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Benetton Hot Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Benetton / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women / What it does: Purifies,

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2009 00:06
      Very helpful



      Benetton got this one wrong!

      Benetton: Hot, Eau de Toilette

      I was given this 100ml bottle of perfume by my lovely sister from the kids for Christmas. My sister always likes to get me a present from her and hubby and then one from the kids. The Christmas I kid you not I got 3 sets of PJs from relatives and one set from her kids. With the newest set of PJs there was this kind offering of Benetton Hot by the United Colours of Benetton


      Now before I review this I shall share with you dooyooers a few little problems with this perfume. Firstly I don't like the perfume gift and secondly when I have decided to review it I have somehow got the nozzle stuck inside the lid which has rendered it useless.

      To solve both first problem of not liking it I had a plan and pondered on these options:
      1) Leave it in the draw and never use it that way if asked about it is still there.
      2) Tell my sister I don't actually like it but maybe not the best solution as didn't want to hurt feelings of this kind gift my little nieces/nephews bought me.
      3) Give it to someone else as a present. I have never done this and knowing my luck I would get caught out
      4) Use it as a bathroom fragrance to save buying a can of air freshener.
      5) Throw it out (perhaps a waste)
      Or 6) Sell it at a boot sale or give to charity.

      Well then I stuck with option 1 initially but was mulling over the other 5 until when the time came today to review the perfume I noticed problem 2 which was I had somehow knackered the lid and the perfume was still neatly in its plastic box. Problem 2 therefore wiped out option 3 and option 6. I decided that option 2 was not a good idea and neither was option 5. I was going to settle for option 4 and the loo freshener idea but breaking the nozzle put the kywash on that so guess I am back to option 1!

      **Benetton do Perfume?**

      Well Benetton are an Italian fashion chain who offer high street fashion on the more expensive style. They are known for their whacky advertising and will have a branch or concession in most towns in the UK. They use lots of bright and vivid colours in their designs including in their perfume range.

      They offer quite a few perfumes which are inexpensive including: Essence of Benetton, Energy, B United Jeans, United Colours of Benetton, Benetton Pure Sport, Cumbia Colours, Paradiso Inferno, B Clean and Hot & Cold.

      **Hot Perfume**

      Hot & Cold are advertised as unisex perfumes that offer a refreshing smack of energy. The perfume is made of fragrant oil extracts and diluted in water/alcohol. The main ingredients in this ''Hot'' scent are lemon, bergamot, mandarin, rosewood, lily of the Valley, water jasmine, iris, apricot, sandalwood, cedar wood, oak moss, amber, vanilla and musk. This perfume is a unisex perfume and so I guess once applying it you would get a different aroma. On smelling it I can sense that it could go either way and it has a distinct smell to it. It is not overly heavy and has a floral scent to it. Now considering it has lots of similar ingredients to my other perfumes I have reviewed on here would assume I should like this but I don't.

      **The Bottle and Packaging**

      The packaging for this perfume consists of a flimsy plastic rectangular outer box with hot written in tiny red writing at the base. The bottle is 100ml and very tall and square in shape but curves in at the top. It has a red top that looks very strange like a hot tap. Guess that is the hot and cold tap gimmick. The first time I opened this and realised I didn't really like it the top unscrewed easily. However the second time I tried this, the top has pulled off easily and take the nozzle with it. It is now lodged inside the lid and the perfume just has a straw like thing sticking out.

      **My opinion on using it**

      First time I was able to apply to my neck and arms quite easily and a generous squirt came out. This is the Eau de toilet and Benetton suggest it should have a lasting effect of up to 2 hours. Can't use the blimmin thing and even pressing the straw it does nothing so lucky for me I don't like it. Well I have a full bottle of the stuff to use as I found the scent too overpowering and mixed up. I think this is because it is a unisex perfume and a high street brand. I think Benetton could have made this perfume better by not making it unisex and cutting down on the ingredients as there is too much going on in the scent. The bottle and packaging is also weak and the fact that the nozzle is now glued into the lid doesn't help.

      **Would I recommend this stuff**

      Erm no for a perfume but yes as a loo freshener (oh I hope I am not being too harsh - apologies Benetton Hot lovers! Also I think the Apprentice teams made a better offering in their perfumery week and what they made weren't that great!


      Well if I haven't put you off and you are still keen to buy this then it appears to cost between £7 and £15 and you can buy it in the Benetton shop or online at perfume discount shops.

      **One final idea**

      Maybe I could sell it on eBay and declare how useless it is as you never know. Any other suggestions of what to use it for are welcome. (ps my sister and nieces/nephews wont find out)

      Thanks for the read!


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