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Crabtree & Evelyn Iris Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Crabtree & Evelyn / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      27.10.2012 18:15
      Very helpful



      A decent enough floral at a very reasonable price

      Crabtree and Evelyn Iris eau de toilette

      This is yet another sample I have collected recently that I have liked and thought I should now review.

      This came in a small glass vial within a cardboard outer packing which has a very nice picture of an iris on the front with the name of the perfume IRIS in larger text and then the company name and 0.5ml which is the amount I have in my little glass mini bottle. I also got a sachet of body lotion in the same fragrance so that I could layer the two in order to get maximum effect.

      The bottle when you buy it has exactly the same image on the front of a fairly plain clear glass bottle with a purple coloured lid. This design on the bottle ad my car packaging was created by Bella Towse, a graduate from the University of Art and Design in London. She was inspired by the irises in her parents' house in Sussex.

      In my view the bottle is nothing special; the bottle tapers inwards down towards the bottom and is chunky with flat sides. But as they say never judge a book by the cover and never buy a perfume by looking at the bottle and packaging as it is the contents that matter.

      Crabtree & Evelyn is a high end store selling bath and body products, fragrances, gifts and also some food stuffs and has a quintessentially English look about it despite the fact it began in New England in the USA. It is recognized as one of the best known and most-respected lines of beauty and grooming products in the world. The company now has more than 350 stores in countries all around the world particularly in the UK and USA.

      Crabtree & Evelyn Iris is available as 30 ml EDP and 100 ml EDT and the prices. The 30ml one sells for around £15 and the larger size is around £28, or £21 on Amazon I notice.

      There are other flower scents in the same series with a single image on the same shaped bottle and you can choose from Rose, lavender, Lily ( of the valley), and Wisteria but I can't tell you much more as I haven't tried them. They seem a pretty reasonable price though.

      This perfume ' Iris' is quite a delicate fragrance and unusually it is inspired by a single flower. It was first released in about 2010 so is a relatively new product.

      The eau de toilette has been created using orris root, Italian bergamot and cassis as well as the base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and cedar, blended with creamy musk.

      According to Crabtree and Evelyn
      " Exquisitely scented orris prepared from the root of the Iris flower was highly prized by Renaissance perfumiers... Blended with precious sandalwood, patchouli and a hint of fresh vetiver , our Iris fragrance pays homage to a classic alluring ingredient."

      Top notes are bergamot and cassis.
      Middle notes are iris and orris root.
      Base notes are Patchouli, musk vetiver, Virginia cedar and sandalwood

      When I first applied this I was hit with a lively green opening, leafy rather than grassy and not as lemony as I would have thought with bergamot as one of the notes. The fruitiness quickly followed this fresh greeny aroma and it was a creamy fruitiness rather than Ribena cassis sort of fruitiness.

      After only ten minutes or so the slightly powdery scent develops on me which must be the floral notes of iris blended with the more earthy orris. I liked this stage as it was creamy, earthy and yet sweet floral with a powdery sort of edge so soft and feminine, not harsh at all.

      The base notes also blend with the powdery sweet notes and the deeper warm earthiness shows through from time to time without knocking the fruity notes away. They give a depth to the sweetness and have a woody sort of aroma; very like being in the garden with floral scents merging with earthy smells.
      The lasting quality was not that great, about four hours on my skin but it did last better on my clothes that had rubbed on the area I put the perfume. I could still smell that the next day.

      I loved the way the bergamot and blackcurrant were sort of enveloped in the warm exotic earthier notes of sandalwood and patchouli which are two of my favourite scents. It is far more refined than I would have thought from the bottle which looks a bit like Body Shop perfumes which never seem to last long on me at all. This lasts much better than the Body Shop ones do and has a more complex and warm feel to it even though it is just an EDT.

      This is a light sweet floral, very feminine in my view and one I would wear in warmer weather and during the day. I would also say it may not appeal to the younger women as it does have a bit of a 'comfortable middle aged woman aroma about it.

      So in summary this is good value for the price and even if it doesn't last at the price it is you can spritz a bit more on if needed. It is pleasant enough, not my favourite by a long way but I am happy to wear it. If you like light floral with a fresh start and a bit powdery, floral a bit woody/earthy then give this a try as it is not too expensive.

      It is similar in strength and longevity to the Body shop eau de toilettes so don't expect it to last too long on you but it does give a good few hours on my skin and longer on my clothes that have absorbed some of the product as I put it on. I do like it when my pashminas smell of my perfume as I put them on, a sort of fabric freshener that is a bit of me as well.

      This is pleasant enough but I wouldn't go looking for it. If I saw it on Ebay I would be happy to buy it cheaply as I am happy to wear itr as a day time perfume with a light floral sweat powdery fragrance.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        26.11.2011 14:32
        Very helpful



        Definately one for the discerning buyer.

        This was the motto of a 17th century Englishman, John Evelyn who traveled far looking for shrubs and trees and gave the inspiration to Crabtree & Evelyn, a small family firm founded 40 years ago and now distributor to 500 shops nationwide. I thought I'd have a look on their site after testing a sample bottle of their eau de Toilette, Iris, which I was given along with several others. I thought the motto a good one for a title but is this contender for best perfume?

        A Distinctive Design.

        As an amateur artist I love experimenting with different mediums and the design for the Iris products is a good example of a lovely design. The card with my sample on it shows an outline sketch of a typical Iris in flower and the stem starts as a light green wash getting darker towards the flower and then bursting into a mixture of light and deeper purple flower. This gives an air of freedom, which appeals to the senses. The bottle design looks similar with a raised flower on the clear bottle. Even my little sample bottle has a raised word "Iris' on it. Little touches like this show the designer has taste and flair. But would the perfume be as good?

        Floral Scent?

        When I first put this on my wrists the overall scent was heavily floral and I wasn't sure I'd like it for me. I had, however, read other great reviews and knew I had to allow this one to settle. The perfume is made from a blend of notes with the Orris root of the iris flower a main ingredient. Prized by Renaissance perfumers the Iris is a symbol of English country gardens to me and the natural scent of a fresh flower is like a sweet spring day.

        Most perfumes have a woody or musk base and this is blended with sandalwood, patchouli and a touch of vetiver that gives it a lasting fragrance with a slightly spicy base note. This was the overall impression I had of the perfume after about five hours. At that point I would have needed to top it up if I had been going out, but as I was staying in I forgot about it until later and the hint of sandalwood was still in the background. Since I've been reviewing perfumes I've looked up the plant and shrubs that give much of the base notes to all perfumes (and eau de toilette). There wasn't anything new to me in this line-up but I was interested to see that the Orris root extract was quite high up in the list of ingredients, so obviously this should be considered a floral scent.

        My Final Impressions.

        I liked this perfume very much and would certainly buy it as a perfume for day or night wear. I wouldn't class it as a favourite since I much prefer the oriental fragrances, but since I don't normally wear much floral this would be an ideal change for me. I would also buy this for my sister or my son-in-law's mum who is as keen on gardening as I am. That would put it in the upper age range but that doesn't mean I class it as 'older' person's perfume. Just that this is a classy scent, which I would recognize if I smelt it on someone else.

        Currently this can be bought in many of the large department stores such as John Lewis. Amazon sell it quite a bit cheaper than the £28 per 100 ml this costs online at the Crabtree website. Since they have a 20% sale on everything this weekend why not take a look? Delivery on orders over £10 is free and the company sells La Source, which is another Spa favorite. You can also buy the iris perfume in a travel size and at £12 with 20% off this would make a great stocking filler or buy with body lotions and gels to make a gift bag of your own choice.

        I'm giving this five stars since it's so appealing.

        Thanks for reading.

        ©Lisa Fuller2011.


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          07.01.2011 00:46
          Very helpful



          A feminine fragrance for any age

          I first tried Crabtree & Evelyn's EDT Iris when I received a sample of it along with the body lotion. Although I do like floral perfumes I really didn't expect this one to be my "cup of tea", however I decided to give it a try and I was very pleasantly surprised. I used my sample up and ordered a bottle of Iris from www.Crabtree-Evelyn.co.uk, a 30ml bottle of EDT costs £12.00.

          The packaging and bottle look very pretty but slightly dated. The box is white with a purple iris on the front. The bottle is very similar, it's a plain glass, squarish tapered bottle with an iris painted on it. It has the words Iris eau de toilette on the front along with Evelyn & Crabtree. Its topped with a simple spray lid.
          The bottle is totally feminine and as I said slightly dated. I could imagine my Grandma having something like it on her dressing table. Its totally different to the majority of bottles that are around.

          The notes in Iris are given as:-
          Italian Bergamot, Cassis

          Orris root

          Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedar wood, Musk.

          When first sprayed the perfume is sweet and very floral. The main ingredient of Iris is Orris root, this is found in the heart of the Iris flower.
          After the first spray I cant detect much change in the fragrance, it starts sweet and floral and really just stays that way. The only change I could detect is the musky smell that develops after a while. This slightly reduces the sweetness of the perfume.

          Over all this is a super fragrance, its floral musky scent makes it ideal for any age. I would say it is a daytime fragrance rather than evening. Its definitely one for those who like floral smells.

          Iris has just one disadvantage for me, it doesn't last as long as I would like. If you spray in the morning you will need to top up by lunchtime. But this apart I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, its a "pretty" fragrance.

          Crabtree & Evelyn also do a Body Lotion, Bath and Shower Gel, Soap and Home Fragrance Spray in Iris. All can be found on the Crabtree & Evelyn website.


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            29.11.2010 16:08
            Very helpful



            New fragrance from Crabtree & Evelyn

            Iris is a new fragrance which has just come out, and like lots of other things in the Crabtree & Evelyn ranges, is very floral and feminine both in smell and bottle style.

            This perfume will cost you £12 for a 30ml bottle, and £24 for a 100ml bottle, which is excellent value.

            The bottle and packaging are not that interesting in design and is perhaps a little aged in style. So either for those females who like something no nonsense or a little traditional looking compared to someone wanting a bottle to look decadent and trendy on your dressing table.

            Components: The basis of this fragrance is orris root which is 'the heart of the iris'. It has also been combined with sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver (whatever that is!). Apologies if my review is a bit basic, as I don't think I'm trained enough to comment on things like top notes, etc, so can only give the average person's POV on this perfume!!!

            The fragrance is really nice, and anyone who has smelled irises before would recognise this as a lovely, fresh but sweet smell, and is not too overpowering. I would say this is definitely more of a daytime scent, you would need something with a bit more impact for an evening or night out....

            Now I did actually like this perfume, but its lasting effects are unfortunately not very long. I applied this in the morning, and couldn't smell it too much after a few hours, so its quite important you take the bottle out with you for respraying as necessary. I don't know if its the fact its an eau de toilette or that's its a more gentle fragrance which means you only mostly smell it for a short while after spraying, but either way, I would expect a perfume from a big brand like this to last a bit longer!

            I would not buy this again, purely because the staying power isn't very good, but the fragrance itself is actually really like and complements the other ranges of fragrances at C&E. I will continue to buy their other products like body creams, as I think they're really good!


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