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Davidoff Echo Women Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Davidoff / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      30.07.2010 10:17
      Very helpful



      A bit of a treat, but well worth it

      This is a really lovely feminine perfume. I have been wearing the scent for two years, and I have not got bored of it yet. It was introduced in 2004 and has since been a massive success, if you take a quick look on any website you will see hundreds of positive reviews of this product. The fruity and floral smell is not too strong or overpowering, but is just about the right intensity in my opinion. I would usually reapply the perfume in the afternoon or evening though, as it wears off after around five hours. The actual scents used include the unique 'white grappa accord', and also grape, raspberry, iris and violet.

      The perfume comes in a nice presentation box, and the bottle itself is of a stylish design. The dispensing mechanism works well and the pink colour of the perfume itself is really pretty.

      The perfume isn't one of the cheapest on the market, but if you shop around you are bound to find a bargain. Prices seem to vary a fair bit so it really is worth it. The last time I bought the product is was on offer at only half price in Boots. At full price a 100ml bottle costs around £30, about £20 for 50ml and about £15 for 30ml, but I find that a 50ml bottle lasts me most of a year, and I tend to ask for it for Christmas or birthdays. If you still have any doubts, try a sample in one of the department stores, and see for youself.


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      08.09.2009 15:01



      Good for anyone who likes sweet smells.

      I have always preferred the fruity smelling perfumes and this is what I got with Davidoff Echo for Women. This pretty smelling perfume is a mix of fruity and floral scents giving off a sweet smell. It has a slightly tropical element to the smell and makes me feel like I am on holiday. Following some research I have discovered that Echo contains the following scents: White Grappa accord, Grape-Raspberry, Granite, Iris Pulp, Osmanthus Flower, Cristal Amber and Violet Wood. This explains the tropical scent that I smell.

      I find that the smell lasts for most of the day; it does need to be reapplied in the evenings if you want it to remain fresh. It is a perfume that is suitable for all occasions as it is neutral enough for the day time while still smelling exotic for the evening.

      The bottle is a slightly odd concave shape with a silver lid. The perfume is pink in colour while the bottle is a clear glass. It comes in a pink cardboard box with Echo written in silver on the front. This is a very feminine perfume both in smell and in shape.

      The perfume is in the £30 range for the 30ml bottle which I believe means it gives a reasonable value for money but is not cheap. That being said, you only need to spray a little of this perfume at a time so in that sense it is good value for money. This has quickly become my favourite perfume, I use it for all occasions and find that it compliments every occasion.


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      13.01.2006 15:04
      Very helpful



      very feminine smell

      For all you men out there that don't know what pressie to buy for female friends, girlfriend, wife and mom Echo is perfect.

      Ladies if you want a gorgeous smelling perfume that will make the men drop at you feet like my husband does lol…….Echo could quite possibly be the one for you.

      I was bought a bottle of Echo last Christmas and fell in love with the wonderful smell straight away, the 50ml bottle only lasted me until March……..that's how much I like it.

      What Echo contains

      White Grappa accord, Grape-Raspberry, Granite, Iris Pulp, Osmanthus Flower, Cristal Amber, Violet Wood.

      Apparently White Grappa accord is a unique note never used in perfumery before.

      The packaging and bottle

      The box it comes in is a pinkish colour with Echo written in white along with Davidoff and Woman written in gold, quite simple a pleasant to look at.

      The bottle is like…..imagine a round circle that's been some what flattened….well that's the shape, it a clear bottle so you can see the pink coloured perfume though it.

      The colour

      It a soft looking pink that says to me...very feminine and lady like.

      The smell

      When you smell Echo you think of fruits, floral, sweet, very feminine, and sexy.
      Echo in my opinion is a girlie girl's perfume, it's an intoxicating bosom smell it's just phenomenal and a definite MUST have.

      Echo is a all round perfume for any occasion it makes me think pink, intimacy and bite me I smell gorgeous.

      This perfume stays on all day long and stays fresh smelling.

      Made by

      Echo is made by Davidoff who is well known for Cool Water, Davidoff has also made Echo for men which is a very appealing smell as well.

      Size & Price

      30ml retailing at about £27.50
      50ml retailing at about £37.00
      100ml retailing at about £49.00

      You can get a 50ml bottle of Echo from Boots for £24.50 this is a special offer that is on now.

      My Views

      I love this perfume because it makes me feel feminine, sexy, appealing and confident, Echo is a unique fresh smelling perfume that any woman would be happy to wear.

      Go on buy some.


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        16.11.2005 14:45
        Very helpful



        Refreshing scent, not too overpowering

        Usually I wait til I go on holiday to stock up on perfume as it is cheaper abroad than it is here.

        So this year on my summer holiday to Majorca, I put aside one day as 'shopping day' and headed over to the Perfumeria across the road from my hotel.

        After a fruitless half hour spent wandering aimlessly around the shop, I spotted a pretty looking section adorned with pink flowers surrounding a selection of various sized pink bottles.

        'Hmm' I thought 'nice summery fragrance for moi?'

        So off I trotted, randomly barging shoppers out of the way as I focussed on my goal.

        Arriving at the display I firstly noticed the price of 25 euros for a 30 ml bottle and thought 'whoooaa, if it's that much here how much is it in the UK?' As it turns out, it is about £27.50 for a 30 ml bottle from Boots so not cheap and cheerful by any means!
        The bottle itself is a strange shape. I'm not even sure how to describe it. It is kind of oval, with a flat base and the back and front of the bottle are slightly concave. The liquid inside is pink.

        Now for the sniff test. As I tend to visit these posh looking shops on holiday with all the pretty people wafting about me with those little sticks they use to spray the perfume on so you don't reek of 80 different perfumes, I thought I had better follow suit and so delicately sprayed some of the perfume onto the little stick, waved it a bit then had a sniff.

        Mm. Fresh and flowery but not too overpowering. I think I may have found my new fragrance! Yay! I then sprayed a little on myself as I know from bitter experience that just because a perfume seems nice when sprayed on a stick, does NOT mean it will be nice on me (ala Cacharel's Gloria - I now cannot STAND that smell!). Anyway still smells nice, so off to the checkout I go, barging the same people as before to pay for my new, exotic perfume.

        After a little research I found that Echo is described as a fruity floral smell containing the following fragrance notes:

        White Grappa accord, Grape-Raspberry, Granite, Iris Pulp, Osmanthus Flower, Cristal Amber, Violet Wood.

        I must admit I was a tad surprised at the Granite. What does Granite smell like? Well, mixed with a load of flowers I guess like Echo woman! Unless Granite is a type of flower I have not heard of before. Who knows? Well at least it gives an interesting slant to the perfume. I have not heard of most of the ingredients I have to say, so V exotic methinks. Cristal Amber? Ooo sounds expensive! Osmanthus flower? Violet wood? Iris pulp? What?

        Now some sources say that Echo provides 'oneness and harmony' to a woman (I don't know I don't make up these things) and is for a 'dreamy moment - sensual and private'.

        Hmm. Ok then.

        I like the more down to earth description of 'suitable for every occasion'.

        Why these people feel the need to apply these ridiculous poetic comparisions I will never know. I know it is good advertising but you are only going to buy a perfume if you like the smell surely?

        Right back to this particular fragrance.

        I don't know about 'oneness and harmony' but when you take a little sniff it does actually smell quite dreamy and sensual and romantic! Oh God I've started now.

        It smells nice basically. Seems quite light and the floral aspect is not too strong so I think I do agree with the 'for every occasion bit'. Then I wore it a few times and thought 'hmm this is a little overpowering actually.'
        I guess they make such a little bottle so expensive because you really do only need a little of this. I tend to be a bit heavy handed but this smell definitely does linger. It's not in any way a bad smell, but I think any perfume used over much is not a good thing. It irritates my little nose and then completely puts me off the perfume for good.

        This one however, is not too bad. A bit of overuse doesn't completely ruin the scent, though I would definitely say don't do it as it certainly doesn't add anything positive to it either.

        All in all, a pretty nice perfume all round, though the price may put you off. I have had my 30 ml bottle for over 4 months now and there is still almost half left so it actually isn't bad value for money. You may also be able to find it cheaper now that Christmas is coming, or on a discount perfume site (I found a 50ml bottle on fragrance direct for £30!)

        So lads, if you want to get your partner a nice prezzy, this is the one for you.

        Ladies, if you want to treat yourself, go and buy yourself some ahem 'oneness and harmony'


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      • Product Details

        Echo perfume by Davidoff, Echo is the new modern, hip fragrance from Davidoff / The strike of fresh air with metallic undertones, woods, and spicies / Warm and full of depth, Echo leaves the skin feeling invigorating / Echo is for the trendsetter and long la

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