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Davidoff Echo Woman Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Davidoff / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2008 16:51
      Very helpful



      A delicate, unusual woody floral fragrance with poor staying power.

      Launched: 2004
      Olfactive group: Green (chypre) floral

      I discovered this Davidoff fragrance in 2004 when browsing in Boots. As I have smelled Echo amongst others in the atmosphere of the shop mingled with at least 50 other fragrances, I said to myself : Uhmmm this is exotic, this is sexy! Back then I just started learning notes in a perfume and what I smelled was musk - one of the first oriental base notes I was able to recognize at the time. I purchased it straight away. Trying it at home though showed me an altogether different character of the perfume.

      The perfume house

      In 1991 the Davidoff house - also known for the best cigars as well as making wine and cognac and coffee - created its first fragrance 'Cool Water' which was the first 'fresh aquatic' perfume created.

      After the success of the ever popular Cool Water, Man, Cool Water Woman was launched in 1997 followed by the additon of a new line 'Echo' with Echo Man (2003) and Echo Woman (2004).

      The packaging

      Attractively packed in a solid pink, or more precisely, light coral red coloured square box which has Echo Woman printed across the middle and Davidoff's famous signature logo shown underneath. There are a few fine lines around the sides of the box in the shape of a quasi-egg. This is actually the contour of the bottle it contains.

      I find this somewhat vertically flattened egg-shape very feminine (I have a soft spot for irregularly shaped, smooth edged bottles see Lolita Lempicka L). From the sides, you can see that the front and the back are concave, this gives it nice feeling to touch and hold it in your hand.

      The bottle is an almost clear but not entirely see-through glass due to its curvy shape. The perfume liquid is light soft pink. The bottle doesn't have a lid, the silver metallic atomizer sits on top of the 'egg'. as the top can be lifted up at about 5 millimeters and turned around around the top of the glass bottle. I personally don't see any use of this feature, it just makes the top wobbly.

      The Fragrance

      Top notes: musk, grape seed

      Yes, musk is a very clear opening note in this fragrance. Sweet and sharp, it whisks you straight to faraway lands of exotic insense and rose. But this where the 'oriental' stops. The grape-seed gives the musky top a fresh woody nuance what will blend in and characterize the rest of the perfume.

      Middle notes: carnation, raspberry leaves, peony, violet, osmanthus

      I can feel the heart notes immediately developing, especially the carnation, which has a slightly spicy but crisp and fresh aroma, it adds depth to the lighter florals of peony and violet. The fragrance stays fresh and crisp with a hint of woods for 2 -4 hours. The middle notes will stay very close to the skin and give a poor sillage (the perfume trace that follows you) and it will mostly contain the harsher, chypre notes.

      Base notes: crystal amber, orris

      If you smell yourself after 4 hours you'll hardly notice anything of it, it's all gone. A very subtle base is there with the same woody and floral notes or iris root (orris) but unless you've started off with a generous application first, you won't even think you're still wearing it. A shame for an Eau de Parfum as I know quite a few green florals that have excellent staying power e.g Coco Mademoiselle. The reason this Eau de Parfum is weak is because of the use of much less aromatic compounds in the fragrance and not the fact that it's not concentrated enough.


      Davidoff have mainly created fragrances for men and this tendency can be noticed in their women's range. Echo Woman is a delicate, but dominantly woody and green fragrance.

      The blend is well-made, unusual and is perfect for everyday use in the office or on formal occasions. My skin tends to intensify whatever notes I am wearing which means a sweet note will get sweeter, a green note sharper, woodier. For example, a sweet-ish opening note may not be so sweet at all later, and a sharper citrusy head can turn into a powdery flower bomb (see L'Instant de Guerlain). Take this into consideration when sampling Echo and make sure you wear it for a day before buying.

      Additional rating

      Composition: 4 / 5
      Originality: 4 / 5
      Staying power: 2 / 5
      Overall value: 3 / 5

      If you'd like to read about perfume chemistry and how to choose a fragrance that suits you please read http://www.ciao.co.uk/Member_Advice_on_Perfume__Review_5731675

      Thanks for reading my review.


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