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Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Bvlgari / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      19.02.2010 13:05
      1 Comment



      Elegant, Sophisticatd perfume

      My Boyfried bought me this for me for Christmas last year. I was very impressed by the packaging for a start. The box it comes in is very ellegant and stylish. Then you see the bottle and pretty pink colour of the perfume It really is impressive. The scent itself is floral and delicate and long lasting. Everytime I have worn this perfume I have been given great compliments by men and women I just wish I know how to pronouce the name correctly. Usualy I have had floral perfumes for the summer months but this is a floral perfume with a difference. It is also a day and night perfume. I can honestly say If I had seen this prefume with the bottle and packaging it would have instantly attracted me and I know that I will use this very quickly and will be buying it for myself in the future.


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        30.01.2010 15:42



        pretty bottle, pretty smell

        Like most of my perfumes, this one by Bvlgari (I still have no idea how to pronounce the name) was given to me as a gift. The first thing I noticed was how elegant it looked, it came in a pretty big box, and inside sat a beautiful but simple bottle. The perfume itself is light pink colour, so it looks very feminine but without being girly. I wouldn't usually have chosen a smell like this if i'd have been buying for myself, it is very sweet, almost 'sugary' smelling, so much so if i've only just spritzed it i've had people comment that they can smell candy! (I guess this could be considered as good or bad depending on how you want to smell!) I would describe it as a spring/summer scent as it really is too florally to imagine wearing on a cold winters day. Also i'd say it is a day time scent, it's just too light and casual to wear in an evening setting. It is a lovely perfume however, and reasonably priced (about £30) for it's brand name and packaging, there are better perfumes on the market though. Also, I noticed it is nearly identical in fragrance to Chopard Pink Diamond, they are INCREDIBLY similar!
        As for how long this perfume lasts, I couldn't say as mine was STOLEN! (I guess it really is a great scent).


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        14.03.2009 23:01
        Very helpful



        Light flowery fragrance

        This is one of my favourite fragrances. I had not really come across 'Bvlgari' (pronounced 'Bulgari') fragrances before and I knew the brand more for bags and shoes...

        I came across this perfume on one of my shopping trips to 'Debenhams' where they have a large selection of perfumes to sample and choose from.

        I was drawn to this particular frangrance 'Rose Essentielle' as it was one of the ones in the 'new' section and I was looking for a perfume that had a sweet flowery scent that was not too strong, just nice and subtle... and this was one of them.

        I was really impressed with this one that I got the big 50ml bottle that seemed like a rather generous quantitiy for approximately £32 I paid for it about a year ago..

        The bottle is a transparent one in a light pink colour and the cover is a gold round and chunky one with pink top with the designer name on it. It also comes in a big pink box with words in gold 'BVLGARI' at the top, the designer label standing out.

        The perfume itself is a translucent really light pink liquid. The whole package is really feminine and appealing...

        'Rose Essentielle' contains Roses, Blackberry, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Violet and Patchouli. The scent of a rose is what stands out most and it is generally a lovely subtle flowery scent.

        The fragrance is a good quality and stays on for a while and you only need to use a small amount at a time, the 50ml lasts a while and mine just got finished recently as I used it occassionally on special occassions though it can double-up as one for everyday use.

        I'd recommend, it's a good buy.

        ©marina321 Dooyoo March 2009; Ciao.co.uk March 2009; Ciao.com March 2009


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          11.03.2008 12:53
          Very helpful



          A skillfully blended, modern and juicy rose scent that has white floral and fruity edge.

          Launched: 2005
          Group: Floral

          ~ Introduction ~

          I have an ever growing mini collection of Bvlgari fragrances and Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Eau de Toilette is one of them which I solely keep for sampling (Otherwise I would have used all my minis up a long time ago!) A couple of months ago I sampled Paul Smith Rose Eau de Parfum I've found it was a nice and clear modern rose scent and both being scents created around the 'queen of flowers' I have been wondering in what ways Rose Essentielle was different and how it compared to Paul Smith Rose?

          ~ The packaging ~

          The unusual shape of the bottle is a characteristic, hard-to-describe shape used for many of the Bvlgari fragrances such as Bvlgari Pour Femme and Rose Essentielle counterpart, Voile de Jasmin, the only difference being the colour which is a transparent, crystalline, pale pink.

          The bottle is oval shaped at the bottom but narrows towards the top in a concave fashion where it finishes off with sharp edges and a rectangular top. There is an envelope-shaped dent in the front and back, it serves as a grip on the bottle which is quite heavy and bulky compared to the amount of fragrance it contains. The stopper is golden with a 'tie' neck on the front and back with a round top. This fragrance comes in a square rectangular box in pale pink.

          Both the bottle and the box look discreet and the lettering is especially fade on the outer package. Though it does convey the message of the scent being soft and feminine, it's quite easy to miss this product on the shelves.

          ~ The fragrance ~

          Top notes: orange, bergamot, mimosa, jasmine

          The first impressions of Rose Essentielle are a fresh and sweet floral and fruity notes which are creamier, spicier, headier than the opening notes of Paul Smith Rose. Rose Essential has a fresh and sweet start with a fruity hint that makes it warm and inviting like a summer day, a playful and exotic but elegant nonetheless.

          I can feel white flowers and creamy jasmine that isn't very subtle at first and does mask away the more delicate higher tones of rose and sparkling citrus. The jasmine later fades and its role now is to give a long-lasting edge and depth to the top notes. While Paul Smith Rose has a young, fresh, invigorating and definitely longer lasting start as the rose blends in with tea notes Rose Essentielle is soft and warm with fruity and creamy florals added to it for good mesure.

          Middle notes: rose, blackberry, violet leaves

          A few minutes later the fragrance of sheer rose gradually takes over and now it's now got a purer, rosier edge after the citrus notes faded away. The composition becomes musky and has a subtle soapy and spicy edge. The musk is only noticeable, in fact there's only a hint, and you only know it's there as I yet have to come across a sheer rose fragrance that is not infused to some extent in musk. They work well together and that's why rose stays fresh and has a heady and almost camphorous edge that rose oil doesn't have.

          What is more noticeable though just after about an hour is a powdery, earthy tone of patchouli and cedarwood that reminded me straightaway of the oozing heart in Le Baiser du Dragon from Cartier, only a lot more diluted version. I was quite surprised to detect any patchouli in the middle phase as these notes normally serve as a base. It did give an indication that we have an eau de toilette on our hands and that the end was maybe near.

          To compare the heart notes while Paul Smith Rose smells crisp and modern, Rose Essentielle is soft and refined here. The rose is present in all stages of the composition but instead of using backing notes of green tea and musk in Rose, Bvlgari have managed to create a complex fragrance using fine-tuned subtle slightly heavier ingredients that compliment and deepen the rose.

          Base notes: patchouli, musk, gaiac wood

          About 3 - 4 hours later I start detecting the base notes of Rose Essentielle. There's still a certain gourmandness left over from the heart notes that reminds me of forest fruit and the smell of woody hay. These are only nuances though, as the rose is taking a leading role. The juicy berry undertones give the fragrance a playful, crude and wild feel like that of wild rose.

          After about four hours the fragrance faded considerably so I had to re-apply. A spritz on each wrist then lasted till the rest of the evening and I finally managed to get the woody tones the second time round. A disappoinment though, as they were barely detectable and lingered on for about half an hour before disappearing. The woody tones had no particular flavour in particular, just a general, washed, dried out note.

          ~ Conclusion ~

          If you want to experience rose in its pure, intensive form, this fragrance may not be for you. Rose Essentielle is a bouquet of flowers that stays soft, powdery and warm even in the dry down and has none of the long-lasting, heady muskiness of Paul Smith Rose. Rose Essentielle is a quiet fragrance that embrases you with a soft velvety touch. It's suitable for the office or elegant occasions alike being very feminine, subtle and warm. Its two downsides are the subtlety of the notes and poor staying power. However, the overall skillful composition clearly makes Rose Essentielle the best modern rose fragrance I've tested to date.

          ~ Additional rating ~

          Composition: 4 / 5
          Originality: 5 / 5
          Staying power: 3 / 5
          Value for money: 3 / 5

          There's an eau de parfum available that is a more concentrated version of the scent though not having tried it I can't tell how it compares to the eau de toilette in composition and staying power.

          ~ Price / where to buy ~

          Department stores, fragrance stores, online


          £42 / 50ml Rose Essentielle Eau de Toilette
          £58 / 100ml Rose Essentielle Eau de Toilette

          Thanks for reading.

          ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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