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Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Christian Dior / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    1 Review
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      23.12.2010 14:17
      Very helpful



      A classy aftershave for the older, more sophisticated gent.

      Those of you who regularly read my reviews will know that in the main I review cameras and other photography equipment but occasionally I put myself out there to be ridiculed and laughed at by trying to review things that are way outside my comfort zone.

      Photography is a huge passion in my life but I do have other things going on and one of those is my ridiculous collection of men's fragrances. This started quite be accident, I used to go abroad and bring back a few designer aftershaves for myself and others and everyone coming into my home used to comment on the amount of aftershaves on display in my bathroom and jokingly I used to say "yes I collect them", people however took me seriously and it was like a competition between my friends and family to see who could buy me the rarest aftershave for my collection, which really I didn't have.

      I do love a nice aftershave and I have my own favourites such as Versace Dreamer, Issey Miyake and D&G By, the D&G one is no longer in production which for me is sad but luckily I do have two full 100ml bottles of it so I can enjoy it for some time to come.

      The fragrance I have decided to review here is one by Christian Dior which goes by the name of Eau Sauvage Extrême, to look at the bottle it looks like an old fashioned type cologne rather than a modern up to date aftershave but the fragrance is one that can be worn anytime and does not smell old fashioned in the slightest.

      Eau Sauvage Extrême has been around since 1982 so perhaps the bottle has never been redesigned and that might be where the old fashioned appearance comes from. I think the fact it has been around for so long and can still live in today's market speaks volumes for it.

      Although the bottle may not have been redesigned it would seem that the outer packaging has, the box mine came in is not the brown coloured box that is pictured in Dooyoo`s image but rather a white box with a black band round the middle displaying the brand name. The white box looks more modern but actually I prefer the brown box it has the same classy manly look that the bottle has and gives a better idea of how the scent will be.

      Christian Dior is a huge name in fragrances as well as make up and other things so you expect to be getting a quality product when you purchase Dior and you are getting just that here. I find when I wear this which is just occassionally it lasts on my skin way longer than most modern fragrances and it settles quite quickly too, the top notes disperse to leave a mixture of the middle notes of Genista and the base note of cedarwood which can only be a good thing as one of the top notes in this fragrance is Lavender and I hate lavender.

      The other top note of rosemary actually outshines the lavender so even when you first apply this there is thankfully little or no sign of a lavender aroma, there is though a sweetness to the original aroma that disappears as it settles on the skin to leave a more manly, deep woody fragrance with just a touch of fruitiness, I would personally describe this as more of a classic manly cologne than a sweet modern day men's perfume, so it is of course entirely down to the individuals preference.

      There does to me seem to be a cinnamon type scent going on in the background of this fragrance but there is no mention of one so perhaps it is just the other scents merging to create this or perhaps it is just my senses playing tricks on me.

      I tend to turn to this particular fragrance if I am going to daytime meetings or perhaps to see my bank manager or the likes it is not a fragrance I would choose for a lads night out or an evening meal with my other half, I feel the sickly sweet modern male perfumes are better for those occasions.

      Longevity is usually a good thing when talking about perfumes or aftershaves but you have to be careful with this one, if you are wearing an item that you might wear more than once without washing like a jacket or something and you are wearing Eau Sauvage Extrême, then it will get on the jacket and even in a few days when you are going out in an entirely different aftershave there will be a distinct aroma of this still lingering on the jacket.

      I quite like how this sits in my bathroom looking very mature and classy alongside my modern bottles, Eau Sauvage Extrême comes in a black glass squared bottle with a brass midriff and lid, everything from the brass and black colour combo to the grooves in the glass cries out retro and class and the price tag of £44.50 for a 50ml bottle also cries out class...... and Dior.

      I did not choose this one for myself and I would probably only recommend it to an older man, I get the feeling most young guys in their late teens and early 20`s would turn their nose up at this fragrance where as a bit older more sophisticated gent would find something in this that they liked, I added the sophisticated bit so I can class myself as that rather than as old!

      I had no worries from any irritations of the skin from using this product but to be fair I rarely do with any products, I am sure however that a company with the class and prowess of Dior have done everything to assure this fragrance is of the highest quality and is gentle on the skin.

      I should also say that the bottle I have is a spray one not a splash on although the design of the bottle gives the impression it would be a splash on. I have no idea if this is only available in spray or not, personally I prefer a spray but I do know guys who like to splash on their aftershave.

      I would suggest that this is a scent worth trying but as it is so expensive it would make sense to try a tester in stores before splashing out on a bottle, I would describe this as a manly fragrance that is more likely to impress other men on a business capacity than even be a bird puller so in the main I will stick to my sweeter men's fragrances to impress the ladies (don't tell her indoors) but this does definitely have a place in my collection and a time for wearing.

      Thanks for reading.

      © thebigc1690


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