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DKNY Golden Delicious Eau de Parfum

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7 Reviews

Brand: DKNY / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    7 Reviews
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      31.12.2013 08:25
      Very helpful
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      A beautiful scent from the DKNY range..

      My husband always purchases perfume for me as a gift when we celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. As we were due to fly to Ibiza in Spain this year around the time of our Anniversary, I suggested that he hold off from buying me a scent at home, so that I could see what was available in the glorious perfume stores in Spain.... Experience has taught me that I can often get a larger bottle, or indeed a boxed gift set abroad for a little more money than a smaller bottle of perfume would cost me at home.

      As luck would have it, I actually saw my desired Anniversary gift at the airport, before we even set foot on a plane! As I perused the perfume counters in the substantial Duty Free section in the Airport, I fell in love with a boxed set of DKNY miniature perfumes, containing four little bottles of Eau De Parfum in a variety of fragrances from the DKNY range. To my delight, my husband didn't hesitate to purchase the gift set as a gift for me, and this review outlines my experiences of using my favourite scent in the set, namely the DKNY Golden Delicious Eau De Parfum.

      My bottle is very small, being a miniature version, and is only 7ml in size, although it is absolutely ideal for popping into my handbag for a day or night out. The larger bottle is much more widely available than my little 'mini-me' version, and you can purchase it in two sizes:

      30ml = £37.50 (www.boots.com)
      50ml = £47.50 (www.boots.com)

      ** (Info correct as @ December 2013) **

      The bottle is the perfect addition to the DKNY range overall, as all of the bottles are circular and round in shape, so that they resemble little apples, although this is more obvious in the case of the larger bottles. I do have the full-sized version of some of the DKNY fragrances as well as the little miniatures purchased a few months back, and I do feel that the range has quite a unique and contemporary look to it. I often have my little miniature bottles displayed on a small shelf and they look very appealing, I think. My little bottle of Golden Delicious was presented in a cube-shaped box made of rather dull-looking cardboard, but the little bottle itself makes up for this, thanks to its shiny golden lid and glass bottom. The lid is spherical, with a small indent in it to allow for your finger to rest to remove it from the bottom of the bottle. The bottle itself is made of glass, and so I can see the golden-coloured liquid resting within. The whole look and image of the product is extremely appealing, and with a contemporary appearance to it, it is the ideal gift for a friend or loved one - trust me on this..!

      There are various notes to be witnessed in this scent, but the ones that interested me the most are the Base notes, as these are what you can expect to experience from the scent once it has dried and 'settled' on the skin. In the case of the DKNY Golden Delicious, these notes are "Teak Wood. Sandalwood and Musk" which appealed to me greatly as I am a lover of musk-type scents. As I have significant experience with the range of DKNY perfumes overall, I was confident that the Musk in the Golden Delicious fragrance wouldn't be over-bearing, as I have found most of the other DKNY perfumes that I have owned have had an extremely crisp or refreshing edge to them. I felt sure that this would help balance any 'heaviness' that may be present from the Musk or Sandalwood.

      My own bottle of the Golden Delicious is without a spray nozzle, as it is a miniature bottle. I do find that this is commonplace with any miniature perfumes that I have ever owned, and whilst I do favour a spray nozzle, I haven't fond that this has taken anything from this gorgeous fragrance. The scent is actually fairly intense when it is first applied to the skin, but I do find that this settles significantly within a short period of time. A few drops from the bottle applied at the wrists and another applied at each side of the neck is really enough for my own tastes, as I find the floral notes in the fragrance's first 'hit' can feel as though they are threatening to become 'heady' initially. This is not the case, however, and the scent does die down quite quickly, settling into a more contemporary vibe than I had first anticipated.

      With a notable crisp 'edge' present early on in the scent, this feels quite fruity and refreshing, which is a trait I have come to expect with the DKNY range, as most of the other scents I have experienced have also had this noticeable element to their respective fragrances. This refreshing 'bite' in the fragrance adds a contemporary air to the Golden Delicious scent and makes it feel quite light to wear on the skin. This is ideal for me, as I can't confess to being a fan of heavy or 'heady' scents that feel a bit too mature for my thirty-something years. Whilst contemporary, and with a pleasant modern edge to it, I do not feel that the scent is verging on being too young, with it feeling like something of a 'Goldilocks' scent that is, well... just right.

      The scent, once settled, still feels quite floral, but it is much more subdued than it was initially, probably thanks to the crispness I have described already; this definitely adds a little 'balance' to the overall scent and I can't help but note the uplifting, almost 'summery' feel from the perfume's 'body' as it whispers its feminine tones around me... This just feels lovely when the fragrance is worn, and it is probably the main reason that this particular perfume has been chosen over and over by me in recent times, particularly on those colder, darker winter days when I am keen to embrace a little whiff of summertime to lighten my day. The Golden Delicious fits the bill perfectly - it is fresh, and light, with a pleasant 'zap' of femininity and allure at its core..... perfect.

      I can't think of a single occasion or event where the DKNY Golden Delicious wouldn't be the perfect scent to wear; I've worn it for a cosy meal out with my husband, and it felt romantic and feminine on the skin. For a drink or meal out with friends, it feels unobtrusive and refreshing, fitting in nicely with whatever outfit has been selected for the occasion. On Christmas Day too, it felt like the perfect accessory to my party dress and heels, adding a twist of contemporary elegance to the overall image. On a recent day out shopping with my sister, the scent felt refreshingly understated enough to be worn without feeling too 'musky' for daytime, yet when we stopped for a couple of drinks on the way home, it adapted beautifully to my being in a classy wine bar. Perfect, again, is the word that springs to mind, when considering this fragrance's versatility and appeal.

      In terms of the scent's longevity, I find that it does fade after a few hours, although I don't feel the need to re-apply it, as the fruity element in the scent is still quite noticeable. For a special occasion, I suppose the need to re-apply it could arise, but I haven't felt this is necessary, to date. I do have to be honest and say that I own several other EDP perfumes that perform a little better than this one, and it does feel considerably more understated than some of these other ones in terms of how it fares after a couple of hours. For me, it is fine, but I could quite understand it if others felt the fragrance was lacking slightly in terms of its ability to maintain its strength.

      My sensitive skin has suffered nothing in the way of irritation or sensitivity during or after the use of the DKNY Golden Delicious EDP, and I do therefore recommend it for use by those consumers who, like me, suffer with sensitive skin issues.

      Taking everything into account, I really only have positive experiences to share about this beautiful scent from the DKNY range, and I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase the fragrance again in the future. I feel too that it is wonderfully versatile and suitable for a whole variety of different styles and age ranges, making it the ideal gift in my opinion. Top marks and a full recommendation from me, on this occasion.

      (Taken from Boots Website):
      Top: African orange Flower, Red apple, Plum.
      Middles: Rose. Lily if the valley, Orchid
      Base: Teak Wood. Sandalwood.


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        13.11.2013 13:24
        Very helpful



        After my first taste of Be Delicious I am addicted.

        DKNY Golden Delicious is the newest release from the Be Delicious range. I have no other fragrances in the DKNY Be Delicious range but this one just grabbed me as did the scarily make upped sales woman in Boots. The 50ml EDP cost my Husband £47.50. I personally would not pay that much for a bottle of perfume but it was a treat.

        The box is quite understated as it is made of brown cardboard with gold writing. It is quite effective as the contents of the box are much more impressive looking.

        The bottle is apple shaped, the top half is gold plastic the lower half is made of clear glass allowing me to see the golden liquid contained within. I really like the bottle but in the interest of keeping my EDP in tip top condition I keep it in the box.

        The spray to release the EDP is nestled in the top of the plastic half; a quick press will release a jet of perfume. I call it a jet as it does squirt out quite enthusiastically and can be a little awkward to get in the right place due to the positioning of the nozzle.

        The initial scent is very heady with the top notes of African Orange Flower, Red Apple and Plum. I personally can not define one note but the combination is lovely and not something I usually go for.

        Over the next hour the scent settles and reveals the middle notes of Rose, Lilly of the Valley and Orchid. Again this is not perfume I would usually pick but the sales woman was quite persuasive. Despite the combination of flower scents I do not smell like a florist the scent is sophisticated and warming.

        The middle notes hold on for a good four hours before revealing the base of Teak and Sandalwood. I have always been a little confused about wood based scents in perfume but I have to admit they work well. The final notes of this EDP are powdery and warm and hold on for hours and hours.

        When I spray this EDP I like a couple of sprays on my chest area and one on each forearm. I like this EDP and I feel it is suited to a woman my age (35), the scent makes me feel good and I know that I smell good.

        I like that there are three combinations in each level of fragrance notes, the EDP is not crowded. DKNY belongs to the fragrance family of floral, sweet and fruity.

        Thank you for reading.


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          16.03.2013 11:49
          Very helpful



          a lovely set but not my favourite from the Delicious collection

          *Please note that I tried to add the gift set to the dooyoo database but they have told me to post my review here rather than add another listing - thanks*

          ~Golden Delicious Gift Set~

          Fragrance family : floral
          Released : 2011

          Golden Delicious is the most recently addition to the DKNY Delicious Collection. It follows in the footsteps of Red Delicious and Delicious Night. This review discusses my experience of the Golden Delicious Gift Set which includes a 30ml eau de parfum and a 100ml body lotion. There is an intense version of the EDP available too.

          Golden Delicious is described as being 'a lavish seduction that is dripping in gold'.

          *Top notes (the initial scent) - orange flower water, Golden Delicious apple and mirabelle plum
          *Heart notes (the main body of the scent) - casablanca lily, vanilla orchid and white rose
          *Base notes (the lasting scent on the skin) - teakwood, sandalwood and musk


          The actual box housing the EDP and body lotion varies depending on where the set is purchased. I absolutely adore the glittery apple box but my set was purchased from Boots and is a simple, gold box with a holigraphic pattern. It is very attractive. If you are familiar with the Delicious collection, you will recognise this bottle. It is a smooth bodied, apple shape and is a little different to other bottle designs.

          The base of the bottle is clear glass which allows the golden liquid to be visible. The top half (the lid) is a shiny gold colour and the design of the bottle in general is very classy looking and solid design. The body lotion is presented in a simple, white plastic tube with a gold, screw top lid. It is a really lovely looking set and does make an ideal gift.

          ~Price and Availability~

          The Golden Delicious Gift Set is widely available. Most of the sets offer a 50ml EDP and 100ml lotion - I believe mine was a Boots exclusive from the Christmas stock so was a smaller size.

          *Semi Chem - £42.99 (Intense version is £44.99)
          *www.escentual.com - £35.00 (30ml), £48.00 (50ml) and £67.00 (100ml) plus a free 150ml body lotion (bargain!)
          *Amazon - £44.36
          *www.thefragranceshop.co.uk - £29.99

          ~My Thoughts~

          On my recent birthday, I was a very spoiled girl. My parents were going away for the weekend so allowed me to open my gifts early. As well as receiving a gorgeous Ted Baker vanity case and beauty products, I also received this DKNY Golden Delicious Gift Set. I definitely get my perfume obsession from my Mum and she knows what I like so picked this up in the sales for me - I was delighted.

          I am a fan of DKNY range and in particular, the New York inspired Delicious collection. I have owned most of the perfumes in this collection but had only briefly sampled Golden Delicious whilst browsing my local Boots store so was pleased to receive my own bottle. I love scented body lotions too so was even more delighted that this was a set with both products in it. I find a body lotion to be the ideal base to layer the scent on and would say that both these products compliment each other perfectly.

          ~Simply Delicious~

          This attractive looking bottle holds the most gorgeous scent. Once the golden lid has been twisted off, a spray top is revealed. Being an EDP, I do find that one spray on my neck and each wrist is plentiful as the initial fragrance is quite strong and heady. The perfume is released in a fine mist and despite being golden in colour, it doesn't stain clothing or skin. The scent soon settles and sits noticeably on my skin. It is strong enough for others around me to notice and compliment on how lovely the scent is so I feel confident that I smell beautiful.

          There is no mistaking that Golden Delicious is a sister fragrance to Red Delicious and Be Delicious but at the same time, it has its own character. The first, nose tingling scent is the Golden Delcious apple and I would say, this is the main scent that my nose can detect from the top notes. It is very authentic - crisp, juicy and sweet. Compared to the other Delicious scents, Golden Delicious has a more sensual, warm touch to the apple top notes as opposed to a fresh, Summery feel. There is a very delicate undertone of the plum which is unusual but it works well.

          After an hour or so, the sweetness from the apple is still evident and to be honest, it never really leaves my skin until the base notes make an appearance. It flows beautifully and smells really lovely on my skin as the scent changes but never becomes too overpowering or sickly. The heart notes reveal a clean, fresh floral aroma. The floral combination isn't too strong which I like. I can pick up on the rose and lily but they are balanced perfectly with the sweetness of the apple. It is an elegant, feminine and grown up sort of scent.

          After 3-4 hours, the apple aroma disappears along with the white floral notes. The dry down of Golden Delicious is warm and has a pleasant depth to it. A woody, slightly earthy aroma is present and is laced with a very delicate, musky sweetness. The base notes aren't very strong on my skin especially if I am wearing the EDP without the body lotion. It does smell very nice though but doesn't remain on my skin for any longer than 2 hours or so. If wearing this EDP alone, I find the scent lasts around 6 hours maximum which isn't all that long for an EDP in my opinion. I find myself needing to top it up after a while.

          ~Simply Smooth~

          I would definitely recommend applying the body lotion prior to spraying on the EDP. It creates a lovely base and increases the staying power of the scent for a further few hours. If worn alone, the scent of this body lotion is noticeable on my skin for 3-4hours. The lotion itself is very pleasant to use. It is quite thick in consistency but spreads like a dream. Only a small amount is needed to coat my skin in a layer of creamy body lotion.

          The body lotion doesn't take very long to sink into my skin and no residue is left behind. I find that this lotion leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I have really dry skin and don't find that this lotion is moisturising enough for long lasting hydration. My skin does appear to be soft and soothed for a few hours though. The main appeal of this lotion is the scent. It smells absolutely gorgeous and whilst it flows like the EDP, the apple aroma is the strongest note and is noticeable for quite a while. It is a sweet smelling lotion which I find ideal to wear alone as a light scent or with the EDP. I suspect that my tube with last quite well.


          I would say Golden Delicious would appeal to most women providing they like the smell of apples. It won't be to everyones tastes but it does smell really good and is definitely worth a spray. It is quite difficult to judge when this perfume would be suitable for. I find the scent to be quite modern yet classy and sophisticated so would perhaps suit afternoon through to evening wear but at the same time, it is equally suited to be worn during the day. It is a very versatile scent. It is fresh yet warm which makes me think more of Spring or Autumn use but personally, I am happy to wear it all year around.


          All in all, I can recommend this beautifully presented gift set. The two different products are of a high quality. I will be honest and say that it isn't my favourite from the Delicious collection as that award goes to Red Delicious. I find all the Delicious scents to have appeal and I like the way they are all different but still alike. I am alternating this perfume/lotion with others that I own. Golden Delicious is a bright, engaging scent that I like very much. The only downfall is that the lotion isn't very moisturising and that the scent is fades a little quicker than I would have liked.

          I can highly recommend this gift set and would say that it represents excellent value for money especially at the £29.99 selling price.

          Thanks for reading :)


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            25.11.2012 13:40
            Very helpful



            A wonderful fragrance with a hint of fruit

            I have alway been a fan of the DKNY apple collection, so was more than happy to receive this golden delicious variety for my birthday. The product comes in the distinct apple inspired bottle in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml eau de parfum spray. It is obvious that the brand has put a lot of thought into its packaging, the box has a pleasant natural feel with a neutral brown colour and a wonderful organic radiance, exactly like something you would expect to collect fruit in. The glass flacon has a golden cap, and the liquid is a light gold in colour, truly living up to its name.

            The scent has a rich aroma of 'golden delices apples' with a rich hint of orange blossom and plum. I would decribe the fragrance as floral with a slight fruity vibe, which is not overwhelming. This is defiently a fragrance that is suitable for both day and night, it has good staying power and I found the scent to linger an my clothes all day. It has a more grown up feel in comparison to some of the other choices in the apple range, and comes in a number of sizes (30ml, 50ml, 100ml) prices vary depending on size and where you shop so it pays to look around. I have the 30ml bottle and it has lasted about 7 months, so I do think its value for money, a wonderful fragrance and a scent I would love to get again.


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            25.01.2012 20:52
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Ok for everyday where

            This is the newest fragrance from the Delicious range, there is also Be Delicious, Red Delicious to name a couple.

            I first smelt the new Golden Delicious perfume by DKNY a few months before Christmas and thought it smelt really nice on the little piece of card I was given in Boots, Santa did as he was asked and brought me some.

            I received a 50ml bottle as part of a gift set which also included 150ml bottle of body lotion which cost £46 from Boots (and I made my partner take my Advantage card so I got my points too!)

            Bottles on their own come in two sizes, 30ml which has a RRP of £32 and 50ml with a RRP of £46. I always try to buy gift sets as it always works out better value for money.

            I have found that it I can still smell it several hours after spraying and a few people have commented on how nice it - so maybe its just me!

            I still haven't got used to the 'spray', it does seem to spray quite a lot, and its more like a squirt, so much so that when I first sprayed this, it looked like I had dribbled down my top! I would advise to position the bottle about 15cm where you want to spray it on.

            I also find it quite hard to position the bottle to get the 'stray' at the right angle due to the shape of the bottle however saying this, I do think the design of the bottle and the range is quite innovative and does look nice on my shelf.

            The fragrance smells a follows:

            Top Notes: Orange Flower Water, Mirabelle, Golden Delicious Apple.

            Heart Notes: White Rose, Casablanca Lily, Vanilla Orchid.

            Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Teakwood.

            I like to have a different work perfume to that which I wear for going out/weekends so I think this is going to be my work perfume.

            According to my other half, since discovering Yankee Candles I have become a little obsessed with them and constantly on the look out for bargains. Just before Christmas last year, somebody recommended Kringle Candles to me, saying she actually found them better than Yankee and that the company was owned by the people who started up Yankee.

            ===The tart===

            The tarts themselves measure two inches wide and an inch deep, they are white in colour and come wrapped in a hard plastic covering. To the top of the tart is a white sticker with the picture of the plum, with the product and company name written in black writing, unlike similar products, all the candles are white.


            The products can be ordered from their website, but I have now noticed that they are starting to pop up more frequently on Amazon, and I even spotted in a gift shop whilst out shopping at the weekend.

            Delivery is charged at £2.50 for order up to £30 and free after that, I find this is quite reasonable when you compare to similar delivery charges. What I do like is that on the website, there is functionality to search for local stores by postcode so you can always try before you buy or avoid delivery charges.


            The individual tarts have an RRP of around £1.40, quite often they are in offer, some fragrances being reduced to as little as 40p which is excellent.

            I brought mine as part of a set, my mum is also a fan of candles so we clubbed together a brought a couple of Wax Potpourri Collections; this consisted of around 20 tarts, of which had 10 different fragrances and at the time was on offer at £12, we both agreed that this was a reasonable price, so if the fragrances weren't as strong as we liked we wouldn't be too disappointed.

            ===The range===

            The fragrance is available is lots of different versions, prices ranging from as little as 80p up to £20, the size and burning time is reflected in the price:

            Large, Medium or Small Apothecary Jar
            Pillar Candles
            Large, Medium or Small Tumblers,
            Wax Potpourri or breakable Potpourri
            daylights and tealights

            There are lots of different fragrances to choose from too.

            ===The fragrance===

            As soon as they arrived, myself and my mum sat there for about half an hour having a good sniff, because I have several different fragrances together, initially there was a mix of aroma's but soon it was easy to identify what the tarts were supposed to smell like, without having to look at the picture.

            I would say that the fragrance through the cellophane is not very strong, so I thought I would be disappointed however not long after lighting, the aroma started to drift around the room. The fragrance was quite sweet, but not so much so that it was too sickly or fake, and again, without looking at the packaging, I couldn't fail to notice that this was supposed to be plum. Kringle have managed to emulate the fragrance quite well and in my opinion, have captured the main essence of the sugared plums excellently.

            Kringle state that the fragrance will last 3 - 6 hours, I actually think that they have undersold themselves slightly here, I am on my fifth time of lighting now and the tart is still going good, admittedly, it isn't as strong as when I first used and doesn't feel the house like before, but is certainly did for the first 10 hours of burning.

            ===My thoughts===

            When it comes to melting my tarts, I prefer to break them in half so that I can get double the usage from them, but because the tart is quite thick, I cannot break into pieces. To combat this, I know Kringle do sell a tart which is especially designed for this but the RRP is a little more at around £2.15.

            I do like the fragrance and the range but my heart still lies with Yankee for now and for that reason, I would only give it 4 out of 5 stars.

            Thanks for reading.

            Fragrance information taken from Amazon.co.uk


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              15.01.2012 17:26
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Golden Delicious

              Golden Delicious

              Golden Delicious is the newest fragrance by Donna Karan in the "delicious" range. After the famous fragrance "Be Delicious" followed earlier Be Delicious Fresh Blossom "and" Red Delicious. "Now it is the turn for the Golden Delicious.

              The fragrance comes in a vial containing a golden appearance and made in the shape of an apple. As the shape of the bottle, this fruit is an important part of the fragrance. The notes of the fragrance:

              Top: golden delicious apples, orange blossom, Mirabelle plum
              Heart: white roses, Casablanca lilies, lilies of the valley, vanilla orchid
              Base: musk, sandalwood, teak

              The smell of apple is clear and fresh, and delicious fragrance. Furthermore, I smell the fragrance of flowers which are mainly in the heart of the fragrance; white rose, lily of the valley and vanilla orchid. In the background the smell of the different wood tones are present. The smell dissipates very slowly; I can last the day with this one.

              Golden Delicious comes in an apple shape bottle which has a beautiful gold color. It looks quite expensive and has a beautiful round natural shape. With the golden color the bottle looks luxurious.

              Personally I find the smell very good. It is slightly sweet, yet fresh. The smell last around for long, all day I can really enjoy this fragrance when I apply this in the morning. In that respect you get something for your money when you purchase it. Since it has more a fresh scent to it I think it's more a day time fragrance than an evening fragrance. It's also one I prefer more in the summer time. Four stars for this beautiful fragrance.


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                11.10.2011 21:40
                Very helpful



                DKNY Golden Delicious

                One of my favourite apples is the golden delicious and now I can smell like my favourite fruit with the new DKNY Golden Delicious perfume. I am already a fan of the apple range of perfumes from DKNY, already having Be Delicious and Red Delicious so when I saw this new one in Boots I decided to treat myself and use my points to buy a small apple of perfume. The thing that first attracted me to these perfumes in the beginning was the bottle shape, just like an apple and looking so different and inviting. I think this is definitely a very perfect and fitting perfume bottle to represent New York. DKNY actually stands for Donna Karan (the designer) New York and so what could be more befitting of The Big Apple than a big juicy apple!

                This bottle has a lovely autumn golden colour to it with the top half being a shiny gold colour with the spray mechanism in the top and the bottom half a slightly lighter gold colour but still very magical and autumnal looking. Boots describe this perfume as, "a luxe scent that radiates lavish seduction. The newest, most regal apple of the DKNY DELICIOUS collection, DKNY GOLDEN DELICIOUS has an elegance that is reserved for the most discriminating taste."

                This perfume to me has quite a heaviness to it but it is in no way overpowering, I find it rich and sensual and definitely something for colder days and nights. In fact, I would probably wear it more at night than day when you want to create a lasting impression. Boots describe the smell of DKNY Golden Delicious as embracing a radiant modern spirit with the contrast of glistening florals and delicious heat. The top is Orange Flower Water, Sparkling Mirabelle and Signature Golden Delicious Apple. The body of the scent is an intoxicating bouquet of White Rose, Casablanca Lily, Vanilla Orchid and Muget. The bottom, or the warmth of the fragrance is a sensual blend of Musk, Sandalwood and Teakwood. It's a scent created to tantalize the senses - bask in its rich elegance as well as its imperial glory.

                I bought the smaller bottle of the two available, the 30ml bottle which was £32 or 3200 points (I used all my points that I saved from buying the baby's nappies!!). The bottle also comes in a 50ml and 100ml bottle size too which are priced at £46 and £64 respectively. A really nice fragrance in my opinion to take you from autumn to winter.


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              • Product Details

                From the heart of New York grows a regal apple, a pure and seductive fruit that rises above the reSt. Luxurious / Magical / Special / And like the city itself, it's a tantalizing blend of sensations / DKNY Golden Delicious glistens with a glamorous burst of succulent orange flower water / The heart beats deeper with floral touches of white rose and muguet flower / In the base, musk, sandalwood, and teakwood blend together, lending a warm, lasting touch of sensuality / And, of course, the scent of Golden Delicious apple provides an elegant and memorable character that shines throughout the life of the scent / Notes: Orange Flower Water, Mirabelle, Golden Delicious Apple, White Rose, Casablanca Lily, Vanilla Orchid, Muguet, Musk, Sandalwood, and Teakwood / Style: Sophisticated / Glamorous / Radiant /

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