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Cacharel Amor Amor Tentation Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Cacharel / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      06.07.2011 09:42
      Very helpful



      A strong and powerful perfume for those who like to stand out.

      Amor Amor Tentation is a fragrance that was created by Cacharel in 2008. The perfume is a new and darker take on the original Amor Amor fragrance that was released in 2003 and a version for men was also created which comes in a dark red bottle.

      The fragrance has been designed for the rebellious women who loves to be involved in scandals and thrives on being the centre of attention. The aroma has been created for those who love to seduce and those who get exactly what they want. It promises to make you instantly attractive, tempting and sexy to those around you.

      All the advertising is based on the colour purple to match the bottle. The television advert shows a woman in a purple dress who sees a man that she likes behind her in the mirror. She imagines him coming over to her and low and behold with one squirt of the perfume, he approaches. This has never happened to me but I can live in hope!

      The magazine advert features the same people. The man looks completely bewitched by the women and the women looks like she has captured him and has gotten exactly what she wants. In the corner, the perfume is pictured and behind it, there is a purple rose.

      Packaging and Price
      The fragrance comes within a heavy glass bottle which is deep purple in colour. The bottle is a fairly boring shape, but it mirrors the shape of the original Amor Amor bottle. The only difference with this one is that it is purple instead of red. Around the neck of the bottle are rings of silver and there is a loop behind the dispenser.

      The fragrance comes in size of 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. For 30ml of the fragrance, you are looking to pay around £30 and the price increases as the bottle gets bigger. It can be bought from most large department stores and from many online websites so shop around to find a better price.

      The Aroma
      The fragrance is designed to be both Oriental and Floral. It aims to be strong, in your face and promises to get you noticed.

      Top Notes
      Juicy Mandarin Orange and Ivy

      Heart Notes
      Jasmine and the Tahitian Tiare Flower

      Bottom Notes
      Virginia Cedar, Spices and Vanilla

      The first thing I want to comment on is the longevity of this fragrance. Every application seems to last a life time. The strength of the perfume never seems to dwindle and I have smelt the aroma on my coats and scarves days after I sprayed the fragrance. It is not one of those fragrances that you can forget that you are wearing. Every time you move, you get a waft of it that is as strong hours later as it was when you used it.

      If I had been asked to guess what ingredients were in this perfume, I wouldn't have come close to guessing what is actually in there. I can't smell any floral aromas whatsoever and I was surprised to see so many included within the perfume.

      I would have described the fragrance as smelling sweet like toffee and caramel with notes of aniseed and creaminess mixed in. There is the sweetness of an orange by no citrus aromas that I can detect and the Vanilla is only faintly evident. I can't smell any woodiness either although the fragrance does have a very warm depth to it.

      I think people will have a love/hate relationship with this perfume. The first time I tried a tester of this, I thought about it all the way home. The next time I was in the shops, I bought the bottle and went crazy with the application which ended up making me feel sick.

      The perfume is so heavy and strong that one squirt is actually enough and will last you all day long. If you spray too much, it will be too evident and you will get sick of the smell, and so will others around you. Even if you really like the fragrance.

      This fragrance is more of a fun night time fragrance that a gentle day time one. It isn't particularly classy or elegant and would probably be best suited to the younger women. It is an uplifting perfume with I associate with excitement and happiness and it is a little rebellious. It isn't for the wall flowers but more for those who love to be the centre of attention.

      All in all, this is an unusual fragrance that is sweet, strong and long lasting. I would sum the fragrance up as being sweet, creamy and ever so slightly spicy. If you go lightly with the application, it is a delicious aroma that will stay with you all day. If you go overboard, you'll be jumping straight in the shower to get it off again.


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      20.10.2010 13:42
      Very helpful



      A perfume that disappointed me!

      It`s not gold all that glitters, and all though this bottle looks funky, stylish, lovely and all that good stuff, I wasn`t all that intruiged and convinced by the fragrance it offered when first spraying it onto my skin, in fact, I ended up not enjoying it at all!

      Thing is, I was so certain that I would enjoy this perfume, because it was said to have a scent of mandarin and oranges, which really went well with me, because I love those scents in a perfume! However, I found this perfume to be a bit too mild and "watery", I would have enjoyed a hint more of the mandarin scent to shine through, as well as the lingering scent of jasmine to stay longer on the skin as well... Actually, after the perfume had rested on my skin for about two hours, it developed into a scent that I found kind of sickening and very off putting, so it`s safe to say that I ended up very disappointed, because I like the idea and makings of the perfume, it just didn`t to what I hoped it would do!

      I would say that this perfume first and foremost is suitable for use during a work day or at school, as I didn`t find it "intersting" and original enough to be a well functioning perfume for evenings out and such, and seeing as I ended up not liking the perfume at all, this is a fragrance I wouldn`t recommend, as I ended up really disappointed!

      Sorry to say, but something about this perfume didn`t go well with me, it just dìdn`t live up to its potential, as I would have enjoyed a well functioning perfume of mandarin and orange, but this one isn`t it!

      Two out of five stars, but sadly, that`s me being nice!


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      02.03.2009 01:27
      Very helpful



      A fresh and mellow, bright and warm melange

      Launched: 2008
      Group: oriental floral

      :: Introduction ::

      Amor Amor Tentation Eau de Parfum is the latest additon to Cacharel's Amor Amor series that started with Amor Amor Eau de Toilette in 2003. I got a sample of this last week in a department store in France and I was first surprised it was an Eau de Parfum - I never associated the Amor Amor scents with such strength. So is it any good? Or is it just another boring, insipid, unimaginative modern fizzy oriental floral that seems to have invaded our space?

      :: The bottle ::

      The bottle and packaging is still the usual Amor Amor theme with only a colour change, the huskier, oriental feel is represented with a deep and smoky violet. The box is deep purple donning a drawing of an oversized purple rose.

      :: The fragrance ::

      Top notes: orange, mandarin

      When the first notes have settled on my skin, I'm getting ripe, fizzy forest berries with citrus hints of mandarin. I may be extrapolating the 'purple' colour into the juice or the manufacturers forgot to add them to the list of ingredients! Another five minutes later the fresh and sweet citrus turns into muskier, drier hints of patchouli and rose that strongly remind me the opening notes of Elle by Yves Saint Laurent. A balanced, not too sweet and not too sharp prelude that's busy enough to stay interesting.

      Middle notes: ivy, jasmine

      Approximately half an hour to an hour later Amor Amor Tentation becomes more intense with a floral kick that is at the same time dry and mellow with a hint of blue - red fruits from Amor Amor lurking in the background. Apart from the sligthly dry jasmine I cannot detect any other florals; only the sweetness of sweet white musk. It's a fairly average, deja-vu scene.

      Base notes: tiare flower

      In the next few hours the powdery jasmine and musk notes slowly blend with what I can best describe as the drydown of Hypnose by Lancome. The effect is almost identical except the vanilla in Tentation is less creamy and less pronounced. There's also a fairly felt presence of sensual, fresh, almost sporty woody aromas that lock all the gentler notes in making them linger on. All these influences in the drydown remind me of Elle again with its persistent fresh and sensual patchouli aroma and Hypnose's soft vanilla.

      :: Conclusion ::

      Amor Amor Tentation cleverly (but blatantly) blends several great influences such as Lancome's Hypnose or YSL Elle. A relatively affordable, long-lasting modern floriental that's young and fresh yet mellow and warm but is of course anything but refined, sophisticated or original. To sum up, ideal for the younger crowd who are into real perfumery and have grown out of the cheap price - cheap smell drugstore colognes. Sorry Cacharel, I know you know better and I'm still wearing your sublime Noa Fleur and your divine and discontinued Gloria!

      :: Price / Availability ::

      In the UK I've only seen this at airports £32 / 50ml Eau de Parfum. Also available on eBay and online fragrance discounters for slightly less.

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao UK


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