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Avon Treselle Seduction Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2013 10:49
      Very helpful



      Avon has broken their own mould with Treselle Seduction

      ~x~x~x~ Seduced By Avon? ~x~x~x~

      I'm not really one for Avon perfume, not from a snobbish point of view (much) but simply because their fragrances don't make me sit up and take notice or frankly they smell awful on me. I received this bottle of Treselle Seduction as part of a birthday present from my sister, who had put together a 'purple' hamper for me - I was a little surprised to see it as this isn't a fragrance I'd come across before despite having an Avon rep for a mum (at the time), I hadn't noticed in the Avon book and didn't even know of the original Treselle fragrance which was apparently a big seller (in Avon terms).

      I must say now that Treselle Seduction isn't currently available in the Avon book, nor on their website. You can buy a bottle from Ebay at the ridiculous price of over £20 for a 50ml bottle (my sister tells me she paid £12) with one of the listings stating that it has been discontinued by Avon, which is odd really considering this is the nicest fragrance they've ever come up with despite there being a few niggles regarding the perfume.

      ~x~x~x~ The Power of Purple ~x~x~x~

      Treselle Seduction's bottle is really nice. Hefty in the palm with a graduated purple shade which begins halfway up the bottle and ends at the top; it's a rich Cadbury purple, warm in tone and deep enough that it stands out beautifully when displayed on my dressing table with the rest of my perfume bottles. The hammered purple metal strip along the top of the bottle looks a little tatty now as some of the colour has rubbed off in places to reveal a more silvered base, it also looks a lot more dented than it should and this leads me to believe that Avon haven't really taken a lot of care over the materials used to create the bottle - not a huge deal I admit, but when compared to more premium fragrances I found this a little disappointing as I had been hoping to keep this pretty bottle on display when the perfume was finished.

      The Seduction bottle really reminds me of the small J'Adore bottle, it's a completely different colour and the lid is decidedly cheap looking in comparison - but it feels just like the J'Adore bottle in the hand and it's one of those weird things which come to you sometimes. Like Galaxy chocolate reminding me of stera milk, or my fella's cottage pie always making me think of Robbie Coltrane. Welcome to the sometimes scary world that is the inside of my head...

      I have a niggle with the bottle, actually it's only a niggle sometimes - at other times it makes me want to hunt down the head of Avon and... give them a good talking to. It's the spray - it doesn't always spray properly. Sometimes (not always) the perfume dribbles out of the bottle instead of spraying out in the fine mist you'd expect, I find this exceedingly irritating as not only is it wasteful but it's then time consuming to get yourself perfumed in all the right places!

      ~x~x~x~ It's Berry Nice! ~x~x~x~

      One of the things I usually don't like about Avon fragrances is the fact they're always either overly floral, or musked up to within an inch of their lives. It just seems to me that Avon can't get the balance right. I pride myself on usually recognising an Avon fragrance from scent alone, but I can honestly say that Seduction is far superior in terms of not only the overall fragrance but also how it acts over the hours when I'm wearing it.

      I can't possibly give you a run down of notes on this one, simply because it's all such a mish-mash of fragrances that it's pretty much impossible to pick anything out with any level of certainty. I could smell berries from the instant I sprayed (dribbled...) the perfume onto myself, to me it smelled like a mixture of blackcurrant and the sweeter blackberry but there's more to it than that. I had a glance on the perfume lovers online bible (Fragrantica) to see if I could get a better idea of the notes and was pleased to find I'd identified the berry aspect correctly, with the entire range of top notes being composed of berry fragrances (plus plum apparently, which I can't detect at all). There are supposedly five berry notes which make up this period of the perfume, but personally I can't smell then - as I mentioned previously, it's all a bit muddled up which makes it hard to separate anything so I honestly couldn't tell you whether there really are tones of raspberry or redcurrant in there. It's just... berry-like.

      The berries never quite fade away altogether but after a while a light floral comes through, again it's more of a bouquet than a floral I can identify in its own right but it's extremely pretty and lends the perfume a powdery fragrance which reminds me of a burst of baby powder. Just after this the perfume becomes extremely dry, a noticeable patchouli smothers the florals very quickly and at this point I find myself becoming increasingly turned off by Treselle Seduction due to an ugly 'mud-like' scent that pushes through. This doesn't last for a huge amount of time but I'm still not impressed - typical Avon really isn't it, create a half decent fragrance and destroy it by not thinking properly! The addition of the patchouli is, in my opinion, a huge mistake as without it the perfume has a sweetly delicate fragrance but the minute the patchouli appears it just turns, well, rough.

      I'd guesstimate this ugly phase only goes on for half an hour or so, and after that Treselle Seduction calms down to a softer and slightly sweeter fragrance. In the base I can vaguely detect vanilla, not in that I can smell it particularly well but it provides the kind of rich (if subtle) sweetness that can only really come from vanilla. There's a muskiness at this point too which provides a level of sophistication to the perfume, it's by no means a sexy musk but is beautifully rounded in a way that reminds me of the White Musk perfume I used to love from the Body Shop.

      ~x~x~x~ Standing the Test of Time ~x~x~x~

      The longevity of Treselle Seduction is impressive, for any perfume really not just in terms of Avon's usual dead-in-an-hour fragrances. I sprayed it this morning at 11am, it's now almost ten hours later and I'm still catching the occasional waft of an extremely delicate musk - I suspect much of this is coming from my dressing gown which I've just popped on, and was wearing when I applied my dribble of Seduction (wow, how much does THAT sound like a porn film?!). Actually it's more of a suspicion as I know full well that this perfume lasts far longer on fabric than it does skin, and I guarantee that when I get up tomorrow morning and put my dressing gown on I'll still be able to smell it!

      My sixteen year old likes this perfume, and as I have others which I prefer I let her help herself pretty much as and when she feels like it. Charlotte hates sweet perfume, preferring to wear a unisex fragrance or even nick her dads aftershave as she favours the spicier scents which are found more in products for men. She appreciates the fact that this is only mildly sweet (thankfully she can't distinguish the vanilla otherwise she wouldn't go near it), but not only that as she chooses this perfume sometimes based more on the longevity of the fragrance than the actual smell. To give you an example she leaves the house at 7am on college days and sprays pretty much as she's walking out of the door, when she gets home at gone 5pm I can still detect her perfume to a reasonably strong degree - of course by then it's at the stage of smelling simply musky, but it still has a very decent level of strength. Charlotte, being the furthest thing you can imagine from a girly girl, wouldn't even think about carrying a bottle of perfume round with her to reapply during the day so she tends to select her perfume from a select few which she knows she can rely on for all day fragrance - for an Avon perfume to make this list is as bizarre as it is impressive!

      ~x~x~x~ A Question of Age ~x~x~x~

      Personally I consider Treselle Seduction to be a relatively mature fragrance. It's not by any means bubblegum-girly, there's little in the way of sweetness and frankly it doesn't suit being worn by very young women in my opinion. I don't think it reflects Charlotte's young personality at all, and at thirty six I feel the overall fragrance is a little too mature for me at times - I'm never usually one for putting an age on perfume, but for Seduction I'll make an exception and suggest it would make a suitable present for an older auntie rather than your teenage niece. My mum is in her late sixties and she always says how nice Seduction is, but when she tried a spray of mine it didn't really suit her and took on a bit of a musty smell - that was a shame as she seemed a little disappointed, but she soon moved on to hankering after another perfume so any disappointment was short lived!

      ~x~x~x~ Have I Been Seduced? ~x~x~x~

      Well I wouldn't go that far! This perfume is really lovely, don't get me wrong, but despite the fact that I like the smell on the whole I probably wouldn't buy it for myself. I've been happy enough to use it and think it was a smashing addition to my purple hamper, but it's an extremely run of the mill perfume which just doesn't have the 'wow' factor for me. It's attractive and well developed (surprisingly so for Avon) but I prefer my fragrance to be just that little bit more special - the dryness of the scent coupled with the intense berry-ness gives it a dull flat quality that I really don't like, I prefer a fragrance with more sparkle or at least to contain an element of 'fun'. I just feel Seduction is trying so hard to be a perfume for strong and assertive women that it's forgotten it also needs to appeal to those of us who don't want to smell old before our time, and while it does appeal I must admit I don't always feel entirely comfortable when I'm wearing it.

      I think I'll recommend it if you can find a bottle for the £12-ish that my sister paid, but certainly not at current Ebay prices because you can get much better than this for over twenty quid. It's an Eau de Parfum and this is reflected in the longevity, but let's not forget that this is a simple Avon perfume which (although a lovely fragrance) is honestly not worth a penny more than the original book price of less than £15, depending on perfume special offers - this is a moot point if it has been discontinued I suppose, but fragrances often make a return to the Avon book and I'm sure this will be one that comes back as judging by the Fragrantica reviews it's a much loved perfume which is already being missed by its fans.


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        10.04.2011 09:45
        Very helpful




        This scent was more a limited edition version of the original Treselle scent from Avon. It hasn't been back in the main book for a while now, but still pops up in the sale book now and again. Knowing Avon it will come back in the main book sometime as they do that sometimes. I think I only tried this last year and had seen it for a while before I decided to get it.

        This comes in a 50ml bottle and the right price of this was £12, but could be found on various different special offers. I got it for £7. I like to try new scents and usually wait until they are on a special offer to get them in case I don't like them.

        The bottle looks like the Dooyoo picture. It is a nice purple shade and as you will see on the picture it seems to change shade and fade a bit across the bottle. There is a bit shape to the bottle which is alright and although it doesn't look the most expensive looking bottle it is nice enough.

        So how does this smell? Well the original Treselle is described as being a kind of Oriental scent and this still has the notes of that scent mixed through this one, but there seems to be quite a heavy Jasmine scent mixed through this which is probably the seduction part of this. It is quite a heavy scent and although there is a sparkling scent through here it isn't all that light and fresh and there seems to be just a dash of Fruity scent in here. But all in all it is a heavier scent.

        The scent of this lingers well and just 2 squirts of this gives a good heavy scent which is strong enough for me. After spraying this in the morning I could still smell this hours later and although I did still reapply this I didn't feel the need to do it that much as I could still smell this fainty.

        This is the kind of scent that I would buy now and again. It isn't my favourite scent and never will be or that, but it makes a change to my usual scent and I would recommend a try if you see this in the sale book.


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