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Cerruti 1881 Black Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Cerruti / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    4 Reviews
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      22.06.2010 20:36
      Very helpful
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      A great everyday fragrance that can be worn for most occasions

      The first thing that hits you when you smell this fragrance is the fruity smell of the bitter orange with the sweet smell of marzipan. Initially, the sweetness is a little overpowering, but don't let this put you off - once the sweetness of the marzipan has gone (which is about half an hour on my skin) it's a great smelling blend of citrus and black pepper, which is very refreshing.

      The drydown of this eau de toilette is a powdery smell of oriental woods which goes great after the citrus.

      The longevity of this eau de toilette is extremely good - from the initial spray to the point where it's just about gone I can get a good 12 hours, which also makes this a good everyday scent. You can wear it anytime really, and the smell will not offend anyone (or at least it hasn't in my experience). The scent also projects well, but without being overpowering, so this means people in close proximity will definitely notice it, but it won't annoy everyone in the room.

      Also, I can't review this eau de toilette without commenting on the bottle. The black glass has a nice texture and gives the impression of a very sophisticated fragrance. It will look good wherever you put it.

      In my opinion, this scent is for a young male (somewhere in the range 16 - 25), but as always with eau de toilettes, it really is down to the opinion of the wearer wether it suits them or not - if you think it smells good, then go for it.


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        08.04.2010 10:38
        Very helpful



        Looks good on the shelf, but doesn't really cut it when it comes to the scent.

        Cerruti 1881 Black (Noir).

        I have to admit that there are times when packaging can sell a product - This, for me, was one of them.

        I was browsing through one of the online fragrance shops, searching for a suitable Eau de Toilette.
        The criteria were fairly straightforward:
        1) The bottle MUST match the bathroom (and therefore be attractive) - Guess who's idea that was?
        2) I had to like the scent.

        Whilst searching, I discovered the beautiful glass bottle of Cerruti 1881, which I bought immediately (more on that elsewhere on here).

        Some months later, I heard about this particular fragrance - Cerruti 1881 Black (sometimes referred to as Noir).
        Though I wasn't overly keen on the original Cerruti 1881, I just had to buy this to compliment the original colourless bottle.

        The design of the bottle is in the same vein as Cerruti 1881, with an elegant glass bottle embossed with "1881" and some very organic-looking ridges. Like Cerruti 1881, the design definitely nods towards the design style of mass produced Lalique - which was the principle reason for buying this fragrance. It does look quite wonderful on a shelf next to the Cerruti 1881.
        Overall, the effect is unfortunately a little too glossy. There is no frosting on this bottle, though it does look very attractive in clear black glass.
        The plastic atomiser cap is matt grey metallic-looking plastic. If it was a chrome effect (like Cerruti 1881), it would look much better.

        The scent.
        I admit that I am no fragrance expert. I know if I like a fragrance or not. Having purchased both of these Cerruti EDT sprays, I would have expected something similar. This is not the case. Cerruti 1881 Black is quite a sweet but woody scent. It is not at all overpowering, but I find it somewhat sickly. Luckily, the sweetness doesn't linger for too long, but it does have the unfortunate effect of reminding me of bubble gum. Maybe it's just me, but it does not seem like a very masculine fragrance, it's just too sweet.
        There are some spicy notes, but once again, more akin to cinnamon - making the overall effect a little bit sweet.
        Not to say that Cerruti 1881 Black is unpleasant, but for evening wear (which is what I'd primarily say this fragrance is for), it doesn't inspire me to buy another bottle.

        The scent does linger for a few hours, but is by no means persistent. I get occasional "bubble gum" reminders during the evening whilst wearing this scent, but not much more.
        No one has ever commented on this scent when I've been wearing it. I've even tried several sprays of it, but I just don't think that it's quite intriguing enough to merit further thought.

        It isn't the easiest fragrance to find, if you are interested. In all honesty, unless you are really taken in by the design/colour of the bottle, then I'd stick with Cerruti 1881.


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        07.09.2009 15:20
        Very helpful



        mmm fresh

        I first tried this fragrance about a year and a half ago, when I received one of those mini tester bottles as part of a gift set. You usually get five fragrances and chances are, there will be one that you like and four that you don't. This was the one that I liked.

        Cerruti: 1881; even the name conjures up images of a timeless smell, that has been left to linger for a century.

        The Bottle:

        The bottle is a draw, it reminds me of a stained glass window, with a bubbly effect on the glass and a stylish logo on the front of the bottle. Less is more as they say and it looks the part. It is easy to dispense, thanks to a pump-action nozzle at the head of the bottle.

        The Scent:

        Trying to describe a smell is difficult, as an aftershave smells different on different people. When I first put this on, I was hit by a gentle summery aroma. There was an overriding freshness about it, it perked up the nose with a keen sense of vibrancy. I detected initial hints of lemongrass, this gave it a delightful light zest, but underneath lay a more rounded scent. Spices and sandalwood blended to create a subtle and warming smell which lingers delicately.

        The scent is quite complex as it throws several different layers at you all at once, the result is chic and compelling. The scent stays with you for several hours though.

        Who Might Wear It?

        Men of course, but I would pitch this at a man who likes to be taken seriously. A man who can show he is in touch with his feminine side and who can embrace anything the world throws at him. The chic feel of the scent would appeal to a man who is fashion savvy and style conscious.


        £17.00 will be needed for a 50ml bottle, so it is quite inexpensive and well worth a purchase!


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        03.11.2008 12:28
        Very helpful



        A disappointing aromatic cologne

        Launched: 2006
        Group: oriental woody

        :: Introduction ::

        My boyfriend has also caught the 'perfume' bug from me and nowadays we regularly nip in to the perfume shops to have a sniff around. That's how we came across Cerruti 1881 Black Eau de Toilette and were given a couple of samples to try. We both tried it and though our opinion varied at first, having compared it to other fragrances along the same oriental woody lines such as Dior Fahrenheit and Lancome Hypnose we both agreed something was seriously amiss.

        :: The bottle ::

        Like many a Cerruti's line of mens fragrances Cerruti Black bears the same packaging and bottle with only the colour changing with each launch. We have a slinky, rectangular frost-effect dark grey - black bottle with the familiar rough '1881' embossment on the front. The atomizer is cylindrical decorated with a stack of ring effect halfway through. The box is plain black with the '1881' and other writings being white. Nothing spectacular or original, keeping well in line with the classic Cerruti Men (1990) and its successors.

        :: The fragrance ::

        Top notes: lavender, bitter orange, black pepper

        Two sprays of the eau de toilette is enough to give you a fresh, long-lasting effect for 3 - 4 hours. The top notes start out fresh,
        green and immediately reminded us of a Brut cologne from the nineties that every man and his dog seemed to wear at the time. It's the green label and is still available in shops. The dominant them is that of neroli (bitter orange) note that is used in about 70% - 80% of male fragrance and here creates a bitter, green and deep herbal accord with a hint of citrus. There's no sign whatsoever of the peppery note as opposed to Fahrenheit which oozes the stuff. Only 10 or 15 minutes later or so do I start catching nuances of sweet and floral lavender that warms and softens the composition into
        a typical and somewhat tired experience.

        Middle notes: nutmeg, caraway, cedar

        The second phase of the fragrance draws on the fresh and warm theme of the top notes and adding a good dose of slightly oriental bouquet of and accord that smells of cardamon for me. It's only lightly oriental contrary to the 'oriental-woody' classification. The spicy notes aren't pronounced at all and only add a subtle warmth to the otherwise green and sharpish theme. The warmth of the spicy accord diappears quite quickly, in about an hour.

        Base notes: agarwood, guaiac wood, marzipan

        After approximately 4 hours the final notes take over. The base notes were again a letdown for me, they didn't deliver any exotic woody experience apart from a overall dry, woody and smoky aroma. What appeared felt dried out and harsh which was only minutely lightened up by a subtle smell of clean, aromatic and fresh agarwood. Agarwood is an aromatic resin that's produced as a result of mold infection affecting the evengreen Aquilaria trees native to South East Asia and is said to have a complex and pleasant aroma.

        :: Conclusion ::

        Cerruti Black bears some similarities to The Body Shop's now discoountinued Javari Eau de Toilette but without the exotic and genuine oriental feel I was expecting. Cerruti Black is linear in my book although it isn't an overall bad thing. It's a reliable, well-blended, frech aromatic cologne with a traditional,
        fuss-free feel but in my opinion in an extremely competitive creative world of fragrances it is a huge step back to the boring tried and tested territory. I find it disappointing that no new offering has come from the Cerruti house since Cerruti Black. It was launched with its matching pair Cerruti Blanc (White) for ladies which makes it a half-launch anyway. The blunt lack of creativity and originality cancels out the other half of effort for me.

        :: Price / Availability ::

        Department stores and fragrance shops in 50ml and 100ml bottles at prices £22 - £36.

        The other two fragrances of the 'colour' series are Cerruti Amber (2002) for Men and Cerruti Blanc (White) for ladies launched in 2006.

        :: Additional rating ::

        Originality: 1 / 5
        Composition: 3 / 5
        Staying power: 3 / 5
        Overall value: 2 / 5

        Thank you for reading.

        powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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