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Davidoff Champion Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Davidoff / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Contents/Size: 90ml / Gender: for Men

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2013 16:46
      Very helpful



      Sporty, light and earthy trapped in a fake plastic dumbbell bottle. Unique but only just!

      When it comes to men's fragrances, I know what I like and I have a long line of bottles that grace my shelves that I buy at the start of the year or top up the ones I've already bought, not as a reminder so I don't forget, but rather because I know what I prefer. However, at times I do come across newer releases from brands that I've come to trust in the past and upon recently visiting friends in the UK, I thought I'd buy something on my way via the Duty Free store and came across a special offer on a fragrance known as "Champion," by Davidoff. Now I'm a big fan of the original Cool Water for men by Davidoff, so "Champion," by name alone wasn't exactly the puller for me, but rather the brand name and the smell of this aftershave.

      "Champion," by Davidoff was launched in 2010, so it is of no surprise that Duty Free shops in the UK choose to sell it off at a reduced price of £28 with a BOGOF offer applied, and duly I got two boxes of two 50ml sized bottles to take on board with me, despite a domestic flight. The normal retail price is on average £33 to £48 so it does pay to consider either Duty Free or online sellers such as Amazon UK who sell a 90ml version for £34.

      For the small 50ml bottle I paid (or rather the slightly tacky plastic dimpled dumb bell) out for, you get a more definite sporty tinged vessel designed for a man and quite possibly made for anyone who is into the sport of muscle building. It isn't really me though and it does look out of place alongside my classic bottles of fragrance. However, the Duty Free version is a black coloured dumb bell with silver sides as opposed to the version you can find on the high street at department stores such as John Lewis, House of Frasers or Debenhams and comes in an silver look with black on silver writing as opposed to the silver writing on black that I have. Either way, they're both quite unusual to look at and do look like fitness products from a far if you ignore the embossed fluid measurement on the top pull off lid that acts as the top of the dumbbell.

      Due to its sporty intentions then, I wasn't that surprised to find that this aftershave is quite sporty but it also reminds me of the kind of "new car smell" that you can often find with leather interiors. It is quite cool to the nose too, very much like my favourite "Cool Water," which is what attracted to me to "Champion," in the first place, and I reckoned it would make an ideal accompaniment to the latter.

      In terms of scent, Davidoff claims that this aftershave has top notes of bergamot and lemon with cedarwood, galbanum, Tonka bean and oak moss. On the Duty Free website there is more info added from a fragrance specialist. But rather repeat all that has been said about this fragrance, there are quite a few similarities to other fragrances on the market and one addition of Lavender means it plays the card well to what I'm already used to with the sporty version of the Body Shop's White Musk for Men, a fragrance that I have only just shown a returning interest in. Now, whilst White Musk original is very peppery and flowery, the sport version isn't and the version offered up here by Davidoff moves the game on a little, with lots of coolness by the bergamot and lemons, but also a deep wave of dark woods and sporty cologne. Freshness is therefore a phrase that comes readily to me when I'm expressing the least about this aftershave but at the most, it works in tandem with the fragrances I already have and I find it very warming as a scent when it has been applied hours before hand.

      However, the more I smell the scent closer to the spray, the more I'm reminded of a heady mix of tones against smelling this scent from arms length once it is been sprayed. Close up, it provides too much of a flowery backdrop and seems to yield a very intimidating character that in the sense if too much is sprayed; it could well cause a headache or begin to lose its wet, fresh and sporty appeal and just appear as a musky deep undergrowth of root tones. Therefore it isn't a fragrance that I would wear for fun or informal occasions. It appears too bright for its own good at times and its earthy tones are more suitable for clinical meetings, meetings with colleagues and official business days. Certainly if you want to impress someone with your personality without words, "Champion" could well do it for you by the scent alone - just don't put anyone off if you produce the bottle in the next breath!

      In terms of strength, delivery and downsides, Champion is an unusual name when it comes to strength and delivery. At certain times it is obvious that the wearer is wearing it and yet a couple of hours later, it has a bad tendency of disappearing quite quickly but leaves behind herby green pastures. Although it is cool to the skin, it doesn't seem to have a very long lasting quality and it isn't too heavy unless you go to town on yourself and spray every part of open flesh between the chin and neck line! I find that it doesn't make any difference to its delivery whether you're in a warm or cold environment either; the coolness of the bergamot, lemon citrus and then the earthy roots seem to thrive in a motion less state than being active with this aftershave. No wonder Davidoff soon released a more active "Champion" derivative, known as "Champion Energy," which encased in a red and white plastic dumbbell bottle. This is not necessarily a bad aspect, but despite its sporty bottle, I feel Champion is probably more suited for an office drawer at work than a bottle that deserves to be kept at home.

      Where other formats are concerned, there are also facial and body products available in this scent but I have yet to see any other than the spray EDT version. The prices are upon average and have been taken from www.escentual.com unless noted otherwise:

      * 200ml Hair & Body Wash £16-15
      * 100ml After Shave Balm £31-01 (from Amazon UK)
      * 90ml After Shave Splash £24-00
      * 70g Deodorant stick £12-75
      * 50ml EDT & 75ml Hair & Body Wash Gift Set £29-26.
      * 90ml EDT aftershave £22-80

      Will I buy "Champion" again by Davidoff? Yes, quite possibly! Despite the sporty looking fake dumbbell, "Champion" by Davidoff doesn't shout its intentions very loudly and yet it is a fresh and positive fragrance that has a warm and cool intention about it. Although the buyer may well be taken in by the loud appearance of the packaging, this aftershave is versatile but it isn't as loud as the packaging would suggest. Yes Davidoff makes it and yes it is the same brand that I buy their excellent and far more potent "Cool Water," from, but it isn't a fragrance that I would rely on for every day use and I may well invest in some of the other products like the body wash gel to further my interest in this scent. There is something quite special that I like about it and yet, it's quite hard to put a finger on just one aspect! Classy, cool and yet quite unusual in the sense that it leaves a green tinged after tone when it dies out, 'Champion," aftershave by Davidoff makes more of a statement wearing it than just believing in the bottle! . Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2013.



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    • Product Details

      Champion was presented in 2010 as a fragrance for men introducing fresh citrusy accords (lemon begramot) / Its heart is enriched with clary sage in union with galbanum while the base closes with cedar and oak moss / The flacon is a symbol of masculinity energy and strength created of silver metal and dark glass designed to remind us of dumbbells / The nose behind this fragrance is Aurelien Guichard /

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