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Calvin Klein Shock Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Calvin Klein / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    2 Reviews
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      10.07.2012 03:03
      Very helpful



      Good fragrance.


      The World Famous CK One fragrance was released in 1994, It was a unisex fragrance and became One of the most successful fragrances and it is still in production today. Calvin Klein released a new fragrance in the CK One range which is named "Shock". This fragrance was released in 2011. The fragrance range is Available as 50 and 100 ml EDT, shower gel, deodorant and after shave lotion. The fragrance was designed by Ann Gottlieb and IFF. As a fan of Calvin Klein fragrances and having owned a few of them over the past few years I decided to try this one when looking for a new fragrance in Boots some months ago. I was impressed by the scent and bought a gift set which included a tube of shower gel.

      **The Fragrance**

      Unlike the original CK One, this is not a Unisex fragrance but a Mens fragrance, There's also a Women's fragrance available which is in a white bottle with a pink font. I like the look of the Men's version which is in a Black bottle with a nice Green font which looks sharp and stylish. The fragrance opens with a lovely fruity orange tone with a subtle cucumber and lavender scent. The fragrance moves into the middle notes after around three hours or so and the middle notes are more musky which moves the fragrance on well giving it the tools to be an ideal night fragrance, after another three hours or so the fragrance blends into the final base notes which are still quite musky and there's a nice chocolate tone to them which adds something different. After another three hours the fragrance fades.

      Top Notes
      Clementine, Purple lavender, Cucumber

      Middle Notes
      Osmanthus, Black pepper, Cardamom, Black basil

      Base Notes
      Chocolate, Tobacco, Ambreine, Cashmeran musk, Patchouli

      **Deals and Prices**

      This fragrance is widely available and there are some great deals to be found. I have seen the 50ml bottle for £19.99 which is fairly cheap compared to other similar fragrances and the 100ml bottle is £29.99 which is a better deal compared to most similar quality fragrances. There are a number of different gift sets which offer various additional products in the CK One Shock range which are as follows shower gel, deodorant and after shave lotion. It's worth having a look around for the best deals and remembering the size of the bottle that each of the gift sets are offering so you pick up the best deal for your needs ie shower gel, deodorant or after shave lotion with the fragrance.


      This is an excellent fragrance which is ideal for the younger male and if you like many of the other Calvin Klein fragrances then this should be another fragrance for you. I like the opening and middle notes the best as they really have the best impression on you. There are some decent deals on this fragrance and you can find some gift sets for decent prices online. It's worth trying out the fragrance in a perfume shop or boots store like any other fragrance as you want to spend your money wisely. It's a fairly long lasting fragrance which has a nice scent and is one I would seriously consider buying again in the future. Finally there are better scents out there but if you can find a good deal on this fragrance then it's worth giving it a go as it is actually an excellent fragrance for everyday and night use.


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        22.03.2012 23:06
        Very helpful



        A not bad new fragrance from Calvin Klein but some of their earlier scents are better!

        CK Shock is the newest and latest fragrance currently available from Calvin Klein and to be honest, having bought this, I find myself neither impressed nor disappointed but instead, somewhere in the middle. Certainly the name is more than a little decieving as there is nothing paticulary shocking about this fragrance other than the fact that it is a rather run-of-the-mill scent that is perhaps a tad too subtle for most tastes.

        Looking at all the advertising bumpf that has been used to advertise just how great this smells, you are supposed to be able to get hints of Clementine, Cucumber, Black Pepper, Cardamon, Tobacco (?) and Chocolate when you use this. Certainly my own personal experiences back up some of these fragrances but not all and some of them seem to be lost in the ether somewhere though, over time, the scent does mature and evolve somewhat bringing new levels to this Eau De Toilette.

        As far as it goes, I would not say this scent is overly powerful, though some may well disagree with me. To this, my only defence is that I have long been told that all such products smell different on different people though how true this is, I have never been entirely sure. Certainly I found this to be subtle at first with a real citrus flavour to its smell that graduated over time into some of the other scents. And this is where I have a bit of an issue because from the box design, garishly loud green writing over a more traditional black Calvin Klein design, I expected something a little bit more brash and dominant! I kind of bought this a little bit blind, having quite enjoyed Klein's previous fragrances including CKIN2U which had a very mixed reception amongst my peers, and though I wouldn't say I was disappointed, I was definitely a little bit under-awed.

        As for longevity, well like I say it is almost as though this smell evolves over time. My own personal experience suggests a duration of 4-5 hours at best before it begins to lose what little potency it has but one thing it does have in its favour is that it is different and there's not much else on the market that I have smelled that posesses this unique blend of scents. Certainly at work I got more than a few comments from people I work with enquiring what it was I was wearing with the comments "that's a little bit different isn't it?" and "Hmmm, I quite like that ~ does it come in a female version?"

        The answer to that last question is yes and, to be fair, seeing as this has got a largely favourable reaction from Mrs.Sparky, I might well invest in a bottle of the female variety of this fragrance for her! To be honest, this scent as it is smells quite unisex and could easily be mistaken for such if you didn't know any better. The fact that Calvin Klein has released two supposedly distinct fragrances in the same range rather than a unisex combination does smack a little bit of clever marketing in these difficult tmes and I can imagine there might be a few wives and girlfriends out there who might nick a bit of this off their blokes rather than buying their own!

        For the most part though, I can honestly say I DO quite like this even if it is not enough to give it a totally glowing recommendation. It might even be that, over time, this scent grows on me to the extent that I end up really loving it but, as far as early days go, I do find the whole concept that this is supposed to be Shocking a little mis-leading. And at prices ranging anywhere from £30 upwards, depending where you buy it, I kind of expect to like a fragrance just that little bit more than I do at present!


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