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Avon Treselle Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews
  • longevity
  • Good price
  • musky
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    4 Reviews
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      07.08.2014 16:36
      Very helpful


      • longevity
      • "Good price"


      • musky

      A bit musky for my liking but a good evening perfume

      Avon Treselle comes in three different versions :
      This review will be on the Silver version.

      Price and Availability:
      This version is no longer available directly through AVON but is was between £8-£12 per 50ml bottle when I bought it. You can now get it on eBay but people are asking around £20-£25 a bottle for an unopened one. I think I would rather spend that sort of money on a better brand to be honest. You can still get Treselle original direct from AVON and that is currently £8 ( normally £13).Bottle :
      The bottle is very similar to the one pictured but a different colour. It is simple and elegant, it has a frosted clear glass base in a curved body like shape (don't know if there is a word for that) it then has a hammered silver metal neck and a shinny silver meta looking tube shaped top (which is actually hard plastic) with the words 'Treselle Silver' engraved on the top of it in fancy script.Fragrance :
      The fragrance is quite strong with a sweet, floral musky smell, it is in my opinion an obvious evening perfume as I prefer a lighter more summery scent in the day time. The main Scents are:
      Top Note : Pepper
      Heart Notes : Orchid, Lilly, Tuberose
      Base Note: Musk

      Longevity and Strength :
      The perfume does last a reasonable amount of time around 4 hours in my experience it is still quite strong smelling and noticeable, people will often comment on it, after this time it remains noticeable to me but probably not to anyone else unless they were standing really close to me. Conclusion:
      Overall this is a really good evening perfume, although it is not one of my personal favorites, this is purely because I am not a great fan of evening scents in general or musk based perfumes. For the price you get a really decent amount of wear from it and if you are a fan of musk it would be a great evening scent.
      This review is also on my ciao account under shellyjano


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      26.01.2014 16:20
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Pepper - tiger lily- lotus yet not oriental. Expensive ingredients at a low price!


      Avon Treselle Eau de Parfume

      Size: 50ml

      I remember when Avon first brought out Treselle, at the time it was their most expensively sourced perfume and they had high hopes for it. Avon HQ had employed not one but two top perfumiers to create a unique trademark perfume. I am not sure that Treselle has taken off quite how Avon had hoped. However, since that first purchase it is still my favourite perfume from Avon. I believe it is indeed their classiest and most unusual offering. I liked their Gold but it did not agree with me, giving me asthma! I quite liked their Timeless range and their Beyonce offering, but it Treselle that I always turn to for a low priced everyday perfume from Avon.

      As far as perfumes are concerned I am what Martin Lewis would call a "tart" I have no loyalty to one brand or one fragrance, I know what I like and I go for it. I have over the years been given lots of different perfumes that I would not have bought myself, some I have grown to love, others still lay in the bottom a drawer, because the bottles are so beautiful I cannot bare to throw them away. Treselle though is one I discovered myself and one I buy for myself. I always get complimented when I wear it and I feel slightly more confident in my step when I have it on.

      Anyway, enough personal experience, you shout - what about the perfume? What does it smell like?
      That it is made from expensive ingredients I have no doubt, the first, middle and last notes are all quality, I consider it a very sexy scent, but it is also a light everyday perfume that will carry into the evening, but for me it is better as a day perfume.

      If it were a wine it would be a really good Rose, dry yet fruity and hinting at citrus and pepper the first notes are satisfyingly refreshing giving way to middle notes that are softer and seductive with the lotus and rose complexly vying for attention. There is a slight masculinity to the end notes with the pepper once again coming through with liquorice and tiger lily adding depth and floral tones respectively. Having just sprayed some the first flush of the perfume does actually smell a bit like the nose of a really good rose. So perhaps that is why I have compared it to rose wine.

      The bottle is a sexy shape almost an hour glass with a lovely rose gold coloured lid and collar hiding the spray atomiser within. The almost clear coloured glass shows the perfume inside which is almost clear but slightly pink too. The whole effect being very pleasing. This is a bottle I love to display and indeed it looks lovely on the dressing table.

      I like to layer the fragrance too, I buy the body lotion when I can and Avon did for a while also sell a hair spritz that was lovely.

      Price & Availability:

      From Avon on-line or your representative. Usual price is around £15.00 for 50ml but it can sometimes be found included in an Avon offer.

      Conclusion & Stars:

      I recommend Avon Treselle wholeheartedly and yet complexly it is not typical of the fragrances I would usually choose. I think it is that it stays well, is classy all the way through and is slightly different that I like.

      At such a low price it is a bargain perfume.




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        24.09.2012 09:52
        Very helpful




        I think that I have tried most of the Avon Perfumes that are out. I wear Perfume every day and it was always designer brand Perfumes that I used to use, but when I was an Avon rep I got into trying different Perfumes and although not all of them I loved but since I used to buy them on offer and never paid full price due to my commission then I thought they were worth a try. This Perfume has been out for a while but it was only around last Christmas time that I bought this as there was an offer on when if you spent £12 on a mixtures of different Perfumes and make up you got a free goody bag. This Perfume was cheaper than the normal price as well and I got this 50ml for £6. I believe the right price of this is £13.

        The bottle looks the same as the picture on here. I think the box looks quite chunky in the picture whereas my box looked a bit more slim. The bottle looks ok I think. It looks simple with the clear glass and you can easily see the liquid through the bottle. I think the gold bit at the lid makes this look a bit of a more mature scent for the more mature market and I think it does make it look a little cheap but it isn't the most expensive Perfume out there anyway. Perhaps Silver would look nice on this. Anyway we are here to find out about the scent, not discuss the bottle!!!

        I had never smelt this before I bought it but I had it in my head that this would perhaps be a slightly more heavy scent than what I tend to go for and perhaps quite a Musky scent. After looking online I see that this does have Musk, Tiger Lily, Black Pepper, Rose and Tuberose.

        This smells quite nice and a warm scent when it is applied. It does seem to be quite strong when it is sprayed but this settles down ok. The scent doesn't last all that long but it does seem to last longer than some scents I have used from Avon. I can't say if you can smell all the different notes from this but I can definitely smell the Musk and I am assuming the Rose too.

        As with Avon products this will be featured at full price but on offer probably every other book.

        If you like Musky scent you will no doubt like this one but it isn't exactly the kind of scent that I go for and that will probably be why I still have about 1/3 of a bottle left. I can see me using this up but I know I will not buy it again. Just not for me.


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        21.09.2012 22:36
        Very helpful



        Just passable fragrance - nothing special at all

        ===Why I Bought This===

        I am currenty working my way through various Avon fragrances thatI have not tried out before. This fragrance has been out for nine years but was one I have never been inspired to try before.

        ===The Brand===

        Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
        Avon has 18 different brouchures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

        ===The Product===

        'Treselle was presented in 2003 in cooperation with two famous noses: Ilias Ermenidis and Alberto Morillas. It can be found in an elegant bottle with a golden stopper. This fragrance fires up your imagination with seductive notes of tuberose, lotus and rose at the top. The heart is full of sweetness thanks to liquorish spiced with black pepper as it dries down to the base of sensuous musk, iris and Tyger lily.' (www.fragrantica.com)
        Cellophane covered box - bronze shiney card.
        50 mls eau de perfum.
        Flammable, made in Poland.
        Contains alcohol denat 75%.
        Inner lining of bronze card.
        Curved clear glass bottle with pale pink/beige perfume.
        Hammered gold band around the base of the spray cap - the pull off lid is in smooth gold coloured metal.


        £13 but now on offer for £8.


        Treselle Mystique, launched in 2011 - features jasmine, rose, white honey and bellini.

        ===My Opinion===

        As Avon has had this fragrance out for 9 years it must be a good seller but it has never been one I was drawn to. The bottle seems uninspiring and having ordered one I can see why - a basic sort of shape and a cheap type gold cap.
        The Avon website states -' Seductive musks and blossoms of tiger orchid contrast with brilliant white tuberanthia'.
        The bottle comes in a reasonably attractive box and is wrapped in cellophane but the bottle is uninspiring and the metal cap feels cheap.
        Two squirts of the spray results in a very strong blast of perfume but it does soon mellow down.
        I would say that this is a run-of-the-mill Avon fragrance that does not stand out from many others. Not exactly unwearable and does not smell especially cheap but it is no different to many others produced by Avon and is not one I would rave about.
        The aroma is mostly a sort of musky floral scent, it lasts for about 4-5 hours before fading away.
        Definitely not worth £13 and I would venture to say probably not the £8 currently being charged. Online it has had mixed reviews - some saying how expensive it smells and others hating it.
        So it is a matter of trying it yourself - either have a sample or just try a bottle - you have a full money-back guarantee with Avon.
        Not one I would bother buying though - not even on offer.

        ===Star Rating===

        2 stars.

        ===Would I Recommend?===

        Not especially.




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