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Comme des Garcons 2 Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Comme des Garcons / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: Unisex

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    1 Review
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      07.12.2012 13:14
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      A very expensive pleasant but not amazing perfume

      Comme des garcons - 2 or CdG2 - for men or women
      I received this small sample vial in the mail. I honestly cannot say where i get it from as I often request samples and it makes a lovely surprise when they arrive and I get to try things I certainly would risk buying sight or smell unseen or unsmelled!
      The package mine came in was a plastic outer envelope with a small glass bottle mini spray. I love these small sample sizes to try new smells and also I take them on holiday as they are so light and then dump them when I have used them. On the side of the bottle is the name and a scribbly looking 2 across the brand as though a child has written the 2 on there.

      This is sold in a bottle that is sort of similar to an iphone 3 sort of shape and silver with the brand in white simple text and again the rather scratchy scribbly 2 across the front. It is simple and understated.

      This is not a brand I have come across before but as i do like earthy scents i was looking forward to trying it. I guess the name is saying that the perfumes are unisex and maybe the clothes too as it is a Parisian based fashion brand owned by a Japanese designer, Rei Kawkubo. Again I have not heard of the fashion brand but I am not very well up in high end branded fashion so hardly surprising I suppose.
      This company has 68 different fragrances, the first was created in 1994 and the fragrances are created in collaboration with a large number of perfumiers not just one or two which i found unusual.

      Some of their perfumes are unisex while others are specifically aimed at either men or women. This is one of the unisex ones.

      "CdG2 plays with duality,with contrasts and complements, exploring the notion that opposites attract."

      The top notes are : aldehydes, mandarin orange, tea, angelica, mate ( not sure what that is!)
      The middle notes are: nutmeg, magnolia, coriander, cinnamon, West India bay, ink, caraway
      The base notes are: patchouli, cedar, incense, vetiver, amber and labdanum


      When first sprayed on the opening is quite intense and strongly fresh and the aldehyde combined with the floral notes are my initial impression. When I first sprayed it I had to move my head back a bit as it was pretty strong.

      After about ten minutes or so this does calm down a bit so that you can actually sniff the area you have put it on. At this stage I can strongly smell a powdery note but somehow it blends so that the first inhale smells different from the exhale. The floral notes are still strong and surprisingly the cinnamon and nutmeg are very hard to detect. At this stage it is not as citrus smelling , more powdery floral.

      After a while the base notes are able to develop and I can pick out the woodier elements of this. The incense comes through strongly, the depth of the vetiver and patchouli I am not convinced make much of an appearance but that ink is really there. Reminds me of the days when we had to fill fountain pens with Quink!
      There is a hint of 'church' which is incense and damp woodiness that I often smell in older churches.

      It lasts quite well on me and I can still smell it faintly about five hours after I put it on but i am quite surprised how sweet and powdery it is considering the base notes are all so earthy.

      I find it quite exotic and sexy sort of smell. You could wear it day or night and in my opinion is probably not for the girly feminine sorts of people or the younger audience but that is just my feeling. From the man's point of view I wouldn't like to say as my husband refuses to wear 'perfume' as he calls it.

      It is certainly different and each time I smell it coming from my wrists I pick new notes or combinations.


      I do like it but it is not a cheap perfume at about £70 for 50ml and samples selling on Ebay for about £.50 for 1ml or 2ml bottles. I can't say I would pay that sort of money for this as it isn't special enough for that sort of money.

      Some reviews I read say it is one for the ladies as it is too floral while others say it is for men as it is citrus and herby. They are really both correct as the perfume develops on different people differently. As the people in lush say your skin is the final ingredient and that effects how different scents develop. Always try your perfumes first, if you can, before making a big expensive purchase. These samples are a great way to try them. This little bottle was about 2ml and gave me about two or three days use I would say and I am so thrilled I got it as a free sample after seeing the prices on Ebay for the same little bottles. On Amazon the 25ml bottle is £57 which is a lot in my humble opinion.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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