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Burberry Brit for Women Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Burberry / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: For women / Contents/Size: 50ml

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2013 11:50
      Very helpful



      Don't be put off by the perceived chaviness of Burberry!

      ~x~x~x~ Burberry In Surprise Hit ~x~x~x~

      I have never really been a Burberry fan (fashion or fragrance), but after being given a sample of Burberry Brit some time ago I decided to treat myself to the full sized bottle as I loved it so much. I had tried the sample in the Eau de Toilette version, but since then the fragrance had been released in a Parfum edition so I decided to purchase that one instead as I wanted the fragrance to be more robust and longer lasting.

      It's hard to gauge based on a small sample but there was something about this particular perfume which really appealed to me. It's not really like anything else I wear on a regular basis (although there are common elements between this and some of my favourite perfumes) and it ended up being one of those fragrances where I couldn't rest until I had a full sized bottle in my hands. I haven't been disappointed, although since my fourteen year old daughter discovered perfume recently the bottle seems to have disappeared out of my bedroom and made its way upstairs into Alice's bathroom!

      ~x~x~x~ Tempted By Tartan ~x~x~x~

      The bottle is very striking, being covered from bottom to top in the traditional Burberry tartan it has a slightly masculine look which is a bit odd in comparison to the extremely feminine scent of the perfume. It's not the prettiest bottle I've ever seen but looks fabulous amongst the rest of my collection of perfume bottles simply because it's so unusual.

      There are a couple of niggles about the bottle, these are aesthetic niggles but reasonably important to me as I like to keep my used perfume bottles with the aim to building a display on a dedicated shelf in my bedroom. The issues I'm about to tell you about will prevent this from happening as I doubt the bottle will survive looks-wise long enough. Firstly the lid is extremely plastic looking and spoils the overall appearance of the bottle, also giving it a 'cheap' feel in my hand each time I remove the lid - hardly gives the impression of using a luxury perfume, which I'm not saying Burberry is a luxury perfume but it's always nice to convince ourselves! My second niggle is the fact that the lines making up the tartan of the bottle are starting to wear away and fade in places, highly irritating as it's making the whole bottle look tatty and old - no way would I want it kept on display now as the fading has caused the pattern to lose its edge and it just doesn't look as nice anymore.

      ~x~x~x~ Smelling Like A Brit ~x~x~x~

      Obviously, when it comes to perfume it's what's inside the bottle that's important - and Burberry Brit is absolutely beautiful. It's a very strong fragrance which lingers all day on my skin, unusually for a Parfum the scent doesn't have very obvious periods of top, middle and base notes but instead of this making the perfume flat it simply encourages the fragrance to work harder with the tones it has inside itself. For example, a sweet vanilla fragrance runs through the entire life span of the perfume and this works beautifully with the other more floral notes and a truly incredible blend of candied scents. There are fragrances which flip through the perfume as I'm wearing it and I'd be a liar if I said I could identify what all of them are, but some really do stand out as surprisingly natural and attractive notes.

      I can't speak highly enough of this stunning perfume; it would suit any woman of any age in my opinion, it might be a strong fragrance but isn't overwhelming at all which I assume is mainly due to the level of sweetness in the overall fragrance which gives the impression of being a girly perfume rather than a 'strong' one. I adore the sweet juicy pear tone which softens the vanilla somewhat, a very vague marzipan threads it's way through the perfume and lends it a cake-like aroma which emphasises the very feminine nature of the scent. I must say here that the opening of Burberry Brit is quite alcoholic and sharp, not unpleasantly so but you might find yourself a little put off by the very dry first few minutes of the perfume - give it time though, it'll quickly develop into the gorgeous mish-mash of fragrances and transform itself into a nicer perfume than I thought Burberry could ever hope to come up with.

      Longevity is absolutely superb, and here I mean it's really good. I sprayed it this morning at 8am and topped up at around 3pm when I went to pick my little one up from school, it's now 11.35pm and I can still smell Brit in the air around me surprisingly strongly. The fragrance doesn't linger on my skin too much, but it attaches itself to my clothes and that makes the perfume last far better in my opinion. I've just walked past my coat and it smells as strongly of Brit as if I'd sprayed the perfume directly onto the fabric, a lovely rich vanilla fragrance which actually smells even nicer as a fabric fragrance than a cosmetic perfume for use on the body!

      ~x~x~x~ Using Burberry Brit ~x~x~x~

      I'd suggest you spray Burberry Brit lightly to begin with as I can't emphasise enough how strong a fragrance it is, I like a strong perfume so tend to spritz myself fairly liberally in it but I know for a fact that some people will find it far too heady to be so heavy handed with the application process. It's the kind of perfume that works best if you build it up with a few small applications over the course of the morning, despite being so strong I definitely class it as a daytime perfume as it's simply not 'special' enough for evening wear in my opinion - I like to stand out for my choice of fragrance when we go out and unfortunately, as nice as it is, Brit just doesn't have the oomph I'm looking for in a night-out perfume.

      My mum, who is asthmatic, has a fairly bad reaction to this particular perfume as it makes her wheeze to the point where I can't wear it when I know I'm going to be seeing her - if you suffer with asthma or other breathing difficulty I absolutely recommend you get hold of a tester before purchasing as if it also affects you like this then you may find it's not suitable, which would be a shame as it's a relatively expensive fragrance. My two year old used to cough when I sprayed Brit too, which is really what led to me allowing Alice to take it as she's obviously not around him as much as I am.

      ~x~x~x~ Recommended by This Brit! ~x~x~x~

      If you like sweet, mildly floral fragrances that will inject a youthfulness into your daily life then I wholly recommend Burberry Brit - admittedly it may be a little too strong for some, and other people may not like the constant unchanging fragrance, but if you are a fan of vanilla-like scents then this may well be the one for you. The important thing is that any woman of any age can wear and enjoy Brit, the different notes within the perfume ensure there's not much in the way of individual scents for someone not to like (unless you really don't like vanilla, I suppose that's the biggie) and I find that even despite the strength of the perfume you don't have to be a particularly confident personality to get away with it - unlike some uber strong perfumes (Poison, Opium) which require you to feel a certain way before you're comfortable enveloping yourself in the fragrance!

      I paid £32 for my 30ml bottle of Eau de Parfum, but I've noticed it's come down in price since my purchase and is now retailing at around the £27 mark. You can buy a 50ml bottle of the Toilette version for roughly the same price, but in this instance it has to be quality over quantity due to the fact that the Parfum stands head and shoulders above it's weaker cousin in both terms of fragrance quality and also longevity.


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    • Product Details

      Burberry Brit epitomises modern day British style and is a timeless scent with a spirited attitude / This classic, fresh and feminine eau de parfum is an intriguing green oriental frangrace that features a surprising mix of sugars and spices / It features top notes of lime, iced pear and green almond, heart notes of white peony and dragee and base notes of mahogany, amber, vanilla and tonka bean / Top Notes: Lime, iced pear and green almond / Heart Notes: White peony and dragee / Base Notes: Mahogany, amber, vanilla and tonka bean /

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