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Bex London SE1 Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Bex London / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2012 14:28
      Very helpful



      expensive but totally worth it!

      Bex London was founded by Rebecca Goswell. She has worked alongside perfumer Francois Robert to produce a collection of luxury fragrances known as Londoner. There are four fragrances in this collection - W1X, N6, EC2 and SE1. Each fragrance is classed as an 'urban' fragrance and has been designed to have its own identity which captures the character of the different locations in London.

      I have included the above background info as this isn't a mainstream company.

      *~SE1 Urban Fragrance~*

      As far as I am aware this scent is suitable for both men and women to wear in is presented in the form of an eau de toilette. SE1 EDT is said to capture the Southbank area of London where history and culture play a big role. Bex London state that this EDT resembles the 'atmospheric aromas' of the Thameside spice wharfs.

      SE1 has been created using a selection of well chosen fragrance notes :

      *Top notes - orange, lemon, aniseed
      *Heart notes - pimento, cardamom, nutmeg and jasmine
      *Base notes - salty sea moss, amber, vetiver and drift wood

      It is fair to say this fragrance falls under the spice fragrance family.


      Each EDT in the Londoner collection is of an identical design and very unisex in appearance. The smooth and rectangular in shape with a flat base. The bottle is white with black writing and has a matte effect finish. The overall design is simplistic and very durable. The box housing the bottle is white with an artistic design on the front and the description of the actual fragrance is noted on the box.

      The SE1 name is written on the front of the bottle. With the bottle being white, it does seem to attract any marks but is easy to wipe over with a baby wipe. The bottle doesn't have a lid and is a simple, silver spray top affair.

      *~Price and Availability~*

      SE1 EDT is available from two recommended websites. It is available in a 100ml size priced at an eyewatering £81.00 per bottle. If you wish to buy this EDT, head to www.zuneta.com or www.lessenteurs.com. You can also purchase a sample of this EDT from the latter website priced at £5.00.

      *~My Thoughts~*

      My sister was recently have a clear out of her fragrance collection and offered me first refusal of any she was planning on selling. SE1 caught my eye as I hadn't previously heard of this scent. I tested it and found that it was absolutely perfect for me and bought it at a reduced price from my sister. I didn't realise how expensive it actually was to buy new! My sister explained that this collection is very expensive as each fragrance is hand created and hand poured. It isn't a heavily marketed fragrance either so is a little bit more unique than Chanel or Dior fragrances.

      Whilst the bottle isn't visually stunning, it is a well made bottle which is quite weighty. It isn't one I would wish to carry about in my handbag as I find it quite bulky and heavy - thankfully, I don't need to carry it about as it doesn't really need to be reapplied throughout the day. The name of this fragrance is uninspiring but is said to appeal to true London fans. I have visited London once but didn't visit the Southbank area as far as I can remember so my experience and opinion of this scent is purely based on how I find it straight from the bottle.

      *~Spicy Nights~*

      Despite being an EDT, this fragrance has an impressive strength from the moment it leaves the bottle. A short press on the spray top releases a fine mist which lands on my skin lightly and offers an intoxicating, heady scent which I simply adore. It is important not to spray too much of this at any one time as it can overpower the senses rather quickly. The scent note description is spot on and I can identify each and every specified scent.

      The initial burst of scent leads me to believe that this scent is quite masculine but not overly so. Us females who desire and adore spicy fragrances will be able to carry this off perfectly. It is a confident, rich scent and the top notes give off a nose and sense tingling aroma which lead others to enquire what it is you are wearing. The top notes are well chosen to compliment each other. The aniseed is the prominent note and adds a rich, warm and spicy overtone. The orange and lemon are there and can be witnessed - they relieve some of the spiciness a little and lighten the scent by offering a citrus sweet undertone.

      The warmth from the aniseed remains noticeable even after the citrussy undertones have disappeared. After around two hours, the heart notes make an appearance and there is nothing amiss here at all. The spicy theme is continued and intensified courtesy of the cardamom and nutmeg. You could be mistaken for thinking this is a spicy dessert and it really does come across that way. There is a airy feel to the spiciness which makes me think of a market with a spice stall outside rather than confined to an indoor shop. It is rich, flavoursome and full of character. The jasmine is there but diluted by the spicy notes - it simply flows through the heart adding a sensual touch.

      The heart of SE1 is long lasting despite being an EDT. The spicy notes really cling to the skin and clothing and I feel this increases the fragrances strength and staying power quite a bit. Even when the base notes start to filter through, the main emphasis is on the slightly masculine spicy notes that have dominated the entire scent. After 5 or 6 hours, I begin to notice a change in the scent but not a major change. Subtle notes of vetiver and drift wood come through very naturally whilst there is a slight salty scent lacing the scent courtesy of the seamoss. All the notes work well together to form a beautifully layered scent.

      *~Who, When and Where?~*

      The rich and undeniably spicy nature of this scent leads me to the conclusion that it is perfect for spraying in the evening. It is too heavy for wearing to work or for casual use. It lasts the whole night and can be detected the next day on clothing which I am impressed with. I find it perfect for colder evenings as it really does have a warming aspect. I personally wear mine if I am going out somewhere nice at night time and always get complimented on the scent.

      SE1 EDT is definitely not suited to everyone and I wouldn't imagine this would be the best gift to buy as it may not appeal. I personally love it but then again, I favour a heavy spicy scent over a floral scent anyday. If you are a fan of strong spicy fragrances which verge on being slightly masculine, then this is definitely worth trying.


      To sum it up, I find SE1 to be a very unique fragrance which is full of character and the description of the scent is spot on. To me, it is a perfect EDT which has amazing staying power and remains strong and noticeable for the entire time that it is on my skin. The only let down is the high price. Because only a tiny spray is needed for an intense scent, a 100ml bottle does last for ages but it would be great to see a smaller bottle available.

      Thanks for reading :)


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