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Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Beyonce / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    2 Reviews
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      21.10.2012 00:38
      Very helpful



      A nice welcome addition to the range.

      ~*~*~ Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir ~*~*~

      ~*~*~ What is it? ~*~*~

      This is another fragrance in the Heat range by Beyonce. This is a deeper more woody scent than the others and makes it feel more grown up, the bottle is also quite fantastic.

      ~*~*~ The Bottle ~*~*~

      Heat Ultimate Elixir comes in the same squared bell bottom shaped bottle as the others in the range, the colours of the others are a ruby red, amber/tangerine and a lovely purpley blue, this one is coloured in a deep red shade that is almost bordering black. The bottle comes with rather attractive atomiser that you need screw on yourself, when taking it out of the box it comes with a black plastic screw on top to stop any leaks.
      I like the look of the atomiser, it makes it look quite special and a little old fashioned. I find the atomiser lets out the perfect amount of perfume in a nice mist.

      ~*~*~ The Price ~*~*~

      I happened upon this whilst browsing on www.amazon.co.uk and when I saw the price I couldn't resist buying it.

      You will find it on Amazon priced at a very attractive and purse friendly £16.15 for a 50ml bottle.

      ~*~*~ The Scent ~*~*~

      Having bought all the different scents in the range I have to say that this is my least favourite of them all. I simply find this one to be a little too strong and woody smelling for my liking. I do like it but it's not something I choose to wear very often. I only purchased this about two months ago and have wore it just a handful of times.

      This fragrance has notes of ~

      Tonka Bean, Amber, Red Vanilla Orchid, Vanilla, Osmanthus and Cedar.

      I find this to be a very warming scent, it has a nice nutty opening and I can also detect something quite berryish mixed in with a warm soft vanilla, and then I am left with a very woody scent and it is that I feel is too strong for me.

      ~*~*~ Overall ~*~*~

      Overall I am not as much a fan of this scent as I am the others in the range but I do think it is nice that I have the complete collection. Sometimes I feel it wears well and other times it gives me a headache. I would say it is definitely a scent for a cold autumn winters evening.
      Sometimes all I get is the heavier woody notes of the perfume coming through but other times I get a sweet berry hit and it is then that I like it, I don't know why it sometimes smells nice and other times not so nice, maybe I am just weird!
      I like the look of the bottle, it looks quite classy and is a welcome piece on my dressing table.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      04.09.2012 10:38
      Very helpful



      Much more pleasing then the original...

      *** This limited edition release was only sold in selected US stores for a few months in 2009/2010 ***

      HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR tones the fruit notes from the original Heat's blend right down - sometimes I do think that I can still detect a hint of peach, but it's slight and short-lived. The official scent notes don't list any fruit notes, so maybe I'm confusing a floral note for peach - I'm not familiar with plumeria, but that is meant to be peach-like. Oh; just thought that maybe what I'm picking up on is a honey accord. I've just bought Fame [Lady Gaga] which uses honey and the two perfumes are a bit similar at first.

      I don't get much time to ponder over the mystery note, as the strong woods from the base develop quickly on me and give the perfume a sharp kick and burying the sweeter note. I'm not saying that all of the sweetness leaves the perfume, but the vanilla-like accords of the amber and orchid definitely take a back seat to everything else. The tonka gives the perfume a deep nutty kick, and there is something slightly spicy there too - there is a hint of liquorice.

      The cedar in the base develops more fully within the hour, which lends a masculine side to the fragrance. I love how the base provides a contrast to the traditionally feminine floral and vanilla opening notes. The cedar is very strong, so I think there is a few different woody accords in there and possibly some patchouli. If you didn't like the masculine side to the original Heat, then I doubt that you'll like HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR, as it is much more apparent.

      Key scent notes: tonka bean, amber, vanilla, osmanthus, red vanill-orchid and cedar.


      I first discovered HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR almost three years ago, when I bought it on my first night in NYC and continued to wear it every day that I was there. Long story short; when I returned home I discovered that various items had gone missing from my suitcase along the way, including my new favourite perfume. I've since been back to America twice and, despite going into every perfume shop and outlet I saw, couldn't find it anywhere. Since I've read on various sites that this version of Heat has such a high parfum concentration that the value of each bottle was quoted as over $500 [over £300], I'm not surprised that Coty couldn't afford to keep it in production.

      Anyway; the good news is that we can finally buy HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR over here, as the remaining bottles are now on various UK sites - at bargain prices [I can't remember how much I paid in NYC, but I do remember that it was quite a bit more then regular Heat and it's various gift-sets cost]. It's been a long wait, but, for me anyway, it has been worth it.

      I'd been excited about the release for Heat, but was ultimately disappointed; it wasn't that I don't exactly like it, it's just a bit wishy-washy and boring overall. Luckily HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR is what I'd originally imagined Heat would be like; Sultry florals interlaced with a warm vanilla and nutty tonka, showcasing the concept of the perfume - sensual heat and spice. It's a real shame that Coty didn't go for a international release, as quite a few people felt that the original version is too weak.

      HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR was created using most of the same key scent notes as the original, but the concentration of the ingredients has been altered and the formula is a more concentrated parfum then the original. As such the silage has a heck more punch to it, which makes all of the notes more distinctive, and I often catch a lingering scent of it at the end of the day, when changing out of my clothes.

      I'd recommend wearing HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR in autumn/winter, as the masculine kick to the woods is personally too much in warmer weather. As mentioned above the perfume is stronger then the original Heat and as such it can be a bit overpowering to many people, based on customer reviews on fragrance sites.

      I may be limited to autumn/winter wear for HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR, but in those months I happily wear it any time of day; the sweeter notes makes it easy to wear on weekends, whilst the masculine side makes it sophisticated enough to wear to work. The contrast and the combination of spice, woods and tonka makes for a unique, long wearing evening fragrance too, so this perfume is a good all-rounder in that respect.


      HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR is only sold in 50ml bottles. Amazon sellers stock it between £16 and £27.

      CheapSmells.com also stock HEAT ULTIMATE ELIXIR now, for £17.95.


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