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Chanel Allure Homme Blanche Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Chanel / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2010 14:51
      Very helpful



      A refreshing change to standard Allure but with chameleon like qualities

      Last year when my supplies of usual heavy Christian Dior aftershave was being used up and saved by the hugeness and freshening appeal of Aqua by Bulgari, I decided to revisit an old favourite of mine in the form of Allure by Chanel for men which was launched in 1998, and has been one of my favourite understated scents of the day! Allure by itself is a subtle fragrance on me, and one that sits well for day or evening time when thin waves of the aftershave seem to keep going, reminding me of what I've applied and with its woody backdrop has been one of the best products to use when a light scent is required compared to the heaviness of ripened Fahrenheit.

      I must admit, it was not the words "Special Edition," that reeled me in, but by the colour of the bottle before sampling the fragrance. As Chanel put it, "a polar white and solar bronze body with gold lacquered paint," may well appeal by the very wording but it is not hard to be impressed with the physical boldness of this classy aftershave's packaging. Smooth and blocky to the touch with curvy edges, the bottle is one of those kinds of aftershaves that you leave out on a table or bedside cabinet rather than taking it with you during the day. From the way that the white rubber encased and chrome tinged top comes off, with the Chanel label inscribed all the way round, it isn't hard to see Chanel have wasted no money on producing something slightly different to the standard "clear" Allure Homme aftershave and at cost price for 100ml the price of this product is usually around £50 to £60 before seasonal discounts. It is not a cheap aftershave by any means! A smaller 50ml bottle costs around £40 to £45 making the 100ml a bit of a bargain and there's even a bigger 150ml available at £70. I strongly recommend you visit the large department stores in cities as you can usually get a good price, if not freebies added in!

      Allure Homme Blanche, Special Edition by Chanel is perhaps a rather unusual twist of an old formula. It sprinkles its wholesome aspirations by being just as light as standard Allure but with an explosion of different tones such as pepper, ginger, the obliging sandalwood (possibly for longevity), white musk, amber, cedar and then a most unexpected surprise - lemon as the aftershave's top note with vanilla and bergamot. Allure Homme Blanche isn't full on no matter how many times you spray though and the metal spray dispersal hole seems to direct a fine mist of the product rather than a true 2 way direction. It does contain a little alcohol, so for sensitive skin it is better to direct the bottle with a bit more distance than normal. However compared to a lot of other aftershaves, Chanel's product here isn't stingy by nature and that's a most unexpected surprise!

      At times when I use this aftershave, Allure Homme Blanche has a leathery and creamy undertone that can be easy to detect but it depends on what you've doused yourself in the shower beforehand! For example, if I have used a mild soap on my body, the leather scent is very much apparent and it gives me a regal, bold and almost sophisticated smell rather than the resilient freshness of lemons and citrus accents that come off if I've used a fragrant shower gel. I've only noticed this before with Chanel products; the quality reflects in the price you pay but Allure Homme Blanche has an almost chameleon like quality on me which is unlike other fragrances I own. It is perhaps insightful that such an aftershave like Allure Homme Blanche by Chanel incites me, as a man to think about those around me rather than full on heavy city gent office types designed to knock out any passing female! You can still knock people out with this, but gradually bit by bit if that's your intention! This product is still quite bold though even though it doesn't hit me with an instant explosion of all those tones going on like a shaken can of soft drink straight away and with that very thought in mind, it doesn't make my skin sticky once the aftershave has been applied and it doesn't stain clothing badly, either.

      It is no surprise then, that even with its abundance of different flavours and wholesome earthy undertones building up, this isn't a fragrance that I wear everyday because of its changing qualities. This isn't a downside by any means but I do have to think in advance as to what I'm wearing or the season I'm in depending on the air around me! For example, as a summer fragrance Allure Homme Blanche has too much body, it comes across too strong and its leathery and woody tones don't sit well in the sun or high temperatures. However, come autumn and winter, and this scent starts to make a lot more sense, making me more distinctive against the warmth of spices or ginger even though quite rightfully this product has ginger in it. The lemons at the top however are more apparent in the right surroundings and many of my friends appreciate the hugeness of citrus just before Christmas as a reminder of what has gone on beforehand.

      Now, where accessories are concerned we're talking big money online because off it, prices are fairly fixed albeit seasonal offers. Boots online did stock an entire range of additional grooming products like the Hair Shampoo, Stick deodorant, aftershave balm and aftershave lotion but these are no longer available. This is simply because that Chanel seems to be better value OFF line rather than online. For example www.body360.co.uk are selling the 100ml aftershave at an incredible and rather astronomical £85! House of Frasers in Glasgow is where I usually purchase Chanel and here are a few sample prices of the stock they have:

      After shave balm £35 for 100ml.
      Shower gel £23 for 100ml.
      Deodorant spray or stick at £21.00
      EDT £45 ml, £60 for 100ml, £70 for 150ml.
      Hair and body wash at £23-00.

      Wholeheartedly if you are looking for a slightly different aftershave for an older gentleman I would seriously consider and recommend Allure Homme Blanche. It is fairly expensive to buy but it does have long lasting appeal and a backdrop of colours that have to be appreciated by the kind of man who won't cling to stereotypical aftershaves that have to be worn everyday to make some kind of appeal. This one is slightly more understated but it has a richness to the scent that isn't hard to defy but changes every so slightly in an almost rainbow like fashion that also seems to be bold and sincere by its very approach. It isn't flashy but it is golden with quite an intense flavour that should be tried before purchased. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010



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