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Bvlgari Blv Ii Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Bvlgari / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women / Contents/Size: 75ml

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    3 Reviews
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      01.04.2011 19:30
      Very helpful



      An interesting light perfume with lovely notes and great packaging.

      I was looking for a new perfume to buy and spied a 30ml bottle of Bvlgari Blv II in TK Maxx for just £19.99. I hadn't smelt the women's Bvlgari fragances before and in TK Maxx there aren't any testers to smell but as I know men who use Bvlgari Blv for men and Blvgari Man and have always absolutely loved those thought I would take the risk.

      The perfume comes in a rectangular, short but wide light blue box with a dark square in the middle. It has a simple design which gives it a classy look so it would be a nice scent to give as a present for example. The bottle itself is also wide and not too tall. The base and sides are solid glass and this clear glass frames the blue perfume inside the bottle. The bottle is reassuringly heavy and has a large heavy silver lid with a circular top. I'm terrible for losing lids of all my cosmetics and toiletries so having a nice substantial lid like this is great for me. I think the perfume bottle looks both modern and classy and is also a satisfying shape to hold when spraying perfume.

      The scent itself is slightly floral and has a sweet smell to it but is not at all sickly or over powering and also has a slightly masculine woody smell to it which I love - it is definitely a woman's rather than a 'girly' scent. The perfume really has a range of different notes to it. If I wear heavy perfumes I usually quickly develop a headache and for this reason was put off wearing perfume for a long time but I have had no issues at all with this fragrance. I don't find that the perfume is that long lasting so I usually use two or three sprays and then refresh it half way through the day. This suits me though as I would rather have a fragrance that you can top up than one that is too strong and cloying.

      I was pleased to pick up such a great interesting perfume at a bargain price and think the packaging is graet. I will definitely renew it once I run out and will pay more if required!


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      04.01.2011 13:57
      Very helpful



      Needs more staying power for the price

      Firstly this perfume was launched in 2009 I believe and I had seen it advertised in lots of high end fashion magazines such as Elle, Harpers and Vogue. Upon smelling a sample I loved it and kept up the hints to my boyfriend for my birthday.

      My hints worked! And upon receiving it I was impressed with the packaging, the box is a light blue colour with Bvlgari written across the top in a silver print and the perfume name in a dark blue box in the middle, very simple yet classy and looks expensive. I was equally as impressed with the bottle which is actually much like the box, it is a chunky rectangular shape in the same light blue (which is actually the perfume colour) with the silver print. It has a chunky silver rounded lid with the logo printed around the top. Now I was quite shocked at how expensive this perfume was (and so was my boyfriend!) I think he paid about £65 for a 75ml bottle, although it has come down dramatically in price and you can now get a 75ml bottle for around £35 which I don't think is all that bad for the size bottle. You can also purchase the fragrance in 30ml and 50ml and they also do a 200ml bath lotion and a 200ml body lotion (neither of these I have tried)

      Cavallier the maker wanted to create a fragrance that offered a clear, rich and sophisticated scent. Which I think he has achieved.
      The top notes are of violet, star anise, liquorice and mandarin. The heart notes are iris, patchouli and haitian vetiver and the base notes include amber, benzoin, labdanum and tonka bean.

      Now im pretty unsure what most of these actually are (tonka bean?!) and I was quite surprised that I actually liked the fragrance upon reading about the notes of the fragrance as I'm really not keen on anything with the liquorice or star anise scents.
      The first spray of the scent is quite strong but it does lighten up after a while, maybe too much so as you would need to reapply this every few hours. Which thinking of the price and if it needs to be reapplied every so often it would work out not so great for money.

      All in all I think it needs more staying power but for a few hours wear it is a lovely scent.


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      07.10.2010 00:05
      Very helpful



      A watery, bland violet on an extremely light creamy - musky base

      Launched: 2009
      Group: Oriental Floral


      While having a sort out of my samples collection the other day, I came across Blv Eau de Parfum II from Bvlgari I was given a sample of last year in a department store. Bvlgari is known for their original and high quality fragrances and I already own and love Blv and Blv Notte Eau de Parfum from the same line launched in 2000 and 2004 respectively.


      Bvlgari kept the formal but stylish geometric-shaped bottle and the heavy, metallic lid for the new fragrance, only the colour changed to a blue-grey sky blue instead of the previous cobalt and midnight blue designs.


      Top notes: Violet, star anise, licorice, mandarine

      Blv Eau de Parfum II didn't get on to a good start with me, I actually had to douse myself in half of the 1.5ml sample to be able to get a whiff of it. And what a whiff it was. Mineral, sweet, chemical vanilla, then lemon with a floral bitter undertone, the whole package at once, eurgh!

      After I've recovered from the shock, a light aquatic cologne-y unisex lemon note emerged that eventually sweetened up enough to smell like mandarine but still with a mineral edge, like smelling a wet rock near the sea that to be frank I found to be quite nauseating when I inhaled it closely.

      To sum up, the top notes felt masculine, unfinished, like something you've left out in the sun and forgotten about. It felt just like flavourless mandarine juice wrapped in a light ozonic accord, you're more likely to find in male fragrances.

      Middle notes: Iris, patchouli, vetiver

      About half an hour later, the fragrance softened up a little bit and became a more floral as well as aquatic composition as I started getting a distinct violet flower aroma. The violet was slightly bitter and aquatic surrounded by a warm woody-musky tone hanging in there instead of the usual candy sweetness of violets often found in feminine fragrances.

      The overall effect was light, fresh and feminine that eventually got a little bit sweeter but still retained a hint of the aquatic-woody feel. To be honest, it did feel very synthetic and unnatural to my nose. To give a more accurate description, it was like violet petals dropped in water with a certain mixed sweetness and bitterness to the scent at the same time.

      The heart of the fragrance only lasted for about 2 - 3 hours and I only caught a whiff off the violet flowers once when out and about, other than that it didn't project at all and almost felt like I wasn't wearing any fragrance at all.

      Base notes: amber, tonka bean, musk

      Unsurprisingly, the base notes didn't get any better either. The middle notes gave way to a light, synthetic musk making up the bulk of the note with some violet fragments thrown in. The base notes also had a creamy edge to them which I identified as iris, a very subtle and powdery one, but so faint that you'd easily be mistaken that for that generic little bit musky - little bit creamy fabric conditioner type of smell. This accord wore very closely to the skin and had no projection at all.

      To sum up, the base notes were another disappointment and I had to completely use up the sample to restart the process and see if there's anything more to come of out Blv II but to no avail. A slightly floral and white musk combination with some creamy vanillic - woody accord (the amber) lingered on for another 2 hours or so.

      ~ CONCLUSION ~

      There's one thought that comes to mind: why bother and 'create' something utterly meaningless and unworthy of its predecessors? I also don't understand how this fragrance could ever read as an 'oriental floral' it's misleadingly classified as? Its extremely low concentration and complete lack of roundness and depth instantly disqualify it; it's clear even to the untrained nose. Maybe it's supposed to be worn people who don't actually want to wear perfume?

      No matter how long I wear it or how much I spray of it, the fragrance just smells like violet water for an hour or two then just like some diluted musky base very close to the skin. These altogether give Blv II a washed out, mineral and faded watery - floral feel. The staying power is a
      maximum of four hours that's hardly worthy of an Eau de Cologne.

      The concept behind the fragrance is that it is meant to evoke the blue sky, hence it's cleanness and minimalism. But hey, isn't a fragrance supposed to smell like, well a fragrance even when it's based on an abstract concept? I personally don't buy into these marketing ploys mostly used by designer brands that churn out rubbish mass marketed fragrances year after year, why Bvlgari thought they should jump on the same bandwagon?

      There are also other beautifully light and floral or violet-iris themed fragrances out there if that's what you're after.

      Definitely not recommended.


      It's so bland I wouldn't even recommend it as a safe choice for a gift. If you'd still like to purchase it, the smallest 30ml size will cost you between £20 - £25 depending on whether you buy it online (Amazon, FragranceDirect) or in department / fragrance stores.

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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      Bvlgari Blv Eau de Parfum II ; new fragrance for women / Available in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml.

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