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Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews
  • nice bottle
  • smells lovely
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    4 Reviews
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      12.02.2015 16:22


      • "nice bottle"
      • "lasts well"
      • "smells lovely"


      A lighter version of a gorgeous fragrance

      Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau De Toilette is the lighter Eau de Toilette version of the original Euphoria fragrance. It's available in a 30ml size priced at £34, a 50ml size priced at £47, and a 100ml size priced at £63.

      My thoughts

      The bottle is really nice, though the lighter colour of the eau de toilette means it doesn't have the same look as the eau de parfum which has a lovely purple colour. This bottle doesn't look as good as the original, but it still has a pretty, elegant look to it.

      The fragrance is described as a sheer oriental that is a luminescent, more delicate and sensual interpretation of the original. I would definitely agree with the description of it being a more delicate version of the original, and that's really why I bought it as I love the original but it's quite heavy, so I wanted a lighter version of it, and this is just that. However, I don't think it's a more sensual version, I think the original has a more sensual feel to it than this one.

      The top notes are pomegranate, persimmon, and lush green accord, the mid notes are lotus blossom and champaca flower, and the base notes are liquid amber, black violet, cream and mahogany. The main overall fragrance is a deep floral with creamy undertones.

      I find this fragrance is really nice and very similar to the original, but it's lighter and fresher and it doesn't give me a headache like the original did! It's a very sensual scent, and I think it's perfect for a night out or evening date, rather than for every day wear, although this version wouldn't be as out of place during the day as the original.

      I think this scent would suit most women as it doesn't have a particular maturity or immaturity to it. It's also one I get a lot of compliments on when I'm wearing it, particularly from men.

      I only use a couple of sprays of this at a time and that's enough to give a wonderful scent without being overpowering. It doesn't last as long as the original eau de parfum, but that's to be expected. For an eau de toilette it lasts really well, I'd say about 6 hours before I feel I need to top it up.


      Yes, I would definitely recommend this fragrance, especially if, like me, you enjoyed the original Euphoria fragrance but found it a little heavy.


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      15.09.2013 16:56
      Very helpful



      A deliciously sweet and fruity fragrance which is long lasting on the skin

      I have a wide range of fragrances at home but there is always room for more so when I got some shopping vouchers recently, I decided to spend them on a new fragrance. My perfume of choice was Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

      About the fragrance
      The product is a fruity and floral fragrance which is described as being sensual and mysterious. It has been designed to leave you feeling glamourous and it supposed to portray living your dream and feelings of freedom. The fragrance has been around since 2005 and claims to be a fun and enticing aroma for women.

      The fragrance has top fruity notes of pomegranate while at the heart of the aroma are floral notes of black orchid and lotus. At the base of the fragrance are creamy and woody notes of amber, mahogany, violet and musk.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes contained within a beautiful glass bottle through which you can see some of the fragrance which is pinky purple. There is a silver metallic strip on the side of the bottle and it adds a bit of mystery to the design. The dispenser of the bottle is a beautiful pink/purple shade and the lid is a silver/purple cuboid which makes the bottle look even more special.

      The product will cost you around £35 for 30ml of the fragrance. It is also available in 50ml and 100ml bottles although these cost more. The product can be bought from department stores such as Boots and also from a range of online websites.

      Application and Performance
      The mist sprays well from this bottle and it dispenses evenly across the skin as opposed to shooting out in one direction. A good amount of the fragrance is dispensed with each push of the button and two or three squirts is more than enough for me. The fragrance comes out of the bottle smelling strong and it is very present. It boarders on being over powering but stops just short of this. As such, you don't need to use much per application which means the fragrance will be longer lasting.

      The fragrance is extremely sweet but not is a childish way. It doesn't smell completely natural and it does have a hint of artificiality about it but I still like the sugary sweetness. It is really fruity but in a deep way that makes this product suitable for use in both the summer, winter, day and night. You can't smell the pomegrante as such but you can definitely detect fruit. The aroma also has a woody, creamy depth to it which rests on the skin and gives the fragrance a lovely warmth.

      The perfume is long lasting on the skin and it does remain on the clothes for a long time to the extent that you can still smell it on cardigans and coats. It doesn't change as time goes on but instead it does begin to fade away. The formula hasn't irritated my skin or caused me to experience any discomfort and it doesn't get sickly in anyway. It is quite a sexy, fun scent as opposed to a sophisticated one so it will be better suited to certain personalities.

      All in all, this is a deliciously sweet fragrance which is fruity and creamy with a warm depth. You don't need to use much of the product to get the desired results and the fragrance is long lasting on the skin. It will be too sweet for some but this is right up my street and I will happily repurchase this once mine has all gone.


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      04.04.2013 15:28
      Very helpful



      Pleasant but unexciting

      I've reviewed a few other Calvin Klein perfumes on here and I always seem to come to the same conclusion with them. They have nice scents, they generally have nice bottles, the prices are usually reasonable but they don't tend to have much staying power or punch. I was keen to test this one out when I received it as a present not long ago to see if it was different to the others.

      This eau de toilette comes in a unusual looking elliptical shaped clear glass bottle. It has a silver coloured rectangular prism lid and across the top of the elliptical shaped bottle there is a curved piece of silver coloured metal. The look of the bottle is unlike anything else I've seen when it comes to fragrances. It has a thoroughly modern look to it and this is complimented by the light purpley pink coloured liquid that sits inside. Though I do like this sharp, modern design my personal preference is for a more classic and elegant look.

      The fragrance instantly hits you as being very floral and powdery. Some might find this a little cloying or perhaps dated because it does have an almost talcum powder aspect to it. Personally I love these beautiful floral scents but it does seem to jar a little with the design. Underneath the initial floral you get an almost woody, balmy scent which is peppered with a sweetness. This adds a warmth and body to the perfume and gives it a bit more depth.

      The top notes are bergamot, peach and green notes. This layer is very subtle and light, it smells fresh and slightly fruity and is a nice opener for a perfume which is very heavily floral. The heart notes are lotus, honeysuckle, orchid and champaca which are all stunningly fresh floral scents which add another notes of freshness whilst combining together to give a powdery floral bouquet of scents. The base notes are sandalwood and amber which come together to create a woody base for the perfume which adds depth and sensuality.

      This perfume is best suited to daytime use and probably is most appropriate in the summer and spring seasons because of the heavy use of florals and fresh scents. I do really like this perfume but once again it is another CK fragrance which doesn't quite hit the mark for me. It is fresh and flowery smelling but there is something missing that gives it an extra punch or added bit of interest. This makes the perfume a little bland and boring and it doesn't tend to last that long, even for an eau de toilette.

      This scent retails at between £20-£45 depending on the size of bottle that you go for. Personally between the overly modern bottle and the unexciting scent this really isn't one I'd shell out for. It is perfectly pleasant but nothing exciting I'm afraid.


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      19.02.2013 20:08
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a must have, im a total convert and im not looking back

      The Product:
      Calvin Klein Euphoria. This is a perfume for women. It is my utter favorite. I discovered it in duty free at the airport on the way to my summer holiday. I was attracted to the purple bottle and now I am hooked! The blurb on the box boasts: "A stunning oriental fragrance that has a rich and attractive signature scent. Calvin Klein Euphoria, a blend of black violet, pomegranate, mahogany wood and lotus blossom make this an enchanting and seductive fragrance". It's a simply little 'explanation' and it needs to fanfare. Its truly heaven in a bowl (to quote friends!)

      The Bottle and the Packaging:
      I would not expect anything less from Calvin Klein. It is a very simple rectangle box with a powerful purple hue. The bottle is a lovely, sexy little shape, and, to me, looks womanly all by itself. It's a curvy, voluptuous shape, silver and clear. Much more transparent than your average women, but the hint of silver on the top makes it look expensive, mysterious and like it has hidden depths.

      The Scent:
      What can I say? It is a sensual summers day. Its light, but powerful, in a very non-overpowering sense. That is, you can smell it, and it leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that it is there, but it is not so 'heavy' that you can taste it every time you breathe in! It's aroma is personifyingly feminine. No man could wear this, so its distinctly exclusive, just for the girls! I think you can smell the lotus blossom, whether I would have said that if I did not know the ingredients is anyone's guess, but now I know its in there, I swear I can smell it! Have you ever stood in a woods surrounded by blossom trees? Well it smells like that but with a much richer, cleaner scent not mingled in with grass and random doggy gifts!

      Does the scent last:
      It really does. To me this is a precious elixir that I have intention of wasting in my little atomizer handbag-size perfume refiller. To me it's a luxury that I want to savor. I do not wear this through my days at work, its way too good for that! I apply a couple of squirts whilst getting ready for my night out and I can smell it through my evening. The lovely thing is that when you greet your friends, they give you a kiss and a hug and tell you that you smell divine - a definitive plus for the confidence factor on any social event! At the end of evening when you hold your wrist up to your nose you can still smell it.

      As with any scent, if you are exposed to it for any length of time you become almost immune to i.e. and cannot smell it on yourself even though it is still there. Don't be tempted to reapply, you truly don't need to -ask someone else to smell it and they will confirm for you that its still there and that you smell gorgeous!

      How it makes me feel:
      Sexy and feminine and worth it!

      The Price:
      Mine was £65 duty free. Its not cheap but its worth the spend - you get what you pay for.

      My very best discovery of 2012, I will always keep a supply of this little baby!


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    • Product Details

      Euphoria the new fragrance from Calvin Klein has top notes of pomegranate persimmon and lush green accord; within the heart imparts a mysterious and intoxicating feeling through notes of rich black orchid dewy lotus blossom and sensual champaca flower / The drydown provides a lasting signature of liquid amber black violet cream accord and mahogany wood /

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