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Calvin Klein One Summer 2013 Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Calvin Klein / Gender: Unisex / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    2 Reviews
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      03.08.2013 19:36
      Very helpful



      CK, Cava & crustaceans - that's my summer!

      A female's perfume collection can tell you a lot.

      Until this week, mine had two bottles in it.

      From this you can learn:

      * I'm not a particularly girly sort
      * I don't go out much
      * I have a bloke whose idea of a gift is a sack of birdseed or a gurnard
      * I am more likely to smell of garlic prawns & last night's Cava than a lovely fragrance
      (yes, someone in work DID tell me once!)
      * I don't treat myself nearly often enough

      So, inspired by a lovely review on dooyoo (thank you aclevername), I thought I should address some of the above. I'd recently sold some stuff on ebay, so with the cash in my PayPal account I ordered a bottle of CK One Summer 2013.

      The Bottle

      The bottle is a lovely clear blue glass with what look like it has little water droplets all over it, so it looks lovely, cooling and refreshing. The other two perfumes in my collection are CK One Summer 2012 & 2007 (SEE how often I get out!) so I knew that I had to unscrew the lid and put the spray mechanism in myself. This puzzled me for hours in 2007.

      The Summer

      It took me from 2007 to 2012 to catch on that CK release a different summer fragrance each year. I noticed in the shops that the bottles were a different colour, and assumed that it was only the design that was different. Doh.

      The Fragrance

      Bearing in mind my experience of owning perfume, please make allowances for my description of the scent!

      Although the bottle is blue the smell is green - does that make sense? It is a fresh smell - mostly of cucumber, mixed with lemon and lime, and smells light and cooling. The smell reminded me of cold icy mountain water, not blue sea water, but the water you would get in a stream or waterfall - surrounded by green leaves, tiny mountain flowers and moss.

      It's a very "cool you down and clear you out smell". It smells quite "young" (probably too young for me) but it's hard to say as I haven't a clue what young folk are wearing perfume wise!

      It is perfectly suited to the current heat wave, although that has somewhat subsided in our area.

      I've been reading that it is a unisex scent, but since Baron Spanielmeister's idea of fragrance is Imperial Leather soap and Everyday Value deodorant I think my bottle is safe.

      Although this is my 3rd "Summer", I much prefer this just now to the 2007 & 2012, which both smell a lot sweeter. 2007 seems to have a musky, earthy base, and 2012 makes me think of yellows rather than greens.


      It is absolutely gorgeous on 1st spray, but I find it fades quite quickly. I imagine it's a fragrance you'd carry on holidays and spray quite frequently to get that fresh blast. After a couple of hours I can't detect it at all, it just smells clean and soapy, albeit a prettier soap than Imperial Leather!


      I was quite lucky and got a brand new bottle off ebay for £19 with £3 postage. I've looked at other websites and it seems to be on offer in general from £29 to £23-£25. I had a look in my local Boots but they didn't have it in stock, but I'd guess that at this stage in the summer there would be a few offers on in the stores. I think the price I paid was just about right, because although it's not long lasting it is gorgeous and I'd not feel guilty about using lots and lots.


      So, has my increased perfume collection changed what one can tell about me?

      I'd bought it as a treat, because the Baron and I were due to have a short trip away: I'd packed a pretty frock, big knickers and booked a lovely guest house and a couple of nice restaurants. I'd even changed my dooyoo profile since I'd be away from the PC!

      Instead, the trip had to be cancelled as there are three sick spaniels (nothing scary, just a yucky vomiting & diarrhoea bug) but they are needing a lot of cleaning and TLC.

      My girly dress is back in mothballs, and I'm back in jogging bottoms and a 12 year old Iron Maiden T-shirt, but I'm still squirting myself liberally, and since I fully intend to indulge in Cava and garlic prawns to console myself for missing my trip, it looks like I'm going to need this in the handbag on Monday morning.


      Thanks for reading.


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        23.07.2013 22:06
        Very helpful



        A great purchase

        I tried Calvin Klein CK One Summer (2013) a few months back and I brought a tester card home from my shopping trip with the scent on.
        I really liked it and couldn't stop sniffing it.

        Like the original CK One I think this is a unisex fragrance. It is usually found with the men's fragrance in Boots, but I have seen it in the women's fragrance section on The Perfume Shop website.
        The box and bottle do not say that this is a shared fragrance.
        I decided to buy it as a gift for my fiancé, that way I get to buy perfume that I can sniff at or wear any time I want and I look good for buying him a gift for no reason!

        ~ Price and availability ~
        I was lucky that when I went to buy this fragrance it was reduced to £23.30 from the recommended retail price of £29.00, which I was very happy with.
        I bought it from Boots.
        It is available as a 100ml eau de toilette. It does not come in a smaller or larger sized bottle.
        It is also available from The Perfume Shop, Debenhams and most other department stores for around £29.00.

        ~ CK One Summer - The Name ~
        This fragrance is called CK One Summer.
        Believe it or not I have only become obsessed with fragrances since I started writing fragrance reviews on Ciao and Dooyoo less than one year ago so before then I didn't really keep up with which fragrances were new out and what was what in the perfume world.
        When I bought CK One Summer I remember thinking how odd it was that the name had never been used before for a previous fragrance. It just seemed such an obvious summer fragrance title and I knew there had been spin offs of the original CK One.
        When I looked on fragrantica.com it finally clicked into place that CK One release a new fragrance every year called 'CK One Summer', each with a different bottle design and scent.
        The first of this series was released in 2004 and they are identified by which year they were released.
        This is the 2013 version, but there is nothing anywhere on the box or bottle to say it is a '2013' release, but they won't be selling it next year so I guess that is how people will know!
        I think it is a great idea to release a new fragrance each year under this name and it was probably an idea created with idiots like me in mind who will probably end up buying next year's release and the one after that and maybe the one after that.
        I think it is a great idea to give as a gift each year if a friend or family member has a spring/summer birthday and you always get stuck for gift ideas.

        ~ Bottle ~
        I love the bottle! It is the same shape as the original CK One. It is tall and wide, but it is quite flat.
        The glass of the bottle is a beautiful bright blue colour much like the sea in a tropical travel brochure.
        The bottle has raised bumps all over it, which resemble water droplets to make the fragrance look really refreshing.
        'CK One Summer' is written in bright green lettering across the front of the bottle and 'Calvin Klein' is in smaller green letters towards the bottom of the bottle.
        The spray dispenser is a metallic blue colour. It also comes with a screw on cap.
        The bottle comes in the box with the screw on cap on so you can choose to use it as a splash on fragrance, but also in the box is the spray pump, which you can screw onto the top of the bottle to spray the fragrance.
        My fiancé put the spray pump into the bottle as the fragrance lasts longer this way.
        A problem I found was that once you put the spray pump on the bottle the screw cap does not fit on top of the spray dispenser so I think the bottle looks a little untidy without a lid. It looks tidier if you take the spray dispenser out and put the screw cap lid on the top, but as my fiancé wants to use it as a spray it would be inconvenient to take the pump dispenser out of the bottle and put the screw cap back on every time he wants to put it back on his shelf and also the spray dispenser would be wet after removal so some of the fragrance would be wasted each time.
        Otherwise I really love the bottle design.

        ~ Scent ~
        This scent is very citrusy. I can smell refreshing tangy oranges.
        I don't wear the original CK One very often as, although I like it I think it is quite masculine, but I don't find CK One Summer 2013 too masculine at all.
        It is the perfect balance. I think it is masculine enough for a man to wear, but not too masculine for a woman to wear.
        The masculine scent comes from the aquatic tones in this scent.
        The top notes are listed as citruses and aquatic 'waterfall' accords.
        The heart notes are juicy watermelon, cucumber and water lily.
        The base notes are more muted tones of musk and moss.
        The zesty citrus fruits and the aquatic notes are the most dominant and they make the fragrance what it is. I can detect a light, quite subtle floral element to the fragrance when it is first sprayed, but I can't pick out any of the other notes individually.
        I don't think anyone would find this fragrance offensive. Although the citrusy notes are tangy the fragrance is not harsh.
        It is light, cool and refreshing.
        I have been impressed to find that it lasts on my skin and I can smell it regularly throughout the day. The scent lasts on my skin for around 8 hours, which is impressive for an eau de toilette.
        My fiancé has worn this fragrance on a night out and I could still smell it on him when he returned home after a good few drinks.
        I really love this fragrance from the scent to the bottle and it is long lasting as well.
        It is definitely a summer scent. It is pleasant and uplifting.
        I feel more comfortable wearing this scent than the original CK One as I find this one less masculine.
        I think it is a day time or a night time scent for men, but as a woman I prefer to wear this as a day time scent.
        I will try to refrain from using it too often since it was a gift to my fiancé, but I do like to wear it occasionally as I love the strong citrusy smell! The scent actually makes my tongue feel like it's going to break out in ulcers, like when you've eaten too much acidic fruit!

        I don't think I would buy this as a gift for a woman as it is quite a masculine gift and I think some women may be offended. Even if I received this as a gift from somebody who didn't know I already liked it I would wonder why they were giving me that particular fragrance when there are so many feminine fragrances also on the market. It would probably prompt me to wear a skirt for the rest of my life and to invest in some moustache remover for women!
        I think it is quite a youthful scent. I think the fragrance is best suited to teens and younger men and women. I can't imagine my Dad, in his 50's would wear this fragrance.

        ~ Conclusion ~
        I am really pleased with this purchase.
        100ml for less than £25.00 is excellent value and even at the full price of £29.00 I think it is excellent value for money.
        The scent is gorgeous. It isn't too masculine for a woman, but it is masculine enough for a man to wear. It is cool, refreshing, citrusy and aquatic. It is long lasting on my skin.
        I think this is probably the best unisex fragrance I have ever tried!
        I love the bottle design. I think it is unbeatable. It has a lovely deep blue colour and the water droplets are such a good idea. I love the look of the bottle.
        The only thing I don't like about it is that there is not a lid to fit over the spray dispenser making the bottle look a bit untidy, but I'll get over it and I don't think it deserves to lose a star over this. 5/5


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