tomorrow, Eau de Parfum****
            **About Avon**
            Avon sells toiletries and other beauty products at affordable prices. They have quite a wide range of perfumes and always seem to be bringing out more.

            The box that this comes in is a nice bronzy-shiney colour. If i had saw it on a shelf i would have noticed it because it jumps out at you.The bottle itself is a see-through oval shape and the lid is a random round shape . Not the nicest bottle shape you get the feeling that very little thought was put into it. I like to keep the nice bottles when they are finished but i wont be keeping this.

            This has a fresh oriental smell to it(smells of sweet flowers?). It smells a little musky when you first put it on but this dies down.
            I was happy with the amount of time this lasted,when i woke up the next day after wearing it my wrists still smelt faintly of perfume.

            This costs £12 for a 50ml bottle. At the minute they have an offer on where if you buy a bottle of perfume you can get another for £1.

            I would recommend this to an older person,as my granny picked this out for me and loved it. Personally its a perfume i didn't either love or hate. I felt it smelt okay but its not a perfume i would go out and buy myself.


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