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Chanel Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum

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9 Reviews

Brand: Chanel / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    9 Reviews
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      29.09.2011 13:53
      Very helpful



      A beautiful and classic fragrance.

      As a lover of all things perfume, I thought it was time to write my first fragrance review and that to, with one of my favourite scents Chanel's Allure Sensuelle.

      This review relates to the EDP version only.

      Some may say that the bottle is dated because of its rectangular shape, but I find that this just adds to Chanel's classic charms. I especially like the maroon cap fitted with a gold band with Chanel written inside it. The actual bottle is see-through, so the liquid which is quite a dark colour, is clearly visible.

      The perfume was created in 2006 by Jacques Polge.

      Chanel's description of this perfume:-

      "Soft Oriental Floral.
      Four of the six facets of ALLURE (Fresh, Timeless Floral, Woody and Fruity) have been reworked to take on fuller and sweeter accents that are all the more delicious and mysterious.
      The Oriental facet sets the sensual tone, with a combination of Vanilla and Amber Patchouli.
      Finally, a warm and airy Sunny Spicy facet - both fresh and provocative - evokes the refined mystery of the Orient"

      Now that the cold winter months are approaching, this is a perfect perfume for this time of year. It is a warming and comforting scent to wear.

      I have been wearing this for a few years now and have never tired of it. I love scents that stay on for more than three hours and this is one of them.

      When first sprayed, the top notes can be slightly nauseating and sharp on the nose, but within twenty minutes or so, this really tones down. If you find this too over powering, I would recommend that you spray before you leave the house to give it time to settle.

      Once the middle notes come through, you will be rewarded with the most amazing woody scents and these only get better when the vanilla comes through. I enjoy perfumes with a hint of vanilla and here the vanilla never overpowers the woody scent.

      Personally, the floral or fruity notes do not feature strongly in this perfume and I would not describe this particular perfume as a floral scent, but instead woody and spicy/smokey feel to it. Neither is it too sweet.

      You only need a couple of sprays of this powerful scent - moderation is the key and as the saying goes, a little does go along way. Caution, if you spray too much, you risk the wrath of those around you! It is true that too much of this potent scent will be overbearing in confined spaces.

      This perfume lasts and lasts on my clothes. I can still smell this on my coat days after I have worn this, so if you like your perfumes to have staying power, then this is the one. Perfect for evening wear, as well.

      Used sparingly and stored correctly, one bottle will last a very long time.

      The starting price for a 35ml bottle is around the £45.00 mark from department stores like Debenhams and Boots. There are matching products like lotions and soap available as well.

      Overall, I can see this will remain in my collection for a long while yet and I will definitely purchase this again.


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      15.02.2011 17:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Try before you (don't) buy.

      My mother's boyfriend has a random habit of buying Chanel toiletries for her and my sister and I. I cannot complain in anyway about this, as the gifts are usually completely unexpected, and no-one minds getting a Chanel gift box for no reason, do they? I'm convinced he's done some dodgy deal with the lady at House of Fraser - at Christmas I got Allure perfume, soap and body cream, and then just randomly he bought me a nail varnish and a massive bottle of Allure Sensuelle.

      I have always worn Chanel, mostly No19 and No5, and veering off into Coco Mademoiselle every now and again when I feel a bit "frilly". But I'd never tried Allure, and quite liked the stuff I got for Christmas, so I was very pleased to get a big Purple box with that word on the front.

      Chanel describe Allure Sensuelle as " Modern, magnetic and different... created to draw a woman into a more sensual universe with a voluptuous Oriental note and a bright spicy accent." I would describe it as stinky, overbearing and frumpy.... created to make people step back when they're talking to you, with a note of men's Joop and a toilet cleaner accent.

      I am frankly shocked to have found a Chanel frangrance I so dislike. I thought everything Chanel was lovely, even if not for me. But I'm yet to recieve a positive comment when wearing this stuff - I wore it to a meeting the other day and the guy opened the window, despite it blowing a freezing gale outside.

      It kind of smells of hippies, but not in a good way (is there a good way?), mixed with teachers. It contains patchouli and vanilla, which I previously thought I liked, but I must have been mistaken. And it pongs for hours even if you only put a tiny bit on, and lingers on your clothes for weeks especially coats and jackets where it seems to rub off from your neck most.

      If you like heavy orientally scents, you might like it... but if you're a Chanel fan looking for a new angle, I wouldn't bother with this one.

      I know, I'm such an ungrateful cow!


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        19.07.2010 21:43
        Very helpful



        A fragrance with a strong personality, but it's more Motorhead than REM.

        I'd bought a mega bottle of Chanel Allure on the way home from a self catering family holiday in France. It was a little indulgence to make up for the fact that whilst everyone else got to enjoy themselves and relax I still had to do the cooking, washing up, laundry tidying etc., albeit in lovely surroundings. I loved the fragrance, and when I realised that there was another member in the Allure stable 'Allure Sensuelle', I decided to save up and give it a try.

        The bottle is a classic unfussy rectangle of pleasingly weighty smooth glass, with the name of the perfume in plain pink lettering on the front. The cap is an attractive metallic pink (which matches the lettering) and gold colour. The fluid glinting inside the bottle is liquid amber. This currently costs £69.99 on cheapsmells.com for 100ml of the eau de parfum, and is also available widely on the high street £84.00 in Boots (ouch) and £44.00 for the 35ml

        This fragrance was created by 'master nose' (images of a giant nose in a cap and gown spring to mind... I feel I watched too much Monty Python and Woody Allen as a child) by the name of Jacques Polge who is responsible for many luscious perfumes. He believes that perfume is poetry in fragrance form, and I feel some of his fragrances live up to this poetic in itself description. However I don't feel Allure Sensuelle is one of them. Chanel's site claims that this is a diamond like six faceted perfume, these facets they give as "Fresh, Timeless Floral, Woody, Oriental, Fruity and Sunny Spicy" which blend to work as a whole. I won't go into documenting the history of Chanel as it is fairly well known and widely documented; this review is about Chanel Allure Sensuelle only.

        This perfume is classified as a floral oriental scent, which seems to be the type that usually works best with my skin; although I actually prefer a lighter scent. My initial impression is that the scent is overpowering, it whacks me in the olfactory passages and makes my nose crinkle ready to sneeze. When the fragrance has had time to calm down and settle on the skin it develops a slightly more subtle approach, but on me remains quite spicy and strong. I would say that the oriental/spicy aspect of this fragrance is strongest, and it almost feels as if my body is enveloped in a rolling autumn mist forming an olfactory aura. This would be pleasant if the scent were not so strong and intrusive. I was not terribly keen on this effect, as I like my perfume to be part of me not form a distinct wall of scent around me. Allure Sensuelle never develops a light floral or woody essence on me, it remains quite heavy, spicy and almost masculine. The plus side to the depth of fragrance is that this lasts exceptionally well and if you love the scent then this is a big plus point. You can smell this perfume lingering long after the first spray on everything it comes into contact with, clothes, hair, and cats. I tend to bung my clothes in the washing machine as soon as I take them off after using wearing this.

        One of the things I disliked about this fragrance is the way that I could 'taste' it. I know that smell and taste are anatomically firmly linked, which is why people who lose their sense of smell often have a dulled sense of taste. However I've never experienced the 'taste tingle' with other perfumes, even strong ones. The sensation is so pronounced that if I eat whilst wearing this (which isn't often) then the food tastes strongly of the perfume, and is most unpleasant. My youngest daughter has noticed this too, and would ask me not to wear the stinky perfume. My husband quite likes this, but it is far from being his favourite, and frankly I sometimes think he'd say 'mmm lovely' if I just doused myself in coffee.

        I know perfumes can smell quite individual on separate people, so others may experience this fragrance differently. I think this is one that would definitely benefit from being sampled and worn by a potential purchaser; in fact I would say it's essential. You could be one of the lucky ones that it smells divine on, or like me end up scrubbing it off as soon as you can. I regretted buying a bottle without testing it first, (I asked my husband to pick it up as he worked in Swansea, as it would save me a trip). As I liked Chanel Allure and had read the blurb about the 'new' Sensuelle I was fairly confident I would like it so wasn't worried about not having a sniff first, oops! I do still wear this despite it not being particularly to my taste as my daughters don't wear perfume and my sister is allergic to it, and it would kill me to 'waste' it. I can just about enjoy it if I spray very very lightly (spray in the air and walk through the mist), it then gives a nice spicy warmth rather than an intrusive, choking punch. You would think I would have learnt my lesson about buying without trying, but I've since bought another (cheaper) perfume from an internet site and was lucky to be very happy with it.


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          17.04.2010 16:17
          Very helpful



          Gorgeous Blend

          I've only bought three fragrances in my life (more of the other two at some later date) and this has to be my favourite.

          Allure Sensuelle was developed by Jacques Polge, Chanels 'Master' Nose. This fragrance was designed (as was the original Allure) to have neither top, nor bottom notes but rather to have a blend that works well and changes according to the wearer.

          If any of you have tried Allure then don't be put off, Allure Sensuelle has a simultaneously a much lighter and also smokier smell. Although you do have to be careful not to use too much and if used sparingly can also be worn in the day.

          Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Candied Fruit, Vetiver, French Vanilla, Amber Patchouli, Frankincense, Sensual Notes are all part of this blend and you will find you get a few compliments when you wear this.

          It comes in a deep purple/maroon box and the bottle is rectangular glass with a purple/maroon cap. All in all this is a wonderful fragrance and far superior to its predecessor. If you use it sparingly you will not only get the best fragrance out of it but it will also really last.

          You can get bottles for roughly £54.00 and it will last you about six months.

          Buy Buy!


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          11.01.2010 11:21



          Classy fragrance for the more confident amongst us

          I have tried and been a lover of Chanel scents for a while now, and feel on the whole that they are best suited to women who "know who they are". I have smelt(?) various members of this fragrance house on younger women and the perfume tends to "wear" them rather than the other way round! As with all premium scents, a little goes a long way! Too much (especially in the confines of a car or lift!) can be way too overpowering!
          Allure is a sophisticated scent in my opinion, suitable for both day and evening wear. It makes me feel both confidant and atttractive, and finishes off my beauty routine. It has vanilla top note that are not cloying and follows up with a sub mix of floral notes. It is expensive but as I have said a little goes a long way. On that note, as with all premium scents its best not to keep them out on display (which is a shame cus they look so elegant!) but keep them in the dark and cool to extend thier life.
          If you want to treat yourself and have a spare £50 then I heartily recommend this scent. BUT before you do, visit a Chanel counter at one of the larger department stores and ask for a sample vial that you can wear and try out to see if it suits you. They should be happy to do this as £50 is not an amount that most of us cannot afford to waste!


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          01.05.2009 21:12
          Very helpful



          Great as an evening perfume.

          ***Chanel Allure Sensuelle***

          This is the first perfume that I have reviewed, but as I have bought this for the last few years, I thought it was worth reviewing.

          ***What's it like?***

          I last bought this perfume using Boots Advantage Points (which is another review altogether!), which I had saved up over a period of around two years. It lasts me around 9 months and the fragrance is effective for all of this time, if I store it out of the light.

          On other occasions, I have had vouchers for my birthday or Christmas and I have put it towards the perfume, as it is quite pricey.

          It comes in a sleek maroon box and the shape of the bottle is neither fancy, nor ultra modern. It is in a rectangular shaped tinted glass bottle, with a maroon and gold lid. It is class packaging for a class product.

          I first smelt this fragrance on someone else and then went on to buy it myself, which is often how I come across a new perfume. I like to choose my perfume in this way and hate for someone to surprise me with a new one as a gift - (how ungrateful!!).

          I did a bit of research and for those who are interested its components are as follows:

          Top Notes - Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Pink Pepper
          Middle Notes - Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Candied Fruit, Vetiver
          Base Notes - Vanilla, Amber, Patchouli, Frankincense, 'Sensual note'.

          I have to say this didn't interest me that much, it could have listed 'Dandelion' and I would still have bought it if it smelled nice!


          I have always enjoyed many of the Chanel perfumes, but I think this is one of my favourites. I bought its predecessor 'Allure', but to be honest I hated this, as I found it quite a mature and strong fragrance and I had to sell it on Ebay because it made me feel sick.

          I like the new Allure Sensuelle, because it seemed lighter and well...more alluring! I generally wear it more as an evening perfume and I hope this doesn't sound daft, but if the weather is really hot, I don't like it as much. In this climate, this is not too much of a worry.

          I am also a fan of Coco Chanel, but again Allure Sensuelle is not as heavy and you can get away with wearing it during the day.

          Whenever I wear it, I do get compliments and I like to spray a bit on my brush, before I brush my hair. You only need a couple of squirts, as this is potent stuff, as you would expect from the higher end Chanel market. It lasts for a few hours, but if I put it on the morning, I would need to re-apply it if I was going out in the evening.

          In my overall opinion, this is a quality perfume, and whilst I can't detect all the notes that it talks about, there is a kind of spicy fragrance to this. I would definitely recommend if you want something a bit special, that to me, is quite a young fragrance, I will knock off one star though, as I think it is very expensive.


          This is expensive stuff, but it does feel like a quality product. I was surprised to find it on Amazon at £40.99 plus £4.10 P&P, for 35 ml, so if you are saving vouchers off here, you may want to treat yourself.

          Alternatively, it is of course available from Boots for around £38. I have to say that I have NEVER seen an offer on anything from Chanel. They also sell accompanying lotions and soap etc, if you really want to splash out.

          I believe there is also frangrance for men.


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            30.09.2008 22:30
            Very helpful



            Definitely welcome under the Christmas Tree

            As a wearer of Chanel Allure, I was immediately drawn to trying this variation. I wasn't disappointed with the fragrance at all. The packaging is very Chanel: understated and classy, and if you purchase within a department store, the assistants will often be happy to gift wrap it for you in Chanel wrap (very handy for you gents that would like to impress without getting bound in sticky tape!).
            Unless you have a discerning nose, it might be difficult to pick out all of the notes the perfume contains as it is a complex fragrance, and will of course translate differently on each individual, so I won't go into the make-up of the fragrance - what I will tell you is that it definitely perfume - that is to say - it's not just a nice smell of vanilla, or fruit or flowers, like some cheaper, perhaps younger scents. A wearer will smell like they are wearing a classic perfume. And it is best applied sparingly, for although subtle and sophisticated, it can overpower when applied too liberally.
            Without generalising, I would say it is perhaps more appealing to someone of 25+ years, who is confident, with a true sense of themselves and their style yet isn't overtly flamboyant.
            A lovely gift for someone you love, or to yourself. Try it, you won't be disappointed.


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            23.06.2008 15:34
            Very helpful



            A perfume from Chanel.

            On a recent shopping splurge I decided to treat myself to a new perfume... and I certainly did splurge as well! I decided to buy Chanel's Allure Sensualle perfume as I'd previously been bought Chanel Chance earlier in the year and thoroughly loved both the fragrance and the long lasting quality of it as well. And so after owning and wearing this perfume for the past month here comes my review...

            The Brand

            The House of Chanel, which is more commonly known as Chanel, is a Parisian fashion house which was founded back in 1910 selling ladieswear. The first fragrance Chanel No 5 was launched back in 1921 and has become a signature product for the Chanel brand. Since then it's popularity has only grown through the decades and it now boasts a full clothing, make up and perfume range too.

            The History

            My friend had previously had Chanel's Allure which was released in the 1990s and therefore much earlier than this new counterpart and I'd always liked the richness of that scent. This particular perfume was marketed at the more mature woman who aspired to be both elegant and powerful which were both themes thought to be represented in the alluring scent possessed by the perfume.

            Earlier in this century the people at Chanel decided to reinvent the Allure fragrance and target it at a younger audience. Following their introduction of Chance and seeing that it proved popular with younger audiences as well as older ones they were keen to increase their name with the younger generations. And so Allure Sensualle was launched to appeal to a more youthful market.

            The Product

            The perfume bottle has been updated somewhat to make it stand out from the original Allure fragrance and now comes in a clear, rectangular glass bottle with a bright pink, metallic lid with a gold band running around it. Allure is written on the front of the bottle in the same bright pink giving the bottle a much more modern and youthful appeal to it while still remaining classy and exclusive.

            To dispense the product you simply need to remove the lid and then press down on the squirt mechanism which will release a spray of the perfume. This is really easy to do and follows the same format as practically every other perfume out there. It is recommended that you hold the bottle a fair distance from your skin to ensure that the spray is dispensed evenly over the desired area.

            The perfume is advertised as being a soft oriental fragrance and I would agree with this somewhat as there are clear oriental notes to it. However I wouldn't really agree that it was a soft fragrance as soft to me means quite floral and light and these are words that I wouldn't use to describe Allure Sensualle. It's quite a heavy fragrance that remains elegant and quite deep bodied as well.

            It contains four of the six scents that were contained in Allure, these are fresh, timeless floral, woody and fruity with a new oriental scent and a new sunny spicey scent being introduced as well in an attempt to make the fragrance appeal to a more youthful audience than the original. All the original scents have been updated by the creators at Chanel to take on slightly different tones somewhat.

            And so onto the time test:

            Initial Spray - when this perfume is first sprayed it is remarkably strong and does have a habit of getting into the back of my throat which isn't ideal! The oriental fragrance is quite strong and it is quite a heavy scent as well.

            After 1 Hour - the initial strength of the perfume has lessened somewhat although the scent is still very evident. Upon walking into a room my parents commented on my perfume and said it smelt very strong in comparison to my other perfumes.

            After 3 Hours - the perfume is still highly evident, although it has weakened somewhat I can still smell it on my wrist whereas with other perfumes the scent has normally faded too much for me to smell it by this point.

            After 5 Hours - although the fragrance has faded quite dramatically I can still smell hints of it and upon meeting my friend she commented on my new perfume so clearly it's still evident to those who don't wear it at this point.

            Therefore I'd gladly say that a couple of sprays of Chanel Allure Sensualle will still be evident on your skin up to six or seven hours after the original application so constant re-application is not necessary with this perfume at all. If I spray it on my clothes and then come to wash them a couple of days later the scent still lingers on them and makes my washing basket smell much nicer than it used to!

            My Opinion

            I really like this perfume and rate it among my top five perfumes at present. Although the Chanel Chance fragrance is my favourite one this provides a heavier and more intoxicating contrast that is ideal for wearing at night. However there is a catch to having the Chanel branding and that's the price which does vary a little but tends to be around the following:

            35ml Eau de Parfum - £37.00 (The Perfume Shop)

            100ml Eau de Parfum - £72.00 (The Perfume Shop)

            50ml Eau de Toilette - £40.00 (Boots)

            100ml Eau de Toilette - £57.00 (Boots)

            There is also a body lotion, deodorant and shower gel in the range which all retail at between £20 and £25 on average. So if you fancy a little splurge on a really rich smelling scent then look no further than Chanel's Allure Sensualle.

            Thanks for reading.


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              06.05.2008 01:16



              another hit from Chanel

              This is a follow up fragrance on the now classical Allure which was released in 1996. (The original was first released as EDT,two years later as EDP.)

              The follow up was launched in 2005 as a more sensual and warmer interpretation of the original. Having said that, it aims to be luminous rather than heavy.
              The scent has been created by the same "nose", Jacques Polge, as its predecessor. Also, the structure of the composition follows the same pattern. Unlike the traditional top/ middle/ base notes all Allure fragrances are created with equal facets, comparable to a jewel. In my opinion this structure makes a scent more mysterious and harder to define. A further plus is that the fragrance doesn't change so much while you're wearing it. It stays pretty consistent and fades eventually.

              The facets of Allure Sensuelle are:
              timeless floral
              sunny spicy
              some of the fragrance notes are: bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper, jasmine, rose, iris, vetiver, vanilla, patchouli
              (I'm still looking for a complete list of notes notes that also puts them in their right categories. When I find it I will update the review.)

              The bottle and packaging are also based on the original. The lid and writing on the bottle are a warm shade of purple, the box matches this shade. The full retail prices for Chanel products are rather steep, but enthusiasts will tell you that they're worth it. On the whole I agree.
              Not to forget that lower prices are available online. It is important to make sure that the online shop is reputable and that the products are fresh as well as authentic.
              Here is a list of the current range for this fragrance, with the recommend prices for them.

              Parfum 7.5ml £65

              Eau de Parfum 30ml/ 50ml/ 100ml £38/ £52/ £73

              Eau de Toilette 50ml/ 100ml £40/ £57

              Deodorant 100ml £22

              Shower Gel 200ml £25

              Body Cream 200ml £45

              Body Lotion 200ml £28

              The body products feature the usual classy understated Chanel design. Even the boxes seem too good to throw out once you've started a new product. Quality fragrance items can have a great "comfort factor", their value goes beyond "just smelling good".

              As for my personal experience with this perfume, I would still rather stick with the original Allure. At least on me it manages to be more elusive when it comes to defining it. (Admittedly, this may be in part because it took me years to track it down from when I first smellled it.) The Sensuelle version isn't quite dramatic enough for me in terms of oriental fragrances. (Experts put it into the oriental/floral category.) For orientals I'd pick Coco or ideally Opium.
              Also it reminds of Casmir by Chopard, which I overdid in my teens. I'm not down on either one of these, I must have reached a saturation point though. If I received Allure Sensuelle as a gift, I would wear it. But I will be investing in a new bottle of the original soon.

              I'd like to share something a Chanel representative taught me recently. It explains why different concentrations, including body products, can smell quite different. This is applies particularly to the Allure range, but to a degree to all Chanel products. The stronger a concentration, the stronger the emphasis on the fruity/spicy/warm notes. EDT concentration focus more on floral components. Not only does the alcohol content react differently with a person's skin chemistry, but the formula does slightly shift with each concentration. Therefore, even though EDP or Parfum are technically stronger, they tend to be more mellow and balanced, not to mention longer lasting.
              Body products can also be rather different from an actual fragrance. But if you skin interprets them correctly they can extend the lasting power of your perfume.
              It pays to test various concentrations to be really sure which suits you best.

              If anyone has questions, please let me know. I'm happy about any excuse to research perfumes.


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