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Azzaro Eau Belle Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Azzaro / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      23.06.2011 10:09
      Very helpful



      A nice perfume which is different to the norm

      I received my first bottle of Eau Belle by Azzaro back in 1996, it was a present from Mark after I'd had our oldest daughter - I'm actually a bit surprised to see it as a 'most wanted' product because as far as I know this perfume is no longer readily available, and actually has quite a dated 90s scent.

      The 100ml bottle that I have is pretty much the same as the one in the piccie Dooyoo have up, the only difference being that mine has a more crystallised amber colour instead of the lovely turquoise you can see above. The flattened bubble shape of the bottle is identical, and so is the top of the bottle and the metallic embellishment, so I'm wondering if the difference in colour is due to me owning the larger size. It's very pretty, not as bling as more modern bottles of perfume, but it definitely looks classy and understated amongst the rest of my collection.

      This is a spray bottle, with the fragrance being an Eau de Toilette. Don't let this put you off though as Eau Belle has the strength of aroma and longevity to hold it's own and actually has the effect of being a 'parfum'. The spray mechanism works beautifully and always dispenses the correct amount, the perfume comes out in a fine wide arc which ensures an even (and dare I say it, drenching) application.

      To categorise the scent is awkward as it manages to be both highly floral and intensely woody at the same time. Initial application gives an almost masculine fragrance as this is when the main bulk of woodiness and moss scents can be detected, the flowery tones come through pretty quickly after this but there's no way Eau Belle could ever be classed as a pretty perfume. After a while a few citrus notes appear, although these are extremely short-lived and do not longer anywhere near as long as I'd like them to. The woody notes are what defines this perfume for me, this gives Eau Belle a musky and sultry fragrance which makes it an extremely sensuous perfume to wear.

      It's hard to pick out individual notes within this perfume as there are so many different fragrances vying for attention. For example, the floral bouquet that appears after a while is such a mix-up that the only single flower scent I can find is a subtle rose fragrance which has been expertly blended with *other* florals to create an overall nice perfume. There is very little sweetness to Eau Belle, which is quite surprising for something marketed as an intensely feminine perfume. I personally don't find it particularly feminine anyway, it's too heavy and mossy for that, but it does exude a level of sexiness that makes the wearer be taken notice of by the opposite sex.

      While wearing this perfume it never seems overpowering to me, Mark has commented that it's a bit too strong for his tastes and at the moment I can't wear it as it makes my five month old son cough. Which probably says that it is quite overpowering. I have a visual of walking around in a woody-looking cloud for the first few minutes, and it makes me quite paranoid really that I (as the wearer) couldn't smell it as strongly as everyone else. The fragrance does last well though, if I apply it at the start of a night out the perfume will still be quite strongly apparent when I eventually drag myself home - and those were the days when you'd be sitting in a very smoky club all night, none of this pansy-ish going outside for a fag back in 1996! Even the strongest perfume would fade away in the midst of the smoke of literally thousands of fags that would be lit throughout the night. But Eau Belle didn't.

      I wouldn't usually wear it during the day as I know it's too heavy, but today I sprayed some on at 9.30am for the purpose of writing this review - it's now 3.30pm and the scent is still very much there, not only when I sniff my skin but also in the air around me. I know from experience that I have another couple of hours before I'd need to reapply, and I think that makes it the longest lasting perfume in my collection. Talking of the lastability, this bottle is fourteen years old and the perfume smells exactly the same (and just as good) today as it did when I first opened the bottle.

      I'd recommend Azzaro Eau Belle to any woman who likes a more powerful perfume than what other people are wearing at the moment. It definitely makes a statement thanks to the masculinity of the overall scent, but it's still very obviously a woman's perfume. If I've tempted you you'll need to start searching. I've had a brief look online and can only find a very small 0.14oz sample bottle which costs a whopping £12.66 from perfumechoice.com - Eau Belle is apparently more readily available in the US so it may be worth a look if you're planning your summer jollies on the other side of the pond.

      It's well worth searching for though as Eau Belle really is completely different to anything else you're likely to come across.


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        26.05.2011 16:51
        Very helpful



        A fresh and fruity fragrance that is perfect for the summer

        I bought this fragrance so many years ago, I'd forgotten all about it until now! While shopping on holidays in Rimini in Italy, my mother gave me some spending money and I chose this perfume because of its pretty bottle which was way more important to me than what was inside at the time.

        Eau Belle D'Azzaro is a fragrance that was created way back in 1995 by Azzaro. It is described as being a fresh fragrance with a citrus blast mixed with a woody depth and it was created especially for us lovely ladies. It is supposed to make you feel like you are walking through a luscious forest in the summer and captures the feeling of a summer day's freedom.

        Top Notes
        The perfume kicks in with a deliciously sharp and fruity aroma that is created by juicy Madarin Orange. It is accompanied by the zesty fragrance of the Yuzu fruit from Japan which is similar to a Tangerine. Mixed in with this citrus blast is a sweet and juicy peach aroma that is joined by the succulent scent of Bergamot.

        Middle Notes
        At the heart of the fragrance is the delicate flower Cyclamen which gives a delicate floral note. Jasmine livens up the fragrance with its sweet scent and the fresh scent of Freesia awakens the fragrance.

        Bottom Notes
        At the bottom of the fragrance you will find a sugary sweetness created by Honey and a body and depth that is created by Cedar Wood and Amber. Cypress Oil is swirled into the mixture to give the fragrance a spicy kick.

        The bottle that caught my eye was an interesting magical shape. To me, it looked like bubbles stacked on top of one another that got smaller as they worked their way to the top. The lid also appeared to be a bubble and it needed to be removed in order to access the fragrance. The beautiful bottle was transparent and you could see the mythical aqua coloured liquid inside.

        My thoughts
        This fragrance is perfect for summer days in the garden and when going for a walk. It has an enchanting quality that makes it fresh and clean to wear. It is a delicate scent that is inoffensive but that being said, it does get sickly if you go overboard with the spraying so take it easy. I think this is a good thing though as it makes the fragrance last longer.

        To me, the scent keeps changing, swinging from citrus blasts to sweet clouds to woody depths. The orange scent is the more powerful out of the lot though, so if you don't enjoy that scent, this won't be for you.

        The fragrance is long lasting and I've continued to smell it on summer dresses even until the next day. I think it's a very romantic fragrance that is gentle and girly. It's best suited for day time wear as it lacks the punch and power of night time fragrances.

        The fragrance doesn't seem to be that widely available but the fact that is still is available nearly two decades after it was released speaks for itself. I can't remember what price I paid for mine as it was in Lira and a long time ago but it wouldn't have been much because my mother wouldn't have let me buy it!

        I've looked online and a mini bottle will cost around £10 but it's only on a limited few websites so you'll need to have a good search in order to find it but that's a worthwhile search in my opinion. Despite the relatively cheap price of the fragrance, it doesn't have that cheap synthetic smell that can come with the lower market perfumes.

        All in all, this is a gorgeous fresh fragrance that is perfect for a summer's day. If you don't like oranges then stay away from this one but if citrus blasts mixed with honey and amber sounds good to you, then give this one a go.


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