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Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Calvin Klein / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men / Contents/Size: 75ml /

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    4 Reviews
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      26.10.2011 03:53



      You can't get better than Obsession.

      Obsession by the master of fragrance Calvin Klein, is a true classic and for good reason. This is one the most masculine yet sophisticated scents you can buy. Perfectly blended notes of warm spices make this the true winner when it comes to choosing a winter cologne. On those icy cold evenings the scent of masculinity is undeniable. Warm, inviting, manly, Obsession is all of those things and more.

      Is there a better aftershave on the Market? Not in my opinion. There is a reason this has been a multi million seller year in year out for decades. It's because class never goes out of style. And obsession is the epitome of class.

      American sophistication.

      This would make a truly wonderful gift. Especially Suitable for Christmas and the winter months.
      Men of all ages will appreciate Obsession, it is one of the very few male fragrances that can transcend the age barrier.

      Highly recommended.


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        18.11.2010 08:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great scent cant keep my hands off my husband when he wears it.

        A few months ago I wanted to surprise my husband. As I remember smelling this when I was a lot younger and really enjoying it I thought to get it for my husband. I was not sure how he would react as it did cost a pretty penny but I felt it was so worth it as I really enjoyed the smell of it. I figured that since I was the one that was going to have to smell it I should enjoy how it smells.

        I am by no means a scent expert so the most that I can attest to is that is sure does smell good. It is a very mellow scent not to overwhelming or just plain bad as some scents seem to be now a days. The moment my husband saw it his eyes lit up. He had a small bottle of it when he was younger and had never thought to replace it. Men I tell you.

        As he sprayed it on himself just 2 or 3 pumps a little goes a long way with this stuff. I was instantly transformed to a woman that could not keep her hands to her self. Not to mention the urge to just walk up to him and start sniffing. It smells that good. After having him wear this just once I was not able to stand the smell of any other scents he has.

        The bottle my husband has is 125ml size and is looks just like the one pictured. The only problem I have found with this bottle is that we lost the lid during our travels and now it has gotten rather gummed up around the spray nozzle with dried cologne. Other wise the design is faultless and perfect, like the scent that is inside.

        So do I like it? You better believe I like it not only do I like it I love it. It has to be my favorite scent and the more my husband wears it the happier I am all the way around. I guess that how I feel about it really does not mean anything as I am not the one to wear it. However I can attest to the fact that my husband wears it daily. Of course he just may like the fact that I can't keep my hands off of him when he wears it, but either way he wears it everyday.

        Would I recommend this? No doubt about it in my mind. This is one of Calvin Klein's better scents. No matter whom it's for a young man or an elderly gentleman this is a scent that is suitable for all ages. No matter who you are this is a scent that will bring a smile to your face. Have to say that I love this stuff. So happy to have my husband wear it.

        Please understand that chances are you will not be mobbed by beautiful woman while wearing this, but if I happen to meet you some where along the way don't be shocked if you find me sniffing at you with a smile on my face. This stuff is just that good.

        As I sit and write this review I am noticing my husbands supply is getting low. Guess its time to search for a great deal.


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          27.01.2010 17:00
          Very helpful



          love it or hate it perfume

          My dad is a hard person to buy presents for, but luckily there is one present that he always like to receive and that is Calvin Klein Obsession for Men. Depending on where you buy Obsession from the price varies quite a lot. On the high street you can pay £25 for 30ml of EDT while on the internet you can pay the same for 125ml of EDT so it really is worth shopping online for this item.

          Obsession for Men was introduced by the design house of Calvin Klein in 1986 and it must have been quite a popular fragrance as in the following years there have been a number of variations on the scent including Obsession Night and more recently Secret Obsession.
          Obsession for men is described as

          'Fiery. Compelling. Provocative. A fragrance that exudes the determination and fire that drives men's passions...whether in work or romance'

          Yeah, that sounds exactly like my dad!!

          The Obsession for Men box is incredibly plain and not very interesting, but it does perform its box duties well. It's a rectangular light beige box and says Obsession for Men and below that Calvin Klein in dark brown/grey writing. Having looked at a number of different Calvin Klein Perfumes it seems he more often than not goes with a plain box.

          The bottle is oval shaped and like the box is quite basic. The only writing on the bottle is Obsession for Men , Eau de Toilette Spray, Calvin Klein. The bottle is clear but given colour by the Amber tinted perfume and the slightly translucent brown lid compliments the colour. I don't know why but I feel there is something very 80's about the style of the bottle, it could be the colour or that I can remember its advertisements from that time or I suppose it could be the fact that my dad has been wearing it since the 80's!

          I do find that the perfume is quite hard to describe. I think men's perfumes are harder to describe than women's because women's perfumes tend to have more familiar ingredients such as flowers and fruits where as men's perfumes have ingredients that are slightly more difficult to identify like Sandalwood and Amber.
          When you first spray this perfume you do not get much of a smell of alcohol and I would say the first scent is a bit like lime followed by sweet spice. Having looked at the ingredients I have found that the top notes of this perfume are mandarin and nutmeg so I think that is probably the citrus and spice that I can smell. There is also a kind of warmth to this perfume that reminds me of booze, its hard to explain, it doesn't smell like alcohol but it just smells warm and seems to hit you in the back of the throat. I have a feeling this is the ingredient Amber and having looked around on the net, I found that Amber is a warm earthy scent which is supposed to tickle your throat. There is a slight smell of flowers to this perfume which I think smells like Geraniums but is more likely carnations as this is one of the ingredients. This perfume is described as woody and oriental and I would agree with the description that it is Oriental, as Oriental perfume is described as heavy, incense like and spicy and for me the overriding scent of this perfume is one of spice.

          One aspect of Obsession that I believe sets it above a lot of other perfumes is its amazing staying power. My dad will spray it on a couple of times before he goes to work and 8 hours later its still going strong. Why cant they make ladies perfumes last that long? Obsession is recommended as Casual wear which I am a little surprised about as with its heavy spice and warmth I would have thought it was more suited to the evening.

          One problem with Obsession seems to be that it splits peoples opinions. My dad loves it and receives so many compliments on it that I am starting to suspect he is making them up. However I know at least 5 people that utterly hate it and believe that it is an old fashioned scent. I myself used to dislike it a lot and while I don't actually like it now and wish my dad would try a few different perfumes, I can appreciate that it is a decent scent.

          So it seems you either love Obsession or you hate it (I think its ok, but the love it or hate it phrase sounds better). I feel it is definitely worth the money (internet prices) as it is very long lasting. My dad uses it every day and it lasts for about 7 months, the staying power is excellent and it seems there is a lot of people who like it (just as many who hate it). Although I would like my dad to change his perfume, given the fact that he likes the smell of Dettol and TCP (yes, really!!!) maybe I should be thankful that he seems obsessed by Obsession (see what I did there).


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            16.01.2009 08:12
            Very helpful



            A feminine fragrance that would not look out of place on a grandmother's dresser

            What kind of present do you buy a family member that has given you no indication of what they would like? That's it, some fragrance. This is exactly what my younger sister did for me however, she ended up getting it really wrong.

            Rather than playing it safe and asking my other half what I usually wear and getting me some of that she decided to go it alone and take a punt on something new.

            The product she chose was Obsession for men from Calvin Klein. Having disliked CK1, CKBe and the CK fragrance stored in a plastic pencil case (the name of which escapes me) I have never been a fan of Calvin Klein fragrance in the past but since it was a gift I gratefully accepted it.


            Considering this is meant to be a man's fragrance this is one of the most feminine bottles that I have ever seen.

            The bottle is oval in shape that slightly tapers towards the bottom, where it (obviously) stands on a flat base. The lid is chocolate brown in colour with a gold band around the bottom.

            Underneath the lid the gold colour theme is carried on as the spray nozzle is also gold.

            The colour scheme is very feminine and the overall package looks like something I would find on my mother's dressing table. It does not look classy, stylish or modern and is not something that I would be proud to have anywhere in my home.

            The bottle's content is amber in colour and, in my opinion, screams out femininity.

            This is definitely not for any man, be he the stereotypical alpha male or the modern day man.

            ****Scent and durability****

            Fragrance Direct states "Irresistible and exotic scents of florals and spices with hints of mandarin, bergamot, vanilla, coriander, tagette, amber and incense". .

            Not only does this fragrance look feminine it also smells very feminine. Don't get me wrong, I like flowery fragrances (just look at my other fragrance reviews) but this is just too flowery.

            The ingredients used in this fragrance are the typical feminine fragrances. There are loads of women beauty products that smell of vanilla and mandarin so to put these in a man's fragrance is ludicrous. People are going to associate these odours with woman specific products.

            The smell is very old fashioned and reminds me of a perfume that my grandmother used to wear when I was a young child.

            I find that I can separately identify the mandarin and the coriander smells. It really does smell like a spicy citrus fruit (if there is such a thing). If you want to smell like an orange, or a mild Indian dish then this is one fragrance for you. Personally, I do not and absolutely detest the smell of this fragrance.

            I am in no place to comment on how long this scent will last (although I am thinking it will last a long time because it is really strong) since I have yet to wear it, and I never will wear it on myself. As soon as I pulled the lid off I instantly knew it wasn't for me without even needing to spray of it.

            ****Target audience****

            It is really difficult to identify who this product is aimed at. Whilst Calvin Klein is a strong brand this particular fragrance is not.

            The smell of this is not masculine in any way, even though it is aimed at men. It is a fragrance that a woman could get away with and not be labelled butch but I don't think there are many woman that would like this. Even my other half turned her nose up at this.


            Obsession is only available in an eau de toilette (i.e. with a spray application).

            Whilst it is not a nice smell it is exceptionally strong and I am guessing that a few squirts would suffice. Any more than this and I think that people will be able to smell you the proverbial mile away, and I would not want to force this scent on anybody.

            ****Cost and availability****

            The cost of this product appears to vary enormously and at the time of writing it can be bought for as little as £17.95 (plus £0.95 P&P) from Cheap Smells and as much as £31.00 (plus £3.10 P&P) from StrawberryNet.

            As with all fragrances this product is available from loads of offline and online retailers. I would recommend shopping around in order to get the best price.


            This is one fragrance that is definitely not for me and I would not recommend it to anyone. That said, I appreciate that fragrances are down to personal choice and I am sure there are some people out there that like this scent.

            Calvin Klein appears to have produced a 'man's' fragrance but marketed it to a female audience. The bottle, the colour scheme, the colour of the liquid and the ingredients used in making the fragrance are all very, very feminine. What were they thinking of?

            Whilst it is a fragrance that women could get away with wearing I think that there are many women that would dislike this fragrance. It is very citrus and spicy like, and this combined with the over powering strength make this a very old fashioned scent that is not nice.


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          • Product Details

            With top notes of mandarin and bergamot; middle notes of lavender, myrrh, sage and pungent spices and base notes of amber, musk, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli /

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