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Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Calvin Klein / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Contents/Size: 50ml / Gender: for Women

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    4 Reviews
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      02.04.2013 22:15
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      An old favourite and recommended

      My first ever 'grown up' perfume was Eternity by Calvin Klein and whenever I smell it, I get memories of my younger days, it was also the perfume I used to wear when I met my other half and although her pretends his memory is shocking, he always comments when I wear this.

      The bottle has a very simple and classic design; it comes in a rectangle clear glass bottle, with a nice silver lid which is shaped a little like a letter T. To the front of the bottle, is the Eternity logo in plain black writing. The packaging is also very simple, plain white, again, with the Eternity logo in black writing.

      Accordingly to basenotes.com, the fragrance is as follows:

      Top notes: Freesia, Mandarin & Sage
      Middle notes: Muguet, White Lily, Marigold & Narcisse
      Base notes: Patchouli, sandalwood & Amber

      Now I am a little older and wiser, I should I read the elements of the fragrance, I would probably never consider this as I prefer fruity and fresh smells however I still really love this. I always associate floral fragrances as being ' old fashioned; however this isn't the case at all, this fragrance it quite refreshing.

      Upon first spray, what strikes me now more than ever is how strong this is, you really don't need a lot to get the desired effect (which worries me slightly as I know when I used to go out drinking, I used to 'plaster' myself in it!!!), I used to wear for everyday and evening wear, just applying different amounts to make this stronger. I find that it has really good staying power, hours after spraying; I can still smell on my skin and clothes.

      It comes in three different sized bottles; 30ml which retails for approximately £29, 50ml which costs around £43 and 100ml which retails for around £60. Eternity is only available in EDP, which doesn't bother me as I prefer EDP as I find it stronger, so it always lasts me a bit longer. You can also shower cream and body lotion and occasionally (mainly near Christmas), you can get a mixture of products in gift sets for quite reasonably prices.

      Overall, I would recommend this fragrance, not just because it reminds me of my younger, carefree days but because I love the fragrance, staying power and reasonable price and I would give 5 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading


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        02.01.2013 21:23
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        A modern classic fragrance

        Eternity was introduced in 1988 by Calvin Klein as a tribute to his marriage.
        At the time I used to buy lots of magazines and I can remember that pre launch virtually every magazine I bought had samples of the perfume in - and for me it was love at first sniff.
        Unfortunately I had to wait a month or so until the launch date and I hotfooted it to the shops to buy this as soon as it was available.
        Hard to believe that was nearly 25 years ago.

        The Bottle
        I love the packaging of Eternity - a plain bottle with a distinctive silver lid that pulls off to reveal the spray. Over the years the design has not changed but they have released all silver versions , which I have and is so pretty I have this displayed on my dressing table .

        The Scent
        I have researched the elements of this fragrance because I could not really put this into a category.

        The top notes are Freesia Mandarin and Sage with middle notes of Muguet ( Lily of the Valley)White Lily Marigold and Narcissus and base notes of Patchouli, Sandalwood and Amber.

        Having done the research I understand why I like this so much as it contains some of my favourite flowers in the top and middle notes and although I am not a great fan of strong patchouli I do find a lot of my favourite perfumes contain this plus sandalwood and amber.
        I chose freesia and lily of the valley for my wedding bouquet , plus I adore the scent of narcissus and have these planted in tubs in my garden.

        The combination of the flowers sage and mandarin plus the base notes make this a beautiful spicy feminine floral fragrance. I think it is very distinctive and I haven't come across anything similar.

        For me this is not an obvious floral and I find it a light fragrance , perfect for anytime, however I am aware that this is a matter of individual taste .

        I recall that one time I wore this I was greeted by someone who was very unhappy with the fragrance as she suffered from hayfever. I was sympathetic but she wasn't very diplomatic about airing her views and I felt very uncomfortable in her presence, but was also was tempted to nip to the loo and have another spray as she had been so rude! This is the only complaint anyone has ever made about this in the 25 years I have worn this

        I adore this fragrance and find it perfect to wear day and evening. It is long lasting although I think that if you wear the same perfume all the time you become immune to the scent after a few hours, but people always comment about this when I wear it, so I think that this works very well for me.

        I wear perfume every day, I don't save it for special occasions as I want to enjoy the aroma, plus perfume goes off, so I hate to think I might waste it.

        What I also like about this one is that the scent is there from the instant I spray this and I don't feel it changes too much. That is sometimes a problem with some scents I have tested where I have really liked them in the shop but when they develop they change and I am not as keen on them.

        If I am buying this myself, I usually buy the smallest version so I can fit this in my handbag without adding too much weight or volume as I like to have a perfume with me.

        I loved this perfume in my 20's and still do 25 years on , so I think it has a wide appeal.

        It is a quality perfume in a very stylish package that is representative of the Calvin Klein brand . I am reviewing Eternity for Women but they do make a version for men, which I would also recommend.

        Price and Availability
        Widely available on the high street in department stores and chemists, plus online.
        Prices vary from £28.50 for 30ml to £59.50 for 100ml Eau de parfum plus you can find this a lot cheaper on ebay or at some online retailors. I am a bit wary about buying perfume and prefer to get it from Boots or Debenhams as I do think that some online seller are selling old stock that goes off quickly.

        A must have for me and one that I rate as highly as classics like Chanel No 5.


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          27.12.2012 22:30
          Very helpful



          A nice scent but a bit expensive for me.

          Perfume is something I never really buy myself as I always end up receiving it as a gift around the festive period. This is something I was given by my Grandmother for Christmas and thought I would share my thoughts and feelings about it.

          This perfume comes in a rather elegant long rectangular shaped glass bottle. There is a metal t-shaped pump at the top of the bottle which is silver in colour. There is no separate lid for this as the t-shaped pump acts as the dispenser and lid in a sense. The liquid perfume inside is a slightly yellowy/green coloured but very pale (almost like urine...?). It looks very pretty when combined with the cut glass and metal pump and the overall look of the bottle is very elegant and timeless. I would happily give this to my grandmother or my best friend. That said, my one criticism of the bottle is that it isn't overly feminine - this could easily be mistaken for a aftershave rather than a perfume.

          The smell of the perfume is what I would describe as a mature scent. By this I mean it is quite a strong smell that has a older smell to it which I would associate with an elegant woman in her 40s/50s. This is no bad thing, it means the scent is timeless and not just a whim of youth. That said, for a younger person it might seem a little too mature - though personally I quite like it.

          It does also feel very refreshing though and it something that I would happily wear in both summer and winter, day or night. There are definitely floral and spice notes in this scent as it reminds me a little bit of warm winter spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. I also can smell some beautiful deep floral scents which feel almost tropical, this is a lovely tough and gives the perfume a little bit of mystery as well.

          The perfume does also mellow after it has been sprayed and deepens to an almost musky woody smell which is really lovely when combined with the floral and spice notes. Overall, this is a beautiful rich perfume that definitely has a freshness to it but also a deep, sensual level which makes it very womanly and sexy.

          The perfume is noticeably of good quality as the smell lasts for a very long time once sprayed. I can last a whole day and get home still being able to smell this scent on myself which is great. In terms of longevity and quality I would definitely recommend this perfume as for me it probably has the best holding power of anything I have tried.

          This perfume retails at roughly £30 for a 30ml bottle which does make it rather expensive. As a gift this is perfect because I do love trying out new perfumes. Personally at this stage in my life I like to use something a little more relaxed and youthful but this will certainly be a perfume I return to when I get a little bit older and wiser.

          Overall, a lovely elegant perfume but the price is a bit steep.


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          03.10.2012 14:08
          Very helpful



          A spicy and refreshing fragrance that lasts a long time but can be a little overpowering at times.

          I guess my title is a bit of an exaggeration, but I certainly have had this bottle for some time, such that I can't remember now whether it was my 16th or 18th birthday that my daAQ d bought it for me for. I do remember feeling like this was a particularly special present. I'm not great with all these cosmetic type items, make-up, jewellery, perfume, but I always appreciate the gifts and treat them as much as recommendations of what would be good for me. Saying that, my dad bought it, so we'll see!


          The outer box is rather plain looking, with the name 'ETERNITY' at the top of the front and the basic information, Calvin Klein, 1.7 Fl Oz, 50 ml at the bottom. Ingredients are listed at the back.

          Inside the slightly awkward to open box is the glass bottle, some care is of course needed in taking it out slowly. It is quite a nice looking bottle, rectangle shaped with a metal T-shaped pump. There is no lid, but I keep it inside the box anyway, as my mum has always advised me that you shouldn't leave perfume bottles out in the open. Apparently the sunlight slowly spoils the fragrance and it loses it's strength. I've never taken the chance so don't know if this is true, but on the other hand, she's had her perfume for years and it is still as good as ever.

          Anyway, again the same details are on the front, but otherwise the glass is clear, so you can see the slightly yellow coloured liquid inside. In spite of the cardboard box it comes in, it does look like a good quality product, but then what would you expect from Calvin Klein? However, I did feel that this bottle was a little plain and nothing special, especially given the sorts of bottles out there, but then I guess this has a lot to do with brand image, and that simply doesn't interest me!


          I notice that even lightly depressing the pump releases a fair amount of the perfume straight away. Press harder and a lot comes out, more than I think is really needed. Because so much perfume tends to come out at once, as with a lot of bottles, I guess, I tend to only spray once and then rub my wrists together really well and sometimes also rub some onto my neck. The scent does seem to catch on quite effectively and this way, less is wasted.


          The scent hits you immediately. It is actually quite strong and overpowering, and initially you get that almost chemical smell from the first spray. After a few seconds this softens down a bit, but it is still quite a strong perfume.

          The smell is quite a refreshing kind, and strangely it reminds me of the rain a little. I'm not sure this would make much sense in writing but I'm sure there is a certain fragrance in rain that makes you feel refreshed and I get this from this perfume. I also have the image of tropical flowers in my mind when I smell this perfume, and quite a bit of cinnamon or a similar spice.

          As the day goes on, the spicy aspect of the fragrance is what seems to linger the most and somehow this is less how I had imagined this perfume would be just from looking at the bottle. Nonetheless, I really like this scent as it is warming and yet refreshing at the same time.


          This is one of my perfumes that I have noticed seems to last a long time. I do often find that the coat or jacket that I wear on the day I am using the perfume will still hold the fragrance for days afterwards. It also catches onto my pillow and covers, which can be rather nice for a night or two, as long as it is not too much, because perfumes do actually start to give me headaches after a while. I certainly think this is the kind of perfume that would give you a nasty headache if you used too much in fact, because of its strength and ability to last this long.


          So this bottle has lasted me for some years, but to be honest that is more because I have a few more now, and to be honest, it isn't really my favourite. I certainly like it, and when I wear it now, it reminds me of some of the nice days/evenings out when I have worn it before. It is amazing how a perfume has the power to spark a memory in your mind, and this one certainly does that for me.

          This was given to me, but I have to admit it is not one I would have picked out myself. Saying that, I do appreciate variety and it nice to have a choice of something different on my dresser for another occasion. I wear it to weddings that go on all day and other long events, but I can't lie, it does sometimes give me a bit of a headache, so it comes with a caution for me! In fact for this reason, it is probably a better fragrance to be wornd outdoor daytime events, simply because you get the benefit of a nice, long lasting and noticeable scent, and also plenty of fresh air to stop it becoming overpowering.


          A spicy and refreshing fragrance that lasts a long time but can be a little overpowering at times. Not used often and spraying only once at a time means this perfume will probably last me a lifetime, so although I didn't pay, I think it would have been worth it's price.


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      • Product Details

        Eternity was created by Calvin Klein in 1988 and is recommended for daytime wear / This feminine scent possesses a blend of white lily white florals marigold and mandarin / Accompanied by an amber and sandalwood background /