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Calvin Klein Euphoria Women Eau de Parfum

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55 Reviews
  • long lasting
  • lovely bottle
  • very strong and gives me a headache
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    55 Reviews
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      20.03.2015 18:15
      Very helpful



      Gorgeous Perfume!

      For my 19th birthday I treated myself to a bottle of Calvin Klein Euphoria. I tried it out in a duty free shop at the airport years ago and I still remember how much I loved it. It was the first really “grown- up” perfume I bought and it smells truly wonderful! It has become my everyday perfume now, and I think it is suitable for both work and going out.

      The main notes are pomegranate persimmon and black orchid, all the components mix together really well to have a lovely flowery scent. Although the initial notes seem to mix and fade quite quickly, the overall scent lasts for a lot longer than many other perfumes I have tried. The scent is mature and sophisticated, but still smells very sensual.

      Although the fragrance is strong it is not overpowering, it is still nice and subtle. I have had more compliments on this perfume than on any others I own. I also think it is suitable for a wide range of ages to wear.

      The only real downside I can think of to this perfume is the bottle. I don’t really like the bottle as much as I like the fragrance. The purple colour is not very interesting, it looked a bit non descript on the shelves compared to most other perfume bottle. The bottle is squat and not a pretty shape, but this isn’t really important compared to how good it smells. I definitely recommend you trying Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum!


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      12.02.2015 16:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "long lasting"
      • "lovely bottle"
      • "smells amazing"


      • "very strong and gives me a headache"

      Stunning fragrance, but very strong!

      Calvin Klein Euphoria was first released in 2005. It's available in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml sizes, priced at £37.50, £57.50, and £69.50.

      My thoughts

      I love the bottle of this perfume, I find it looks very classy and elegant. The lovely deep purple colour of the glass looks gorgeous and the shiny silver looks expensive and not tacky.

      The fragrance is described as sensual, mysteriously glamorous, and illuminous. I think that's a pretty good description to be honest, it's a very deep and sensual feeling scent.

      The top notes are pomegranate, persimmon, and a lush gree accord, the mid notes are lotus blossom, champaca flower and black orchid, and the base notes are liquid amber, black violet, cream accord and mahogony. The overall fragrance is a heavy, sweet floral with woody undertones.

      I do really love this fragrance, I fell in love with it when I first tried a tester in a department store, and ended up buying it straight away. I think it's quite an unusual scent, and has quite an exotic feel to it. The scent is gorgeous, but I find because it's so heavy it gives me a headache after a while wearing it.

      The heavy and deep nature of this scent means it's only really suitable for evening wear. I have smelt it on people during the day and I've always thought it seemed really out of place. When I wear it for a night I get a lot of compliments and people asking me what perfume I'm wearing.

      The scent is really high quality, I find just a couple of sprays gives the right amount of fragrance. Spraying too much of this will definitely be a mistake as it is very strong, and very overpowering if you wear too much. It lasts really well, and I've never felt like it needed topping up. I'd say it lasts at least 24 hours if you don't wash it off in the shower.


      I would recommend this scent if you are able to wear very strong, heavy perfumes, as it is a stunning fragrance. However, if you're like me and find that heavy scents tend to give you a headache, I'd recommend trying the Eau de Toilette version, which is a little lighter and fresher, and doesn't induce headaches so easily.


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        15.01.2015 17:30
        Very helpful


        • " beautiful packaging"
        • "Beautiful fragrance"


        • none

        Elegant, Classy and Sophisticated

        I reаllу enjoу buуing perfumes... for other people mostlу аs I often get mine аs gifts too.
        Before I wаs introduced to Euphoriа for women, I hаd purchаsed Euphoriа for men аbout three times for different guуs I know аs birthdау presents; the first one; one of mу best friends liked it so much thаt the next time I went to the perfume shop, I knew I wаs going to get it аgаin the next couple of times... It smells аbsolutelу gorgeous!

        Bаck to 'Euphoriа for Women'! А friend of mine wаs leаving the compаnу in which we worked together аnd I mаde а smаll collection to buу her а present. I thought Euphoriа аgаin when I went into the perfume shop аnd when the guу mentionned it, I thought I best give it а trу. When he brought it out, I thought Wow!!
        The pаckаging is beаutiful аnd the bottle is one of the best perfume bottle I hаve come аcross in а while with silver borders encompаssing а round, somwehаt curvу glаss bottle with а purplish mаroon colour showing through it which is the perfume.
        The cover is а long rectаngulаr shаpe with the detаiled 'Cаlvin Klein' inscribed simplу to one side. On first looks - elegаnt, clаssу аnd sophisticаted product.

        I thought thаt's the one I wаs going to get аs it looked more expensive thаn it аctuаllу wаs too:)
        He sprауed it on the tester strips аnd I thought the frаgrаnce wаs delicаte with а nice fruitу scent, not too strong, not too light аnd definitelу hаd the scent of good quаlitу perfume аnd I hаve got а nose for quаlitу perfume I must sау..:)

        On closer inspection, I reаd thаt it is а delicаte blend of а number of ingredients, the ones thаt stood out for me were the pomegrаnаte, lotus blossom аnd blаck violet аnd уou get а hint of the pomegrаnаte аnd the flowers coming through аs а unique fruitу-like аnd flowerу scent. The rest of the ingredients I аm not too fаmiliаr with but the whole compote smells gorgeous аnd I bought this right аwау.
        Beautiful fragrance, beautiful packaging


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        24.07.2013 08:35
        Very helpful



        Lovely scent, not so lovely bottle!

        remember reading a few reviews of Calvin Klein Euphoria here on Ciao and on Dooyoo.
        I am not a fan of Calvin Klein's fragrances mainly because I think that most of the bottles that they come in are quite masculine and don't appeal to me, which I suppose is pretty shallow of me, but also because I have not been impressed by some of their fragrances. I remember disliking Eternity when I tried it a while back.

        I received a few samples when I bought a perfume in Debenhams recently and one of the samples was Calvin Klein Euphoria eau de parfum.

        ~ Packaging ~
        Even the card packaging my sample came in seems quite masculine. It is a metallic burgundy colour and is very minimalist, with the word, 'euphoria' at the top and 'Calvin Klein' in the bottom left hand corner, the rest of the card being plain.
        The full size bottle is silver and metallic burgundy. It is narrow bottle, with an odd shape. The base is rounded so the bottle rocks, but it does not fall over easily.
        The lid is tall and rectangular shaped with, 'euphoria Calvin Klein' written up the side of it.
        The bottle is very masculine. It looks as though it could easily be a male fragrance, which I think is a shame. I think it would be an ugly addition to my dressing table.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        Calvin Klein Euphoria eau de parfum is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles.
        The 30ml bottle is available on cheapsmells.com for £29.75 (RRP £33.00).
        The 50ml bottle is available on cheapsmells.com for £36.75 (RRP £45.00).
        The 100ml bottle is available on cheapsmells.com for £47.95 (RRP £64.50).
        I think this is quite expensive and I would expect to pay about £5.00 less than cheapsmells.com's prices for each of the different sized bottles.
        Euphoria is also available as an eau de toilette (which comes in a light pink and silver bottle instead of the burgundy and silver bottle).

        ~ Scent ~
        The scent of this fragrance really surprised me. It was not what I was expecting.
        I think I was expecting something quite plain and average to be honest. Although I have read some positive reviews about this fragrance, my lack of enthusiasm for Calvin Klein Eternity convinced me that this fragrance would be just as average. After all, why put a nice scent in such an ugly bottle? It seems like a waste!
        To me this fragrance is very fruity and I can smell juicy berries. It is a very pleasant and uplifting scent.
        According to fragrantica.com the notes include rose hip, Japanese apple, green leaves, Lotus, black orchid, red woods, black violet and amber.
        I'm not sure where the berries come into that, but it has also been suggested that pomegranate is another of the notes in this fragrance.
        The card with the free sample I received lists 'exotic fruits, rich black orchid and sensual woods' as some of the notes.
        I can detect a pleasant violet scent, which must be the black violet note, but the strong fruity scent dominates the fragrance. It is quite sweet, but the violet gives the fragrance powdery undertones.
        I can detect other floral notes, but cannot pick anything out individually. The florals are light, sweet and inoffensive. There is no harshness to them at all.
        This fragrance has been described as woody, but I can only detect a tiny hint of woodiness in this fragrance.
        It is very feminine.
        I think this scent is probably aimed at more mature women, but I think teens and younger women will also appreciate it.
        It lasts around 6 hours on my skin, which I have been impressed with as I often find sweeter, fruity scents fade quickly. I find that I can smell the fragrance on myself throughout the day.
        I would wear this as a day time scent as it is quite light.

        ~ Conclusion ~
        I really like this scent and wouldn't mind a full size bottle, despite my dislike for the masculine bottle design.
        It is fairly long lasting on my skin and it is a happy, uplifting scent.
        I do think it is quite pricey, but I suppose I am not a fan of the brand.
        If you can look past the design of the bottle this is a lovely fragrance that I would recommend and I will probably eventually get myself a full size bottle.
        If it had a nicer bottle it would receive the full 5 stars, but the bottle really is a big drawback for this fragrance.


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          18.04.2013 22:46
          Very helpful



          An excellent fragrance and recommended!

          My mum brought this for me for my birthday and it has proven to be one of my favourite fragrances which I was pleasantly surprised about as I had never smelt or even had the desire to try before.

          There are currently three different sizes available, 30ml retails at around £33, 50ml for around £45 and 100ml for around £65, I have found it is quite widely available from most chemists and fragrance shops. There also shower gels and body lotions in the same range, when Christmas approaches, places such as Boots, Dagenham's, John Lewis etc also sell the fragrance is different gift sets which I find tend to work out better value for money.

          I think the bottle is quite unique; it is a bit like a squashed oval with a nice tall lid. The front and the rear are silver and the sides are clear to indicate how much fragrance is left in the bottle. I can't really think of anything similar looking on the market.

          According to basenotes.com, the fragrance is described as follows:

          Top Notes - Pomegranate, Persimmon, "Lush Green Accord"
          Middle Notes - Lotus Blossom, Champaca Flower, Black Orchid
          Base Notes - Liquid Amber, Black Violet, Cream Accord, Mahogany Wood

          Unlike a lot of fragrances, Euphoria stays strong all day long, at end of the day when I take my clothes off; I can still smell it on my top. It does however tend to change as the day goes on. Upon first spray, the lovely aroma of fruit comes through; I couldn't say exactly what fruit it is but can assume it is the pomegranate infused with one of the other key ingredients. After that, it is really hard to pick out an exact note, which I think is great as it shows that the notes work well together, what I can say is that the fragrance then adopts a more floral scent. Normally I don't like floral fragrances however this smells really modern and fresh.

          For me, I find this a little too heavy for the summer and would describe it more as an evening or winter fragrance - this doesn't however put me off it, it just means that I need to have another perfume too! Because it is heavy, I don't need to spray much to get the desired effect, I have had this bottle for around a year now and there is still quite a lot left.

          I find this is one of the least common fragrances by Calvin Klein, by that I mean I don't know of many people that also wear this, I can think back to my younger days and everyone was wearing Eternity or CK One.

          The fragrance is available as EDT and EDP, I always try and buy the EDP as I find they are a bit stronger and seem to last me a bit longer as I don't need to apply as much.

          Overall, I quite like this and will definitely be adding it to my Christmas wish list when I run out so 5 out of 5 stars from me.

          Thanks for reading.


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            17.04.2013 11:38
            Very helpful



            A classy perfume for most ages

            My mum always brings back perfume from her holiday, she does it out of habit as the stuff she brings back from the duty free is often dearer than can be found else where. One of her latest offerings was Euphoria by Calvin Klein (I hadn't even noticed it was by CK until doing this review).

            Looking on line I see this perfume is quite expensive- around £30 for 30ml going up to over £50 for 100ml. The bottle I've just finished is 50ml which seems to be the size I always receive. There is an EDT available but doesn't seem much cheaper.

            The bottle is awkwardly shaped like a glass banana with a tall silver lid. The spray nozzle is good quality and gives a decent blast of perfume. The dark pink box is simple with the Euphoria written in small letters.

            I've looked online for the 'notes' as I wouldn't have a clue by just smelling the perfume:

            Top Notes
            Pomegranate, Persimmon, "Lush Green Accord"

            Middle Notes
            Lotus Blossom, Champaca Flower, Black Orchid

            Base Notes
            Liquid Amber, Black Violet, Cream Accord, Mahogany Wood

            These 'notes' always surprise me as I can't pick many of the fragrances out as they all blend together, there's a couple of scents that over ride the others- in this case blossom and orchid for me. The perfume is sweet and has a feminine exotic feel to it. Euphoria smells expensive, it doesn't have a cheap scent to it at all. It reminds me of an older version of my daughters Britney Spears Fantasy perfume which I also like as that too has a sweet fragrance (and is a lot cheaper). I think Euphoria would be too heavy for my daughter though even at night.

            The perfume starts out very strong and I always put too much on, fortunately it dies down. Unlike other strong perfumes I get used to this one after a couple of hours and can hardly detect it on myself however other people can smell it on me. I do get compliments whilst using this particular perfume and it does get recognised. My sister wears Euphoria and I can smell it on her hours after she's applied it and I know she doesn't top up during the day so it does have longevity- I just can't smell it on myself as much, but she probably squirts more on than me.

            I do like this perfume and wear it most days, unlike other strong perfumes it isn't too overpowering and sickly- well maybe a bit when it first goes on if you spray too much. Unusually for me I use the whole bottle, my Obsession EDP is still half full and will most likely stay that way.

            I would recommend it and give it 4 Stars because it can be initially overpowering if I use too much which is easily done because of the spray.


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            30.12.2012 14:25
            Very helpful



            A beautiful offering from Calvin Klein

            **Introduction and reason for purchase**
            I am a big fan of fragrances and love anything from 'cheap and cheerful' EDT's from the likes of Avon, Body Shop etc to the more premium scents from top designers and in the past I've been a fan in particular of Calvin Klein fragrances. A long time ago my old workplace (a cafe bar) was holding a 'Calvin Klein evening' and as it wasn't a night I was working my manager kindly saved me a few freebies; one of which was a gift set which incorporated a few small sample sized perfumes and this is where my love of CK fragrances began. After a few years though I tired a little of Obsession and Eternity but was not impressed either with the introduction of the newer CK fragrances and my attention was lead away towards the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier.

            Fast forward to the Summer of 2011 where my husband's aunty returned from holiday informing us that she had found a bottle of Calvin Klein 'Euphoria' under a bed in guest house where she was staying. As no one owned up to owning it she was told to keep it and gave it to me as it 'wasn't her cup of tea'. Although the bottle only had a 1/2 of the fragrance remaining I wore it until it ran out recently though was lucky enough to receive a gift set for my recent birthday containing another (full) bottle.

            My review will now discuss my thoughts on wearing Calvin Klein 'Euphoria'..

            **Price, packaging and availability**
            Euphoria was originally launched back in 2005 and was created by Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. These names mean absolutely nothing to me unfortunately but I'm sure to people in the 'know' they are well known in the world of perfumery.

            Euphoria is available as an EDP and is presented in an odd looking bottle and to be honest I can't decide whether I really like the design or think it to be a bit of a let down. Presented in a curved, slightly oval shaped glass bottle which reminds me of a UFO the EDP is visible from the sides of the bottle which is transparent with the front and back being in a highly shined silver metal covering. To access the fragrance there is a tall and slightly unnecessarily sized silver lid where if you peer very closely the words 'euphoria Calvin Klein' are printed in white though are quite hard to make out. Once the lid is removed there is a silver nozzle and without the lid the bottle looks far more attractive on it's own.

            As mentioned in my opening paragraphs I haven't actually bought this fragrance on either occasion, being gifted it and given a found bottle, but a quick type into a search engine shows that a 30ml sized bottle which I own now as part of the gift set can be bought from as little as £17 upwards. The EDP is also available in a 50ml spray form retailing at a reasonable £20 plus and the largest, the 100ml Eau de Parfum spray, can be bought from £27 +. Obviously prices will vary depending on where you choose to shop but I think for a CK product the prices are very reasonable.

            Availability wise this EDP is available from most larger chemists, online, department stores and perfume shops and is quite widely available so hunting a bottle down shouldn't be too difficult.

            **About the EDP**
            Euphoria is classed as an 'exotic floral-fruity fragrance' and is marketed as a fragrance which is "..luminous and luscious like fruits notes of which are captured in it. Euphoria is mysterious and appealing like dark exotic flowers and it invites you to enjoy in the joys of life..."

            The fragrance is made up of the following notes:
            Rose hip
            Japanese apple
            Green leaves
            Black orchid
            Red woods
            Black violet

            **My experience of wearing Euphoria**
            When I 'discovered' CK fragrances many moons ago I went through a phase of wearing Obsession almost exclusively and was completely bewitched by it's deep and alluring fragrance. As newer fragrances were released I found myself starting to 'go off' them and I remember in particular finding CK One to be really disappointing. When my husband's aunt offered me the bottle of Euphoria I have to admit at first I wasn't sure whether it would be something I would want to wear despite it being a designer fragrance and thought she may be best offering it to my 20 yr old niece in law thinking it would be something she would prefer. On first testing it out though I have to admit I was completely smitten and knew that this would be a scent that I would wear a lot.

            Although Euphoria is described as an exotic fruity floral I would have to say that the fruit element for me doesn't really come through apart from a very faint hint of the (japanese) apple. I'm not a great fan of floral based fragrances as I find them to be too overpowering though anything which contains rose in I make an exception for and the fact that this fragrance is more oriental than floral greatly helps.

            On first spritzing a tiny amount of Euphoria onto my wrists and neck I found the fragrance to be warm and inviting and whilst it's sweetness is very noticeable it isn't sickly or overpowering like it could so easy have been. The rose is very evident at first, which for me pleased me no end, though this is no plain old rose scented perfume at all as all the notes incorporated shine through at some point - some more than others.

            The opening notes of rose remain throughout though once the fragrance starts to settle on my skin there is a clearer crisp element which I presume to be the japanese apple. This is very subtle though and short lived and the scent takes on a warmer muskier tone once the dry down begins. The black orchid mingled with the rose hip works well and also compliments the natural scent of the green leaves which again can be detected but as with the apple are very subtle.

            After a while the fragrance really becomes settled in itself and becomes deeper and sultry with the amber giving a perfect base for the exotic notes to lie on and is not only feminine, but a very deep and sexy scent to wear.

            Longevity this is excellent and the tiniest amount gives good coverage as a few small spritzes can still be clearly noticed several hours later and the EDP never really seems to fade which is a bonus as it means reapplying isn't really necessary. I've sprayed this on an evening and still been able to smell it quite clearly the morning after so it's one of those scents that really makes it's mark and lingers.

            I absolutely adore this scent and it's one that my husband always admires when I wear it too as he always compliments me when I use it, whereas normally I could spray myself in any other perfume or even toilet cleaner and he wouldn't notice! I've mainly worn this primarily on an evening as I feel it's slightly too heavy for general day time use though ideal for special occasions. It's both sweet and seductive and the aroma lingers when sprayed and never fails to get compliments from people when I'm wearing it so because of this I highly recommend it.

            Although this is available in different versions now including Euphoria Blossom, Euphoria Spring Temptation and there is also a male version I cannot comment how these compare as I only have experience of wearing the original.

            Top marks for sure



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              28.12.2012 21:47
              Very helpful



              a decent sweet smelling perfume.

              I came across this perfume after my fiancé was given it for Christmas, a family member had meant to buy Euphoria for men but had managed to pick up the woman's fragrance instead. Naturally, being a good other half I decided to take it off his hands.

              This perfume comes in a very distinct shaped bottle, somewhat resembling a crescent moon shape, with the lid protruding from the top. It is very elegantly and subtly labelled, naming the product only on the lid of the bottle.

              As with every perfume the company describes the perfume as having a number of different scents combining together to make a distinctive smell and this one is no different, being labelled as having pomegranate and lush green accords which then goes on to become a mix of lotus blossom and black orchid, amber, violet, cream and woods. To me the perfume does have a mix of smells when applied, but mainly being a rather sweet smelling perfume. This sweet smell does begin to die down after a while and leaves a more subtle sweet smell lingering on your skin.

              This perfume does not seem to be as expensive as other branded perfumes, coming in at roughly £45 for 50mls, but can be bought in 30ml bottles at a cheaper price. This perfume does earn its price by being a sweet smelling perfume that does have some staying power, although not as good a staying power as other similar priced perfumes I have used previously.


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              06.12.2012 11:24
              Very helpful




              My initial purchase:
              This Christmas I am invited to my boyfriends work Christmas party and I needed to buy a new dress, new shoes and all the stuff to go with it as it would be the first time I will be meeting some of his work friends. I wondered into boots and picked myself some new perfume too. The sales woman helped me out to find something new and something different to my usual Hugo Boss deep red or Little Black Dress by Avon, both of which are violent in musk tones. I spotted the Euphoria bottle and give it a little squirt onto the paper and it immediately grabbed my attention. I then tried it on my skin to test it's smell and ended up purchasing it. I bought a 30ml bottle for £33 and had 20% off which was brilliant.

              I bought it on a whim and it definitely paid off. I have been wearing this for about a month now and I am very much so enjoying the long lasting scent. The bottle shape is beautiful too and it comes in a lovely box. I know around this sort of time at Christmas, they start selling this in box sets with other bits and pieces with it for the same price as the perfume on it's own!

              Whenever I put this scent on, I get so many different compliments about the smell of it, as some people react to perfumes in different ways, and it smells different on everyone, so for it to smell nice on me was a surprise as such sweet perfumes don't usually take to my skin or my own preference well. This one was a big shock and I have definitely found a great new perfume to suit any occasion.

              What I can smell?
              The smell of the floral notes in this perfume is very obvious upon the first spray. I usually tend to go for musk perfumes as I think they suit me better. This Perfume gives off a musky floral scent when it's worn on the skin and it smells sweet yet not overpoweringly sweet.

              I'm really surprised I can still smell it on myself when I wear it. A slight wind, or a hair flick and the area around me is filled with the amazing aroma of the Euphoria perfume. It is definitely a very sexy scent which makes you feel sexy as well as smelling great.

              What the perfume provides?:
              (taken from amazon.co.uk)
              Top notes of pomegranate, persimmon and lush green accord, rich black orchid, dewy lotus blossom and sensual champaca flower. The drydown provides a lasting signature of liquid amber, black violet, cream accord and mahogany wood.

              I would definitely recommend anyone to go and try a little spray of this from a perfumery. Let it rest on your skin for a minute of two and see how well it smells on your skin. I have noticed most of my compliments come from men, so it's obviously a good way to attract the opposite sex. My boyfriend often tells me how amazing I smell when wearing it which makes me feel great! At least he now knows what to buy me for Christmas! If you happen to be somewhere which sells perfume, remember to pop in and have a spritz!

              I give this 5/5 stars for it's amazing scent, well packaged and beautifully presented box and bottle.

              Thanks for reading my Review!



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                16.10.2012 16:47
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                This fragrance will certainly get you noticed

                I think my dad must be keen on Calvin Klein, as he bought me one of their perfumes for one of my birthdays, and a couple of Christmases ago, he bought me a gift set containing tihs perfume. I have only tried the perfume so will just be reviewing the 50ml bottle on its own.

                Normally at Christmas we don't buy each other presents, not because it's not really our religion, as we'll take any opportunity to celebrate, but because we'd just be spending on each other and buying things that the other person probably has no strong desire or need for, rather than just buying ourselves what we want when we want it. It was therefore a nice surprise when dad decided to treat us all to perfumes. I have to admit the others looked more appealing and especially my sister's, which came with a mini perfume bottle for when you're out and about. But then I have plenty of small perfumes, and I'm always willing to try something new.


                The box this would have come in is not quite as jazzy as the gift box I received, consisting of a deep purple standard shaped box with the name 'Euphoria' printed in simple lettering, in the top right corner and other details, i.e. 'Calvin Klein', 50ml etc, in the bottom left corner. The shape is a low height rectangle, so it would take up more space on my dresser than some of the others, but not topple over so easily.

                The bottle is a little disappointing in appearance. I guess that Klein prefers simple designs, but this bottle just doesn't grab me at all. It sort of looks like a semi-sphere that has been squashed in someone's hand. The exterior is mostly metallic, with a clear glass surface on top so that you can see the liquid, which seems to have a slight purple tinge. On top of this is the cap, a tall, rectangular shaped metallic lid. The metal is very shiny and bright, but the glass bit looks duller than in the pictures I have seen online. I'm not really sure what this bottle is meant to represent, but it does seem like there must be more to the story. It would be nice if designers shared their thoughts behind designs as I'd like to understand this one.


                It was possible to spray a very tiny about with just a gentle application of pressure on the spray, but to be honest that was not enough to get the scent and so when I pressed the spray normally, far more came out than I could have wanted. This didn't surprise me too much, as I suspect the quicker we use up our perfumes the sooner we'll want more so that keeps these things selling.


                This is a very powerful fragrance and it hits you immediately after spraying. What I find strange is that considering how plain and simple the packaging it, the perfume certainly is not. So really I was a bit surprised. It is very flowery and there is something rather exotic and fruity about it too. I had a look at the descriptions (since I'd be hopeless at guessing exact scents in the perfume but once told I can probably agree or disagree) and I found that I could recognise what I'm guessing is the lotus and orchid aspect of the scent. I'm not so sure about the exact fruits that I smell but it does remind me a little of fruit salad, so this is probably the apple in it! The fragrance is very rich and clearly designed to draw attention. I haven't really worn it on many occasions and having decided to do a reminder tester before this review, I realised it was probably too strong to wear on an ordinary day! That said, I think this is the sort of fragrance that could inspire and liven you up a little. In fact the uplifting nature of this perfume must have earned it its name. The scent also has a lasting sweetness to it that becomes more noticeable as the initial burst of fragrance starts to wear off.


                Even after a few hours, the fragrance was as strong and sweet as ever. I got the impression that it could be detected by anyone sitting close to me and in fact for me myself it was getting a bit much. The strength coupled with the richness of the fragrance made it a little sickly and to be honest it gave me quite a headache. I honestly think that if I did not shower for the day it would still be noticeable the next day. It didn't help that I spent the afternoon in a closed room, however, so perhaps this fragrance would be diluted in the fresh air, but certainly it would still last for quite some time.


                Well this perfume probably is better for special occasions and is certainly not an everyday fragrance. However I don't think I would recommend it to people that are a little more sensitive to strong smells as it is just too overpowering. I'd also think it is better when you are likely to be moving about a lot and spending time with lots of different people, not staying in one place. It's also good if you are getting a bit of ventilation to keep it balanced. So really outdoor events, and big occasions like parties set in larger buildings might be ideal. This fragrance would not need to be reapplied, so I guess I can see why it's not one that would come with a mini bottle! This also means that if you need a perfume that will last for an all day event this is a good one.


                I do actually quite like the fragrance initially, but it is just a bit too strong and enduring for me, sorry dad! However I will keep it for those days when I do want to make some kind of statement, whenever that might happen as it is quite an attractive perfume. I wouldn't buy this one again and I think it will take me a long time to use up anyway, so probably a bottle smaller than my 50ml would have been better for me. If you do like to get noticed and you can handle strong, powerful scents though, this one might be just what you're looking for.


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                  06.05.2012 19:50
                  Very helpful



                  Delightful and unusually fruity

                  I have a confession to make: my boyfriend bought me a bottle of this from a car boot fair!
                  It is hardly an auspicious beginning for such a powerful and romantic scent as this.
                  However, on first sniff I was blown away.
                  The rather space age packaging with its metal casing and sophisticated Cape Canaverel stopper take a bit of getting used to, but the bottle nestles in your hand like a precious relic. There is something sexy about the smooth pebble like sides and the curves- rather like a modernist sculpture by Barbara Hepworth.
                  Inside is an unpromising looking purple fluid.

                  The scent

                  Clever and would be slightly cloying without the tweedy overtone of blackberries and a slight mustiness.

                  Unavoidably violet: blackcurrants and blackberries, an earthy woodsy smell hits you straight away.
                  There are ambrous scents as well, and something a little like red wine. It reckons to have ambergris, but as this was detritus coughed up by whales, I can only think they mean synthetic ambergris. There is a rich creamy vanillin skin friendly tone when the top notes subside. That is the sexy bit. Sorbet, but with cream.

                  Top notes - pomegranate, juicy green notes;
                  Middle notes - black orchid, lotus, scent of cream
                  Base notes - black violet, musk, mahogany, amber

                  The perfume is bit like wearing a sexy version of my mother's freshly harvested Cox's apple and wild blackberry crumble mixed with smell of an expensive London department store.
                  The violet dries down quickly, and your nose loses it very soon as is usual with violets.
                  You get left with an intriguing, slightly discordant tone.

                  Sillage- excellent, lasts all day.

                  When to wear it

                  Well, whenever I go near this, my lover says MMMMMmm you smell nice, and kisses my neck. So you can guess when I wear it. He never mentions the car boot fair where he bought it.
                  I like this perfume in the Winter, it is warm and earthy, but also reminds of the City, as it is entirely sophisticated.. It goes well with cashmere scarves and satin.
                  I would wear for an evening date, or a romantic evening in bed. Not to the car boot.

                  How much?
                  Well, it isn't usually £8. It's usually £45 and will be next time I buy it.

                  Who can wear it?

                  Someone with a strong personality, it is like Poison in that way. Not a pretty jeune femme, a sharper intelligent gothic type lady.


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                  02.01.2012 14:34
                  Very helpful



                  a beautiful scent from CK

                  Calvin Klein (CK) is a fashion and beauty brand.


                  Euphoria is a CK fragrance available for men and women. For the ladies, there is an Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, a shower gel and a body lotion. For the purpose of this review, I will be discussing the Eau de parfum which is a heavier version of the Eau de toilette. The EDP can be worn alone or over the top of the body lotion for a layered scent.

                  This scent falls into the floral-fruity scent category. Calvin Klein describe Euphoria as :

                  ""The epitome of sensuality and sophisticated seduction, Calvin Klein Euphoria is a scent with which to bewitch and dazzle the senses" It is also described as being "luscious and mysterious".


                  Euphoria EDP is presented in a futuristic, modern style bottle which is actually quite difficult to describe. It is a curvy, clear bottle holding a mauve coloured liquid. The bottle appears to be held within a shiny silver holder which features a smooth base. A rectangular lid sits proudly on top of the sprayer and adds a masculine edge to a rather feminine bottle. The bottle is super cold to the touch.


                  The Euphoria scent is carried across the range of products the difference being the concentration of scent on the skin. The EDP carries the strongest scent and the official notes are :

                  *Top notes offer the initial burst of scent on the skin - Japanese apple, green leaves and pomegranate
                  *Heart notes create the body of the scent - black orchid, rose hip and lotus
                  *Base notes finalise the scent on the skin - amber, red woods and black violet

                  *~*Availability and Price*~*

                  Euphoria EDP is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles.

                  *www.esentual.com - £29.70 - £58.50
                  *Boots - £33.00 - £55.00
                  *Amazon UK - £35.00 - £52.99

                  Gift sets can also be purchased but are normally stocked around Christmas time.

                  *~*My Thoughts*~*

                  A few weeks ago, I reviewed one of my favourite body lotions - Euphoria. I mentioned that for my last birthday I had received the gift set and had ran out of the perfume. On boxing day, I spotted a gift set on the Boots website for £22.00 but it was sold out in store. Thankfully I spotted a 50ml set with a 200ml body lotion for £29.99 in The Perfume Shop and decided to buy it with my Christmas money. I now have enough body lotion to keep my going and have a lovely fresh bottle of EDP.

                  I find Euphoria to be one of the more classy CK scents and rather luxurious. I adore the bottle design - it is very me and looks attractive on my dresser. It is heavy and rather chunky but I still can't resist carrying it about in my handbag. The spray top works efficiently and releases a fine blast of liquid onto my skin. I love to use the body lotion as a base and both scents are identical just varying in strength. The body lotion is ideal for wearing during the day but I find the EDP over the top creates the perfect, deep evening scent on my skin.

                  *~*The Depths Of Euphoria..*~*

                  I noted in my lotion review that I find this to be a sophisticated, modern scent which is distinctly feminine. It is luxury in a bottle and I forgot how addictive it can be! One spray to my neck and wrist is plentiful as the EDP is very strong - too much would overpower. Euphoria opens with a fresh, sweet aroma thanks to the green leaves and apple. One difference between the EDP and the lotion is that on the first spray, I witness a slight spicy undertone which hangs in the background of the freshness and simply adds depth to the scent.

                  After an hour or so, the true depths of Euphoria are revealed in a mysterious blend of fragrance notes create a heady scent. The deep heart notes appeal to my dark side - rich and playful. I cannot identify the individual notes here as they all mingle together creating and intense, alluring scent which my fiance often compliments me on. The scent sits proudly on my skin and clothing and is a true delight for my senses to detect. I can imagine the black orchid offers the depth to the scent and there is a delicate spicy hint lingering.

                  The base notes greet my nose around 6hours after I first apply Euphoria. The base of the scent isn't lacking at all - it is every bit as appealing as the first spray was. The base blend is very rich and smooth offering a warm, sexy scent. The amber is prominent and sends out a signal for a deep, woody blend to join in and instensify the scent. A sweet undertone is noticeable but in no way detracts from the sensual nature of the base notes.


                  Wearing over the body lotion, I experience at least 9 hours of intense Euphoria scent. Wearing the EDP alone provides a strong aroma for 7hours with the base notes dwindling and still being noticeable after 10hours have passed. Not bad for one spray of EDP - very long lasting. I feel confident and special when wearing this - it seems to bring out my romantic side!

                  Euphoria is definently too heavy for day time use in my opinion. It is ideal for wearing in the evening and would suit wearing on a date or out for dinner. I am 23 and the scent suits my skin perfectly but my Mums best friend (who is 50) wears this as her signature scent. It smells beautiful but slightly different on her skin as we all have different oils within your skin which can alter a scent.

                  Euphoria EDP is well worth the current selling prices. I am so pleased I got the set so cheap as this is now one of my favourite perfumes and I will treasure it. I can highly recommend this perfume.

                  Thanks for reading :)


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                    01.12.2011 14:19
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                    Calvin Klein Euphoria, makes me feel so good.

                    ~~CALVIN KLEIN EUPHORIA PERFUME (Eau de Parfum) for women ~~

                    I recently had one of those special days which come once a year when your loved ones help you shower you with presents. Amongst the presents I get are usually perfumes, and gift vouchers from various High Street shops. I am a bit particular about the perfumes I like as I usually like those with good scent and high staying power. One of the perfumes high on my preference list is the Calvin Klein Euphoria. Luckily my sister seems to have picked this hint somehow and she gave me this perfume as a present.

                    ~~Background Information and Product Description~~

                    Clavin Klein Euphoria is a popular fragrance which was launched in 2005 and the Euphoria range from Calvin Klein now includes a range of other scents and toiletries, including luxurious body lotion, shower and bath cream.


                    Clavin Klein Euphoria perfume comes in unique boat shaped striking bottle with silver bottom and sides and transparent glass on the upper surface allowing you sight of the priceless purplish liquid inside. The lid also comes in silver and is long and narrow with the words Calvin Klein Euphoria printed on it. It comes packed in a purplish box matching the colour of the contents of the bottle.

                    ~~Availability and Price~~

                    Clavin Klein Euphoria is available from most cosmetic outlets including Boots, Superdrug, Perfume outlets and department stores like Debenhams, House of Fraser and also online from at least 37 online shops.
                    The price depends on the volume but generally a bit expensive if you consider the unit price.

                    Prices as of December 2011:

                    30 ml: from £20 - £40
                    50 ml: from £40 - £45
                    100 ml: from £50 - £65

                    Once in a while the perfume also comes with a free bag.

                    The 30 ml and 50 ml are also available as gift sets which cost within the same range as the perfumes so the body lotion really comes as an added bonus.

                    Euphoria 30ml Eau de Parfum gift set contains Eau de Parfum 30ml & Body Lotion 100ml
                    Euphoria 50ml Eau de Parfum gift set contains Eau de Parfum 50ml & Body Lotion 200ml

                    ~~Scent and Staying Power~~

                    Clavin Klein Euphoria has a soft floral scent and is not too overpowering for me. It has a great smell which draws compliments every time I use it. Can be strong for other people but I love it.

                    It is a popular fragrance amongst ladies who love prominent fragrances like me. Its scent lasts throughout the day and it is suitable for everyday wear, an evening out and even those special occasions. I tend to use mine for those special occasions as I do not feel it is a perfume for casual use. I have other perfumes I use for day to use but this one is too dear.

                    It lasts for a very long time, all day and lingers on even after I have removed the clothes. There is no need to keep the perfume with me at all times as there is really no need to do a few puffs of spray later after a few hours like with other perfumes. I therefore only need to use a bit so despite the high unit price, it does last longer so making it cheaper in the long run.

                    The body lotion in the gift set also smells equally good. I wouldn't use the lotion and the perfume together as the compounded effect of the scent can be overpowering. I tend to use the lotion for day to day use and the combination only for those very special occasions when I want to stand out from crowd.

                    ~~Words of wisdom~~

                    Having done a bit of research, this information may be of help to someone out there.
                    --Do not be confused as there are a few Calvin Klein Euphoria perfumes. The one I have reviewed is the Calvin Klein Euphoria for women and in the women range there is also is the Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria and Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom. I can't really say much on the other tow as I haven't yet given them a try.

                    --Fragrances generally come in various concentrations even of the same product so you have to be careful you know what you are buying.

                    ~~~~Perfume Extract --Contains 20-40% of aromatic compounds and can last between 3-8 hours.

                    ~~~~Eau de Parfum -- Contains 10-30% of aromatic compounds and can last between 4-6 hours.

                    ~~~~Eau de Toilette -- Contains 5-20% of aromatic compounds and can last between 4-6 hours.

                    ~~~~Eau de Cologne -- Contains 2-3% aromatic compounds and can last between 1-4 hours.

                    The aromatic compounds are the ones which give the perfume its scent so the higher the concentration, the stronger the scent and usually the better the staying power as well. The price is also directly related to the concentration, so the Eau de Parfum costs more that the Eau de Toilette.

                    Calvin Klein, Euphoria like other fragrances is available as Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette.

                    ~~My overall opinion~~

                    Calvin Klein Euphoria is a unique perfume which does exactly what a perfume should do. Yes I have fallen in love with this one and I will certainly buy another one once this one is finished.

                    Yes I will recommend it to a friend provided they are prepared to part with the money.

                    My rating for this one is 5 stars as you would have guessed by now.

                    Of course you might have also guessed right, the special day was my birthday.

                    Thank you for reading and rating.

                    © hildah 11: Dec 2011

                    Review may also be available on other sites


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                      09.04.2011 14:45
                      Very helpful



                      A heavy scent more suited to the elder woman

                      Another of my many scents include this, Euphoria by Calvin Klein, I love this perfume, I think it smells divine.

                      Euphoria by Calvin Klein

                      Amongst other things, Calvin Klein has produced many wonderful perfumes over the years, including this particular scent that was produced in 2005 as a fun and enticing fragrance, which starts off with pomegranate, persimmon, and a lovely lush green accord. The heart then blends into a sensual lotus blossom, black orchid which then finishes off with amber, violet, cream and woods.

                      This wonderful perfume comes presented in a bottle that looks like it was once a circle, that has been pressed together to make a sort of basket shape, it's difficult to explain the shape of this rather unusual but delightful perfume bottle. Being silver in color, except for the top which is transparent glass, enabling you to see the purple color scent inside. The bottle is finished off with a rectangular shaped silver lid displaying the name of the perfume up the side. This is simply pulled off to reveal the silver pump spray underneath.

                      This delightful fragrance can be purchased from various different places including Amazon currently being sold for £49.99 for a 100 ml bottle.

                      My Opinion

                      For me this fragrance is delightful, once the lid is removed, even before I spray, I can smell Euphoria's strong scent. This was one of the many perfumes my daughter gave to me, as she decided the scent was to strong for her and quite over powering once sprayed onto her skin. It does indeed have a very strong scent, which makes it all the more appealing to me. When wearing this perfume I very rarely, if ever have to spray again, as the scent lingers for a long time, to me it seems to get stronger as I get warmer, rather than wearing away like so many other fragrances seem to do.

                      This scent is perfect for wearing in the summertime, as the strong scent smells wonderful in the hot weather, but this doesn't mean it cannot be worn at other times, in my opinion it's perfect to wear anytime of the year. From experience I know that, the hotter you get the better it smells.

                      I feel this fragrance is best suited for a women aged 30+, the scent is very strong, best for evening wear I'd say, especially if you are out dancing as the scent will smell stronger the warmer you get. I personally don't think it's right for younger skin, maybe something a bit lighter would be more suitable.

                      I only have a small amount of this fragrance left right now and have decided I will definitely be buying it again.

                      I'm giving Euphoria by Calvin Klein 5 stars because I don't see anything at all wrong with it.

                      Thank you for reading my review which is also posted on Ciao


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                        24.02.2011 17:10
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                        Long-lasting, sensual fragrance

                        I was given a bottle of Calvin Klein's Euphoria for women perfume as part of the Eurphoria box set by my husband for Christmas two years ago. The box set contained a 50ml bottle of the perfume, a body lotion and a glittery pulse point applicator pen. The 50ml bottle of this perfume is currently retailing at around £37-40. The scent was introduced by Calvin Klein in 2005 so has been about for a while now, but it still seems quite popular - I know several women who own a bottle of this.

                        THE BOTTLE

                        The design of the bottle is beautiful and it is one of my favourites in my perfume collection. The body of the bottle is oval in shape, with slight indentations on the two main faces. The glass in mirrored so appears that the bottle is made of metal, which gives it a really sleek finish. The sides of the bottle are clear glass so that you can see the perfume through this, which is a very pale purple, almost lilac in colour. The lid is a rectangular/cuboid shape and made of metal, with 'calvin klein euphoria' engraved on the front. This is simply pulled off-pushed on to reveal the applicator nozzle for the perfume. All in all, this is a very attractive perfume bottle.

                        So, aesthetically it is pleasing, but functionality-wise I have experienced a few problems. Notably, if the perfume bottle is not kept upright, it leaks. I appreciate the design of the bottle is such that it should be stored upright but, as mine came in a gift box where it was laid on its side, it can be a problem. The perfume leaked from the join of the nozzle and the bottle, which not only led to product wastage but also affected the metallic shine of the bottle, causing a dull stain.

                        THE SCENT

                        The perfumes notes are as follows: top notes of pomegranate and persimmon; heart notes of dewy lotus blossom, champaca flower and black orchid, and a dry down of liquid amber, black violet and mahogany wood.

                        For me, the scent is really distinctive and unlike any other perfume that I have smelt before. If someone is wearing this perfume, I can instantly distinguish it - for me this is the sign of a good perfume. I would describe the scent as sweet and sensual, with a sexy kick. Upon first spraying, it has a fruity scent - which must be the pomegranate - but as soon as the perfume settles on my skin, it is instantly more of a floral smell. I would describe this as warm and feminine and very distinctive.

                        The scent does appear to change throughout the day, settling into a softer, more floral aroma. It has great longevity as the scent stays on my skin all day - I can still detect it on my wrists the next day too. I would say that this perfume is great for daywear, particularly in the summer because of the fresh, floral fragrance but it is also suitable for evening wear as, when first applied, it is quite a dramatic, sexy scent.

                        MY OPINION

                        As with all perfumes, opinions would be very personal and I can certainly see why some people wouldn't like this scent. It is very strong and floral and some people will prefer a more subtle scent, but I like my scent to be noticeable and this definitely achieves this. I think the scent is one that I choose when I 'want a change' and isn't an everyday scent for me - it is perhaps a little strong for this. Saying that, as an occasional perfume I love it, and it's a great addition to my collection. The scent lasts so long that it is great value for money.

                        You only need to apply one of two squirts at a time as the scent is strong enough with minimal application, and it is not a scent that I would layer with the body lotion etc either as this could prove overpowering. In summary, I'm glad that this perfume is in my collection as it offers me something a little different from other perfumes I own, but it's not one I'd choose everyday.


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                      • Product Details

                        It has top notes of pomegranate, succulent persimmon and a lush green accord; middle notes of black orchid, dewy lotus blossom and champaca flower and base notes of liquid amber, black violet, sensual musks, mahogany wood and a cream accord /

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