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Clarins Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance

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Brand: Clarins / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: For women / Contents: 100ml

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    4 Reviews
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      13.01.2015 18:37
      Very helpful



      Is it a fragrance or an oil?

      I really like this range after receiving samples and a gift I now make regular purchases and this is one of those that has remained thankfully.

      I would liken or compare this to more of an essential oil perfume than a regular run of the mill perfume, but that's why I love this so much. It always reminds me of summer and days off of work as this is when I'm more likely to use this.

      The scent is a beautiful blend:


      The is non-photosensitising which means is perfect in the sun.
      For essential oils, this is lovely on sensitive skin and tends to last all day.
      I prefer to apply this straight to the skin as I feel more confident doing so as this is mainly oils, however I don't apply to clothes due to the OIL aspect.Also, it has a lovely aspect of firming skin when applied and you can feel your skin that bit softer.

      I would say that if you were able to get the body cream to go with this it does greatly help the scent last all day and more potent. Applying the cream which is light first and then spraying lightly and not too much over the top this little gem.

      Overall I really use this because it feels relaxing but yet uplifting and I can forget everything for a few hours, more like a SPA product then a fragrance.

      This retails at £39 and lasted more than six months.


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      15.07.2013 09:30
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A really nice product for relaxation, pretty rubbish for what it's actually for though..

      Last Christmas I received a big red bag full of loads of Clarins goodies for me to try which I was rather excited about. One of the items contained in my bag was a 30ml bottle of this Eau Dynamisante. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the fragrance, I wasn't even aware Clarins did perfume before getting this and I decided to give the product a quick search on the internet just to find out a little about it before giving it a try. I'm glad I did as the bottle fails to mention that this a perfume with a twist..

      ----- Price & Availability -----
      This fragrance can be purchased from the Clarins website along with many department stores selling high end beauty names, House of Fraser, Debenhams, John Lewis, Boots etc. Naturally the internet contains a mass of websites selling this perfume to and a quick google search will leave you no end of resources for purchasing a bottle if you wished to do so.

      This fragrance comes in rather large quantities, what is usually the largest sized bottle in most fragrances (100ml) is actually the smallest sized bottle this one comes in. Prices vary from store to store and website to website although I've found they don't do so significantly. You might save a couple of quid shopping around but certainly nothing to write home about. Average prices are as follows:

      100ml -£30
      200ml - £37.50
      500ml - £60
      1000ml - £90

      I'm not sure who is buying perfume by the litre but the option is there if you want it! Price wise I don't think this perfume is too bad. I was certainly expecting it to cost a lot more purely for the fact Clarins is written on the bottle but £30 for 100ml isn't a price to complain about at all. I usually spend more than that on a 30ml bottle of perfume.

      ----- The Bottle -----
      The bottle is pretty basic, certainly not something which would stand out if I were trying out new perfumes in a store. It's a rounded rectangular shaped glass bottle which is heavily tinted with a dark, blood red colour. A white plastic cap is placed on top with a silver border across the bottom and 'Clarins' imprinted on top. The bottle also contains the Clarins name and the scent name in white font. If it were not for the Clarins name written on it I would get the impression this was a cheap, nameless perfume.
      The perfume comes in a 'splash bottle'. It basically requires the cap to be unscrewed where a relatively large hole, about a cm across, is ready for the perfume to be poured out of it.

      Usually I wouldn't be keen on this application method at all. I like to apply my fragrance to my hair and clothes to keep the scent alive for a little longer and this splash bottle prevents me from doing that. This fragrance, however, has been specifically designed to be applied to the skin though (more about that in a moment) and this is a good application method to do just that so it would be unfair to call it for that.

      ----- The Perfume -----
      Clarins state this is a perfume with a difference. Not only is it a fragrance but it will 'moisturise, firm and tone' the skin as well! This 'treatment fragrance' features the essential oils of lemon, patchouli, petit grain, ginseng and white tea to help achieve those results as well as scenting the skin. Clarins say this two-in-one fragrance and skin treatment will promote vitality, freshness and firmness. I have to admit, I was rather sceptical about those claims.

      The fragrance has top notes of orange, coriander, caraway, lemon and petit grain. Heart notes of rosemary, carnation, cardamom and thyme and a base note of patchouli. Clarins state this fragrance is suitable for both men and women, which in itself is a little unusual to find.

      ----- The Smell -----
      First things first, I would agree that both males and females could easily get away with wearing this; it really isn't gender specific at all. Picking up on the individual notes is rather difficult as frankly I'd never even heard of a lot of them let alone know what they smell like.

      On immediate application, however, lemon is very easily picked up. The fruity orange is present in there too but these two notes are not able to make it to juicy, light and feminine fruity fragrance. There's something much darker in there keeping these fruity notes fairly low key. It's a warm, deep, somewhat spicy scent. Very aromatic with just that hint of citrus in there.

      As time goes on, about ten to fifteen minutes, the citrus scents fade leaving the herbal/floral rosemary and carnation to come through. Again though, it maintains a dominate spicy, warm scent. It's very deep, very mysterious and very dark. Best suited for colder nights in my opinion.

      This isn't the type of fragrance that leaves me feeling sexy and confident, it's more the type of fragrance that leaves me wanting to hide away and have a hell of a lot of 'me time'. It's an extremely relaxing scent, the essential oils make me think of a spa day, lounging about, getting a massage etc.

      For that reason I really like to just run this down my skin and rub it in really, scenting all of my skin and then going to sleep. It really works and does make me feel wonderful when I do so, really pampered and relaxed. Some could argue, however, that a perfume you don't want to wear out is a little pointless. I certainly wouldn't want to wear this out.

      It isn't a typical perfume scent and whilst it does work as a relaxing skin fragrance for nights in I don't think it'd work as a sensual fragrance for nights out and it's definitely far too heavy to wear for everyday wear.

      The scent is quite strong, for the first half an hour or so I can really smell this on my skin pretty much constantly and it'd be impossible for anyone to come near me during this time without commenting on the scent. It starts to die down afterwards but constantly remains really noticeable for a good five hours or so. For an EDT, I think this is quite long lasting.

      ----- The Effects -----
      As mentioned, this does have wonderful effects on the mind. It sends me into a deep state of relaxation and is absolutely perfect for winding down after a long day or just provides that general feel good boost when you really need it. Does it moisturise, firm and tone though?

      Well no. No effects of this kind have been noticed by me but then, I really didn't expect them to. I'd have been blown away if I had noticed any results in those departments.

      It doesn't have any negative effects on the condition of my skin it just doesn't do anything wonderful to it either. Applying this to my skin is no difference to applying a regular perfume to my skin really.

      ----- The Conclusion -----
      I really am in two minds about this. If you just look at is as your average EDT then yeah, it's a bit rubbish. Good price with a nice smell but it's just not a nice smell I'd wear as a perfume and to be honest I can't imagine many other people disagreeing with me on that one.

      At the same time regarding this as more than just an EDT like Clarins have tried to make us do also leaves me rather disappointed. It doesn't offer me any of the unusual results from a fragrance like Clarins claim it does. It just scents my skin nicely which is what your average EDT should do, isn't it? This then brings us back to the previous paragraph and, as you can see, we can go around in this circle all day.

      To achieve a five star rating this needs to be marketed as something completely different. A sleep therapy maybe? A scented fragrance to apply to the skin before bed to help you relax and drift off, perhaps. If Clarins made these claims about the product then it'd definitely get five stars because that is exactly what this fragrance does.

      Basically, it's a really nice product if you don't use it for the intended reasons. It's a pointless EDT and a rubbish skin treatment. It's an excellent relaxation tool though and for a decent enough price, I've been using my little 30ml sample sized bottle about once a fortnight for the last seven months and I've still got over half of it left. For all of these reasons I'll be giving Eau Dynamisante three stars.


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        13.05.2013 16:10
        Very helpful



        A beautiful aroma suitable for men and women

        **Introduction and reason for purchase**
        I have the most fantastic best friend that would do anything for me and vice versa, and after supporting her through a difficult time recently whilst she was moving she gave me a huge bag of toiletries as a 'thank you'. My friend has a very good job and often buy things on a whim without worrying too much about paying for it the following month, and just before Christmas last year she went through a phase of exclusively using Clarins beauty products. On saying thanks and having a discreet look I noticed products such as Dove lotions etc then on closer inspection at home I noticed a bottle of Clarins Eau Dynamisante which was over 3/4 full! I questioned her saying she must have added it by mistake but she insisted as she bought the perfume blindly having not tested it before hand and later admitted to herself she actually detested it - bad news for her but good news for me as I've always loved the fragrance but never owned it myself until now.

        After wearing this for a few months now my review will now discuss my thoughts on wearing Eau Dynamisante by Clarins.

        **What Clarins have to say**
        "..The first fragrance and body treatment in one spa-fresh formula. This invigorating aroma for women and men, moisturises, firms and tones with essential oils.."

        Eau Dynamisanate is a unisex fragrance and was launched back in 1987, being so popular even today that apparently there is one bottle sold every 25 seconds in the world.

        **The fragrance itself**
        Eau Dynamisante's composition is made up of the following:

        Top notes of~
        Amalfi lemon

        Heart notes are~

        Base notes include~
        White tea

        **Price, packaging & availability**
        As I didn't buy this myself I'm not sure where my friend purchased this from nor how much she paid either. It is apparently available in a 200ml, 500ml, and 100ml splash bottle plus the much smaller 100ml spray version according to the Clarins website - with the latter being the one I'm now the proud owner of and will therefore be referring to throughout the review.

        Having had a look around online it seems that the 100ml like I have has an RRP of around the £30 mark, which for a premium brand such as Clarins I don't think this is too bad considering the price of some 'premium' branded fragrances out there.

        The packaging for Eau Dynamisante is simplistic yet oozes class and sophistication at the same time. Being housed in an oval shaped flacon with a much 'flatter' and thinner side view, the all red transparent bottle certainly stands out though that's mainly due to it's rich and vibrant glass colour rather than down to any form of decoration. Embellishment is sparse and down to a bare minimum here, and matches the theme of other Clarins beauty products being a basic colour with a simple font for the logo, with the same being said here as apart from white lettering of the name the only other ornamentation comes from the signature gold strip around the white plastic lid.

        Availability wise this can be purchased from department stores as well as a plethora of online shops, though I can't comment on availability anywhere having not purchased the product directly myself.

        **My thoughts on wearing Eau Dynamisante**
        Around 10 years ago now I used to sit next to a woman at my place of work at the time, and she always wore this fragrance. I used to adore the scent and vowed to buy myself a bottle, though I was pregnant with my first son at the time and money was needed for baby essentials, not a new perfume. I didn't return to the same place of work after having my son and as I wasn't around my colleague any longer I ended up forgetting all about this scent until my friend gave me her bottle and instantly I was transported back to 10 years previously remembering the beautifully rich aroma of Eau Dynamisante.

        I was eager to wear this - finally - myself and wasted no time in applying the second I discovered it amongst my beauty goodies. The plastic lid sits firmly on top of the nozzle and protects it well though is very easy to both remove and replace after each use. Once removed the nozzle presses down in a smooth motion and releases a jet of fine mist at wherever it is aimed and despite this being quite strong I applied quite liberally on the first occasion, using more like a body spray and praying that the overall scent would fade slightly as I did get a bit too carried away.

        Eau Dynamisante is classed as a unisex fragrance, and if I'm being honest I tend to steer well clear of anything that can be worn by both men and women as the ones I've tried in the past always seem to come across as much more emasculated then neutral. I had no idea when I first came across this many years ago that it was a unisex scent, I was told it was by Clarins by my colleague and just presumed it to be a female fragrance as it didn't smell 'masculine'.

        The first thing I noticed on spritzing on to my skin was the rich and warm aroma of coriander. This, mingled with the citrus notes of lemon were very noticeable and immediately stood out to me. The orange notes are far more wholesome and fruity if that makes sense, and make the fragrance burst with flavour almost if it were a drink, where as the lemon is far more sharper and adds a bitter tang to the proceedings.

        The fragrance settles quickly, in fact I was surprised how quick as the dry down took place over a short space of time no longer than 10 - 15 minutes, which did surprise me somewhat given how strong this initially comes across as at first.

        Once the fragrance starts to settle the rosemary and thyme stood out, however I couldn't detect any other notes such as the carnation or cardamom, though I adore perfumes I'm no expert nor pretend to be but I do like to try and see (or should that be smell) as many of the notes as I can as it's become a fascination (obsession more like) with the amount of perfumes that I own or test.

        Eau Dynamisante starts off on a warm and peppery like tone and never really deviates from this path as it ends on a similar, though far more spicier note. The fragrance becomes warmer the longer it's worn yet fades fairly quickly too disappointingly, though the scent it leaves on my skin is worth the short period of time it is present. The base notes of ginseng and patchouli really shine through and combine with the faint lemon aroma which is still ever present and create a warm, earthy and mossy scent on my skin.

        As a test I gave the bottle to my husband to try and whilst it was pleasant enough on him we both agreed it fares better if worn by a female though there's no reason men can't wear this confidently, it is just a matter of preference and I prefer it to my husband wearing it.

        Longevity is slightly disappointing though as it seems to last on my skin only around 2 to 3 hours but it does leave a very faint aroma for several hours after this and I could still detect it very faintly whilst getting ready to go to bed having applied it around lunch time that day.

        I really love the scent of Eau Dynamisante and though it may have taken 10 years I'm glad I finally have my own bottle, despite it being gifted to me. My friend is currently going through a Lush stage so I'm hoping she tires of the stock she has already bought as I'm yet to try this brand!

        This is a stunning fragrance that can be worn by males or females and leaves a hot and spicy fragrance on the skin though longevity is considerably poor. The fragrance may have been around over 25 years but it certainly doesn't come across as dated and smells modern and contemporary in my opinion, and I really love how it smells on my skin as I've been impressed with perfumes on other people then found they don't suit me once I've tried them myself.

        I'm not one for being drawn to a product by it's name alone but this is a fragrance I can see me buying once this bottle runs out, though on the whole I find Clarins beauty products to be just 'okay'. This however has won me over and I'm more than smitten with it's enticing aroma.

        4/5 from me, I'm deducting a star as its poor staying power lets it down, but everything else scores top points as far as I'm concerned.


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          13.12.2012 20:33




          An energising scent in a red glass bottle.

          Eau Dynamissante roughly translates as Energising water. I found this scent to be a bit strong and heavy for me when I smelled it straight out of the bottle. I tested it out when I wore it over a couple of days and despite getting lots of positive comments from my friends who liked it's scent I'm not sure if I would wear it very often.

          The company
          Clarins is a company based in France that has been going for 60 years plus. Its range is available from a number of department stores including John Lewis. Their tag line is "the secrets of plants" and this very much comes out in their products.

          The range
          This scent can be used alonside other products in the Clarins range. It is sometimes sold in gift packs - for example with Clarins bath and shower gel and mosituring body lotion for about the same price as the scent on its own in some shops.

          The bottle and packaging
          This product comes in a nice red glass bottle which really stands out in the bathroom. The bottle is the same shape as Clarins Eau Ressourcante (their relaxation scent that comes in a blue bottle). It has a wide base from right to left but is reasonable narrow so fits nicely on the shallow shelves in my bathroom. The lid is white plastic with a pleasing chrome coloured stripe which adds a bit of glam to the packaging. Underneath it has a chrome coloured spray nozzle. This dispenses with a pleasing wide and gentle spray which means that your scent is nice and evenly distributed.

          The scent
          According to Clarins it has Lemon, Patchouli, Petit Grain, Ginseng and White Tea

          Retail price
          Prices vary but this seems to retail for over £25. Some gift packs come with additional products for around the same price or only a little more so can be a good option. it comes in a couple of sized bottles.


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      • Product Details

        Active Ingredients: Aromatic essential oils with treatment properties (Lemon, Patchouli, White Thyme, Petit Grain and Rosemary): scent, promote a wonderful feeling of freshness, vitality and well-being / Extracts of Ginseng, Eleutherocoque and Harpagophytum: tone / Extracts of Aloe and Ispaghul: moisturise and soften // Great fragrance, great feeling! Its unique fragrance based on Lemon, Patchouli, White Thyme and Rosemary revives and refreshes to the delight of men and women / Beauty Benefits: Created by Clarins, Eau Dynamisante is the very first treatment fragrance to combine the fragrant and skin care benefits of plant extracts / It tones, revitalises and leaves the skin lightly scented, soft and moisturised / Its non-photosensitising formula means that it can be used safely in the sun / Application: Apply generously all over the body after showering, exercise or at any time to refresh and boost vitality /

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