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Bvlgari Femme Eau de Parfum

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7 Reviews

Brand: Bvlgari / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women / Contents/Size: 50ml /

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    7 Reviews
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      18.03.2015 23:11
      Very helpful



      Sassy and bold.

      When I originally tried this on a break walking around Beauty Base, I tried this out of curiosity. I know it's considered a high-end brand, but this is available online at reasonable prices.

      I tried a sample but felt at first it was too over the top and an extreme floral scent that I wasn't used to.
      Still, due to no white sticks to spray on I had to return to the store where I was working with this smelling very prominent on me, which I wasn't too happy about. It was clearly one of those moments where I wasn't thinking long term, and should have got a member of staff!


      This is a very confident and powerful scent. Too much could kill the room. Due to the fact that this perfume concentrates on ABSOLUTES which are pure essential oils or a less refined oil that enchances the scent. But there is not just one scent here they have concentrated on, they have been bold to collect and combine a number of ingrediants.

      Does it work? I really think this is based on personality.
      This is very much a perfume that will draw attention to you, it is bold and confident and quite sensual so this is not a daytime scent.

      When I walked back into the store my colleagues loved this. I was still unsure, I hate drawing attention to myself, however, the fact that I had seemingly chosen a perfume that was more mature and out there really sat well with them. I love light, fruity and floral fragrances and this is not any of those listed.

      It's not a perfume I find that I would go and buy but I know who would love this as a gift and if you love sassy, bold fragrances I would recommend this x


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      03.03.2015 22:31
      Very helpful



      Expensive but absolutely worth it!

      Not too long ago, I was gifted a trial sized bottle of Bvlgari Au Thé Rouge by a secret santa. Although I hated the scent, I was very impressed with the staying power of the fragrance, and came away with the impression that although I didn't like it terribly much, it was, based on the staying power and the quality of the ingredients, a high quality product.

      So, when I had a little spare money due to a tax refund,and decided to treat myself to a new perfume, I was pretty open minded about trying a Bvlgari fragrance again, and having had a fair few sprays on different occasions in John Lewis, happily splashed out £64 on a 50ml bottle of Bvlgari Pour Femme EDP. Trust me, it's unusual for me to be happy about spending that amount of cash, since that is a weeks food budget!

      What exactly was it that I liked about this perfume so much that I splashed the cash? Well, it wasn't the bottle. Don't get me wrong, it's smart enough, but it doesn't particularly stand out. It's clear glass, and an odd sort of shape - sort or triangular at the sides, ovalish from the top, and a curved rectangle with shoulder bones at the front. There are a few gold accents to the bottle, particularly on the neck and cap, and it certainly looks smart, and I suppose looks expensive in an understated sort of way, but not a showstopper by any stretch of the imagination.

      The perfume sprays out in a fine mist, and the scent is absolutely glorious from beginning to end. At the start,this is a fresh fruity floral - a powdery violet and a clean orange blossom are the first things I pick up, followed by a hint of some kind of slightly peppery scent,and a definite whiff of bergamot. The scent feels well rounded from the very first spray - but this isn't the end of the scent journey!

      The scent begins to fade into a more purely floral scheme - lily of the valley, a dusky rose, and a strong whiff of iris all combine to create a scent that feels both luxurious and light, whilst just a hint of Jasmine steers the perfume in a slightly oriental direction.

      This perfume sweetens and gentles at the end into a sort of musky vanilla, underscored with green tea for a continuation of that oriental theme.

      The perfume has an amazing longevity on the skin. Despite being quite an assault on the senses initially, this is wonderfully suitable as a daytime scent that develops beautifully into something more subtle by evening. I can still tell I'm wearing this even after 18 hours of wear - it lasts that long!

      The longevity and complexity of this fragrance is what I love. I've never spent so much on a scent for myself before, but I don't regret treating myself to this at all, although (unlike with my cheaper scents) I am very precious about this not being left out in the light, and instead store it in my underwear drawer to ensure it retain it's potency for as long as possible.

      I whole heartedly recommend this as a wonderfully complex, yet deliciously wearable scent, and happily award it with a full 5 stars!


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      28.12.2012 17:52
      Very helpful



      Beautiful scent.

      This perfume comes in a beautifully elegant little glass bottle which is rectangular in shape. It has a gold coloured metal lid which is reminiscent of roman pillars to me, those whole thing speaks of very classic architecture. The elegance of this square cut bottle is softened by a curved glass base inside the form which hold the perfume. The bottle feels heavy and this just adds to the feeling of luxury you get when you look at it or hold it. The whole things screams expensive which means it has real wow factor as a gift.

      The perfume inside is a light almost pinky goldy colour which is really quite stunning. I alway worry with yellowy coloured perfumes that they begin to look a little like urine but this one has a really stunning light, ethereal colour to it which is enhanced by the pinky/gold tones of the bottle and the box. The whole thing is very pretty and feminine, without having to be pink all over.

      The perfume has a strong smell initially and it is mostly florals and fruits that hit your right away. This is my favourite style of scent so I was very pleased when I first smelt it because it has a beautiful mix of my two favourite types of fragrances. The first notes you get are carnations, violets, raspberries, bergamot and orange blossom. These combine to give a heady mixture of fruity floral notes with and underbelly of citrus kick. I love this mixture as it is sexy, light, fresh and a little mysterious.

      The heart notes for this fragrance are violets, jasmine, orris, heliotrope, rose, lily of the valley and green tea. These are just about all my favourite things so the centre of the perfume for me is the best bit because it has that beautiful powdery floral fragrance that is so elegant and timeless and so appropriate for day or night, or any event.

      The fragrance then mellows out and towards the end you get a beautiful combination of woody and musky scents with an undertone of sweet vanilla. This deepens the scent and gives it a really rich body and spiciness which adds yet another level of interest. I love this undercurrent of spice because it makes the perfume really sensual and sexy, and matures it a little bit which is great because it makes it feel very classic.

      The overall feel of the perfume is of luxury and sophistication. I tend to wear it out in the evening because it has such a lovely sensual nature to it which for me seems to suit the night. That said, the fresh and fruity notes do make it a nice one for day time and especially warmer weather. Though it is expensive and therefore strong I do find that it has a real softness and delicacy to it which is really lovely and makes it seem ultra feminine.

      This perfume is available for around £25 for 30ml which isn't too bad considering how expensive perfumes can be these days. I would probably avoid paying this much ordinarily but this is a lovely scent and very versatile.

      Overall, a very nice perfume but beware the price.


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      29.03.2011 23:31
      Very helpful



      one for ebay :(

      Bvlgari (BVL) is an Italian fashion and beauty brand. The current line up of BVL products includes leather goods, watches, perfume/skincare and accessories. The actual brand name is Bulgari but Bvlgari is the most common name used.

      ~~~BVL Fragrance~~~

      BVL offer a collection of luxurious fragrances for men and women aswell as unisex scents. The women have the choice of Omnia Crystaliine, Jasmine Noir and Rose Essentielle. There is a collection of Pour Femme Eau de toilettes and Eau de Parfum and this review concentrates of the EDP version.

      Pour Femme is available in EDP, EDT and a matching body lotion for building the scent on the skin. It is described as being a contemporary scent that provides a harmony of floral and feminine scents. The EDP offers a strong floral bouquet in comparrison to the EDT which translates to a sweeter scent.


      The bottle housing Pour Femme is sophisticated and offers an even balance of curves and straight edges for a contemporary yet feminine appearance. The glass is clear and thick with the base extending into an oval shape and strong, sharp shoulders encasing a shiny gold neck and click on gold lid.


      Like other fine fragrances, Pour Femme is created using certain groups of fragrance notes.

      *Top notes create the initial scent and are short lived - violet leaf, orange flower and bergamot

      *Heart notes create the body of the scent lasting several hours - sambac jasmine, mimosa and rose

      *Base notes create the final trace of the scent - musk, sandalwood and powdery iris

      ~~~Availability and Price~~~

      BVL Pour Femme EDT is available in different sizes and from the following online retailers.

      www.amazon.co.uk : 30ml - £23.45/50ml - £34.05/100ml - £40.85 (shipped from cheap smells)

      www.fragrancedirect.co.uk : 30ml - £22.50

      ~~~My Thoughts~~~

      Perfumes are expensive and I usually try before I buy. If I see a bargain though, I usually snap it up and sometimes regret it! A recent purchase of a certain Harajuku Loves perfume left me unfufilled and my sister offered to swap it with one of hers. In return, I received a 3/4 full 50ml tester bottle (no lid). Bvlgari isn't a brand I am overly familiar with but I have sampled a few of their scents in the past.

      The bottle is quite classy and is the same shape as many of the BVL fragrance bottles. It is a really heavy one and very chunky so not one I particularly like carrying about in my bag. The sprayer is quite firm and I have no fears of this spraying whilst in my bag as I don't have the gorgeous gold lid to protect it. As always, I like to spray some of this on my wrist and neck prior to going out. A sharp spray is released and its time to see how it smells.

      ~~~Pour Femme~~~

      Pour Femme is quite a strong scent name and with the male version being Pour Homme, I had high hopes that I was going to be treated to something ultra feminine. The initial scent is powerful and to be honest, disappointed me as it is very harsh and unappealing. I double checked to see if I had perhaps sprayed an aftershave but it was indeed Pour Femme. To me it appeared musky with a spicy undertone which isn't entirely pleasant to the senses. It certainly wouldn't be out of place on a strong minded man.

      Thankfully within a few minutes, a softer scent begins to develop but still keeps a spicy notion running through it and doesn't really let go of that aftershave essence. I can pick up faint floral notes with a powedery violet leaf being most prominent and gently joined by a light, airy bergamot and orange flower. Despite the manly aroma rearing its head, the opening scent is quite nice if a bit too generous in strength.

      Within an hour or so of initial application, the scent becomes more feminine and leaves any trace of masculine spice behind. The heart of Pour Femme blends together some classic floral notes. In practice, it fufills its floral nature and is a far cry from the harsh opening scent. It is delicate and light with a sense of leafiness about it making it very airy and pleasant. The jasmine isn't as sensual as it normally is and offers a slight sweet kick of a high profile rose scent.

      The base of Pour Femme developes on my skin around 4-5hours after I apply this perfume. Sitting quite close to the skin, it offers an ideal blend of notes to be soft and pleasant to get up close and sniff. The sandalwood is the most prominent note here offering its scent in a smooth, creamy and slightly earthy aroma. The musk simply acts as a very light undertone whilst the iris is barely existant. The scent is noticeable on my skin for a further 2-3hours but seems to envelope itself onto my scarf and jacket and can still be detected the following day.


      This being mainly floral based, would suit someone who likes that sort of scent and any age. If you want something sweet then this isn't for you. Spring wear during the day would be my recommendation as the initial scent is too heavy for hot weather.

      ~~~Conclusion and Recommendation~~~

      Bvlgari Pour Femme isn't my favourite scent. I suppose I love sweet scents too much to perhaps appreciate its overall floral nature but it just doesn't encourage me to spray it on everyday. If I had took my impressions from the first blast of scent, I wouldn't have bothered with it but a scent needs time to develop on the skin. Its just not me but that is down to personal tastes. I feel the length of time it stays on my skin is good considering the price it can be bought for.

      Pour Femme just isn't for me and as a result, it is going on ebay! It simply isn't feminine enough to live up to its name.

      Thanks for reading x


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        08.01.2011 05:02
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great, higher priced fragrance from Bvlgari

        After learning that one of my favourite fragrances, Bvlgari's Voile de Jasmin is a floral take on one of their original fragrances, Bvlgari Pour Femme, I hinted and hinted throughout the run up to Christmas that Santa would like to buy me a bottle of the original for Christmas. Well, Santa came through!

        As with several other Bvlgari bottles, the appearance of this Pour Femme perfume is lovely. It's simple, elegant, classical and understated whilst looking like it cost a fortune, which depending on where you shop, it can do. The bottle is hard to describe, but basically it's square at the base and folds up inwards towards the top, where it's all topped off with a gold lid and spray. The bottle is quite heavy and sustantial, particularly with the larger 100ml size. The perfume is a light golden colour which you can see through the bottle easily, so you know when you're running out.

        When first sprayed, the fragrance is pretty strong with it being an eau de parfum, and I only need a couple of squirts max to last most of the day. The first aspects to the scent are a mix of florals and fruit, with carnations, violets, raspberries, bergamot and orange blossom being featured in the top notes. The orange blossom is very nice and gives a delicate citrus aroma which is then balanced out by a slight spiciness of coriander.

        The violets come through even more in the middle of the fragrance and have a slightly powdery aspect to them that reminds me of clean, baby powder, but in a nice way! One of the other main attractions in the centre of this scent is jasmine, and this is quite easy to pick up on in the heart. Other heart notes are officially orris, heliotrope, rose, lily of the valley and green tea, with tea being a note which runs throughout many of the Bvlgari fragrances, Au The Rouge for example.

        Towards the end of the scent, the fragrance deepens into a lovely mix of soft woods, musk, a slight hint of vanilla which sweetens the end up nicely, and some more of the trademark fresh green tea aroma. The musky woodiness to the scent is very nice and subtle. This scent in general is very clasical and sophisticated, and on my skin has a great staying power, being with me from first spray in the morning until the evening. A spray on your clothes will make them smell for even longer.

        It's a perfume which I wear when I feel like being sophisticated, more elegant and more mature in general - and by mature I don't mean it smells like old ladies, or is just for older people, I mean it's not sugary sweet and girly! Personally I think this is a daytime fragrance, as although it's lovely, soft and has classical appeal with it's powdery, floral and woody aromas, it's probably not 'in your face' enough for evening use, unless you want to blend in well in which case it's ideal.

        Price-wise, it depends on if you shop around. I bought an 100ml tester for just £9 on ebay this morning which is the best buy ever! Normally you're looking at a 30ml bottle costing around £25 with 100ml bottles being around £40-45 if you can pick up a bargain online. In the stores they are much more than this, so do shop around, particularly if you're not bothered about packaging and a tester will do.


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          12.12.2008 11:58



          as headline

          Another of my favourites
          If this wasn't so expensive to buy I would wear it almost all of the time.
          Its notes are listed as Jasmine, Rose, Bergamot, Citrus, Tuberose, Hesperidic, Musk.
          jasmine and rose give it its floral scent but the bergamont and musk give it depth making it less of a floaty fragrance. The citrus adds a twist to it.
          The frangrance, like most, needs to be left on the skin for at least 10 mins before smelling it. this gives time for all of the different notes to sink in creating a warming fresh but strangely deep scent.
          as a parfum it lasts ages on the skin so there is no need to keep reaplying it, just one spray lasts all day/night.
          Keep this one for special occations where it can be fully appreciated as the delicous exotic scent that it is.
          Spray, sit back and enjoy.....


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          26.01.2008 22:32
          Very helpful



          A classic, timeless fragrance that hasn't changed in the past 13 years. But we did.

          Launched: 1994, relaunched 2006
          Olfactive group: Floral

          The perfume house

          Bvlgari - one of the most respected design houses of watches and jewellery - entered the world of perfumery in 1992 with the creation of Bvlgari Eau au The Vert (Green Tea) followed by amongst others Bvlgari Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme (1997) Bvlgari Blv (2000), Bvlgari Blv for Men (2001), Omnia (2003) and Omnia Amethyste (2007).

          Bvlgari use rare and expensive ingredients in their perfumes and pride on excellence and absolute quality. True, after 20 years in perfumery making and having produced about 20 fragrances their class and luxury has not failed.

          The bottle and packaging

          The unusual shape of the bottle is not different from the orginal 1994 bottle, only its colour changed from a milky iridescent white to a clearer, brighter yellow.

          The shape of the bottle is a characteristic, hard-to-describe shape used for many of the Bvlgari fragrances. It is square at the bottom but narrows towards the top where it closes up like a shut rectangular handbag.

          There is an envelope-shaped dent in the front and back, it serves as a grip on the bottle which is quite heavy and bulky compared to the amount of fragrance it contains. The stopper is golden with a 'tie' neck on the front and back with a round top. This fragrance comes in a square rectangular box in pale yellow.

          Both the bottle and the box look discreet and the lettering is especially fade on the outer package. Though it does convey the message of the scent being soft and feminine, it's quite easy to miss this product on the shelves.

          The Fragrance

          Top notes: carnation, violet, coriander, raspberry, peach, bergamot, orange blossom

          This powerful, floral fragrance opens up with fresh, but subtle orange blossom and powdery violet. This is a powdery freshness not a green one, and only lasts a few minutes.

          Middle notes: orris, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley, rose, jasmine

          The leafy top note quickly give way to a light tearose, creamy jasmine and woody green tea heart. The dominant notes in the heart I can smell are violet and jasmine and while the green tea gives this fragrance a subtle freshness, it is still a floral rather than a green one.

          Base notes: amber, sandal, musk, benzoin, vanilla, green tea, cedar, stirax

          Bvlgari is the first perfume house that used green tea aroma in their fragrances and included as a signature note in most of their fragrances.

          For such an array of complex components, Bvlgari pour Femme is surprisingly unified, discreet, even monotone. The drydown is a slightly soapy, woody musk that further emphasizes the unobstrusiveness of the scent. It stays on but it stays unnoticed...


          Overall, Bvlgari pour Femme is a delicate bouquet of flowers with a light woody base. Being an Eau de Parfum, the staying-power is good, the sillage is slightly woody, musky.

          As a real classic, it will probably appeal to women in their thirties and onwards. It is suitable to wear in any season on any occasion, however I think this creamy floral is better suited for the colder seasons and in the daytime.

          A nice perfume, though it doesn't have that 'something special' you would expect from a designer house of such reputation as Bvlgari. I've been hoping for more than a well-composed Guerlainade (a trio of jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley in the heart) or at least a slight improvement in the scent too not just the bottle and packaging.

          Additional rating
          Composition: 4 / 5
          Originality: 1 / 5
          Staying power: 4 / 5
          Overall value: 4 / 5

          Thanks for reading my review.


          ©Powered by lillybee


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        • Product Details

          A prestigious, contemporary fragrance, Bvlgari Pour Femme Eau de Parfum; interprets the intensity and refinement of a sensual and precious world / the world of fine jewellery / and translates it into a delicate harmony of floral and feminine scent / A profound exploration of the feminine universe, Bvlgari Pour Femme expresses and satisfies a womans desire for timeless and pure emotion. Bvlgari Pour Femme, Eau de Parfum is an enveloping floral bouquet with delicate top notes of bergamot, violet leaf and orange flower / At the heart of Pour Femme is luminous sambac jasmine, harvested at dawn, when its scent is at its most pristine, blended with sensual mimosa from Grasse and the timeless sophistication of prelude rose / With gracefully diminished base notes of powdery iris, musk and sandalwood, Bvlgari Pour Femme is a passionate feminine.

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