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Dior Eau de Dolce Vita Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Christian Dior / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      06.04.2011 21:18
      Very helpful
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      Not for me!

      I seem to every so often fail miserably with perfume and unfortunately for me this was one of them. I believe this came out in 1995 so is an old perfume as such and when I received it as a gift I was really excited to try it out. It is rather expensive at around £50 a bottle but obviously with anything look around and do your research first. It comes in a gorgeous bright yellow square box that has almost a quilted effect with gold dots. There is a black oval with a gold border where it states that the perfume is indeed "Dolce Vita" by "Christian Dior". The box alone is beautiful, classy and elegant and I just wish that I had kept it to live on my dressing table!

      Upon opening the box the bottle is a sphere shape with sphere shaped indents covering the entire bottle. It has a see through lid and the neck of the bottle is gold. The first smell of perfume was very strong and I thought that it might grow on me...it really didn't. This perfume has top notes of rose, magnolia and muguet, middle notes of apricot, peach and cinnamon and base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and heliotrope. I really like pretty much all of these scents individually but together for me they just don't work. The smell is so overpowering and sweet that it did make me feel quite sick. The fragrance lasts an incredibly long time on the skin which would be excellent as I always seem to have trouble finding perfumes that have the staying power on my skin but unfortunately when it's something you really don't like its not so great!

      The strangest thing is this perfume smells really lovely on my friend but for me I just don't think it works. I kept trying to pinpoint what I wasn't keen on and the only things I could say is probably the cinnamon and vanilla mix. I would have said its more of an evening perfume, unless you like quite heavy fragrances for the day. I have read that apparently this fragrance is aimed at "mature business women" and I am neither mature or a business woman!

      So for me it is too overly sweet and I just couldn't bring myself to dowse myself in something that I really didn't like. Maybe when I am more mature (if ever) I may like this perfume but for now I will stick to my favourites.


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        15.06.2010 19:24
        Very helpful



        A little of this goes a long way so use sparingly

        'Dolce Vita, the fragrance of happiness, recalls the carefree, heart-lifting nostalgia of driving a convertible along the Italian Riviera. A dazzlingly feminine and joyful fruity/floral fragrance with spicy, sensual undertones of cedar, it incarnates the spirit of Dior in all its sumptuousness.'

        This is a quote from the Dior fragrance website. Sounds poetic but, I would say, a fair description of this lovely fragrance.

        Christian Dior's, La Dolce Vita means, when translated to English form Italian, 'The Sweet Life.' I would say this is an apt description for this fragrance.

        Christian Dior, (1905 to 1957) was a very well known fashion designer, creating the House Of Dior. This house embodies, elegance and style in women. 'La Dolce Vita' embodies this.

        I bought a 30 ml bottle of this eau de toilette spray a few years back, as a duty free treat for myself. What a good buy it was. On first testing I was a little undecided as it is strong but, as is usual, with fragrances the aroma changes after wearing for a while. I would suggest using sparingly as it is intense and long lasting. Used in a small amount this scent is extremely pleasant and stylish.

        The aroma is oriental, with a sweet fruity and floral essence. It is has a woody fragrance, the base being of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood.
        The floral note is of magnolia, rose , cinnamon, peach and apricot. I think I can identify the magnolia, rose and vanilla but the aroma is well blended and subtle. Overall, a very pleasing perfume without any one smell overriding another.

        I don't think it matters too much which age group wears a perfume but, I would expect this fragrance would be favoured mostly by women of thirty plus as it isn't so much a young, fun smell, but sophisticated. It is also very much, in my opinion, a perfume for the evening, or that special occasion. It seems the ideal scent to lightly spray when you're dressed in your best. Remember your chosen fragrance can be as important an accessory as one's jewellery.

        I was also tempted by the bottle which will adorn any dressing table beautifully. The glass container is round clear glass which shows the golden liquid within. It has circles within the glass and reflects light well. The lid is gold with a round lid to match the bottle. Very attractive and well designed.

        Christian Dior's, La Dolce Vita is available from many fragrance stockists in the high street and online. It is available from Debenhams with prices ranging (according to bottle size- 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml) from, £35.50 to £68.00.


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          16.02.2009 02:23
          Very helpful



          Beautiful Unique Fragrance And Beautifully Designed Bottle.

          ~~~~Reasons For Purchasing~~~~
          This is a great little perfume I have in my collection of many and I remember first getting introduced to this great fragrance, from a free sample I received in a magazine (I think) many years ago. I still have the free sample, miniture bottle, of this wonderful fragrance, although the fragrance inside it is well used up now, but I kept the dainty little bottle and have it in a corner unit on display, because it has a beautiful crystal top on it and it really looks very beautiful indeed.

          I first purchased a 50ml size of this perfume, online around a year or so ago. It was selling at a very attractive discounted price, and I really hate to miss a bargin, so I bought it and have actually purchased another bottle, since this one. It is a lot cheaper, at the moment also, with the credit crunch and it really can be purchased at the moment, for an even better price online, than what some stores are charging for it. Well if you have never tried this perfume out. Do! It really is a great one and liked by most people I meet, who compliment highly on it, when ever I wear it.

          ~~~~Design Of Gift Box~~~~
          The Gift box this 'Christian Dior Dolce Vita Eau de Toilette Spray' comes in is really very nice. It is a simple design and has nothing to fancy on it, but it really looks very expensive looking and carefully thought out. It is quite plain in design, but is a lovely bright yellow color that stands out well and has an oval shaped black name plate right in the centre of the box, baring the name "Dolce Vita" and underneath that "Christian Dior". The lettering in the name plate is colored in gold and really sets the gift box off and makes it looks very expensive indeed. The size of this perfume bottle is clearly stated on the bottom of the gift box, on a band of black and colored in the same matching gold lettering. Overall a lovely, bright and attractive gift box that looks very stylish and would also be really nice giving this to friends and family as a gift.

          ~~~~Design Of Perfume Bottle~~~~
          Inside the beautiful gift box the Christian Dior Dolce Vita Eau de Toilette Spray Can be found, and what a beautiful gem it is. It has to be my favourite designed bottle of perfume ever. It really is very attractive looking and beautifully designed. It is a clear round shaped bottle that has a lovely dimple effect in the glass which really sets it all off. The neck of this bottle, starts of in a thin band of gold with four other thin bands sitting on top of that, that gradually increase in size, one by one. This really is rather beautiful and very carefully designed. The gold bands really make this bottle stand out and majestically crown the neck.

          The little lid to this bottle is really something else. It is absolutely beautiful. It is A round shaped, dimpled crystal lid (though I dont think it is real) but it is the most beautiful lid to a perfume bottle, I have ever seen. It really sparkles in the light and compliments the bottles dimpled effects also.

          Overall this perfume bottle is nicer than my priced oraments in my home. It really is too beautiful to use it and I am forever wipping of my finger prints after using it, to make it really clean and sparkly. This is really a little gem of a bottle that takes pride of place on my dressing table. Well done Christian Doir. This bottle is amazing!

          ~~Fragrance Of The Christian Dior Dolce Vita Eau de Toilette Spray~~
          This really is a very unique blend of notes that really do combine perfectly to create the most beautiful heavingly fragrance around in my opinion. I first tried this fragrance years ago and always remembered it as a beautiful one. Everytime I wear this fragrance it really picks up my mood and makes me feel great inside.

          It is a pleasure to wear this unique scent and many people have commented highly and asked me continuously what I am wearing. Of course this gives me great pleasure knowing I have been noticed and smell sensational. Well this fragrance really reminds me of being outdoors and smelling, a very clean and fresh, breezy sort of floral fragrance, in the Springtime. The main fragrance to this perfume is Magnolia and it is a great note in every perfume. It does not overpower this great fragrance at all though, but it really can be noted in it in my opinion because it is a very distinctive smell.

          This fragrance also states to contain a blend of woody, floral, spicey and cedar tones in it and everything, really works well, to create this aroma, that I really love.

          ~~Top Note~~
          * Magolia.

          ~~Heart Note~~
          * Cinnamon.

          ~~Base Note~~
          * Vetiver.
          * Sandalwood.
          * Cedar.
          * Patchouli.

          Magnolia in my opinion is a great top note to any perfume and it really is very distictive and fresh. It is one of the strongest notes in this perfume. Cinnamon is a really old spice used in a lot of oriental perfumes and it really adds a touch of class to this overall fragrance. It really can also be faintly smelt from this perfume. The four base notes are all very woody tones that I personally love in a lot of fragrances. They set the true base to this fragrance perfectly and really create this very unique scent indeed.

          ~~~~Longvity of Fragrance~~~~
          I find this perfume is not overpowering in anyway and really is the perfect strength to wear. It could be used as an everyday perfume in my opinion, but I prefare wearing it if I am going out in the evenings for a meal or party. When first appling this fragrance it is not strong at all and I find it does not fade very much either. I can still smell this beautiful fragrance from my skin and clothes the very next day after wearing it. It really is just perfect in every way.

          ~~~~Overall Opinion Of This Fragrance~~~~
          Overall this Dolce Vita perfume from Christian Dior is sensational. It really is a very feminine fragrance, that is sure to get you noticed everytime you wear it, as I personally have had so many great compliments about it. This really is one of my all time favourite fragrances that really gives me a great feeling of joy when ever I have it on.

          My husband also loves me wearing this great fragrance and I know, from experience it can be very seductive indeed. It is a very unique blend of notes in this fragrance that creates this scent and it certainly is not at all overpowering. It is just perfect in strength and really can be smelt the following day from my skin and clothes.

          I really love the little gem of a bottle this fragrance comes in and it has to be the nicest perfume bottle around. I really love the way it looks on my dressing table and it also stands out. The price of this fragrance has come down a lot in recent months, which is excellent, as I am running low on this fragrance and to get it cheaper than before is a plus. I do love perfume and have a few that are special to me, but this fragrance really is beautiful and one of my favourite fragrances ever made.

          I really would highly recommend this perfume to every women, who has never tried it, as it is one that seems to be loved by all age groups. It really is very pleasing and has to be tried, to see what I mean. An excellent fragrance Christian Doir. Well done!

          (Also Published by me @Ciao.com under the same name hildas.)


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            06.05.2008 01:33



            this fragrance makes your mind travel

            I decided that it was time to do some perfume research again, meaning testing and sniffing. The result is that I have to write three more perfume reviews this weekend. I'll start with the one I liked best. I will dwell on my personal impressions somewhat, this scent has occupied my mind for a while now. If you're impatient, please don't read on.

            A few months ago I thought I should explore Dolce Vita after reading many enthusiastic reviews of it. The Dior website refers to it as a scent of joy.The first time it was only sprayed on a paper strip, and I wasn't that impressed. But I was probably just unable to appreciate it because I also tested another, rather awful fragrance on the same day.
            This month I couldn't resist buying a 5ml miniature on ebay, just for the bottle. The fragrance was noticeable even with the closed mini bottle, and I decided that I had to explore it further after all.

            Generally Dolce Vita is classed as a fruity perfume with an edge. I don't agree entirely. There are certainly fruit notes at the outset, but they are quickly replaced by aromatic woody notes. It seems more spicy than anything for most of the time. After an hour or two there is an unusual twist. At least I got a lemony impression from it after a while. Normally citrus notes are the first to fade. On the whole it is a very unusual perfume, I couldn't compare it even vaguely to any other fragrance.
            What I like best is the distinctly Mediterranean impression it creates in my mind. For a while I was convinced that it reminded me of a holiday in a warm place. But now I would say that it's the scent itself. It literally conjures images of citrus fruits, pine trees and their resin that give the air a dry pleasant harshness, dust, and even fresh sea air. Even the gold coloured liquid and bottle support this image.
            Many lovers of this perfume discourage from using this in the summer months. They have a point, the fragrance is intense. It probably does work well as a comfort smell in cold weather. I would still wear it in the summer. Maybe not through the day on hot days, but certainly in the evening or on cooler days. And of course, in cold weather one can wear it to bring back memories of better weather.

            The fragrance is available as parfum and EDT, as well as body products. I haven't been able to find a price for the parfum version.

            EDT 30ml/ 50ml/ 100ml £30/ £42/ £57

            body lotion 200ml £23

            shower gel 200ml £17

            body cream 200ml £39.50

            soap 100g £12

            The fragrance notes are:
            top notes: lily, magnolia, rose
            middle notes: apricot. peach, cinnamon
            base notes: Sandalwood, Heliotropin, vanilla

            A related fragrance called Eau de Dolce Vita gives the fragrance a floral twist. It is available as EDT and Deodorant.

            EDT 30ml/ 50ml £21/ £31

            deodorant 100ml £18.50

            body lotion 200ml £18.50

            As always I would recommend giving a fragrance a chance when you have time. Even give it more than one try. You might discover something wonderful.


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