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Coty L'Aimant Eau de Parfum de Toilette

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8 Reviews

Brand: Coty / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    8 Reviews
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      22.02.2015 18:44
      Very helpful



      Lovely fragrance that truly spans the decades.

      While there are some fragrances that smell similar to other fragrances, there is no mistaking the distinctive smell of the gorgeous classic, L'aimant.
      This is one of my all-time favourites and for me, oozes the fun and sophistication of the 1920s. From the gorgeous art deco type bottle to the last spray, L'aimant stirs up images of elegant afternoon teas, potted palms and pearls - clean and fresh but with an underlying glamour of bygone times.
      While L'aimant has those elements of old fashioned flora, this is a long way from the rose water that great granny always wears. This fragrance, in its compact, go anywhere bottle is just the thing to add a bit of daytime sophistication to any modern miss whether 19 or 90 years old - it really does stand the test of time. I would spritz on my L'aimant for a lingering lunch with the girls, a visit to the in-laws or a matinee theatre performance. While L'aimant might not quite have the clout to take you clubbing all night, I have bought this lovely fragrance for everyone from my 20-something daughter to an elderly friend.
      Distinctive as it is, a little L'aimant goes a long way and what starts of as a fresh bright scent with floral notes, mellows down to a warm, seductive scent, reminiscent of beauty powder but with extra depth.
      I love this fragrance and feel that, although it has been available for decades, it is still a bit of a well-kept secret that tends to be found out in the form of a gift.


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      26.07.2011 21:11
      Very helpful



      simply amazing!

      This lovely perfume always hides away from the big brands on some back shelve any ware I go. I think this is due to the fact that it's time has long gone since it's been in the spotlight. This wonderful perfume was first launched in 1927 I mean wow this is as old as Shalimar and Chanel No. 5, a true piece of history that it taken for granted and unappreciated. Everyone talks about Shalimar and No. 5 but no one thinks of poor old L'aimant but that works great for me because I can pick it up for less then t others at £14.49 for 50 ml in Boots is an absolute bargain.

      There is nothing cheap about this scent. It has an geometrical elegance that is timeless, soft gold tones of the bottle packed in a contrasting red box says this is an classing scent .

      For me the scent is predominately sweet with a complex depth. Second though that hits me is the floral and animalic infusion that is just mind blowing. To all this in the background there is an powdery note. The fruity note it contains has an overripe feel to it. This is not a cent to be ignored, is strong, sexy and most importantly lingering. I think is a perfect perfume for the evenings. When it slowly fade away on my skin becomes warm and suave.

      As for the lasting power ; I usually have dry skin and anything I put on fades away within 2 hours but with this scent I can still smell it for longer. When I put it on clothes it lasts for days.

      If I had to compare it I would have to say is a better version of Chanel No. 5 with a more younger feel to it.


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      10.01.2011 08:26
      Very helpful
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      Yet another Christmas present i'm writing about, and another scent that I remember from when I was a teenager. I wasn't keen on it then, but have my opinions changed thesedays about this?

      This Perfume was always in the same place in the shops as the other ones that I used when I was about 14. So next to all the So, Exclamation, and teenage scents was this. Never really sure why as this smells so old compared to the fun fresh scents, but it could have been because they were similarly priced.

      I didn't know this scent was still out there until I got this in a gift set with a Body Spray as well. I looked online and see that this can vary a lot with the price and this set can cost around £8 for the 75ml Body Spray and the 30ml Perfume. Not too bad priced I suppose.

      As usual the bottle looks like the Dooyoo picture. I didn't get a little box with mine since it was in a larger box, but I remember the box looking like this. I think the bottle looks a bit old fashioned and I remember the bottle looking the same all those years ago as well.

      So how does this smell? Smelling this took me back to all those years ago. It smells exactly the same, and I still think this smells like an older person's Perfume. Looking online I think this is the case and it does seem to be marketed as a more mature Perfume. It's hard for me to say what notes are in here, as it just smells like a lot of heavier florals. After looking online I see this has in it Orchid, Rose, jasmine and Vanilla. I would say the Orchid scent is the main one.

      This does last a long time after spraying this, and I wsa surprised to still smell this later in the day. Lasts a good long time.

      Unfortunately I don't see me using this Perfume up. It's just not for me, and not the kind of scent I would go for. But if it's still selling after all these years then it must be doing something right for some women.


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        14.12.2010 23:46
        Very helpful



        A blast from the past that still works well

        ~The old fashioned glamour of Coty L'Aimant~

        The Coty fragrance house created the Coty L'Aimant fragrance way back in 1927 and oddly enough although the fragrance is often classed as something your granny might have worn (and possibly still does) my first encounter with the fragrance was when a friend introduced me to it many moons ago. My friend wore the fragrance as it did indeed remind her of her dearly loved grandma and as such she had rather a soft spot for it and wore it on a regular basis. I used to catch the odd whiff of the pretty and rather retro fragrance every now and then and decided that if it worked for my friend who was no old lady herself, the pretty yet glamorous old fashioned fragrance may as well be just as good when worn by myself. From that moment the Coty L'Aimant fragrance has been a fragrance that I have worn and enjoyed intermittently as the mood has taken me. Even though the fragrance has an old fashioned feel to it I feel Coty L'Aimant is still as wearable when worn with casual wear if I am in the right frame of mind, although I am careful to apply it lightly.

        ~How does the fragrance wear?~

        The Coty L'Aimant fragrance can be worn equally as well as a stand alone fragrance as it has more than enough power behind it to give an uplifting fragrance experience for a good number of hours. I find that layering the fragrance with both the body spray and the perfumed body dusting powder will give a stronger more enduring scent that works effortlessly for many hours and softens nicely over time.

        I am always aware that applying too much of this fragrance can mean that it clings like a limpet on the skin and it is more than able to enter a room long before the wearer if applied too keenly. As that is something I want to avoid, I feel that less is more when wearing the fragrance, after all I can add more of it if I feel the need as the scent dries down and fades. I feel that being careful when applying the fragrance would be my top tip when thinking about how to get the best from it, think less is more and you are on the right track and will end up with a lovely soft classic scent that will embrace and envelope in a gentle and enduring way for many hours.

        ~What do those around you think about it?~

        I have often worn the Coty L'Aimant fragrance as a day wear scent and have received a number of compliments about it from people who have very often been highly surprised when I tell them I am wearing Coty L'Aimant. 'Whats that lovely fragrance you are wearing?'.....'Erm its Coty L'Aimant actually!'.... This is usually followed by a few seconds of surprised silence, raised eyebrows and looks of disbelief, followed swiftly with comments like 'Coty L'Aimant no surely not?', 'Really?' or 'No it can't be, my granny wore it and it didn't smell like that'. Very often my reply is along the lines of 'Well ladies it is Coty L'Aimant and it does smell every bit as good as you have just found out and there is nothing to stop you trying it out to see if it works well when mixed with the oils in your skin'.

        After all nothing ventured nothing gained and with such a small outlay involved there is no reason not to recommend the fragrance in my opinion. Sometimes we don't want to be covered in anything too sweet and girly, too heavy and pungent or too in your face. Nor do we want a fragrance that is overly green or sharp and although I am a fan of those types of scents, even I like to ring the changes and mix my fragrances to suit my moods. I feel that at certain times the soft, feminine, fresh and classic scent that this fragrance gives off is just the ticket, which is why I would recommend it as a stand by scent for days when you cannot make up your mind what suits your mood but want to feel feminine and freshly fragranced.

        ~Use a little care with classic Coty L'Aimant~

        The Coty L'Aimant fragrance was first created by Francois Coty for the love of his life. L'Aimant - can mean both 'Loving Her' and 'The Magnet in french and as such both the fragrance and the fragrance name exude an old fashioned and romantic glamour. The fragrance with its fresh opening burst which is neither too over powering or too bright is one that is very pleasing and surprising at the same time. I feel that Coty L'Aimant has incredible longevity to it and can be too much if used in too heavy a manner, yet when used lightly its pretty enveloping floral fragrance is easy to wear over the course of the day. I am careful when applying the fragrance not to get it on my clothing as it will remain for a very long time and can become a little too powdery and sour if left on clothing for too long. With winter weather around and all of us dressed up warmly in warm and toasty winter coats, the fragrance can end up on collars, cuffs, scarves and necklines, although a little extra care when spraying on the fragrance and allowing it to dry off should in the main be enough to stop most of that.

        ~The look, the feel (the bottle and box!)~

        The look and feel of the fragrance bottle and box is one of days gone by, when glamorous ladies changed for dinner and wore hats and gloves when going out during the day. I am certain that when the fragrance was blended the very idea of casual wear was nothing more than a pipe dream and as such a feminine and pretty yet formal fragrance was the order of the day as it suited the mood of the moment. The retro deep salmon pink tone which is used on the fragrance box mixes in well with the whole concept of the fragrance being a classic and retro scent and whilst the overall look is rather dated by todays standards I feel it is totally in keeping with the theme of this perfume.

        The Coty brand name and The Coty L'Aimant product name are clearly and simply presented on the front of the fragrance box, set into an off white panel with a light gold toned edging. The look of the fragrance box is one that may put some fragrance buyers off, as it has no similarities to the full on fragrance boxes that many of our wonderful more modern and up to date fragrances make use of. Even so I rather like the old fashioned salmon and pale pink tones used to colour the fragrance box. It evokes a sense of how things may have been way back in those heady and glamorous days when ladies were ladies and leggings and shell suiits had thankfully not yet been invented.

        The fragrance bottle is yet again a classic shaped affair that uses simple lines to give a somewhat classic look that suits the fragrance within it. I like the graduated lines used each side of the neck of the bottle that give the bottle a neat and simple late 1920's look. The look of the glass bottle is a little on the budget side although I don't feel it lets the fragrance down too much The clear glass used for the fragrance bottle still gets away with being understated and is very functional at the same time. I feel happy that it allows me to see how much fragrance is left within it and gives me more than enough time to decide whether its time to buy another bottle to replace it.

        The spray applicator is nothing special to my mind, yet it functions well enough to deliver a good amount of the fragrance direct to the area I want it to settle on. The lid of smaller sized 30ml the bottle fits well enough and finishes the fragrance bottle off in a way that is simple and understated. I feel the gold toned lid is a little too light for my liking and I would have liked a heavier more luxurious lid that sat on top of the bottle with a little more panache and presence. As it stands the lid functions as it should and makes the bottle secure enough to pop into a handbag should you need to take it with you for top up sprays when away from home. The larger 50ml sized bottle has a better looking lid to it that is formed from clear plastic and echoes the shape and look of the fragrance bottle. I imagine that had the bottle and its lids been made from better quality materials using the same shapes, both could have looked stunning.

        ~Heaven scent or straight from hells kitchen?~

        The blend of floral ingredients within the Coty L'Aimant fragrance include soft rose, exotic orchid and sweet golden jasmine. These are both pretty and long lasting when mixed in with warm soft sandalwood and vanilla. The top notes of the fragrance comprise citrusy bergamot and neroli, which is the similarly scented oil from the blossom of bitter orange trees. Warm and fuzzy peach, tangy strawberry and ylang ylang with its warm slightly custardy sweetness, blend with vanilla, woody and spicy vetiver and sandalwood give the fragrance a greater longevity when worn on the skin

        Coty created the fragrance to give us an air of old fashioned romance and glamour and the pretty easy to wear signature warm floral and slightly creamy and powdery fragrance is one that has stood the test of time. When I have worn the fragrance the good old fashioned feel of the florals do give the fragrance a pretty feminine scent that soften over the course of the day. When the fragrance is freshly applied there is an instant burst of citrusy bergamot and neroli, that is light and refreshing to my senses. I find the fresh clean tone that I get when first spraying on the fragrance is very pleasing and enjoyable, although it does soften all too quickly as the fragrance dries down on my skin I am not overly saddened to see it go.

        The floral notes within the fragrance are pretty, feminine and attractive and they do have a classic feel to them that works well with the fragrance. If I allow the fragrance to settle on my skin it begins to envelope my skin in a pleasing way as long as I am not too heavy handed when applying the fragrance. The soft creamy tones of the fragrance do come through as time goes on and the initial citrus freshness fades away into a vanilla based powdery fragrance with a lightly musky undertone. I feel that the fragrance sits well on my skin when applied lightly and will stay put for a good number of hours when left to its own devices.

        ~ The price~

        The Coty L'Aimant fragrance is one that doesn't break your heart or the bank when it comes down to price. The bottle sizes begin with a small purse sized 15ml EDT spray priced at around £5 to £7 at full price, this is a good size for slipping into a small purse for days or nights out and contains just enough of the fragrance to top it up as and when needed. The next bottle size is a 30ml bottle that comes with a the plain gold toned lid that is functional, yet not overly attractive. The 30ml bottle will set you back no more than £9.95 at top price and can be reduced to much nearer the £6.50 mark if you shop around.

        A larger still 50ml sized bottle of the fragrance will give you more of the fragrance itself and a much more attractive looking bottle lid in keeping with the feel of the fragrance. You can expect to pay close to £14 for the 50ml bottle at full price, although very often there are offers and deals which can bring prices down by as much as almost 50%. At the time of writing this a 50ml bottle can be purchased from Boots for half price, at a fantastic low price of just £6.97. I feel this is amazingly good value as there isn't much you can buy that gives a similar feel for this kind of money. The matching body spray deserves a quick mention here as it is also rather reasonably priced and is good for layering the fragrance with. A 75ml body spray is often no more than £2.30 to buy, although it is reduced to just £1.53 in Boots at the moment.

        ~Summary and rating~

        The Coty L'Aimant fragrance has an enduring yet soft and feminine scent to it and I feel it is still very wearable as a day wear fragrance product. The fragrance is one that I feel is very easy to enjoy and as such I feel it will appeal to a wide range of fragrance buyers. If you like a fragrance with a creamy toned floral and classic appeal then Coty L'Aimant could be a fragrance that will suit you. I feel that the fragrance can be worn and enjoyed by women of any age as it still has much to offer modern fragrance buyers. As with any fragrance the proof of the pudding is in the wearing and there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to sample the fragrance on your skin prior to purchasing in order to see how well it works for you. Over all I feel Coty L'Aimant ought to get 4 stars as it still works well and is very reasonable to buy.


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          28.09.2009 21:10
          Very helpful



          For the mature woman.

          There is one single word that is sure to inject fear into the heart of many women and that word is Christmas ! There I have said it. For many of us what is supposed to be a special and joyous occasion just turns into one massive headache, we have to find extra money and then we have to `think` of presents that are suited to the person. If we have to sit and think what someone needs then do they really need it ?! I often think how good it would be to just abolish the whole darn thing and carry on with life as normal ! ( I know, I am a misery guts )

          My elderly Mum is especially hard to buy for, it is trying to find something that she wants or needs or will even use but there is one small thing that I always buy for her every year, a small bottle of Coty L'aimant perfume, nearing her eighties she may well be but she still loves to flutter her eyelashes at her male whist partners.

          Coty L'Aimant was first launched in 1927, Francois Coty created the perfume for the `love of his life` , I think that is wonderful, just imagine someone creating a perfume especially for you.
          Compared to the designer fragrances that are so popular today Coty is definitely tame and most would say that it is old fashioned and way behind the times. But L'Aimant is the ideal gift for the mature lady and it is still sold in the stores all these years on.

          If you look closely at the bottle it is fascinating, the style of the bottle is so reminiscent of the era in which the perfume was created. The 1930's had that style that has never been recreated.
          The plain clear glass bottle has the Art Deco shape, it is elegant yet plain and the top of the bottle is just plain `goldy` coloured metal.

          You can get a 50 ml bottle of Coty L'Aimant for as little as £10, so at that price it is a present that is affordable.
          Whenever I catch the smell of Coty L'aimant on Mum it does hammer home just how far the world of perfume has travelled. Today the perfumes are filled with exotic and tropical oils ( one of the latest Ricci perfumes contains rhubarb oil !) whereas years ago they seemed to depend more so on what fragrance the seasonal flowers and fruits could provide.

          Coty L'aimant has a delicate, sweet fragrance and although it contains some sandalwood I find it very hard to detect any musky undertone.
          The floral smells are a combination of jasmine, orchid and rose, so imagine these three flowers put together and you can understand why the perfume is so sweet.
          Coty L'Aimant has a hint of vanilla and even that is overpowered by the group of sweet florals.

          When you use the perfume the fragrance that comes from the bottle is the same one that lingers on and on throughout the day. Today perfume is so different, many fragrances change with body temperature and skin type.
          If Coty L'Aimant is applied in the morning then it is a dead cert that you will still be wearing that same sweet perfume when you go to bed at nightime.

          L'Aimant is not a fragrance that I would choose for myself but it is an ideal gift for the mature woman. Sweet floral perfumes do not appeal to everyone, I myself love to visit the tester counter at the chemist and see if there is anything new and exciting on the shelves.
          I often buy Mum a tin of Coty L'aimant talcum too, this always goes down well and then she can wear both and there is no conflict between the smells.

          Not a mindblowing gift but one that is met with full approval and at least it is money well spent.


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            15.03.2009 23:15
            Very helpful



            Floral, light, suitable for any occasion and not too expensive!

            Review of L'Aimant Parfum De Toilette by Coty

            The product

            L'Aimant is a classic female fragrance produced for many years by the Coty company.
            The fragrance was first introduced as long ago as 1927 and has the acclaim of being one of the last fragrances created by perfumer Françoise Coty. The fragrance has undergone many revivals in it's history and seems as popular as ever today. It is interesting to note that this fragrance has had a rose named after it!

            The fragrance is a light, floral scent with notes of bergamot, neroli, peach, strawberry, jasmine, rose and undertones of ylang-ylang, vanilla, vetiver and sandalwood. The perfume has a wonderfully feminine fragrance, the floral top notes are the first to hit you and these then fade to a distinctively green and woody base. It is a classic in my opinion and evokes a host of mixed reactions when I wear it. My other half loves it, my daughter says it reminds her of gardens and as for me, I always feel happy and summery when I smell L'Aimant!
            The perfume is marketed as a 'Romantic' scent, personally I consider the light floral fragrance is acceptable in any situation.
            The fragrance is long lasting for me, but as I will explain later in this review, that cannot be relied upon for every user!

            The packaging and bottle

            The fragrance is presented in a pretty pink and gold box with the Coty logo in gold and the fragrance name in pink within a white oblong flash. The box is attractive, functional and practical, without being over the top or gaudy. The actual Parfum De Toilette is contained in a beautiful clear glass atomizer, with an almost art deco feel about it. The lid is made of clear plastic, edged with a gold coloured band. The lid simply pulls off, revealing the gold spray fitting.
            The actual fragrance is a translucent pale gold in colour. The overall effect is of understated elegance. Like all perfumes, L'Aimant is best stored in a cool, dark place, preferably in the box.

            A little about fragrances

            The first recorded use of perfumes was by the Egyptians as part of their religious rituals. At this time the main methods of use were as the application of balms and ointments or the burning of incense. Perfumed oils were applied to the skin for either cosmetic or medicinal purposes.
            During the Middle Ages, perfumes were reserved exclusively for religious rituals such as cleansing ceremonies. As the time went on and perfumes became more widely used, they were no longer the sole province of the wealthy.

            Nowadays fragrances are commonplace, every day items and we take for granted the availability of perfume and perfumed products.

            Eau de Toilette v. Perfume

            A perfume or eau de parfum consists of a 15-30% concentration of perfume essence and is the strongest fragrance available. This means that not only do you need to use less, but also that the fragrance lasts longer, typically for up to 6 hours, depending on skin type.

            Eau de Parfums cost more than Eau de toilettes, but as less of the fragrance is needed this does not necessarily mean the parfum is an expensive option, quite the reverse in fact.

            Eau de Toilette or Parfum De Toilette, is a lighter, more delicate fragrance, with a 4-8% concentration of the perfume essence, and is most suited to everyday use. It is generally less expensive than Eau de Parfum, and the fragrance should last for 2 to 4 hours.

            Eau de Toilette is an excellent way to layer your fragrance, that is to say using several products in the same range, such as shower gel or body lotion in conjunction with the actual fragrance.
            The subject of this review is a Parfum De Toilette, I find that the fragrance lasts well for around 3-4 hours on my skin.

            Using perfumes

            Fragrances are best used on the so called 'warm spots' of the skin, the places where the blood flows near the skin's surface. They are situated on wrists, behind ears, in the inner part of elbows and knees, and on the neck near the collar-bone.
            Another favourite way to use fragrance is to spray a generous amount in the air, then walk through it to scent your whole body.
            Fragrances can be more intense when it is warm. Therefore, in the summertime you may find an Eau De Toilette more suitable than a parfum.

            Naturally these figures I have quoted in this review are dependent on the skin type of the user. With all fragrances, the actual scent can vary widely from user to user. What smells lovely on you may not suit your friend and perfumes will last longer on oily rather then dry skin.
            This particular perfume was admired by my mother, she tried it and quite frankly it was awful on her, it smelled completely different and if I hadn't seen her use it, I wouldn't have believed it was L'Aimant!

            This is why it is so important to try out a fragrance tester before purchasing. Most High Street stores provide sample testers, however a word of warning:- many stores these days offer a paper strip to test the scent, do make sure you apply the fragrance to your skin to assess it, skin and paper are definitely not the same!!


            All fragrances should be stored out of direct sunlight, or in the original box to help retain the scent. If you keep a bottle of fragrance unopened in a cool and dry condition, it will last a long time, however, once opened it may gradually change. Unopened perfumes have a long shelf life, once opened they can deteriorate.

            Price, availability and company contact

            Coty L'Aimant is not in my opinion an expensive fragrance. It can be purchased for around a modest £9 for 30ml from Boots the Chemist. Obviously it does pay to shop around as there are many fragrance websites offering cut price deals on many products. CheapSmells and MadaboutFragrance are always worth a look.

            The fragrance spray is available in several sizes, 30ml, 50ml and 75ml. The are also other products in the range, ideal for layering your fragrance, these include dusting powder, body spray, shower gel, body lotion, cream perfume and gift sets.
            Made by Coty UK

            Coty UK
            St Georges House,
            5 St Georges Road
            SW19 4DR

            My Thoughts and Conclusion

            As with all fragrances I cannot stress strongly enough that a written review is not an adequate reason to select a perfume, do try a tester before you buy. I find this particular fragrance lovely, it suits me and my pocket! If you want a light yet distinctive scent, do give L'Aimant a try, I cannot guarantee it will suit you but it is most definitely worth testing out.

            Thank you for reading.
            © Brittle1906 March 2009
            Also on ciao.co.uk under same name...


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            19.08.2008 14:37



            This perfume is not as expensive as I thought it was and its really a thing of the past.

            I always remember this perfume from my childhood as my grandmother always used to wear it but I really can't imagine it on anyone very young.

            The scent is quite sweet and overpowering and a little too strong for me. It's also not very refreshing, as it can be a little sickly but I do have to say that I love the smell only because it takes me right back to loads of memories.

            I think the fact that the name is French and the old fashioned style of the bottle is one of the reasons that I believed it to be very expensive when I was young but in fact it really isn't and comparing it to other perfume designs it could do with an upgrade.
            My grandmother actually stopped using it a few years ago and changed to Anais Anais, which is a lot lighter but I will always enjoy this fragrance.

            This fragrance is one that remains a thing of the past and mainly liked by the older generation in the same way that lavender is thought of.


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            21.12.2007 01:32
            Very helpful



            Simply Stunning!

            I cant believe I've actually had to request this to be added to Dooyoo's large database of products and that no one before me has written about this quiet unsung hero of fragrance's!

            I'm of course talking about Cote L'aimant!

            I have been using this since I was 18 years old, after getting my first job it was my first perfume I Chose to wear. Oddly enough, my Nan used it and so did my geriatric next door neighbour. I don't know what made me ever think of it as 'me' but I did lol
            However it really is a firm favourite of mine! I own the whole range of products and couldn't be without them.

            The Packaging....

            Indisputably really old fashioned, I mean it has been around since 1927! However I love old fashioned fragrances and make up. Actually i should be PC about it and call them classics eh lol

            Mine is a 50ml bottle. Came in a Rose pink box with a white front label on it telling us who it's by and what it is. The bottle is glass and a shape I cant actually describe, a kind of square? lol In pink writing on the bottle, small letters telling us once again it is Cote L'aimant.The perfume inside is a light yellow colour. All the packaging for L'Aimant products is pink and also in the range that I know of is dusting powder, talc, soap, body lotion, bath foam, roll on deodorant, spray deodorant and body spray and the perfume cream is in a small black bottle and is very concentrated and is a thick pink liquid and also spraying mist.

            What I'm reviewing the Eau De Toilette. I like the packaging personally as it really is quaint but it wouldn't jump off the shelf screaming buy me to someone looking to make an unusual first time purchase!

            What the Product Say's About Itself....

            L'aimant, by the design house of Coty, means 'the magnet' in French. Elegant, luxurious and sophisticated blend of rich florals. L'aimant is recommended for romantic wear.

            The Fragrance....

            Bergamot, Neroli, Peach, Strawberry, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Vetiver and Sandlewood.

            My Opinion....

            Well as I touched on earlier in my review it really is a firm favourite of mine! Its Beautiful. Smooth, Rich, Intense and above all in this day and age UNIQUE! I don't know anyone but me and a couple of old dears that use this lol

            My first bf almost put me off it by telling me I smelled like his Nan. I was very happy to find out she wasn't an smelly old codger (I was really worried) lol
            Time has untouched this fragrance. It hasn't gone through lots of transformations on packaging and been messed with over the years. It was already perfect as it was and is!

            The smell of all the ingredients I mentioned are really well blended so I cant say well it's mainly Rose or anything else. Its sweet, though not sickly so. Its very floral but not a yuk disgusting kinda sniff. Its just warm and I think incredibly sexy.

            It lasts on the skin absolutely ages! You don't need loads and the lovely thing about this is if you want to 'layer' the fragrance you still don't smell 'overpowering' If you've been snuggled up with a man the smell will linger on him even when your long gone. If you walk into a room and then leave you will leave your scent behind. As a a smoker I do worry bout the smell of fags on me but this really is an excellent cover up job!. It just smells really clean and fresh and even though it has so much depth still manages to stay light and airy.

            Incredibly feminine and womanly it's sophisticated (well it is French) and very sexy. I wear it mainly for going out in the evenings and I use the whole range for a touch of yummy luxury or for day time I will wear just perfume and body spray and deodorant.

            Do have a sniff! Its not on the perfume counters as it is a cheaper brand, its usually stocked in Boots and Superdrug but on the shelves.

            Fragrance.net 50ml Parfum De Toilette £9.20 inc P+P

            This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username


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            This perfume de toilette spray combines rose, orchid and golden jasmine softly embraced with sandalwood and vanilla /

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