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Bvlgari Blv Notte Femme Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Bvlgari / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      17.12.2010 16:34
      Very helpful



      A complex and long-lasting fragrance.

      The various review sites that I'm a member of often spur me into buying new things. Because of a Dooyoo member I bought a shedload of ELF cosmetics for next to nothing. A lot of my pet purchases are roadtested by other reviewers before I decide to take the plunge. And many of my recent fragrance purchases are thanks to one particular member* who really knows her stuff.

      And so it was with this one. Bvlgari isn't a brand that I normally pay much attention to and I'd never smelled any of their perfumes before, preferring to stick to the likes of Guerlain, Chanel, Lancôme, and Dior. However, the review which mentioned this was so enthusiastic that I thought I'd give it a go and forked out £26.50 for 75ml of the eau de parfum from Cheap Smells.

      The bottle is a lovely thing which is a little different from Dooyoo's pic; unfussy, yet classy and weighty. It's made of dark blue glass which is circular at the bottom and tapers in to a straight flat point which is topped by the silver spray. I haven't described that terribly well but it sits very comfortably in the palm of the hand and looks lovely on a dressing table.

      When first sprayed, there's a light floral note which I don't quite recognise - it's certainly not as familiar as rose or jasmine - but it is rich and instantly enveloping. Almost straightaway I smelled an undertone of something quite boozy, like a much less sweet version of Absolut's vanilla vodka. The perfume is quite 'raw' and immediate at this stage but I found that the alcoholic scent takes much more of a back seat after fifteen minutes or so.

      After half an hour to an hour there's a spicy savouriness that develops quite slowly. That description almost makes it sound like it's comparable to the whiff you get when you open a bag of dry roasted peanuts, but thankfully it's much more sophisticated than that; more like the kind of spices that can be both sweet and savoury, like cardamom or cinnamon. At this stage I get a faint but definite hint of something that's somewhere between leather and cigarette smoke which I really like. This is mentioned nowhere on Bvlgari's description, though, so I think it's just my nose interpreting scents in an odd way. This middle stage lasts for ages on me which I love as it's such a comforting and mellow scent that's perfect for this time of year. I don't get the strong hit of dark chocolate to quite the same degree that others experience; it's definitely there but it's very much in the background adding a touch of sweetness and warmth to the other notes.

      After 7 hours this perfume is still going strong on my skin, which is very impressive. It has even better staying power if sprayed on clothes/hair as well as pulse points. At this stage the perfume stays quite close to my skin and the chocolate notes have started to come through a little more strongly, although to me it smells more like a just-baked dark chocolate cake rather than a bar of the stuff. I also find that a faint note of cloves develops alongside the spiciness from the middle notes. This combination of spice, bitter-edged sweetness and faint tobacco lingers on my skin throughout the evening and I can usually still detect it the next morning.

      This isn't the kind of perfume I'd usually go for at all as I normally stick to more straightforward floral and orientals, but I'm really glad I branched out and tried it. It has a slightly smoky, masculine edge that works well in combination with the more feminine aromas and makes for a concoction that's simultaneously rich and mellow but also sophisticated and complex. The fact that this has been the perfume I've chosen to wear every day for the past week should speak volumes.

      *That member was Lillamarta, of course. Thanks Lilla!


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        27.06.2010 11:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Pleasant scent, retailing for circa £25


        This is a pleasant fragrance retailing for circa £25 for 75ml.

        Scent is not too strong, yet has staying power, I can still smell it at the end of the day at work and I only spray a little of it.

        A bottle lasts quite a long time. I wear a little of the perfume every day. I probably go through around two bottles a year.


        Comes in an aesthetically pleasing, blue tinted glass bottle.

        The bottle is thick and I have dropped mine on my wooden bedroom floor on occasion and it has not shattered.

        The top is easily removed and the perfume is dispensed through a pump action. The diffuser on the pump is effective and gives a fine mist.


        Top notes of iris and galanga.
        Middle notes of vodka.
        Base notes of dark chocolate.

        Equally suited to being worn every day with jeans and a T shirt or on a night out.

        The appreciation of scent is very subjective but this one is not overpowering and therefore I would say a pretty safe bet for a present.


        There is also a mens version of the scent.


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          26.01.2008 23:32
          Very helpful



          A truly unusual, great fragrance not for the faint-hearted!

          Launch date: 2007
          Olfactory group: Oriental floral

          The bottle

          The bottle (which is not the same as on the product photo) is made of indigo blue coloured glass with a conical shape at the bottom that turns square at the top. It comes with a silver coloured button shaped lid. The bottle has a polished shine to it due to the nice cut of the glass. The box is also indigo blue with the well-known Blv written across it.

          The fragrance

          The river of night

          When I sprayed Bvlgari Blv Notte Eau de Parfum for the first time, I knew its scent was going to stay with me for the whole day. It conjured up images of the riverside at nighttime when the gently flowing water gives out its intoxicating cool freshness to its surroundings.

          Top notes: galangal

          The top note of this fragrance is composed of the citrusy odour of cool water accented with camphor. This is the night-river phase as I call it and it lasts for about 2 hours, which is very long for a top note. This is due to the galangal oil used in the compositon.

          The mystery ingredient

          Galangal is a plant that belongs to the ginger family and its root or precisely rhizome has a slightly dusty, earthy citrus-allspice like aroma. It's expensive as an essential oil and it's unlikely you'll find it in more than a handful of fragrances however you buy it as a spice in oriental food shops as it's used in Thai cuisine and in herbal medicine.

          Middle notes: iris

          Some of this night-river freshness is then mixed with a heavier iris, which gives the fragrance a lovely oriental feel. It makes me think of having bathed with luxury iris soap.

          Base notes: dark chocolate

          After 2 -3 hours the base notes appear where I detect some sweet amber and woody tones which give it a more grounded feel. It is still soapy the iris being a most dominating note. Added to this mixture a pinch of dark chocolate. Delicious!


          Blv Notte is a truly unusual, sophisticated fragrance that has an alluring and mysterious character. It would appeal to all age groups as whether this perfume suits you is rather a question of personality.

          If you find it too powerful for daytime use, try it for evening wear or on a special occasion to get used to it. It is amazingly long-lasting and tenacious and will only fade after 24 hours (even after shower). I definitely recommend this product to everyone who appreciates fine perfumery.

          Staying power: 5 / 5
          Composition: 4 / 5
          Originality: 5 / 5
          Value for money: 5 / 5
          Overall value: 5 / 5

          If you'd like to read about perfume chemistry and how to choose a fragrance that suits you please read http://www.ciao.co.uk/Member_Advice_on_Perfume__Re view_5731675

          Thanks for reading my review.


          ©Powered by lillybee


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