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Cartier Delices de Cartier Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Cartier / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      18.03.2015 23:36
      Very helpful



      Not what I was expecting at all....

      Saw the name, loved the bottle and then what happened?
      It took me by surprise but not the way I thought it would.
      This was not the best fragrance I've ever tried and it's not one of the first that I would recommend anyone try.

      This is a very heavy and strange mix of scents, here goes:

      TOP NOTES.



      This is a hazy mix. Usually I'm quite god at picking out notes, I know what I like and then this comes along and its very confusing.
      The scent is not appalling but there is too much going on and the scent really doesn't sit well or even last long which I was surprised at because of the name.
      The overall look from the packaging to the bottle was not what I was expecting either, it was more like a non-branded look and feel.

      I was disappointed with the way it settled and smelt more like a perfume wearing off at the end of the day instead of fresh and attractive smelling the moment you apply it.

      The price is confusing as well. Although prices can and do vary on over the internet some say £10 other £85! I really would advise you sample this before you buy and seriously take your time to get the best deal if you like this.
      I got this for £9.99 in Beauty base... yep strange prices.


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      15.03.2013 22:38
      Very helpful



      OK, but a little on the harsh side

      I am a member of a website called swagbucks.com, where you collect points for watching videos, playing games, doing surveys and simply using their search engine.

      Last month I eventually saved up enough swagbucks to get a £50.00 Amazon voucher so I spent it on 2 perfumes. I got Vera Wang Preppy Princess 100ml eau de toilette, which was just under £40.00 and Cartier Delices 30ml eau de toilette, which cost around £17.00 so I did slightly overspend, but I thought it would be worth it.

      I had spotted Cartier Delices online and really liked the bottle and I watched a review of the perfume on youtube, which persuaded me that this was what I wanted to spend the remainder of my £50 voucher on.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      Cartier Delices eau de toilette is available from Amazon.co.uk, cheapsmells.com, feelunique.com, House of Fraser, Selfridges as well as many other department stores.
      The 30ml bottle is available from cheapsmells.com for £18.47 (RRP £37.00).
      The 100ml bottle is available from cheapsmells.com for £48.95 (RRP £77.00), House of Fraser for £83.00 or Selfridges for £84.50.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle is made from red glass and it is a rounded shape, but there are leaf shapes imprinted into the bottle, which are made of clear glass and they go right around the bottle. I have the 30ml bottle, which is small, but it doesn't look so small that it looks silly like I have found with some 30ml perfumes in the past.
      The lid of the bottle is made from clear plastic and is an odd shape. It is possibly meant to resemble leaves as the rounded shape of the bottle reminds me of a fruit. The lid is very angular and pretty. I like that one side of the lid has a 'leaf' that points down and the other side has a leaf that points upwards so the lid looks slightly diagonal.
      Around the bottom of the lid there is a silver ring with the words, 'Delices De Cartier' imprinted into it in black lettering.

      ~ Scent ~
      This fragrance is a heavy, fruity gourmand. I was not expecting it to be as so rich.
      The top notes are frosted cherry, pink pepper and bergamot.
      The heart is made up of three kinds of jasmine, violet and freesia.
      The base notes are amber, tonka bean and sandalwood.
      It is fruity and has a slight sweetness to it. I can detect the cherry and pink pepper notes in this. The sweetness is overcome by the heavier amber notes in this fragrance. There is a slight harshness to this fragrance, which I think takes away from the fruitiness.
      It is quite strong and I have found it to be long lasting, still evident on my skin 8 hours after application.
      It smells as though it would be quite expensive. It has a lot of depth to it.
      The scent is not what I expected from reading the list of notes. I expected a cleaner, lighter, fruitier scent.
      I like this fragrance, but it is a little bit harsh for my tastes. The opening notes are very pleasant, but overall I find it harsh and heavy and it is not among my favourite fragrances although I can imagine that this might grow on me.
      I'd say this fragrance would appeal to more mature women because it is quite deep and heavy.
      So far I have only worn this fragrance during the day, but it is a fragrance I would choose for a night out.


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      06.01.2011 12:33
      Very helpful



      Interesting and likeable scent, but expensive and the staying power is atrocious.

      When I saw Cartier Délices in my local department store, my immediate thought was: what a beautiful bottle! So I had to try it, and decided to get a tester so I could have a few sprays and see how it wore. Cartier Délices first came out in 2006 and was created by perfumer Christine Nagel, who also created Eau de Cartier, Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka, and Theorema by Fendi. It's categorised as a fruity floral perfume, erring on the side of the gourmand (perfumes which feature 'food' notes, such as chocolate, sugar, edible vanilla or in this case, cherry), which marked a change in Cartier's perfume direction as it's clearly geared towards a much younger audience.


      Cartier Délices is modern and luxurious, and, as you'd imagine, it's beautifully packaged. It comes in a very square box in the traditional Cartier shades of blood-red and white: the eau de toilette is white with a red 'C' in the middle and red accenting at the sides, while the eau de parfum is red with white writing, accenting and 'C' design. It's very simple but also very eyecatching and classy. The bottle itself, on the other hand, is quite frankly a work of art and incredibly beautiful - it's shaped a little like the Dior Poison bottle, but more elongated and narrower at the base, and has strips of clear red extending from the top to the bottom. It looks both juicy and jewelled at the same time, if that's possible, and is topped with a wonderfully lavish top which looks like a piece of intricate Cartier jewellery. Perhaps predictably for a jewellery house, it looks as if a lot of attention has gone into the presentation of this perfume, and the whole effect is very tempting.


      Délices begins with a blast of cherry which on my skin was rather artificial-smelling, at times it was closer to maraschino cherries or those sickly sweet Cherry Drop sweets (remember them?) than actual cherry. It's not a particularly fruity or round cherry; I read in one interview with Christine Nagel that she wanted to capture "frosted cherry", whatever that might be - although perhaps I can see what she was getting at, as the cherry is thin and not very natural-smelling.

      Close on the heels of the cherry is violet, which again, smells a little Parma Violety to me. Délices is strange in that these scents seem to alternate between fruity and candy-like, one minute natural, the next totally artificial - along with the violet and the cherry I get a definite hit of syrupy grenadine. It's not a nasty effect but it is disconcerting and makes the top notes oddly woolly and indistinct. The top notes are actually, to my nose, really rather similar to Coco Mademoiselle and Miss Dior Chérie: fruity and sweet, but a little blurry.

      Délices slides with alarming rapidity into the middle notes - it only took about 15 minutes for the top notes to wear off, which is really no time at all. The whole thing goes very milky at this point, with the cherry fading away to be replaced with the floral notes of orange blossom. Again, it's still a little indistinct, but now the effect is warmer and more pillow-like; the violet develops further and a definite creaminess emerges.

      It's very nice at this stage, and I must admit that I like the warmth and roundedness that develops better than I like the odd fruit/candy switching that was previously going on. The sillage (how much the perfume carries into the air around you) is negligible, both at this point and even with the top notes - this is a perfume which is discreet to the point of being almost weak, even after I'd sprayed three squirts of eau de parfum!

      However, as with the top notes, the middle notes don't hang around for long - the base notes had definitely emerged after 2 hours. Délices develops further along the creamy lines it had been following in the middle notes: warm, smooth vanilla is the overwhelming note at this point, with indistinct and blurry amber at the edges which gives even more warmth and occasionally punctuates the sweetness with a more luminous scent.

      There is something a little burnt-sugary about the basenotes which really does call to mind Miss Dior Cherie's popcorn/burnt note and Coco Mademoiselle's warm and rounded vanilla. After 3 hours I was surprised to find that Délices had turned a little soapy, which was unexpected but not unpleasant, and all traces of it were gone after about 3 and a half hours.


      I like it, but it sure doesn't hang around for long! My main objection to Délices is how thin it is, and how quickly it fades and disappears. The actual scent is nice enough - fruity, young and bubbly but not cheap, with nicely understated cherry taking centre stage - but the fact that it's gone in 3 hours, which is no time at all, is ridiculous. I knew it wouldn't last long when one spray of the eau de parfum didn't really smell of anything, and indeed after 3 generous sprays of eau de parfum and 3 hours I can only smell a very faint soapy trace. I recognise that it's not a dark, woody or spicy kind of scent, and so it's going to have less staying power, but Coco Mademoiselle has good staying power (not to mention that it's just a lot more robust as a fragrance) and it's got a lot of the same notes and a similar composition.

      The candy/fruit switching going on is very interesting, and I reckon that if you're a fan of gourmands, sweetness and fruit, this could well be something to interest you. It would be perfect for younger women or very warm, sunny days, as it's not heavy in the slightest. So in conclusion, I adore the bottle, and like what the perfume does, but I don't think it's original enough to warrant spending my money on it...particularly as you need to apply it so heavily that half the bottle might well be gone in a week! I also couldn't possibly recommend the eau de toilette as you must need to bathe in the stuff to get any kind of staying power.


      Frustratingly for a perfume that you might have to apply and reapply every few hours, Délices is actually very expensive - £76.50 for 100ml of EDT and £43.50 for 30ml EDP at the Perfume Shop. As with all scents like this, you're paying for the designer tag as much as the perfume itself, which is fine as long as you get your money's worth or the scent is particularly special. I just don't feel that Délices really fulfils either of these criteria that much.


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        26.01.2008 14:42
        Very helpful



        A vibrant, sophisticated fruity floral fragrance. A sensual delight!

        Launched: 2006

        I'm known for loving all things cherry by family, so I got a bottle of Delices de Cartier as a Christmas present.

        The bottle

        The beautiful, collectible cut glass bottle was inspired by the designer house's own 1920's jewellery range. A round vibrant red cherry shape bottle is every true collector's must have item. The lid is clear cut glass in and it has an metal ring around its neck that has Delices de Cartier engraved in it. The brilliant white box is adorned with a deep red 'Cartier' written across the sides.

        The fragrance

        The first fruity floral fragrance from Cartier is a sensual delight. I am usually critical with fruity perfumes because they tend to be overly sweet, cloying and basically drowning out all other delicate - notably floral notes. Delices de Cartier is not one of these; its fruitiness is transparent, meaning it is there but is independent and does not spoil the other notes from developing.

        Top Notes: frosted cherry, pink pepper and bergamot

        The cherry note of the fragrance is immediately apparent; it is juicy, mouth-watering but fresh slightly tangy at the same time.

        Middle Notes: jasmine, violet and freesia

        The floral notes of freesia, violet and jasmine are vequite subtle in the middle and will only last a few hoursand, they add a very feminine, delicate touch to the fragrance.

        Even if you're not a gourmand type, you'll probably like Delices for its delicate and balanced composition.

        Base Notes: amber, tonka bean

        On the warm skin it nicely develops into a creamy vanilla flavoured dry-down, and becomes a lightly spiced cinnamon - clove - mousse - like scent which makes it adorable to wear in winter.


        Cartier Delices is luxurious, sophisticated and however a bit pricey, it is probably the best fruity-floral fragrance on the market at the moment. The house also launched a lighter, fruitier version in 2007 named Eau Fruitee that boasts a similar bottle as Delices.

        Also available as body cream, body lotion, shower gel and perfum natural spray.

        Staying power: 3 / 5
        Composition: 5 / 5
        Value for money: 4 / 5
        Originality: 5 / 5

        Hope this review has helped you.

        Thanks, Lillu

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