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Burberry Weekend for Men Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Burberry / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    3 Reviews
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      30.05.2009 16:05
      Very helpful



      Solid aftershave

      Burberry Weekend is an 'eau de toilette' (aftershave) for men. The fragrance is a citrus one and this is denoted by the lemon and citrus elements within the ingredients. The smell itself is not too strong or harsh and is certainly not sweet. The odour is very manly and in my opinion, rather nice, although not a world beater, although of course this is only a subjective view - it may be or may turn out to be your favourite aftershave!

      The aftershave has a bit of a heavy or dull feeling to it in my eyes, not dull as in boring but in the way in which the odour settles on the skin and then continues to smell throughout the day. The packaging is fairly basic but classy enough - a dark blue box with a silver 'Burberry' check around the bottom. My version is 30ml which in my opinion, is just right for this aftershave because it is nice but not the kind that I will continue to get time after time, rather I may revert back to it for a couple of months or so in a couple of years' time.

      Overall, I have received a number of compiments regarding this fragrance and although it is nice, it is not the best aftershave I've ever had. Good enough for me to buy it again though.


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      07.09.2008 21:18
      Very helpful



      An Eau de Toilette that should be on every mans bedside table or in their bathroom.

      I first got to hear of The Burberry Weekend For Men Eau de Toilette when i entered a competition that someone had posted on a Forum called Bobs Free Stuff Forum.It was the chance to to win both the Mens and Womens Fragrance and entered the competition and thought no more about it.Imagine to my surprise and joy that i received an email 3 weeks later to say i had been one of the people picked out to win and to pass my home address so they could send my prize.

      Just over a week later my prize arrived and i passed the Ladies Edition to a family friend and kept the Mens Edition for myself.The prices had been left on both packages and it said £24.99 so i was even more pleased that i had got quite an expensive fragrance and it did not cost me a penny.

      The bottle comes in a reasonably sized blue box and has the
      Burberry trim at the bottom of the box.The bottle is not massive as shown in the picture but you get 100ml in the bottle and for me it seems to have lasted quite some time but started to use it a bit more sparingly as it has nearly ran out.

      I first tried it pretty much when i got it delivered and i was going on a night out so thought i would give it my first test and i sprayed it on my wrist to get a scent for it and was pleasantly surprised how nice it did smell i was not expecting the smell that i got.

      It has a definite pine type smell but has other types of smells mixed in too like different fruits and it made me confident that it would go down well when i went out.I was pleased to see the reaction of people when i was out as they all commented that it was like a seductive fragrance and not too overpowering and i remember one person said it smelt like i had been rambling in the forest which i found rather amusing and thought that my confidence was up and i sure think it had something to do with the fragrance i was wearing.

      I then thought i would do one more further test just to see if it was really as good and popular as from my night out.Therefore
      when i was next at work i put a liberal spraying of the Eau de Toilette on my face, wrists and general body areas and got to work and swaggered confidently into the office.

      It was not long before i was getting positive comments and people were saying they liked to smell a nice scent on a man and they again said that it was not very overpowering which is always good and that it was a distinctive scent that seemed different from other Mens Fragrances that are also popular.

      I kept using it for another 9 months but really only used it more for special occasions or on nights out as that is when i wanted my confidence to come out and it sure helped with this fragrance.I thought that the bottle had run out but i just squeezed the spray mechanism and there is still some left so i was pleased to get another whifter of that enchanting scent.

      With this experience i think i will definitely either treat myself to another bottle or even be so cheeky to ask someone to buy some for me at Christmas it really depends how bad i want some more of it as i do have other fragrances in my bedroom but this for me is one of the best i have ever used and even better it was free on my first try.


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        05.08.2008 16:25
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Can you handle this spray?

        The first time i got a whiff (smell) of burberry was when i was in Leeds market and i noticed that it was being sold for a cheap price so i decided to smell it first and then buy it.

        The smell is not to strong but not too weak neither, it has a kind of citrus fragrance, the smell is not overpowering and has quite a refreshing flavor to it.
        No wonder it smells so nice because there are a lot of refreshing ingredients on the back.....
        top notes:
        lemon --- grapefruit---- pineapple

        heart notes:
        ivy leaves--- sandalwood-----oak moss

        Base notes:

        The packaging is quite plain considering Burberrys designs in the past, the main colours for the box are blue and a light brown, the colours both work well together.
        You can see slightly see how much of spray is left in the cannister because frosted glass has been used, overall the colours on the spray are plain and have no really special features also the lid is pain white with the word "weekend" going straight through the spray can.

        I brought mine for £9.00 (50ml) from my local market stall in Leeds about 1year ago and i still have some of the contents in the spray still left in it. You can buy this in most shops and is widely available in stores like blue water and can be brought from most places in London. This can be brought from anywhere between £7.50- £30.00 depending on where you brought it from.

        Overall this is a good perfume, it is well packaged and has a fine refreshing smell also this would be an ideal gift to give away to your boyfriend or friend.

        Read my other reviews at mehmoou1001.. thank you...


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      • Product Details

        Burberry Weekend for Men is a fresh, clean and natural scent combining notes of bergamot and citrus to create a dynamic, transparent fragrance that's immediate and long-lasting.

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