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Christian Lacroix Nuit Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon Christian Lacroix / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    4 Reviews
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      28.01.2014 20:05
      Very helpful




      I got Christian Lacroix's Absynthe fragrance from Avon for Christmas the year before last. I already had the previous release, Rouge and for Christmas last year I was delighted to receive a Christian Lacroix Nuit gift set from my sister to complete my collection.

      The gift set included the body lotion, the shower gel and a standard 50ml eau de parfum.

      I had tried a sample of this perfume when it first came out so I knew that I liked it.

      ~ Price ~
      The 50ml bottle usually costs around £20.00, but often comes up on offer. It was released through Avon so it is only available from www.avonshop.co.uk or it can be ordered through your local Avon representative.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle is a beautiful dark purple colour.
      It has a flat base and it is teardrop shaped with, 'Christian Lacroix NUIT' across the front in small silver lettering and there is a detailed vine design surrounding the wording.
      The lid is made from deep purple coloured plastic and it is oval shaped.
      I love the bottle. It is really pretty.

      ~ Scent ~
      The scent is not what I would usually go for. It is quite spicy, which I usually don't like. I found the first Avon Christian Lacroix fragrance, Rouge too spicy for my tastes, but this one is a warming, less harsh scent.
      The top notes are bergamot, neroli and honeysuckle.
      The heart notes are jasmine, tuberose and narcissus.
      The base notes are amber, incense, musk and woody notes.
      When first sprayed the fresher bergamot scent comes through with some floral notes, but as the fragrance settles the scent of jasmine dominates this perfume. The incense also becomes more evident.
      It has a slight sweetness to it, but it is not a cheap sweet scent. It is a creamy sweetness.
      The amber and woody notes are revealed as the fragrance wears on.
      It is quite a dark scent and I would say it is best suited to night time wear. It is not something I would choose on a warm summer day.
      It is warming, sensual, smoky and mysterious. I think it smells quite expensive.
      This fragrance is very different for me. I think it is a great cosy, winter scent.
      I think it would suit women of all ages. It is inoffensive and I don't think anyone would find this too harsh.
      The scent lasts on my skin for around 6 hours before fading away, which I think is pretty good.
      I would definitely buy this again and I would recommend it.


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        06.01.2014 17:48
        Very helpful



        A lovely floral musky smell

        At Christmas I usually receive some perfume from my Husband or my Parents, I'm not too fussy about what brand of perfume I wear as long as it smells nice, however I do have a few favourites. One brand I have always liked is the perfumes by Christian Lacroix, this year my Parents bought me the Christain Lacroix Nuit perfume, I have tried the one which comes in the red bottle and the one that comes in the green, however this was not one I had even smelt before, however I have always been pleased with this brand of perfume so I was sure I would like this one as well.

        The perfume Christian Lacroix Nuit is described as a luxury fragrance with dark floral notes, the notes include
        * Top Notes - Italian Bergamot, Neroli Tunisia and Honeysuckle
        * Heart Notes - Night Blooming Tuberose, Jasmine Absolute and French Narcisse
        * Base Notes - Amberwood, Gilded Musk and Mysterious Resins

        Personally I think the fragrance of this perfume does reflect the notes that it is described as having, I have tried perfumes in the past and when I have looked at what the notes should be it has not reflected the fragrance at all. However with Christian Lacroix you can tell that this is a floral perfume as soon as you smell it and almost instantly can detect the musky base notes, I find that the musk develops quite quickly after applying the perfume and remains a dominant fragrance.

        When I first applied the perfume the floral fragrances were equally as strong as the musk, especially the honeysuckle, however I did find that these faded a little after wearing the perfume for a while leaving a mainly musky smelling perfume. I would describe this as quite a sweet fragrance and whilst it is reasonably strong it is in no way over powering at all. The fragrance of this perfume lasts extremely well, I have worn it to work several times now, I have applied the perfume in the morning and I can still smell it during the evening, when fragrance naturally has faded a little bit not so much that you cannot smell it. Personally I would say that this perfume is ideal for any occasion, as I have mentioned I wear mine during the day for work, but I would also happily wear this for a night out, it is very versatile.

        Christian Lacroix Nuit is available from Amazon and also Avon and costs approximately £20.00, give or take a few pence, for a 50ml bottle. Personally I think this is an excellent price for this perfume, it is economical as the fragrance is long lasting meaning you do not have to keep re-applying it during the day therefore one bottle lasts quite a long while, obviously this depends on how much you apply at one time.

        I have used my Christian Lacroix Nuit perfume several times since I received it and have been extremely pleased with it. Personally I really like the sweet floral yet musky fragrance of this perfume and am pleased by the fact that it lasts well and I do not have to keep re-applying it during the day. This is a versatile perfume so I can happily wear it for any occasion, in my opinion it is very fairly priced and well worth the money, I would also say this perfume is suitable for most ages groups. I would highly recommend Christian Lacroix Nuit to anyone.


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          20.04.2013 11:48



          A beautiful fragrance that lasts for a very long time

          I was given this perfume by my mum as she'd bought two bottles when they were on offer, so first of all, I can't comment on the price, although I do think it's a bit more expensive than the perfumes I usually buy, looking at the "best price" given on this site (from Amazon).

          I love the bottle, I think it's a great addition to a perfume collection- purple glass in a teardrop shape with a silver logo. It's a really pretty bottle, and for someone who usually ends up with perfume with a cylinder or cube shaped bottle, it's quite different.

          I think this perfume is more suited to autumn/winter nights than a summer or daytime, as it is quite a heavy fragrance- although I should have been given the clue by the name, if I'm honest. It's not overpowering, not at all, but I do think that it would be in the summer. It's quite an oriental fragrance, slightly floral with a little bit of citrus. The scent lasts for a long time, people have commented on how nice it is when I've applied it several hours before.

          Overall, I think that this is a fantastic perfume, although one that I use quite sparingly (except for when I used it today to test for the review) as I really like it, but it's slightly out of my price range.


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          04.02.2012 15:49
          Very helpful



          A lovely fragrance that is perfect if a fan of oriental scents


          I am a big fan of perfumes and house a rather large collection, though many are not 'designer' brands unfortunately and are more affordable high street equivalents such as M & S, Next, The Body Shop and my favourites by Yves Rocher. Also nestled in amongst my stash is several Avon fragrances, which I've not only bought myself over the years or as gifts from people but also includes freebies given to me by my friend who is an Avon Rep.

          This review focuses on an EDP which my friend gave me recently and is called Christian Lacroix Nuit for her..

          *~*Standard fare?*~*

          I'm not against Avon fragrances at all, and in the past have bought many of their EDT's finding them to be generally a pretty scent and certainly cheap and cheerful. Over the past few years Avon has been collaborating more and more with top designers to create more prestigious fragrances and Christian Lacroix has become a 'regular' at Avon with the introductory fragrance of Rouge, followed by Noir, Absynthe and now the latest offering of Nuit.

          *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

          Nuit for her comes presented in a rounded bottle which is curvier at the base and slims in upwards towards the neck giving an almost teardrop appearance. The design seems to be an ongoing trend concerning Lacroix's Avon fragrances as all the female versions are in this same design and differ only in colour and title. This fragrance is finished off with a circular lid at the top which fits neatly on top of the nozzle and just as the bottle is in a vibrant violet colour which is extremely striking and very eye catching.

          This is available in a 50 ml Eau de Parfum (which I am reviewing) and though there are matching toiletries available to coordinate I cannot comment on any of these as I have only worn the parfum itself.

          As this is a collaboration with Avon it can be found on either their website @www.avonshop.co.uk or by ordering from a brochure from your local Rep. Online it can be found on Amazon as well as Ebay so it's worth looking around as a 50 ml bottle in the Avon brochure tends to be around the £18 mark though varies depending on brochures and offers so the price is just an estimate.

          *~*The fragrance itself*~*

          Nuit is described as "..intoxicating and mysterious that awakens passions and excites the senses.." and is a white floral parfum which is part of the Oriental/ Floral group.

          Nuit is made up of the following notes:

          Top notes:

          Heart notes:

          Base notes:

          *Woody notes

          *~*My thoughts on wearing this*~*

          Although I have a mass collection of Avon fragrances it is only recently that I have actually used any of the Lacroix collection. This is down to the fact that I find them expensive for what is meant to be a 'cheaper' alternative and until my friend gave me this bottle (full sized though with only half remaining as she has used it for customers to sample -I'm not complaining as it's free at the end of the day).
          I have to admit to being extremely impressed with this fragrance as it is just my cup of tea so to speak being mainly oriental themed. On removing the lid there is instantly a beautiful aroma that escapes and this is just intensified on actually spritzing onto my skin.

          The opening notes of Neroli and bergamot are noticeable but seem to be eclipsed by the domineering honeysuckle. This is no bad thing at all as it instantly adds warmth and smells divine without being too cloying either which honey scents can sometimes be.

          Once the scent has started to settle onto my skin I can notice the heart notes which are all floral based and this becomes evident as the jasmine and tuberose for me stand out the most and still present throughout is the honeysuckle.

          Nuit finishes off on a bed of musk and this gives the oriental side of the fragrance making it deeper and far more sensual than when first applied to my skin. The amber adds a deeper warmth whilst the woody notes give the parfum a sexier edge making it an obvious choice for evening wear.


          Having spritzed this on during the day my first thought was it was far too heavy and it was regained to being an evening scent only where strangely enough it didn't come across as heavy! The first thing I noticed about wearing this was how expensive and refined it came across as and without putting Avon down it really doesn't smell like anything that I've used from there before in the past (and as mentioned I love Avon it's not an attack on them). The fragrance is initially strong but disperses evenly over time without fading too quickly so is ideal to spritz on an evening as unless you like to be drowning in a perfume it shouldn't need topping up.
          I found this to be suited for evenings times best for me (my own personal preference) as it is heavier than I would normally wear during the day unless it was a special occasion. The scent lingers well, for at least 4 to 5 hours and doesn't fade too quickly so at least it's not necessary to drag out in your bag with you if heading for a night out.

          This is a lovely perfume, sorry parfum, and the only reason I've not tried it sooner is because of the price and that really is the only negative thing I can find to say here. This is an ideal fragrance for me as it is heavy on the oriental theme and lesser so on the floral so really is my type of scent and though this bottle wasn't full when it was given to me I've worn it often since and because only a small amount is needed (due to it being a more concentrated parfum) then I can see it lasting a while.

          Even though the price can be high if not on offer this is the only 'negative' and it still merits a full 5 stars from me.

          If you like Oriental/ Floral fragrances that are rich and warm then this is ideally suited.

          A beautiful offering and perfect collaboration.


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