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Calvin Klein Escape Eau de Parfum

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5 Reviews

Brand: Calvin Klein / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    5 Reviews
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      26.01.2011 21:42
      Very helpful



      A hit or miss perfume, but one that I certainly like!

      I rarely buy myself perfume, since I usually get it from someone as a birthday or Christmas present, and this Christmas was no exception. In fact, I knew that I was getting a new fragrance from my Dad, and when he asked what I particularly liked, I said I didn't mind as long as it had some staying power!

      Well, Christmas Day came and I opened my new perfume to find that it was this Calvin Klein Escape eau de parfum, in a 100ml bottle, which currently costs in and around £30, although you can pick it up cheaper with various deals, particularly at the likes of Boots. I admit that this was a fragrance that I had never previously heard of, or even noticed on any perfume shelf befor, possibly because, I wouldn't exactly say the bottle is eye catching, in that it is pretty plain. The fragrance, as you can see from the picture comes in a tall, round bottle, with a large silver lid, and a yellowy/gold tinted glass bottle. The name of the fragrance is etched onto the lid.

      When I first took the bottle out of the box, and gave it a quick spray, the immediate reaction in the room at the time from my family, including my husband, was 'That's strong!', and to be totally honest, I thought the exact same, and was a little worried that this wouldn't be a fragrance that would suit me. My Dad usually has great taste in fragrances and he told me that he had actually asked the advice of one of the assistants at the fragrance counter, and was recommended this one.

      My initial reaction, as well as others in the room at the time, changed quickly however, as the fragrance settled on my skin. The very strong initial scent had settled, and was now replaced with a much nicer, more feminine fruity smell. I'm not very good at picking out individual fragrances that combine to give the scent, however after consulting some information about the scent, I discovered that I was correct about the fruitiness of the fragrance, given that this scent contains elements of apple, mandarin, peach and plum, as well as more exotic fruits such as lychee. There are also touches of musk and sandalwood, and I suppose I can certainly sense the musk in the scent.

      As I stated at the beginning, I was looking for a fragrance that has 'staying power', not anticipating that it would last the entire duration of the day, but a good length of time, that I didn't have to respray if I was at work, or out in the evening, and so far so good. It certainly does not last all day, but I do find the fragrance does linger on your skin for at least 3/4 hours, albeit that is gets fainter and fainter.

      All in all, this scent will not be everyone's cup of tea, and it really is one that you need to let settle, so dont be put off by the immediate strength of the scent. In saying that, some may find that it isn't very floral and therefore maybe not as light or feminine as some other fragrances. It is definitely more fruity, and if you prefer that kind of fragrance then this could be the one for you. It does have decent staying power, in comparison to some fragrances, and that is a big factor for me when choosing a fragrance. I like it, but it is possibly a hit and miss one.


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      14.12.2010 09:11
      Very helpful



      A decent perfume

      Calvin Klein Escape is a fragrance that I used to buy regularly when I was younger. Looking back I suspect it was because the lady I used to babysit for used it and I looked up to her and saw the fragrance as a quite grown up one.

      The fragrance comes in a creamy coloured box which looks quite simple and features the product name on the bottle as well as the Calvin Klein brand name. Inside the box the bottle is a simple glass with a rounded kind of shape but the sides still have a slight edge to them. The bottle has a quite large silver coloured lid on and I think the bottle as a whole looks quite classy as it is very simple and understated really. The deep almost golden colour of the scent that you can see through the glass bottle really compliments the silver lid in my opinion and it would look lovely on anyone's dressing table.

      The actual Escape scent to me is quite a strong musky scent and I would say that it is quite a grown up fragrance and one I was possibly wearing too young in my life! I found that when I sprayed the perfume the spray was quite powerful and so just one spray per wrist was always enough as the scent that hits you initially is very strong. The initial smell that I seemed to notice was the muskiness of the fragrance but as the scent settles down it becomes a more fruity musk in my opinion. The scent to me is quite sexy and sophisticated too; at least that was how it made me feel whenever I was wearing it.

      A great thing about this perfume is that the scent does last well. As I mentioned initially it is very strong and possibly slightly over powering at first but as it settles into a less obvious perfume throughout the day it really is pleasant and it does last well. I could always smell the scent ever so slightly on myself at the end of the day but of course you could reapply if you were looking for a stronger finish to the day!

      You can buy this fragrance in a 100ml bottle currently for just £19.99 at the perfume shop which is featuring a huge saving for the bottle size and so in my opinion it would make a nice gift for a female family member or a treat for yourself. I would give this perfume a recommendation despite me not owning it currently as I do think it is pleasant and lasts really well.

      Heart Notes: Peach
      Top Notes: Apple
      Base Notes: Musk

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        19.10.2010 23:53
        Very helpful



        Would buy again...

        I asked my partner a few years ago for a bottle of Calvin Klein 'Eternity' for christmas, and got a shock on christmas morning, when I instead found a bottle of 'Escape'.

        It came in a very boring looking, Light golden/tannish colour box, with black writing overlay. The bottle itself wasn't much more exciting, Just being your average round, ridged, see through bottle, with a large silver, rounded lid.

        The perfume itself, was much better than anticapated and soon became my new favourite perfume, for nights out.

        Calvin Klein Escape is a fresh, fruity floral fragrance. The top and middle notes form a fruity, floral bouquet with Chamomile, Apple, Litchi, Blackcurrant and Mandarin followed by Rose, Jasmine, Peach, Plum, Osmanthus and Clove. The base notes are woody and sensuous with Sandalwood, Musk and something else, although I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

        The heavy fruity smell of the apple, is the most prominet, but you can definetly notice the musk and mandarin tones to it aswell, to me anyway, although a perfume will vary slightly in scent, in accordnace with each individuals personal prefrences.

        It really is a delightful scent, and with 100ml bottles, seeming to be on special offer for a very modest £19.99 each christmas season, at the perfume shop, one cannot complain.

        This is now my new must have perfume pressie each christmas.

        I wear this all the time when I'm going out, as its just one of those scent's that seems to fit the setting. I have definetly recieved many compliments on it from female friends.

        With it being an eau de parfum instead of an eau de toilette, it is as strong from the moment it hits the skin, as when you go to bed that night. It is most definetly an enjoyable to wear scent, and isn't too over powering, like some eau de parfums can be.

        This scent was created in Paris in 1991, and had continued to sell strongly over the years.

        It is definitely nice and feminine, and will suit most perfume tastes, due to its mix of ingredients.

        Calvin Klein market this perfume as being "for the woman who aspires to realize her deepest passions and true desires, escaping the boundaries of everyday life."
        However I don't find that to be a plausible explanation for a perfume, but never mind.

        So in conclusion, Escape may look plain & boring on the outside, but its whats in the inside that counts, and this most certainly won't disapoint

        All in all, excellent value for money, and I would defintely recommend to a friend.


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        08.07.2010 15:53
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        see review

        My Husband first bought me a bottle of this 15 years ago and every year he buy's me another bottle ( he doesn't seem to notice that there are 5 bottles of it on the dressing table!)

        Escape comes in a creamy brown box with the writing in grey to be honest the packaging is very unexciting , however the perfume is in a cylinder shaped bottle with panels and a silver lid it is lovely to hold and far better than the outer packaging.

        The Perfume
        I would describe this as a powerful perfume it isn't strong and heavy but it is a more in depth perfume and is not a subtle fragrance.
        The fragrance lasts very well. The scent is a combination of sandalwood and musk with peach and rose overtones.

        Supposedly this perfume was created for women who aspire to realize her deepest passions and true desires? Not sure how a perfume would do that!

        This really has come down in price over the years and you can get a bottle for around £20.00 depending on where you shop which is a great price.

        I would recommend this as a great lasting fragrance I still like this one but personally would say this is more of a evening perfume and 15 years on prefer something lighter for the day time just need to explain that to hubby!!


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          19.05.2007 12:42
          Very helpful



          test this in boots before you buy

          Abit about Calvin Klein

          I know this was mentioned in my other Calvin Klein perfume reviews but i will mention it again incase you have not read it.

          Calvin Richard Klein was born November 19, 1942 and is a well-known American fashion designer. His name is also a brand name of clothing marketed by his company, which was launched in 1968.

          Calvin Klein was also the first person that made a perfume that could be worn, by both male and females.

          Calvin Klein Escape, was first sold for women in 1991, and for men in 1993. It has been a popular fragrance ever since in many households.

          The bottle

          The bottle is just a clear bottle, that has a silver round cap, which is easy to open, so no fiddling with it to open. I am unable to comment on the box of this perfume, as i do not want to do a false review, when i bought this purfume, i went for the cheper one that had no box. Hense why i got it more cheaper.

          The smell

          Escape is a light aquatic fragrance, It has sandlewood and musk, combined with Plum, Peach, Rose, Apple and Manderin. This perfume is mainly meant for romantic occasions, but i have also worn it through the day time.

          As you can imagine from the ingredients of the fragrance, this perfume smells really fruity, but not too fruity, it is a very nice smell. The different fruits all blend into the perfume very nicely together, to make this a divine smelling perfume.

          It has a sweet smell about it, but also a dry smell at the same time, if that makes sense lol. I do find that this perfume can be quite overpowering, and very lingering if you apply too much, just a few little squirts of this perfume, will last for hours.

          The ingredients

          Ok besides the obvious fragrance additions the other ingredients in this perfume are:
          Alcohol Denat,
          Ext Violet 2 (CI 60730),
          Red4 (CI 14700) and
          Yellow 5 (CI 19140)

          Well i do not know if that means anything to you, because it does not to me lol, but always handy to know.


          Ok now where i bought mine from the prices were as follows:
          50mls - £19.99p - RRP - £37
          100mls - £29.99p - RRP - £51

          Both of these prices were for the perfumes to be fully boxed, so they would be great for a nice gift to a loved one.

          I purchased this at fragrancedirect.co.uk , as you can see also at a fraction of the retail price, what a bragain i really did get.

          Where can i buy this?

          I will list a couple of outlets where you can purchase the perfume:
          Plus many other sites
          plus many other available shops

          Why would i recommend this product

          Nice smell
          Lasts ages

          Why would i not recommend this product

          Can be too overpowering if too much applied.

          My personnal thoughts

          Now as stated this perfume is mainly for romantic wear, as i like to wear my perfumes ever time i go out of the door, i still wore this. I would say it can do for daytime wear, as long as you do not apply too much of it. As said the perfume can be too overpowering, but that can be controlled by how you use it.

          I really did like this perfume, as it was original, and the sort of smell i have not smelt before, and i would certainly buy this again. The perfume and the design of the bottle are both great, and pretty unique.

          I will definatly recommend this product to anyone who likes perfume, all you can do is give it a go, i am sure you will not be disappointed.


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      • Product Details

        Escape is feminine scent that was created by Calvin Klein in 1991. It possesses a blend of apple, mandarin, rose, plum, peach, and finishes with musk and sandalwood.

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