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Burberry Body Eau de Parfum

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5 Reviews

Brand: Burberry / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    5 Reviews
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      15.08.2012 19:39
      Very helpful



      A lovely perfume

      I was lucky enough to obtain two samples of this Burberry Body perfume, one in a 5ml vial and the other in a 2ml vial. Before receiving the perfume I had no idea what it was like. The name of the perfume also did not seem to give much about it away and so when I recieved it I was unsure if it would even be one I would like.

      On recieving the perfume it came placed in a rather thin cardboard box with the name of the perfume written in gold at the front. The back of the box just stated the ingredients and that it was made in France.

      On opening the box I was really pleased with the bottle. It looked quite elegant and came in a see-through clear bottle, again with the letterings in gold as well as a gold and clear lid. Removing the lid is done easily just by pulling it up - or the 2ml vial just included the pump to dispense the spray.

      Pulling off the lid to have a see what the scent was like I was pleasantly surprised. As far as first impressions go, the perfume certainly did smell nice! The notes are:

      Heart Notes:
      Natural Rose Absolute, Iris, Sandalwood

      Top notes:
      Green Absinthe, Peach, Freesia

      Base notes:
      Woody Cashmeran, Creamy Vanilla, Sensual Amber, Musk

      When applied it does smell very feminine and elegant. It's floral but on a different scale - not too girly and sweet but subtly floral and noticeable. It lasts for hours with the scent recognisable, all the different notes seem to blend in perfectly that it makes it a pleasure to wear. It really would be one of my favourite perfumes especially to wear on dinners out, but the price tag is what dissapoints me.

      A 60ml bottle will cost you £60 from the perfume shop and a 35ml bottle at £45. Although it really is a great scent and one I would love to wear, it's just not one I would purchase myself as I know of others i'd rather buy over it. It loses a star due to the price and so I give it 4/5 stars.. if it was a little cheaper than the more popular perfumes it would really be an ideal buy.

      It really is a beautiful and elegant scent and perfect size for me to carry in my bag. I would certainly buy another bottle if I came across it on offer. I loved that the scent is long lasting and when applied to my wrist it was nice that you could still smell the scent and that it stayed with you throughout the day.

      Thanks for reading
      (review may also be posted on ciao)


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      23.05.2012 18:18
      Very helpful



      lovely fragrance

      I originally tried this fragrance as a sample vial. I absolutely adored it and was thrilled when my fiancé bought me a large bottle for Christmas - all those hints paid off it seems!

      ==About the fragrance==

      Burberry Body is the latest fragrance from Burberry, having been released in September 2011 (just in time for Christmas then!). As well as Burberry Body, there is a 'sister fragrance' Burberry Body Intense, which I'm sure you can guess is just a stronger version of the original. If you are someone who likes to layer your scents, then you will be pleased to know that a body milk and body oil are also available in the Burberry Body fragrance.


      The bottle is unusual in that it is very long and tall. My fiancé likened it to a crystal in superman's cave (I know what he means I just can't explain it!). It has a rather sleek and expensive looking finish to it and definitely stands out on my dressing table.

      ==My experience of using it==

      When this perfume is first sprayed, it smells absolutely beautiful. It has a very light fruity scent to it, yet there is an obvious depth to the fragrance too. The top notes are said to be peach, freesia and green absinthe. The peach and freesia are both easily detected and I think the sweetness of the peach really lifts the fragrance and makes it what it is - although I could be biased here as I love anything that smells of peach!

      As this perfume settles I find I can clearly smell rose in it, so I wasn't surprised to find that rose is one of the heart notes along with iris. Despite two relatively strong floral notes, this perfume never seems overpowering and I don't find it old fashioned as I often do with floral perfumes. In fact, I'd say it smells like pure luxury and is just one of those scents that simply smells expensive.

      The base notes of the fragrance are said to be woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, amber and musk. I'd say the amber and vanilla are the ones I can smell most as a base to the scent. That said, I will freely admit I have no idea what woody cashmeran smells like, although if it's anything like sandalwood, then that is probably the other scent I can smell in there.

      Overall, the scent is just beautiful in my opinion. It smells luxurious and expensive but in a subtle way. It is a perfect intensity, whereby I can smell it clearly on my skin, but I don't feel I am enveloped in a cloud of scent. The fragrance has a depth to it, provided by the woody and amber notes, yet the fruity twist of peach combined with the freshness of the rose keep it smelling reasonably light and very feminine. I feel this is quite a flirty and playful fragrance, yet has an air of sophistication about it, which I love.

      There are some fragrances I wear more in the summer, some more in the winter, but having thought about it, I feel Burberry Body would be suitable for any time of the year. I also think it would be suitable for either daytime or evening - I know I personally have worn it on both. I do think perhaps it is more suited to special or formal occasions, this is certainly not one I would apply for a trip around the shops or to work, as I feel it's too luxurious for an everyday setting.

      Age range, again is a point where I feel this is fairly versatile. I can't imagine young teenagers wearing it, I know when I was that age I used to wear sweeter fruitier scents, but I'd say this is perfect for early twenties and upwards. I'm 27 (although I've decided from next year I'll start counting backwards!) but I can imagine this to be something my mother and aunties in their fifties would like too.

      The staying power of the fragrance is fairly good - I would say that I get around six hours fragrance from it. I only ever spray two squirts of it - one on my wrist and the other as a mist in front of me which I then step through (as stupid as I feel doing this, it's how all the dolled up perfume counter ladies suggest applying it, as directly to the neck can apparently cause wrinkles). Just two sprays at a time is adequate - any more I feel it would be too strong. As a bonus the fact I only have to apply a little bit means it will last longer, therefore being better value for money.

      ==Price and Availability==

      As this is a new release, the perfume is pretty pricey. I usually find the prices start to go down a bit once the fragrance has been on sale for a while. Of course, prices will still vary depending on where you shop, but here is a rough example of what you can expect to pay...

      35ml EDP - £39.99, The Perfume Shop/ £40.50 John Lewis
      60ml EDP - £54.50, The Perfume Shop/ £49.50 John Lewis
      85ml EDP - £74.50, The Perfume Shop/ £67.50 John Lewis

      ==Final Word==

      To conclude I would have to say that I have fallen ever so slightly in love with Burberry Body. The fragrance is absolutely stunning and to me is perfect. I can't actually think of any faults with this product - it smells divine, lasts well and is versatile too. I would definitely recommend this perfume and I think it is a scent I will be wearing for years to come.

      *Originally posted on Ciao and updated slightly for Dooyoo


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      13.04.2012 03:12
      Very helpful



      Burberry Body EDT - Finally Found 'My' Fragrance

      Product: Burberry Body Perfume EDT
      Size: 35ml
      Price: £45 for the 35ml and it costs around £55 for the 60ml. Prices do vary per retailer.

      ~~~Why Burberry Body~~~

      I love perfume and some would say it's a major part of my life especially in comparison to the rest of my family and friends. I love to try new scents, purchase 'smellies' and generally smell good. Perfume makes me feel dressed; it gives me an extra boost of confidence and really can alter my moods. Perfume for some reason seems to smell different on me than on my friends, some say it's down to the body's natural pheromones and to really find a person's true scent (rather than just sniffing it out of the bottle) you need to try and let it settle before making a final decision.

      Over the years I have tried many perfumes, at one point it seemed that all of the new released perfumes where starting to smell the same, cloying, chemical and wrong.

      Rather than persisting in my high street scent a thon I turned to independent perfumers with much success. I vowed that I would no longer purchase branded perfumes after smelling the difference.
      However, I received a tester of Burberry Body in the post, I'm not sure where the original tester vial came from but I left it sitting in my dressing table drawers un-touched. About a month ago I was cleaning it out and found the vial and squirted it on my wrists and they say the rest is history.

      ~~~The Scent~~~

      This scent is the epitome of femininity in my opinion. It's warm, smooth but delicate and feminine, like Cashmere with a hint of wood and white flowers in the spring.

      Getting technical and I can tell you that the heart notes consist of rose absolute, iris and sandalwood with top notes of green absinthe, peach and freesia and base notes of woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla and sensual amber and musk. The notes that stand out for me personally are the woody cashmeran, green absinthe and hints of iris and freesia.

      Each note is delicately held up by the next and nothing is too overpowering, normally fragrances with rose and vanilla for me tend to become cloying or take on a 'vintage' type scent and this definitely does not.
      Burberry Body also has lasting power, I can spritz this in the morning and it lasts all day, I know others have said the same thing about this particular one but normally I find I have to re-apply a scent numerous times to benefit from the scent.

      ~~The Background~~

      Burberry Body was originally produced with Britain in mind. It was supposed to be for the young adult consumers whereas Burberry Brit was more for teenagers (although I love that fragrance too).
      Burberry have said

      "All the modernity and heritage of this British brand today, reflecting all the facets that make up the Burberry world",

      I don't feel it conveys this statement what so ever, after all the advertisements have a gorgeous model with nothing relating to Britain and the packaging also is very feminine and simplistic again not relating to Britain. I would 100% disagree that the product had anything British about.


      Overall I love this fragrance and everything about it, the packaging is very sophisticated. The bottle is baton shaped and is made of thick glass it really oozes sophistication and the perfume inside has a delicate pink tone and is very feminine. The perfume bottle comes in a leather case and makes me feel proud to have it on show or within my handbag.

      I can wear this from day to night and it really does give me a confidence boost. It feels grown up but not too grown up, playful but mature. (If that even makes sense) this fragrance feels like 'me' and has become a true skin scent.

      Price wise I think it's worth it, this will last for a while as I only need to apply it once per day and I know I will use it all until it's completely finished. So I happily award this perfume the full five stars.


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      15.02.2012 21:20
      Very helpful



      Burberry Body

      Burberry Body is the latest fragrance from Burberry and was launched on September 1, 2011 in over 150 countries around the world. For the brand itself was the most exciting launch ever since they had chosen this time for a sensual way of presentation. Actress and model Rosie Huntington-Whitely is the face of this new fragrance and is in the advertising campaign wearing only a raincoat from Burberry. Burberry Body is like a precious and iconic trench coat that is wrapped around the body of the woman.

      Burberry Body is a luxurious fruity fragrance. When I use the scent is first fruity, slightly sweet odor that I recognize as a peach. Later the scent of roses comes forward and I notice the smell of vanilla. The other scents I cannot specifically discover, so I find the scent pyramid to look at.

      Top: absinth, peach and freesia
      Heart: iris, roses
      Basis: cashmere wood, sandalwood, musk, amber and vanilla

      This fragrance is a delicious combination of fruit and flowers and by the addition of sandalwood it has a spicy character and is certainly not too sweet. A fruity fragrance with a spicy background. The fragrance remains noticeable for five to six hours, and then take the smell quickly goes away.

      This fragrance I personally find very good by the combination of fruit and herbal notes. However, I regret that after five to six hours almost the whole smell is gone. Given the price of the perfume I had expected more. Personally, I think the fragrance is more for during the day. The price is for me a reason not to buy the fragrance again.


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      29.01.2012 11:18
      Very helpful



      A high quality sensual eau de parfum from Burberry

      Whilst I am experimental with my toiletries and look forward to the challenge of trying something new, I tend to stick with what I know when it comes to my choice of eau de parfum with Estee Lauder's Beautiful being my favourite. I regularly check out the website Magic Freebies, which updates on a daily basis with the exception of weekends and Bank Holidays and it is on here that I was able to apply for a free 2ml vial of Burberry Body, which is an eau de parfum. I cannot admit to finding the name very imaginative, as it doesn't really suggest any clues of what can be expected from the fragrance, but when my small bottle arrived I was eager to try it, particularly as it is manufactured by a premier brand.

      Obviously, I am not in a position to discuss first appearances due to the fact that I owned a 2ml vial, but the card to which it was attached displayed an image of the full sized version and I am extremely impressed. The long and narrow glass bottle with its chrome coloured upper section is very appealing to the eye and instantly makes me think of high quality. However, appearances can be deceptive, so what did I think of the fragrance?

      It was a real mystery for me when first trying out this fragrance, as the card accompanying the small bottle gave no indication of what I could expect. I sprayed the clear liquid onto the inside of my wrist and I instantly recognised the delightful and very light aroma of freesia. Within a few seconds I was greeted with the fresh and fruity fragrance of peaches, which sat delicately in the background. These notes lingered for approximately five minutes before they were joined with the heart notes of rose and iris, which blended perfectly with the top notes.

      Whilst heart notes normally linger for a good while before they are accompanied by the base notes, this happened rather quickly with the fragrance and it was then that I fell in love with the combination of warming scents. The stunning aroma of sexy musk and sandalwood, which are two scents that I adore, were apparent and instantly delivered a little romance and luxury to the eau de parfum. It was only when I looked at the Burberry website to find out the price for this fragrance that I also learned of vanilla being contained within the base notes, which surprised me, particularly as I detest its aroma. However, I cannot admit to being able to recognise its scent. I also discovered that the eau de parfum contains cashmeran and amber and these work in perfect harmony to create the most delightfully sensual and unique eau de parfum.

      I favour strong fragrances and Burberry's Body ticked every box for me although some women may find it a little too heavy. The staying power of approximately six hours was superb and it lived up to the promise of a high quality eau de parfum that consists of between 7 and 15% perfume concentrates. I've learned a few handy tips through the years where in addition to spraying the inside of my wrists I will apply my fragrances on the lower section of my body such as behind my knees as the aroma intensifies with each step I take and subsequently travels upwards. Many of my friends will insist on storing their fragrances either on the dressing table or a bathroom shelf, but exposure to sun and light will cause damage to the perfume, which will subsequently become unusable. Consequently, it is always recommended to store perfumes in a drawer to prolong their lifetime.

      Burberry Body Eau De Parfum is available in three sizes, namely 35ml for £45, 60ml for £55 and 85ml for £75, which unfortunately, is out of my price range and a real shame as I adore this fragrance, but I would definitely make a purchase if I could obtain it on a special offer. If I were to rate this eau de parfum in terms of aroma, strength and staying power it would receive 5 stars from me, but it has been necessary to remove one due to its high price.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Burberry Body is the Burberry world translated into a scent, embodying all the qualities of the modern global British brand. Seductive, sensual, elegant, timeless, iconic and memorable.