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Comme Une Evidence Prestige Cream Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Type: Cream

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2012 14:48
      Very helpful



      A beautiful cream fragrance


      As most people who regularly read my reviews will no doubt be aware, I am a big fan of the french beauty company Yves Rocher and order from their mailing lists around every 3 to 5 months depending on what offers they have.
      Though I do buy a lot from them I also receive several products as stocking fillers at Christmas from my mum (who introduced me to the company in the first place). One such stocking filler was this compact cream fragrance - 'Comme une Evidence (le Parfum creme`) which my review will now focus on..

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      As per usual Yves Rocher products can be purchased by:

      *Using their mailing listings and ordering through the post
      ***By phoning 0870 049 22 22
      ****By perusing Ebay - I've had many a bargain through this method so do recommend looking first
      *****In one of their stores that are dotted about

      This comes in one compact size of 3g which may not sound like much but bearing in mind this is a cream perfume of the solid variety then a little will go a long way so it does last a while.

      The cream comes in the form of a pinky/ beige compact style packaging, which when opened reveals a circular disc of cream perfume approximately 1 inch in diameter. Though the cream is a similar colour to the packaging it is easy enough to distinguish the disc as it has an obvious sheen and so stands out easily.

      The packaging is a compact as mentioned and opens via a 'click mechanism' which has a small gap at the opening end. This gap isn't particularly big though so struggling to open it does become a problem and is tiring after a while as no matter how many times it has been used it doesn't loosen very much. I tend to carry mine in my bag so need it to close after use but I suggest if it is to be kept at home then it could be left open for easier access.

      Apart from the writing on the front of the packaging in an elegant and quite bold font which is in a glittery effect gold there is very little else in the way of decoration. Because of the simplicity of the design it has a fresh yet elegant appeal to it and looks very classy, especially if just left around casually on my dressing table or in my bathroom.

      *~*What is Comme une Evidence?*~*

      Comme une Evidence is one of Yves Rocher's prestigious fragrances and comes in various different formats including:

      *Compact creme (currently being reviewed)
      *EDP in 50ml and 100ml sizes
      *EDT in 50ml and smaller purse sizes
      *Body milk
      *Shower gel

      ..and a whole array of other matching items. Towards the Christmas holidays there are always gift sets featuring the fragrance at reasonable prices as well but these only seem to make an appearance around October.

      Comme une Evidence was launched way back in 2003 and the fragrance is made up of the following composition:

      ~Top notes~
      Violet leaves

      ~Heart notes~
      Wild lily of the valley

      ~Base notes~

      *~*My thoughts on wearing this~*~

      I have to start by admitting that the original Comme une Evidence EDP is not particularly my favourite from Yves Rocher. Having bought a bottle back in the year it was launched I found it to be very cloying and far too overpowering so after the bottle was used up I decided to avoid that particular fragrance as it just wasn't 'me'.
      When I saw this small compact in amongst with my other presents at Christmas just gone I thought 'Oh' but I'm not ungrateful so thanked my mum for her kindness and thought I would throw it in my bag to use up during the day.

      On finally opening the compact, and nearly breaking several nails in the process, the aroma that greeted me was a much more subtler scent than my previous encounter with the EDP and actually was very pleasant indeed.

      The opening notes of bergamot and violet leaves do very little here I feel as to me all I can detect from first smelling this compact to actually wearing it is a very prominent floral theme of the heart notes. On first applying a small sliver to my wrists and neck I found the creme` literally melted onto my fingertips so applying quickly was of the essence before it disappeared completely. The cream is very greasy in texture as one would expect, and the consistency though in solid form does melt instantly as mentioned. On making contact with my skin I could instantly smell the sweet floral notes wafting through the air and I have to say I was very impressed by the cream version.

      Although there are several notes used here in the make up of this fragrance, for me it is very much dominated by two - wild lily of the valley and jasmine. These two floral notes are not only at the heart of the fragrance but seem to be the complete body as it is very difficult to detect anything other than these as they are both very strong, though as the fragrance warms on my skin there is the slightest hint of the patchouli though it is very, very subtle indeed.


      If this was the EDP bottle version then my review would far different as I have since tried it (I was sent a miniature sample bottle recently) and I'm still not overly keen. This compact cream (or creme`) seems to come across far more simpler and is subtle yet noticeable. I find the EDP to be too powdery and almost takes my breath away when I apply it as it is too overbearing but this compact is softer and therefor I am able to make out the notes easier.

      Though I'm not a floral fan generally as I have stated in similar reviews, I do have a soft spot for anything rose based but unfortunately it's not possible to make out the rose here at all which is a real shame. I think the jasmine and wild lily of the valley do a perfectly acceptable job though and it is definitely a pretty fragrance there is no denying that.

      I have been quite impressed with the longevity when applied as well as my experience with cream perfumes isn't too good as I find them to be too weak generally. This is the exception however as when applied 'slap dash' to my wrists and neck in a hurry one morning I found that the scent didn't fade for hours - at least 5 or 6. I love the subtleness of this cream as a tiny amount goes a long way so the smallest rub onto my skin lingers delicately for most of the day.

      I've been using this on a regular basis now since receiving at Christmas and though I don't use everyday I'd say on average it has been applied several times a week. In this time the compact looks untouched so I can see this lasting for at least another few months maybe longer.

      Though I didn't purchase this myself I have seen it costing around the £5 mark which given the fact it lasts and lasts I think this is fantastic value, the only downside is it is available sporadically and pops up on and off throughout the year though from October onwards it tends to make a full time appearance in time for Christmas.

      I really like this version and think it suits my skin more now the warmer weather has arrived and because it holds it's strength it could be worn either night or day, though my preference is for the day as I tend to opt for deeper oriental scents for the evening.

      Top marks for this.


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