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Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bvlgari / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women / Contents/Size: 50ml

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    2 Reviews
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      09.03.2013 18:10
      Very helpful



      Beautiful fragrance that smells clean and fresh

      I spend a lot of my waiting time in airports in the duty free shop, planning what I would buy if I had the funds on my return leg of my holiday, this time was no exception really. I had tried a lot of perfumes to the point that my nose was exhausted with the various smells and I could no longer distinguish between them all, so I gave up and decided I would have a sniff of those in the US duty free shop in Orlando. I didnt have to wait until then as wandering around Epcot, I stumbled upon the Bvlgari shop and smelt Jasmine Noir for the first time. I couldnt believe how lovely and fresh this smelt but I was shocked, nay, startled by the price tag of $83 plus tax and left it well alone.

      My neice who was with me on this journey had noted that I like the perfume and to cut a rather long story short, she bought me this for Christmas on our return which means I cannot tell you how much this particular bottle cost, it was 100mls and retails for around £50 ish, depending where you would purchase it from.

      ---- The Bottle -----
      This perfume comes in a black box with gold writing, very elegant to look at and oozes luxury, cellophane covered, it obviosly feels heavy with its 100mls bottle inside and the inside of the box has the white insert that also need to be opened to get to the bottle. The bottle itself is squat and square with some shaping around the base of the neck, it is black and not transparent. The bottle top is gold coloured and pushes onto the neck of the bottle itself, it is a snug fit and looks every part a beautifully expensive item. Its not the easiest of bottles to hold when using due to its small structure, it sits awkwardly in the hand to spray, this bottle has also a gold coloured spray button and I find two hands are needed to direct and spray. It has a thick base to the bottle, which for me give a sense of quality and one which i like, it stays put on a surface and isnt easily knocked over.

      ---- The Smell -----
      I have always loved Bvlgari perfumes but tend to veer towards the Omni varieties, namely Crystalline so for me this was a different choice. Its not a perfume to wear in the day for me as its too musky and warm but that said, I get such a lot of compliments when wearing it that if I put just a little on when going about the day, it smells lighter. I spray two squirts on each side of my neck and one on each wrist for an evening and just one either side of my neck for day wear if I have an interview with a client or meeting someone...otherwise its the lighter perfumes I would chose.
      I can liken this scent to Coco Madamoiselle by Chanel and originally, that was the perfume I was wanting, this smells less mature than Coco and may be a little more pricey..........Its a clean yet heady perfume and one which carries its smell for the entire time you are wearing it. Lovely.
      Jasmine Noir smells floral to begin with but then dries to a musky woody scent that is lighter than the Vetyver type perfumes but remains as warm, it is a little citrus smelling also but this disappears pretty quickly. There is an almond base to this perfume which i did pick up but not the vanilla advertised thankfully, I really dislike vanilla smells and wouldnt have worn this if it had smelt of it. I have used Jasmine perfumes before and I have to be honest, this doesnt really give off that sort of smell, more of a wood than flowers but with a base of sweet flowers sitting in the background.

      The smell of this perfume is divine but I wouldnt go by the name of it as a deciding factor, make sure you smell it before you buy as its not all you would think from the name Jasmine....Noir gives an indication of dark and some could descrbe the initial application as this but the dry down is stunning. It will always smell different on different women so at the price, try first and leave for a few hours before you purchase.

      ----- My Thoughts -----

      I would buy this perfume again in a heartbeat, for evening wear it would be my signature fragrance, but not really for the day. The whole packaging suggests an exquisite product and the price is good for the lasting power of this fragrance, I can honestly say I can still smell this on me the morning after the evening I have worn it. The bigger bottles are better value and for the amount of time I wear this it makes sense to spend the extra and have it last, I wouldnt want to run out!

      A great fragrance that is well presented and packaged


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      09.07.2010 14:24
      Very helpful



      As with all perfumes try this before you buy it.

      Bvlgari describes the perfume as a "precious floral woody fragrance with ambery accents centred around one of the true perfumery jewels: the jasmin flower". I think their description is very appropriate, the perfume really does give a rich and warm woody yet floral fragrance that smells sweet but not too cloying and is lovely. I stumbled across this perfume last year when I was out shopping with the girls and we were just aimless browsing the perfume isles of John Lewis. It caught my attention because it isn't really a fragrance that smells like many I own, I have a terrible habit of buying very similar scents, which is nice because it is what I like but it isn't very adventurous.

      --The Fragrance--

      I only really wear this perfume in the evening time. I think it makes for a fantastic perfume that compliments getting dressed up and makes a special evening that bit more special.

      The olfactory fragrance notes include...
      Top Notes: Green Sap and Gardenia Petals
      Base Notes: Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Satiny Almond, Precious Wood, Licorice and Tonka Bean Absolute

      This perfume has a really good longevity, when sprayed it will stay throughout the evening. All the notes work really well and this perfume smells lovely even as it begins to fade.

      I have the feeling that I am in the younger end of the spectrum for who this perfume is marketed at. It is a lovely woody and floral scent that is seductively beautiful, I always feel that bit more attractive when I wear this when I am all dressed up for a night out on the town.

      Of the perfumes I own this is the one my husband comments most about. It really is a lovely smell and I would recommend that next time you are out shopping stop and try this fragrance.

      --The Bottle--

      I can never decide whether I like this bottle or not, it is a pretty unusual shape, it reminds me of a rectangle that has been pinched on top. It is also quite chunky in appearance and is a translucent black colour. It definitely stands out from most of the other perfume bottles in my collection, which again I can't decide is a good or bad thing. If anything I think that the look of the bottle might be outdated.

      --The Cost--

      This is an expensive perfume but I find that this one last for a long time, it really has good staying power so only a little is needed and it is an evening fragrance so you don't wear it all the time. A 50 ml bottle of this perfume bought in store (it is best to shop around online for the best price) can cost you around £60.

      --My Overall Impression--

      I am going to give this a well deserved four out of five stars. It really is a lovely fragrance that is beautifully woody and floral in scent. It is quite a heavy fragrance which makes it ideal for an evening occasion. Personally, I think this is a lovely fragrance one which I am glad I own.


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    • Product Details

      Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum Spray / Bvlgari's Jasmin Noir, captures the irresistible charm of a mysterious and intensely sensual woman / Captivating and caressing, Jasmin Noir is a rich mix of voluptuous floral and precious woody notes with accents of almond and licorice / This infinitely addictive essence is sublimely revealed by jasmine, a flower whose beauty is as pure as it is tantalizing / This scent embodies the very heart of the Bvlgari brand, reflecting the richest and noblest codes of a luxury jewelry legacy / The deep black and luminous gold bottle beautifully honors the heritage of prestigious allure / Notes: Green Sap, Gardenia Petals, Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Satiny Almond, Precious Wood, Licorice, Tonka Bean Absolute / The new emblematic creation within the Bulgari Pour Femme Collection Jasmin Noir, perfectly embodies the luxury and prestige of Bulgari fine jewellery / Jasmin Noir is a flower of the imagination / Precious jasmine, white and immaculate, in its noire interpretation / a flower of pure mystery / a rich and delicate flower that at nightfall, reveals its intriguing sensuality / a precious floral woody fragrance with ambery accents centered around one of the true jewels of perfumery: the jasmin flower / a scent that conjures forth the bewildering seductiveness of feminity as elegant as it is profoundly sensual / Jasmin Noir tells a voluptuous floral story that begins with the pure radiance of luminous light given by green and scintillating notes: Vegetal Sap and fresh Gardenia Petals / Then, tender and seductive, the Sambac Jasmine Absolute, delivers its generous and bewitching notes / Unexpectedly allied with a transparent silky almond accord, it reveals a heart that is light yet thoroughly exhilarating and marvelously addictive / The scent 's sumptuously rich notes repose on a bed of Precious Wood and ambery undertones, bringing together the depth and mystery of Patchouli, the warmth of Tonka Bean and the comfort of silky Musks for an elegant and intimate sensuality / An exquisite fragrance of incomparable prestige, Jasmin Noir captures the very essence of the jeweller / Top Notes:; Green Sap and Gardenia Petals / Heart Notes:; Sambac Jasmine Absolute and Satiny Almond / Base Notes:; Precious Wood, Licorice and Tonka Bean Absolute.

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