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Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au The Rouge Eau de Cologne

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Brand: Bvlgari / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Cologne / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      14.11.2010 21:21
      Very helpful




      Bvlgari was founded in Rome in 1884. Initially, the company specialised in the production of fine jewellery but has expanded over the years. The current list of products and services provided by Bvlgari includes hotels, spas and also fragrance and skincare.


      Bvlgari offers a selection of perfume and aftershave products which are of a high quality. Whilst the majority of the fragrances are promoted as being for men or women, a few are aimed at both and considered unisex fragrances.

      The Eau Parfumee collection from Bvlgari offers 3 different fragrances which are created based on rare and precious teas. Each fragrance is unisex and matching body products can be purchased. The collection includes :

      *Au The Vert (green)
      *Au The Blanc (white)
      *Au The Rouge (red)

      ***Au The Rouge***

      Au The Rouge is the third fragrance in this collection. It comes in the form of an Eau de Cologne and is suitable for wear by both men and women. This fragrance is promoted as being soft and sensual.

      Its tea resemblance includes a blend of South African Roiboos and Chinese Yunnan teas amongst other fine ingredients. These are considered red teas and come into the fragrance genre for the very first time to create this unusual scent.


      Being a unisex fragrance, Au The Rouge will blend slightly different notes to normal female orientated fragrances. The notes aren't specified in stages for this fragrance on the Bvlgari website. Combining with the red teas include :

      ~~~Pink pepper, orange, bergamot, fig pulp, walnut and musk~~~


      The miniature bottle I have is a replica of the full size bottle. The glass is in tube form and almost smooth with a slight, indentation at the neck of the bottle. The bottle itself is clear with a red base and round, red lid which transports a red gleam down the bottle when viewed in a certain light. The front of the bottle confirms the brand and fragrance name with a tea leaf image being present.

      ***Availability and Price***

      Au The Rouge EDC can be purchased online and appears to be less available than the Vert or Blanc fragrance. Amazon stock this at the following prices :

      25ml @ £12.94
      50ml @ £25.71
      100ml tester @ £19.99
      200ml body lotion @ £34.43

      ***My Thoughts***

      As well as full size bottles of perfume, I love having a few miniature bottles for easy transportation. Around 2 months ago, my sister mentioned she had a few mini bottles for me and Bvlgari Au The Rouge was one of them. I had previously heard of Bvlgari but didn't have the pleasure of sampling this luxurious brand til receiving this fragrance.

      At first glance, you could consider this to be Lancome Magnifique as the bottle is strikingly similar in appearance. It is quite pretty and the red reflects through the bottle perfectly giving a unusual effect. My bottle is a dab bottle as opposed to a sprayer and fits snugly into my bag or pocket. I had never used an Eau de Cologne before so researched this fragrance before using and also for the purpose of this review.

      So..tea? This to me, is an unusual choice of ingredient to include in a perfume. Of course it is unusual as this is the only collection that uses this ingredient in its fragrances. At first I was adamant it wasn't for me as I don't like tea as a drink..unless its fruit flavoured tea. I also was unsure how my body would react to notes suitable for both men and women. Could I possibly grow to like a fragrance which isn't sweet and fruity? Well lets see...

      So first sniff and the tea is extremely evident. It didn't smell like Tetleys teabags or nothing, it resembles high quality tea leaves sitting at the base of a fancy mug waiting to be watered. On applying, I just use a dab on each wrist and on my neck. The fragrance doesn't overpower but certainly takes some getting used to. At first, I could only detect the tea lingering and this kept consistent throughout the entire time on my skin.

      Although I don't feel that Au The Rouge offers obvious stages of fragrance, the other notes seep in gently and take the edge of the tea aroma. My nose seems to have a little trouble identifying all of the specified notes on an individual basis. They all seem to mix together to create a fresh and rather invigorating fragrance. If I were to decipher the main notes sticking out other than the tea, I would say the pepper and musk are strongest creating an unusual, spicy and rather cooling scent.

      With this being a unisex fragrance, it shouldn't scream manly or feminine and it certainly doesn't. Au The Rouge is quite neutral and I feel this is owed to the rare teas added in, If these weren't present, the other notes may come through more prominent and I would say the fragrance would be more feminine. The fragrance sits smoothly on my skin and lets off a subtle but pleasant aroma which I would happily wear on an odd occasion.

      The fragrance is consistent on my skin from application til around 4hours later. Whilst the spicy aroma fades around 2hours in, the tea aroma stays put until it finally disappears from my skin. Au The Rouge would suit day time use as a fairly neutral and not overpowering fragrance. Both men and women would be able to wear this without believing others may question their gender or sexuality!


      Whilst this scent isn't my favourite, it is something a little different to sweet, floral and fruity fragrances available on the market. It is certainly an acquired smell that will either entice and grow on you or repulse you! The bottle is pretty, its lasting abilities is good and the price is reasonable considering the brand name.

      Worth a try!


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        19.01.2009 14:51
        Very helpful



        I believe I wasted my money here. Bvlgari should just stick to making jewellery!

        This is a wonderful smelling fragrance. It smells like cakes and in particular bake well tarts. It is quite a musky smell and I tend to where it in the Autumn/winter time but I guess that's down to taste as to whether you would wear it all year round.

        Being an expensive brand and purchasing Eau Parfumee (Eau de Cologne) you would think that this fragrance would be a long lasting scent. However, I am disappointed in the fact that the fragrance doesn't last long at all, most 30 minutes and that's with many sprays (Approx 6-7!). You literally have to drown yourself in it to be able to smell it! And I have asked people whether they can smell it encase I got used to the scent but they couldn't smell it!

        The bottle is very stylish indeed. But the lid isn't very stable and always comes of. Given that it isn't a long lasting fragrance I tend to now carry it around with me in my handbag which is black and on the plus side it hasn't tarnished or become grubby as some bottles seem to get discoloured in my handbag!

        I purchased this in Xmas 07 (100ml) from House of Fraser in the sale (roughly £29).

        On the whole I wouldn't recommend buying this fragrance and I believe it was a waste of my money.


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