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Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Moisture Body Mist

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Brand: Chanel / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes, Refreshes,

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    2 Reviews
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      30.07.2011 18:34



      It is a Chanel product and i would say u get what u pay for but in this case i will say u get more !

      Hi there all i just want to share with you the reasons i feel this is a great beauty product that i would definatley recommend.Obviously it smells gourgous as most Chanel frangrances do this one is a light femine, classy, scent that any woman will adore tres chic.This product is a very good buy as it is more affordable than lots of the other items you could purchase from the range and you get a lot for your money 100 mls which is a fabulous this is the second spray fragrance from the Chanel range i have bought for the body and wont be the last i love them.What i love about this product is it is light and just as lovely as the perfume but you can spray all over without the worry of spoiling your clothing or having to be sparing with the product as your worried you will run out ! This makes a fabulous gift for a wife ,girlfriend,daughter,or a present u buy for your self to feel pampered.Look great on the dressing table or in the bathroom and look like u spent a fortune on it not fussy but very stylish.Also great to buy for someone one the wedding day as a wedding gift you will definatley be remembered for giving a fabulous present seeming like you really splashed out.I will continue to buy this and can not speak more highly of it FANTASTIC !


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      05.05.2011 11:10
      Very helpful



      Pretty much a chanel body spray but gorgeous!

      When I was opening my birthday presents this year I have to say I got very excited when I opened a gift bag from my friend and inside spotted a white tied Chanel gift bag! Wondering what was inside I eagerly opened it and found coco mademoiselle fresh moisture mists spray. This was not something I had come across before but I was looking forward to trying it.

      ==What does it look like?==

      The moisture mist comes in a classic looking white cardboard box which features the classic black Chanel name as well as a gold coloured lid with the Chanel logo. The box is simple yet classic like so many of the Chanel products and I have to say it does look expensive.

      When you open up the box you can take out the bottle of the moisture mist. The bottle is around 15cm tall and a cylinder shape. It is white but again has the coco mademoiselle, Chanel Paris name in black and the Chanel logo in gold. The bottle also features a golden coloured band around the top of the bottle just underneath the lid which in my opinion makes it look classy and stylish. When you take off the lid the spray is all gold and blends in well with the white and black.

      The product features a spray top but this pumps out in much the same way as a perfume would rather than a mist which you may think would be more probable as the product is a moisture mist.

      == What does it do?==

      The product is not a perfume and in many ways is designed as a body spray to be honest. It is designed mainly to compliment your fragrance but you can of course wear it on its own to just have a little bit of a scent to your skin.

      The product is also designed to be moisturising for your skin.

      ==Using the product==

      I have to say I do feel very extravagant when I use this product on my skin as it does just feel like I am using an expensive body spray! As such I will often just spray a little of the product on to my arms, neck and chest area so I am not using too much.

      On my actual birthday I had a bath and I did use this product all over my body after it as I felt like I deserved a treat that day and I was very impressed with the quality of it. As I sprayed the product on to my skin I found I did need to rub it in as the spray does come out quite wet with a slight white creaminess which I would guess is the moisturiser in there. As I rubbed the product in though my skin felt nice and soft but the main thing was that it just smelt absolutely gorgeous! So much so that I am really tempted to save up and treat myself to the matching perfume so that I can layer up the products.

      I have also used the product by just spraying a few sprays in to the air and then allowing it to go on to my hair and clothes just so that it will linger slightly on my body.

      I am a bit rubbish at describing fragrances but to me this is a light, floral scent which is perfect for summer use both during the day and at night as well. Having looked online I have found out that the fragrances used are as follows Jasmine Absolute and May Rose Absolute. These delicate flowers bursting with confidence are highlighted by a touch of Iris from Florence. Apparently these fragrances are used in many of the Chanel perfumes.

      ==What do I think?==

      I really like this product. It feels luxurious to be using a Chanel product as essentially a body spray and so I do try and limit it to just a few sprays per time and in certain areas in the hope that the bottle will last me well. You don't need much though as one spray provides a decent amount of moisture and it is easy to rub it in to your skin.

      The scent lingers on the skin for a few hours but it doesn't really last all day but then again I wouldn't expect a body spray to do this and it is only my expectation as the product is a Chanel product really. The scent settles in to a nice light fragrance and I do think it would be gorgeous layered with the actual perfume from the coco mademoiselle range too.

      You can buy a 100ml bottle of this body moisture mist for £26.55 which is pretty expensive really but if you are looking to treat yourself to a couple of products from the coco mademoiselle range I would say this would be a very good option along with the perfume.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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