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Calvin Klein Sheer Obsession Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Calvin Klein / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      24.08.2009 12:07



      Truely good value everyday fragrance

      Have you ever tried a different perfume and found yourself throughout the day getting whiff's occasionally of it and thinking how nice the smell is? That is the experience I have everytime I use Calvin Klein's Sheer Obsession! I have tried Obsession previously and found it very heavy and too overpowering for daytime use. Sheer Obsession is a very clean fragrance and one that does not linger for too long but just long enough for others to appreciate it when you walk past. It is also a frangrance that spans the generations as I use it as an everyday perfume and so does my 18 year old daughter when she can find it in my handbag!

      The design of the bottle is good as it is easily held when spraying it and is not too cumbersome to fit nicely into your handbag. It is very reasonably priced so makes for good value for money therefore no guilt feelings when using it on a daily basis. I feel, even when I don't have make-up on that I am ready for the day if I know I smell good and Sheer Obsession makes that happen for me!


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      10.04.2008 15:38
      Very helpful
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      Any woman can wear this without taking peoples breath away!

      One thing I own far too much of is perfumes. I adore them and they are something I buy quite often and of course for birthdays and Christmas and occasions I always have a list as long as my arm for people to pick from! Last Christmas I was incredibly lucky and got loads I wanted!

      I love Obsession perfume. It's the one perfume that if I ran out of it I'd have to replace it come hell or high water. It's just a main stay product of mine that's an old faithful.

      However recently when I was trawling my City Centre for bargains I found myself in T.J Hughes and was just browsing their discounted perfumes when bang on the shelf was something I hadn't heard of before even though it was launched in 2002! 'Sheer Obsession'. So I asked to smell the tester and I bought it for £12.99 for a 50ml bottle (bargain!).

      About The Fragrance....

      Passionate, powerful and sexy: discover Sheer Obsession, a fresh new way to experience the Obsession fragrance. A lighter, softer rendition of the traditional signature Obsession fragrance. Features subtle mandarin, bergamot, vanilla, exotic spices, and a dry to warm earthy blend of amber, incense and musk.

      The Packaging....

      The box is white with silver writing on it telling me what it is and who it is by. The bottle is a dome shape (same as Obsession) frosted white glass with frosted silver lid over silver sprayer which is pump action style. Silver writing on the front of the bottle again tells me what it is and who it is by and on the bottom of the bottle is a little white label telling me mine is eau de parfum spray and that it's 50ml in size. Nice packaging and almost the opposite of it's sister scent (Obsession).

      The Scent....

      So this is opposite in so many ways to the original Obsession. The colour of this scent is a pale yellow colour opposed to Obsession which is dark amber. The packaging of this is light and girly where as Obsession is brown and rather more masculine looking. This bottle is frosted, Obsession original isn't, it's clear. This has a silver top, Obsession is gold. So you get the impression this is going to be a very different baby altogether. However you'd be wrong! They smell so similar. If you love the original Obsession I cant see a reason in the world you wouldn't love this. If your not so daring to wear Obsession (Original) then your just over half way there with this fragrance!

      Yes it is slightly more delicate in places. This is hard to explain! I shall try! It isn't so heavy in the amber musk and vanilla department as the original and therefore isn't as syrupy sweet as that of Original Obsession is and to me just overall isn't so earthy and sweet or heavy. However this is still stronger than most daytime perfumes so don't be fooled just cos it's called 'sheer'. This is classified as a daytime perfume but you need to have some balls to wear it as it is still in your face and recognisable as Obsession.

      Long lasting in the bottle as you really don't need to use much of this and very long lasting on the skin ( I wore mine again yesterday and I squirted some on in morning bout 10am and could still smell it when I got to bed at 5am!

      This is still rich and warm and all that you would expect from Obsession, just not quite so deep or so warm.

      Me I'm quite happy to wear this in the daytime though as I have said don't be fooled into believing this isn't strong people still ask me are you wearing Obsession all of the time! It is a bit lighter but still unmistakably Obsession!

      Can be found in all good chemists, i.e Boots and expect to pay about £28.00 for a 30ml bottle and £35.00 for 50ml. Also available on line in discount stores.


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    • Product Details

      A lighter, softer rendition of the traditional signature obsession fragrance /

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