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Burberry Touch Women Eau de Toilette

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5 Reviews

Brand: Burberry / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    5 Reviews
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      19.03.2015 18:15
      Very helpful



      Touch? I dare you!

      I loved the Burberry perfume ranges not so much their clothing range, but the scents are so impressive and just keep either getting better or become classics.

      This is the 'TOUCH' range. The bottle is not what I would call feminine and is not a patch on other beautiful bottles out there. This is quite square at the top and bottom, triangular in the middle and reflects the 'mac's they are famous for, in the ad campaigns that promote this.

      The Middle notes are:


      OAK MOSS

      For me, these notes are simply stunning together and compliment each other well.
      I feel that when you first spray this it is uplifting and invigorating as it is promoted but it's when the base notes comes through, this is my favourite part of the perfume as I love these three notes blended together and I think it helps make the fragrance more sensual.
      When heading out for an evening I tend to apply this mid-afternoon along wth the body cream so that it has enough time to fuse well and get those last notes coming through at the right time.

      The prices do vary a lot online, but it is well worth spending time getting the best deal.
      I purchase a 50ml bottle from Beauty base for £19.99 at a special price [a while back now], everything was intact and legit! Everyone I worked with [three other ladie] rushed over at the time so it's worth shopping around and definitely worth investing in this beauty.


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      06.01.2012 20:47
      Very helpful



      Can't Touch This

      Burberry are famous for clothing and for using Kate Moss for their modelling campaigns. They also have a range of perfumes. This range includes the following Burberry Weekend, Burberry Brit, Burberry London, Burberry Baby Touch and Burberry Touch which is the perfume I am reviewing here.

      The Packaging
      The box to this perfume comes with the standard Burberry design, in a beige box, with the usual chequered design that is always associated with Burberry and has now become their trademark! The bottle itself is clear which is great as you are able to tell how much fragrance is left. The lid looks like it is made from wood (although I don't think it is!) The lid is V shaped and looks great on top of the bottle! The bottle has Burberry written in black writing across the middle of the bottle and then in smaller letters it has Touch for women written.

      The Price
      You will look to pay between £25 - £30 for a 100ml bottle. This can be found cheaper on certain websites if you are prepared to do a bit of shopping around. For example, on beautybay.com you can buy this perfume without the box and lid for around £10 cheaper.

      The Smell
      Personally I love this smell. Out of all the Burberry perfumes, I find that this one stands the test of time and can still smell it on myself at the end of the day. According to Burberry the ingredients include cassis, dewberry, jasmine, vanilla, orange and cedar. This perfume is quite musky; I would definitely not describe it as a feminine or floral smell. It is feminine enough to not smell like the mans version but is more mysterious and oriental than fresh and flowery.

      How Long Does The Smell Last?
      As I already mentioned, out of the Burberry range, Burberry Touch definitely lasts the longest. I put a squirt on my wrist and a couple of squirts across my body and this easily lasts me until the end of the day and can even sometimes smell it on my wrists still the following morning. I have had my bottle of Burberry Touch (which is 100ml) for nearly a year and still have just under a half left so it goes to show how long it lasts.

      If you are looking for a perfume that is not too girly then this is definitely one for you! People always comment on the fragrance when I wear it and its one of my all time favourites out of my collection. The price is fairly reasonable as perfume go and it lasts incredibly well so is definitely worth the money.


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      05.07.2011 19:55



      I would recommend this perfume to a friend.

      I bought Burberry touch as an everyday perfume, to save my best perfume and because it was on offer. I had not smelt it before I bought it, and went by the brand name alone. I'm glad I did, as it's a really nice perfume.

      The bottle itself is classic design. The shape of the bottle and lid look very preppy, and the lid is made out of wood which adds a touch of class to the whole. There is no flashy Burberry check or large logos, very understated and classy.

      The perfume is also very understated, but will last throughout the day. When you smell the perfume in the bottle it smells very musky, but this calms down a lot when it is actually on the skin. It is a very classic smell, but has a lot of lightness and so is very wearable.

      I wear this perfume every day and am happy it was on offer!


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      04.06.2007 17:02
      Very helpful



      Nice smelling but not to strong


      I brought my Burberry perfume in a gift set! The box its self is very plain, cream in colour with a ribbon going across the bottom telling you the name of the perfume and a small picture of a knight on a horse. The box is quite tough so ideal for presents and sending them through the post, I get perfumes for my sisters birthdays and because she lives in Scotland I have to send them through the post the box gets a little crushed. I sent her this one and she said there wasn't a mark on it which was great as i always feel a little bit gulity. Inside the box is your normal plastic packing that holds the bottles in place so the bottle wont get broken but its a little tricky getting the bottle out! you do have to give it a hard tug.

      The perfume and body lotion

      I got a 50ml bottle of perfume and a 100ml tube of body lotion which has the Burberry pattern on the tube. The perfume is strong at first but after a few moments the harshness wears off, it's a sweet musky smell but not over powering like others I have tried. I personally feel that the smell would suit all ages but in saying that different perfumes to smell different on different people, when ordering the perfume was described to smell like vanilla, orange, cedar, cassis, dewberry and jasmine. But to be honest I cant smell any of them.

      The lotion has the same smell but its not so powerful and strong, the lotion is lovely and creamy and melts a way with in minutes. I find it does leave my skin lovely and soft I apply it after shower or bath but the fragrance does fade after an hour or so. The perfume however does last, I love this perfume because of this reason unlike the others on the market it doesn't wear off after 3 hours or if you get caught out in the rain.

      Cost and wear to buy it..

      I brought my gift set which contained Burberry Touch Eau de Perfume Spray 50ml and Burberry Touch Body Lotion 100ml from www.fragrancedirect.co.uk for £22.99. High street shops like boots sell it for £30.95, but if you shop around you can find it cheaper, I would recommend look at fragrance direct first as they sell unused testers, for example you can buy Burberry touch 100ml for £50 on the high street and £24.99 fully boxed on this web site, however you can also buy touch 100mls for £17.50 but this is because it a tester and has no lid just a cardboard strip but the company do state that the testers are sold unused. To be honest if I want to by a expensive perfume then I always buy a tester from here it saves you a lot of money and the quality is just the same.


      I love this perfume! the fragrance stays with me all day. it's a great work perfume keeps you smelling fresh and with all the running around i do i think thats a good thing!!! and i like the fact you dont have to reapply every hour. The lotion however is ok the smell i find only lasts about 10 mins then i find it has faded so I don't think I will buy it again, I have tried better to be honest.


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        10.05.2007 13:22
        Very helpful



        This is just a great smelling perfume so why not try it for yourself


        Burberry first started when Thomas Burberry, then 21 opened a small outfitters shop in Basingstoke, England in 1856. To start with they were just clothes designers, then they started releasing more items like perfume.


        Tender Touch is an intensely floral, feminine blend of green tangerine and violet leaves, rose oil, lychee, peach, and lush florals warmed with the soothing scent of musk, iris, sandalwood, and ambrette seed. The smell of this perfume is just so refreshing and pretty sweet.

        Tender touch is an Eau De Parfume, which in case you did not know lasts alot longer that Eau De Toilette. So you are not forever spraying to keep the smell of the perfume on you. A few sprays normally last me for the night.

        The bottle i purchased is 100mls and has a 80% alcohol volume. The perfume was made at 4, Rd Pt Champs Elysees, France.

        I purchased my 100ml bottle off the internet site and got it for an amazing £24.99, although the recommended retail price is £45.


        The bottle is pink see through glass with a matching lid. With simple writing on the front, just the name of the perfume. underneath the bottom it tells you how many mls the bottle is, alcohol volume and where the perfume was made.

        The box is slightly darker, still pink but with a hint of lilac, still the box has only small details on.


        I love to buy perfume and have bought so many different ones in the past. I must say though this is far better than the others i have purchased.

        The perfume you spray on lasts ages, so i am not using as much as what i would normally. The smell is so sweet and i love sweet smelling perfume, obviously not every one does so this might not be the right perfume for you.

        I would definatly recommend this to potential buyers and i definatly wont be purchasing any other perfume just yet.

        So visit frangrancedirect.co.uk today and try it for yourself xxxx

        Just so there is no confusion i am also kineticspade on ciao


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