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Big Pony No 1 Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Ralph Lauren / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2011 12:18
      Very helpful



      Exactly how a citrus based aftershave should be done

      I have quite a lot of aftershaves but I have been trying to stop buying more until I have at least used some of the ones I already own. I was hunting through them a few weeks ago trying to find something light enough to wear during the day and noticed that I had finished all my usual day time scents and only had heavier night time ones left so it gave me the perfect excuse to go out and find myself a new day time aftershave. I was getting a bit bored with my usual selection so I went on the hunt for something brand new that I had never bought before.

      ~~~~~ Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection ~~~~~

      As I said I have been avoiding spending any money on more aftershaves so I hadn't seen the Ralph Lauren Big Pony collection before but I was immediately drawn to them thanks to their colourful bottles.
      There are four different scents to choose from in the collection which are simply named from one to four. They are inspired by the classic Ralph Lauren polo shirts and each one is supposed to evoke a certain mood or feeling.

      ~~~~~ Design ~~~~~

      The four different bottles in the collection are all brightly coloured and are certainly eye catching on the shelves next to more subdued bottles. The colours are blue, red, green and orange and the bottles have the corresponding number prominently written on the front in bold lettering whilst on the back there is an etched horse and polo player.

      ~~~~~ Number One ~~~~~

      Although I liked all of the scents in the collection I finally decided on the Number One fragrance as I felt it matched what I was looking for in an aftershave. Number One is supposed to be the sporty daytime fragrance whilst the others although they could have been used as day time fragrances just smelt a little bit more evening to me.

      I'm not sure where the sport comes into it as it doesn't smell sporty to me in the least. Upon first smell it is almost identical to Clinique Happy which I love but unfortunately contains something that disagrees with me and gives me a bad head and makes me nauseous. As soon as I smelt that is was so similar to Happy I tried it on and left it a couple of hours to make sure that I didn't have the same reaction and luckily this is missing that ingredient.

      It has a real citrus smell to it which isn't surprising considering the two most dominant notes in the aftershave are lime and grapefruit. When you spray the aftershave it is quite potent to begin with and at first I thought it might be too strong even for me but after a few minutes it settles down and is no longer so overpowering. The lime and grapefruit mix really well to deliver a citrus aroma that doesn't smell feminine and is actually quite masculine. It is really crisp and sharp and doesn't have a sickly sweet smell to it unlike a lot of citrus based scents. It definitely falls into the fresh category of aftershaves, well for me anyway as that is the feeling it evokes when I am wearing it.

      Longevity isn't a problem with this aftershave and I notice that I can still smell it hours after I have sprayed it. Normally if I like an aftershave I usually end up buying all the accompanying products as I find that the aftershave never lasts long enough on its own. With the number 1 fragrance I find that just a few squirts are enough to keep me smelling of the scent the whole day long. It is quite a heavy scent but because of the citrus notes it keeps it feeling fresh and light and I can see this being a popular aftershave for use after the gym etc.

      ~~~~~ My recommendation ~~~~~~

      I think that this aftershave is a good buy for someone who is looking for a modern crisp and clean fragrance to wear. It is quite a young smelling scent but I think it would be appreciated by anyone who wants a classic yet modern smelling aftershave for daytime use. There are a couple of other aftershaves out there that smell similar to this but for my money this is the one that has got the whole citrus smell bang on the money. It is longer lasting and less sickly smelling that those others and the whole design and ethos of the brand appeal to me personally more than they do.

      I also think that it is a really good price at £35 for a 75ml bottle. This might not be any cheaper than other brands but because so little is needed it lasts a lot longer than these other brands do which makes it better value in the longer term. Although I have been wearing this quite a lot over the last few weeks I think it is more suited for summer and hotter weather so I am planning on putting my bottle away and keeping it for then and perhaps just getting it out when the weather is really bad and I feel like wearing something more uplifting than my usual heavier, spicier aftershaves.


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