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Bvlgari Man Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bvlgari / Gender: for men / Eau de Toilette

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    2 Reviews
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      11.06.2013 15:44
      Very helpful



      A total let down

      **Please note: Dooyoo have asked that rather than posting my full review on the Travel Collection, that I separate it out to go under the individual fragrances despite owning a collection of them which is slightly different bottle/packaging wise. As such this review will contain elements of my full Travel Collection review posted already on Ciao.

      ===Off Duty===

      At the beginning of may, we decided to go on holiday to Greece. That meant being in an airport and that meant a trip through duty free. Not to buy things, obviously. I fully intended to milk them for all the free testers and booze I could get which worked fairly well. Unfortunately being tanked up on posh tequila apparently made my wallet a little bit lonely, so it decided to buy a new friend. Since I really needed to replenish my stocks of my favourite scents I started looking around the Bvlgari stand for a deal. That's when I spotted the Travel Collection which had three fragrances I liked already and two I had never heard of before. My wallet practically jumped out of my pocket.

      ===Bvgger trying to say that===

      The name of the company has caused some confusion for a few people I know. Myself for one didn't have a clue how to pronounce it. My Dad doesn't even try to pronounce it (I haven't let him know I figured it out) and just asks a bewildered shop assistant for "that mans stuff that comes in a blue bottle and its got a b and a v in it". Oddly he's gotten on quite well. The V is actually pronounced as a U and comes from the Latin alphabet. Feel better now? Good!

      Sotirios Voulgaris founded Bvlgari in 1884 in Paramythia, his hometown in Greece. Over the years the company moved around but eventually landed and stayed in Rome. Originally known for jewelry Bvlgari diversified into other luxury goods (handbags, clothes, aftershaves, perfumes etc). Currently they are owned by Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennessy (LVMH), Louis Vuitton being the only part of that name I know of.

      ===What do you get?===

      I picked up my set for £30 and it contains five scents for men from Bvlgari, a couple of them continuing with v-instead-of-u design: Aqva, Aqva Marine, Blv (blue), Man and Man Extreme. I'd never heard of Man or the Extreme version before but I was very interested in doing so. Each bottle is a miniaturised version of what you can get and so comes without a spray nozzle. The sprayers on all the big bottles work brilliantly though. I have 5ml of each scent to try out but you can easily get 100ml bottles of all the scents in most places.

      ===Bvlgari Man===

      Top notes: Lotus, bergamot, violet leaf
      Middle/Heart notes: vetiver, sandalwood
      Base notes: Cashmere wood, benzoin, white honey, amber, musk

      Released in 2010, this is the first scent that I had not tried prior to buying the set so I was quite excited to get into it. The same guy (Alberto Morillas: he's supposed to be a big name in perfumery as far as I can tell. He has helped in the making of a few famous smellies)who made the first Bvlgari scent I tried, Blv, has returned to put his name to this scent. The bottle, if I'm being honest, is a little bland. Clear glass at the bottom, a black strip with "bvlgari" inlayed in silver (plastic) and a silver circular bit on top which is the bit that this sprays from on the bigger bottles. I've since tried a tester bottle at a shop and the spray nozzle works as well as all the other scents I've had from Bvlgari.

      Scent wise I was a little disappointed in this one. Initially it smells great. Not too strong. A little spicy, a wee bit fruity, very fresh and sexy. A hint of the previous Aqva scents can be detected but it's different enough to be its own flavour. If it stayed like that, I would go as far to say this is the most appealing scent they have brought out so far. After an hour or so, however, it had peeled itself off my skin and crawled back into the bottle. At least that's what I assume happened since I couldn't smell it at all. After the initial burst it falls into squarely into the "OK" category while it is still around but into the new "I seem to have forgotten to put any aftershave on" category after an incredibly short time.

      As you can imagine, no one noticed this one at all. No trail was left and no compliments were given. What a waste! Even when I made the girl at work sniff me she couldn't really detect anything at all and this was only a few hours after having applied it.

      ===The Price===

      This one starts to have a bit of a bigger price range so be careful: £27-£40 for 100ml bottles. That range should at least make you look out for a better deal if you are intent on getting the stuff. I probably wouldn't waste my time though. Even if you got it cheaper, you'd probably drain this bottle before it knew it was out of the box. It's complete lack of staying power would mean you'd need to bathe in the stuff to get any use out of it.

      ===The Ingredients===

      For those of you who may have any allergies and such, here's the list of ingredients. If you want to know anything about the ingredients, please feel free to do a little research!

      Alcohol denat (sd alcohol 39c), aqua (water), parfum (fragrance), limonene, ethylhexyl, methoxycinnamate, linalool, citronellol, butyl methoxydibenxoylmethane, ethylhexyl salicylate, coumarin, benzyl benzoate, geraniol, citral bht Ci60730 (ext violet2)

      ===The Verdict===

      While this scent is great for the first couple of minutes, after that it runs for the hills. It's a complete let down in terms of staying power which unfortunately means it would be a very expensive (and pointless) scent to keep fully stocked. I was not best pleased with this waste of money myself. A terrible two stars out of five from me.


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        09.11.2010 23:57
        Very helpful



        A weak, airy and naturally aromatic vetiver cologne

        Launched: 2010
        Group: Woody aromatic


        I was given a sample of Bvlgari Man in a department store on my recent visit to London. I test fragrances as a hobby but also on the lookout for a men's fragrance for my partner as a Christmas gift.


        Bvlgari seems to have a knack for designing clear bottles for men's colognes, it's the fourth transparent flacon that arrives after Bvlgari Homme (1996), Bvlgari Extrême (1999) and Bvlgari Homme Soir (2006). The clear, chunky rectangular glass gives the impression having clear, fresh and almost icy contents inside. The simple and minimalist bottle looks modern and classy though maybe more creative ideas could have been put into its design.


        Top notes: lotus flower, bergamot, violet leaf

        As soon as I spray Bvlgari Man on my wrist I'm greeted with sweet and minty lemon dancing around in an increasingly fresh, cool pond. The aquatic note probably comes from the lotus flower though no floral notes are detectable as such. About 10 minutes later, the menthol more or less overtook the composition with the lemon only peeking out here and there for the next half hour adding some fruitiness to the relentless fresh aromas.

        Middle notes: vetiver, sandalwood

        Luckily Bvlgqari Man was more complex than just lemon and menthol and soon a light, airy and aromatic vetiver note emerged. It felt aquatic in quality as it joined in with the remaining top notes and to be honest felt like it had the consistency and projection of a shower gel as it didn't have the usual rich and complex - or for some sharp - traditional representation of vetiver in its real, raw, smoky and earthy state but rather the mellowed, fresh and clean aspect reminscent of men's shower gels.

        For a good 3 - 4 hours the composition was made up of a modern, clean, light and aromatic vetiver note that was gentle and refreshing but also linear and thin for my taste. Vetiver is a type of fragrant grass and its roots are used to distill an essential oil. Vetiver oil has a deep, smoky, woody and balsamic odour profile and is used extensively in perfumery and for therapeutic purposes.

        I'd be hard-pressed to say it felt particulary masculine, rather it was an gentle and simple nature-inspired scent; an interpretation of vetiver grass growing near a fresh water source. At certain times it felt edgier other times smoother as if another substance were playing with it (sandalwood?) without being identifiable.

        Base notes: cashmere wood, benzoin, white honey, amber, musk

        After a transparent and light start and heart I was still hoping Bvlgari Man will suddenly turn into a wild, opulent and decidedly masculine scent but no matter how long I waited, it never did. As if by Bvlgari tradition, the base notes wore thin and the only component I caught whiff of was a light veil of musk that carried the rest of the aromatic vetiver for about 4 - 5 hours after first application. The musk felt clean, just right and balanced, isn't sharp or too sweet and apart from clinging to the clothes close to where I sprayed on the skin for the whole day it didn't really stay on the skin for longer than 6 hours.


        I'm in two minds about this new offering by Bvlgari. Whilst it feels uncomplicated and natural, fresh and aromatic, there are definitely issues with its longevity that unfortunately lets it down. The lightness also makes Bvlgari Man a tad linear as the only dominant note I detect is vetiver making the fragrance an almost solinote which I'm not sure was intended.

        In consistency and quality Bvlgari Man actually reminded me of the Hermes Cologne series both in quality, lightness and structure and having an almost unisex feel which is a great plus since I have great admiration for Hermes creations and their unisex Cologne collection in particular. At least Hermes' colognes are made to be light on purpose and not trying to gain universal masculine appeal by including 'Man' in the title.

        The staying power of a maximum of 5 - 6 hours when applying almost half of the sample on my arm makes it unsuitable for winter wear so would advise against getting it for Chrismas as you'd possibly have to wait for warmer weather to kick in to appreciate it. Overall, due to its lightness and airy structure I recommend Bvlgari Man for casual, summer use if you like natural, aromatic and woody scents with a modern and gentle vetiver accord, provided you're willing to fork out the money for such a light thing. If you're looking for an authentic vetiver fragrance, look elsewhere.


        Bvlgari Man is sold at full price in perfume shops and department stores or online ranging from £33, £42 and £56 for a 30ml, 60ml or 100ml Eau de Toilette respectively. I've seen it on Ebay for considerably less from private sellers.

        Thanks for reading.

        ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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