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Burberry London for Women Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Burberry / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2012 20:41
      Very helpful



      If Only London Did Smell Like This!!

      Burberry London is one of many fragrances that Burberry produces. This perfume is designed to symbolise the lifestyle in the busy city of London according to the website. The famous faces which promoted this new scent were Rachel Weisz for the female fragrance and Ioan Gruffudd for the male scent. Burberry London was released in 2006.

      The Burberry London bottle is very sophisticated for a perfume bottle; it has a piece of the famous Burberry design which is tartan in cloth material wrapped around the main section of the bottle, leaving the top uncovered. The only problem with this design is that you are unable to see how much of the scent is left, but the advantage is that the perfume is protected from sunlight (which apparently can make perfume go off)
      The lid is silver and in the shape of a square which also looks very sophisticated.

      A 30 ml bottle of Burberry London will cost you around £26, a 50ml bottle will cost around £37 and a 100ml bottle will set you back around £52 but these prices are shop prices and this perfume can be found much cheaper on websites such as beatybay.com and eBay.

      What Does It Smell Like?
      According to the website, this fragrance features top notes of rose, Clementine and honeysuckle as well as tiaré flower, peony and jasmine with base notes of sandalwood, musk and patchouli.
      When you first spray this perfume, it takes a minute or so for the smell of alcohol to settle down before you can actually smell the lovely scent coming through, although the smell of alcohol is not unpleasant, the smell is much better after a minute or so of applying the perfume.
      I would say that this perfume is quite musky as well as being sweet at the same time. You can definitely smell the jasmine and honeysuckle and it smells almost fruity which is probably due to the Clementine.
      The scent is very distinctive and I have no smelt another perfume that smells the slightest bit similar. The fragrance is strong enough to get you noticed, but not so strong that is becomes overpowering.

      How Long Does The Smell Last?
      This perfume does smell quite strong when you first put it on, due to the alcohol content. Once the alcohol smells dies down, you are left with a scent that will easily last you all day. I spray myself with 3-4 squirts at the beginning of the day and can still easily smell it still at the end of the day.
      Out of all the Burberry scents, this one certainly has one of the best staying powers.

      Burberry produces many perfumes. To name a few, Burberry Weekend, Burberry Touch, Burberry Baby Touch, Burberry Brit.

      I would definitely recommend this perfume; it is suitable to be worn for all occasions, a night out on the town, a romantic evening in or even to wear just to work. The scent lasts very well so a bottle should last you a good amount of time. The bottle is very sophisticated and looks great on your perfume shelf and it's very unique compared to all other perfume bottle designs


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      31.07.2008 11:32
      1 Comment



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      This is my favourite perfume ever. It has such a fresh but warm smell and everytime I wear it people ask what the fragrance is. I first bought it at the airport before going on holiday to Italy many years ago and even though I've been wearing it for years the smell still reminds me of that holiday. I would recommend this perfume to anyone. It comes in the distinctive tartan Burberry packaging and fits easily into a handbag. Although this does mean that when I take the bottle with me on a night out that I do tend to put more on every time I go to the loo and come home with a half empty bottle! A good excuse to buy another one tho! All in all a great fragrance at a competitive price that you can wear again and again and never get tired of it. I've tried loads of different perfumes over the years but always come back to this one.


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        14.05.2006 11:34
        Very helpful



        a really elegant,sexy perfume which amkes you feel great!

        'London' is the brand new scent for women by the top brand 'Burberry'. Aiming to capture the English spirit and combining it with Burberry's uniqueness, 'London' provides a scent that makes you feel sexy yet sophisticated, independent and important and romantic and carefree.

        Well that's the idea anyway, but does this perfume really make you think of a sexy, sophisticated London or does it have more of a cheesy Blackpool scent to it?

        *** Love at First Smell ***

        I first came across this particular perfume in a magazine. I'm one of those people who absolutely LOVES getting those little pages in magazines which let you sample whatever new perfumes are available. In my opinion they are a lot better than going to somewhere like boots and having a sales assistant trying to sell you everything, you get to sniff and decide for yourself if you like it!

        Anyway, I was browsing through my recent cosmopolitan magazine when I came across a new advertisement for 'Burberry London'. It was a pretty busy advertisement with a hint of an 'olden days gone by' look to it. To be honest once I saw the pull up bit of the page to smell the perfume I didn't really take too much notice of the advertisement, it was all about the smell and boy was it nice!

        Running my wrist up and down the page I instantly smelt a very feminine, elegant scent. It was absolutely gorgeous! It reminded me of those business women who walk passed you with perfume trailing after them and you always think (or at least I do!) 'What gorgeous scent was that that they were wearing?' But you're always too afraid to ask in case it makes you look like you're hitting on them. I was so excited I had found one of those 'stand out' scents that I instantly knew I had to have it!

        *** My Opinion on… ***

        So I went out, I smelt it again and I bought it. Now does it live up to my expectations?

        1) That All Important Smell

        I actually got to smell this perfume again before I bought it as the shop where I was buying it from insisted on spraying me with it so I could get its true gorgeousness both when it's first been sprayed on and when the alcohol in it has had a chance to settle down. Little did she know I was going to buy it anyway but still where's the harm in toying with her a little?

        That second smell was a little different to how I smelt it in the magazine and at first I was thinking 'oh no what have I done? This really isn't the same smell'. But then I let it settle and I have to admit it was actually better than that first scent encounter!

        When first sprayed there is a strong floral smell. This is due to the top notes of honeysuckle and Clementine. You can actually smell the Clementine combined with the floral smell if you really concentrate on the scent. They combine wonderfully together and help to create that elegant feel.

        Next come its heart notes which include Jasmine, peony and tiare flower. The aroma of jasmine definitely stands out to me when I take a deep breath in while smelling my wrist. It has that aromatherapy type scent masked by the floral tones and the ever so slight Clementine fruity tone.

        Finally the base notes complement and top the perfume off with sandalwood, musk and patchouli aiding in the carefree mood of the perfume.

        Altogether they combine to create a sweet yet sharp smell of sexy sophistication that lasts for quite a while. The smell is unique, it's strong but not overpowering and it really does help to boost confidence. I honestly cannot compare this to anything I've ever smelt before as it is definitely the best smell I've ever come across and it is very unique. Even my partner says it's the best perfume he's ever smelt on me so it's got to be good!

        2) The All Important Durability Test

        I bought this perfume and had it forcibly sprayed on me at around 4:30PM and when I finally got home after shopping around town, ate my tea and had a relaxing bath at 7:30PM I could still really smell it, even after the bath! At this point I was really chuffed and I expected it would last a long time whenever I wore it.

        Today I sprayed it on at roughly 7:00am and by 2:00pm it had faded considerably. Now I have no idea if this is due to me just getting used to the smell or if in fact it has just gone almost completely, but I resprayed it just in case anyway. Still seven hours is still a long time for a perfume to last and it is almost long enough to last the whole working day. It all depends on how strong you want your fragrance to be. If you are happy with the faded smell, which to be honest is still pleasant and seductive, then you won't need to respray the perfume until night time. However if you want your perfume to be really strong you will have to respray around every seven hours. It's not much of a chore but bear that in mind if you are someone who likes their perfumes to last for a certain amount of time.

        One final thing I will say about this perfumes durability is that it withstood the freezing cold wind and helped keep my skin smelling fresh. I don't know if anybody else has the same problem but the wind seems to leave my hair and skin smelling very strange and horrible. Luckily this perfume stood up to it and kept me smelling like a star for hours! Definitely a ten out of ten from me!

        3) The Ever So Important Confidence Boost

        Wearing the right perfume can really affect how a woman sees herself. For me I wanted a perfume that made me feel more confident because although my confidence has grown considerably, I still don't feel very sexy or independent when I walk around town. I always feel lower than the rest of the women walking around. So when I smelt this perfume and realised it was the kind of smell I had longed for, for a long, long time, I knew I had to have it!

        After leaving the shop that I bought it from, I instantly felt 100% better about myself. I had treated myself to this perfume after a long, tiring, painful day where I had suffered serious toothache. I hadn't made much effort with my appearance as I was in too much pain to care, and I had just been to the dentist and found out I had to have a root canal done. Needless to say I wasn't looking or feeling my best. So retail therapy was prescribed and I went straight to the perfume shop and after being sprayed with this my mood instantly changed.

        Walking around I could really smell the perfume without the need to hold my wrist to my nose. It followed me like an elegant breeze and people actually looked at me appreciatively when they smelt the perfume. I felt the envy of a lot of women and it felt great! I really did feel special, like I had a purpose and like I was actually, maybe a little bit sexy lol. I know it sounds really clichéd but this perfume has been one of the best purchases I've ever made. I really would recommend it to anybody who like me, needs a confidence boost every now and again!

        4) Its overall appearance

        So it smells fantastic but what exactly does it look like? I know a lot of people collect perfumes simply for the design of the bottle, and this one definitely is a little different.

        The thing that defines the bottle is the material that is attached all around it leaving hardly any space to see the actual perfume inside. You can see that the perfume is clear though and it looks just like water. The material has the Burberry stripes, one in red going horizontally and a thicker one in black going vertically. It doesn't look particularly feminine but it doesn't look masculine either. I'd say it looks like it could be a unisex fragrance but from the smell we know it is definitely a feminine fragrance!

        It does look stylish and gives the impression that a business woman would wear it. Does it look British? Yes I guess it does if you can even describe what British is? Shape wise it isn't at all feminine, it is small and square and reminds me more of an aftershave bottle than a perfume one but the material around it gives it a more neutral look.

        So If you are looking to collect another designer bottle this is definitely one to add to your list.

        5) Who Will This Suit?

        I really don't think I could give a definite age group for this perfume. I'm 21 and I was looking for something that would help me feel young, yet not too young, and sophisticated. This has definitely helped me to achieve that but I wouldn't say it was for only people in their twenties. I could easily see an older person perhaps late forties, early fifties wearing this because of its sheer sophistication. I wouldn't say it was one for early teens though as the elegance may be a little much for them and they may want a fruitier, energetic perfume.

        All in all be open minded, find yourself a tester and you will find out if you like it or not. I'm personally guessing most people will love this.

        6) Its All about the Size and the Price

        So you've made up your mind that you want the perfume but what sizes are there to choose from and more importantly how does it affect the price?

        Well there are currently three sizes to choose from, the 30ml (like I bought), the 50ml bottle and the 100ml bottle. I bought mine from 'The Perfume Shop' and they only sold the 30ml and the 50ml sizes so if you do want the 100ml it may be best to shop around. I know they sell the bigger size on Ebay but I haven't seen it in any other shops as of yet.

        Price wise obviously it will vary depending on where you shop. The recommended retail price of the 100ml size is around £52. Quite expensive really but I found the same size on Ebay for £24 so you can save quite a bit shopping online.

        In the perfume shop where I bought my 30ml I paid £26 and the 50ml was £36. I didn't think that was too bad as it really is a gorgeous perfume and with it being both new and a designer brand, I expected to pay much more!

        As I've mentioned Ebay is always the best place to go online to grab yourself bargain prices but if you do want to shop offline instead you can find the perfume at the following outlets (apparently):

        * Boots - Are currently doing a deal where you get the 30ml version for just £18 instead of the usual £27 that they charge. The 50ml is £36 same as the perfume shop but they don't seem to sell the 100ml version. They do however offer a body lotion in this range which I will definitely be investing in!

        * Debenhams - Debenhams are offering this at the top end of the price scale at £52 for the 100ml version. Of course as I've discovered not many places do offer the 100ml version but it is maybe worth shopping online if you do want the 100ml as you will end up saving a lot of money! Obviously with a shop like Debenhams you are getting a bigger variety and they do also offer the smaller sizes as well as the body lotion and the shower gel in the same range.

        In doing this research online I realise I should have opted for shopping at Boots as currently they are offering the best price. However it also makes me sick to know that if I had shopped online and been a little bit more patient I could have gotten the 100ml for cheaper than I bought my 30ml bottle. Still never mind I felt like a star walking around town after I bought it so I really cannot complain!

        So to sum up, shop around and if possible do your shopping on Ebay!

        *** My Overall Opinion ***

        I really would recommend this perfume and feel it would suit most women. In regards to pulling power I can definitely say this works! I have had many appreciative glances from men whilst wearing this and there is no doubt that perfume is one of the first things that will get you noticed.

        You could easily wear this both during the day for its sophisticated side or on a night out with its sexy side. There's no doubt about it, no matter what time of day or night you use it - you will definitely get noticed! I'm guessing that this scent is going to make it big in the UK. I will be interested to see reviews from anybody who does not like it!

        Aimee xxx


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      • Product Details

        Burberry London by Burberry's, 3 / 4oz Eau De Parfum Spray, women / Created by the design house of Burberrys in 1995, Burberrys is classified as a refreshing, oriental, floral fragrance /

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