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Clarins par Amour Toujours Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Clarins / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women / Type: Day Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      14.05.2010 20:49
      Very helpful




      Clarins is a premium brand which offers skincare, makeup and body products. They also have a range of 5 female fragrances which are :

      Eau Dynamisante
      Eau Ressourcante
      Par Amour
      Par Amour Toujours.


      The product I will be reviewing is "Clarins Par Amour Toujours" and in the EDT natural spray form.

      Par Amour Toujours is described as being the daughter fragrance of the original Par Amour and is lighter than its mother.


      The EDT comes in a beautiful yet basic dumpy glass bottle with a white top. The bottle is clear and the glass is quite thick on the base. It is also a round bottle and comes complete with a round, clear glass cap. The spray on top is not your traditional spray, it is a pretty pink love heart and looks vey feminine.

      The bottle normally comes in a sealed box. The box is white with nice pink and orange writing. The Clarins logo is noticable and the name of the perfume is written in on the front of the box. The back of the box has an image of a blossom tree and the perfumes ingredients are on the base.

      Inside the box, there is a lovely little envelope with a small booklet containing a love poem and asking you to contact them to say how you feel about the perfume. I think this is a lovely touch.

      *The Fragrance*

      With the bottle being see through, you can clearly see the girly pink coloured perfume. This simply adds to the prettiness of the bottle.

      The perfume is known for it's natural, fresh and warm tones. The notes are a blend of pink rosebud, blackcurrant, pink grapefruit, pink peppercorn and raspberry. It is a delightful sweet fragrance.

      *Availability and Price*

      For some strange reason, Clarins have discontinued this wonderful perfume so it is no longer for sale in department stores or on the Clarins website. You can however pick it up online for the following prices :

      www.supaperfume.com 30ml costs £14.85
      www.scentstore.co.uk 30ml costs £18.60
      www.perfumepoints.co.uk 50ml costs £24.95
      www.cheapsmells.co.uk 30ml costs £9.95 (the best option!)

      You can also pick up gift sets on ebay which include rose bath petals or lipglosses with the perfume. There is also the option to buy the complimenting bath and shower gel.

      *My Opinion*

      I love my perfumes and have quite a few different bottles for different occasions. Clarins is a brand I trust and I sell it on my ebay account and is very popular.

      I was first introduced to Clarins Par Amour Toujours whilst shopping in Boots just after Christmas 2yrs ago. It was reduced as they were discontinuing it and my Mum bought me a bottle as a treat. I fell in love with this fragrance and was so upset they were discontinuing it. Luckily I can pick this up online on ebay or www.cheapsmells.co.uk for a cheaper price than most perfumes!

      The first thing that attracted me to this perfume was the bottle. It is sophisticated, girly and still basic. It looks very nice on my dresser and is small enough to go in my bag for top up sprays.

      I spray this on my wrist and a spray on my neck and I am immediately hit by a strong floral smell. Now floral isn't my thing but once the perfume has settled, the fruit and sweet smells are released.

      The perfume has a delightful fruity scent and the blackcurrant really shines through the rosebud and leaves a pleasant yet subtle and lasting scent on the skin. The smell does last a few hours which is quite good for an EDT but will need a top up during the day. I feel this is very light and beautifully scented and perfect for day wear but maybe something a bit heavier for night time wear.

      This is one of my favourite fragrances as it has an initial floral tone which is replaced by a sweet and fruity scent and one which I truly adore. At £9.95 for 30ml, this is so much cheaper than other scents so a bargain in my opinion.

      Thanks for reading x


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        05.09.2006 11:22
        Very helpful



        A light, fruity floral fragrance suitable for any occasion

        Par Amour Toujours is a new fragrance by Clarins, brought out alongside its' existing fragrance Par Amour as a "daughter" fragrance. It is described as being a perfume for introducing young women to wearing perfume, but also has a disclaimer about it appealing to women of any age (good for me then as I'm a bit past it for their target market!). So a bit of convoluted marketing, which I only discovered while looking on the website., www.par-amour.com. It is much lighter than the original Par Amour, and I preferred it greatly straight away. I don't find it particularly a "young" fragrance, it is light and wearable, yes, but not overly sweet, as many aimed at the youth market are.

        I discovered this perfume when a friend received a free sample not long ago and waved it under my nose ("MMMM!" we said in unison) It's not the sort of perfume I would go for normally. The first thing that hits you is fruitiness - grapefruit to be specific. But it's got more to it, there's a sort of sweet richness to it as well. It's light, fresh and clean without being boring.

        I decided I was going to purchase a bottle of perfume at the Duty Free shop with some leftover Euros while on a recent layover in Amsterdam. I already had this one in mind but had time to kill, so went around the shop sniffing just about every perfume they had. I eventually returned to this one, and what stood out particularly was that on first sniff there is no whiff of alcohol, just sweet, citrusy loveliness. I really can't bear ponging alcohol smells within a perfume, which is probably why I usually go for woody fragrances which mask the smell. This was surprisingly pure for such a light perfume.

        I purchased the 1.7 oz bottle of eau de toilette (the only form for this one). It comes in a white box decorated with a tree with pink hearts for leaves which is very pretty. The bottle is oval shaped, clear glass with a clear, plastic stopper. Your eye is drawn inside the stopper to a small pink heart, which dispenses the perfume. It is a sweet touch, although plastic and has potential for my clumsy self to break the thing off.

        Upon first spritz, the light fragrance of grapefruit greets you. It is sweet, too, and from beneath it begins to emerge the scent of roses - pink rosebud to be specific. It must be pretty noticeable as when I waved my wrist under the husband's nose, he declared "Mmm, Rosey!", and this is not a man known for his horticulture.

        The listed ingredients are Pink Rosebud, Pink Peppercorn, Blackcurrant, Pink Grapefruit, and Raspberry. I can't honestly detect the Blackcurrant or Raspberry, but I'm sure they add to the overall sensory effect. The initial fruitiness of the grapefruit retreats to allow the subtly sweet, powdery rose scent to emerge. The spiciness of the peppercorn is buried in there as well. I don't know what a pink peppercorn smells like on its own, but here it does ground the sweetness of the flower with the slightest hint of earthiness.

        It settles to a subtle and pretty floral smell, with the combination of ingredients lifting it above any other fruity florals I personally have tried, such as Clinique's Happy. While I like that fragrance, I find this one much more feminine and interesting. This one is more like a summer rose garden, with the citrus livening it up just enough to keep it clean. But it is a good comparison, if you like Happy, you also might enjoy this fragrance.

        The only drawback of this perfume is that is doesn't have great staying power, at least not on me. This is possibly because it is an eau de toilette and not a perfume. However, it is light enough to layer well with a scented lotion, and not so exhorbitantly expensive as to make it seem frivolous to re-apply.

        It is nice to re-apply it, actually, as you get the invigorating zing of pink grapefruit all over again, and that is meant to be a mood lifter -so you're doing yourself a therapeutic service, really! I bought this as a "summer perfume", but have no doubt I will continue wearing it into the winter as it has become a quick favourite. It is particularly suited for daytime and is light enough to wear to work. That said, I wear it whenever the mood strikes as I just love it.

        Clarins Par Amour Toujours is available in two sizes, 1oz.(30ml) and 1.7oz.(50ml). It can be purchased online starting at £22. It is also sold as a hair and body wash.


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      • Product Details

        A fragrance for all girls / A lively, tender fruity-floral Eau de Toilette /

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